"Where the heck am I ?" Trini asked, her vision slowly blurring to focus. The last thing she remembered was suddenly getting attacked by Rita on her way to her quarters.

She blinked several times to see several familiar faces around her. Billy, Zack, Jason, Rocky, Adam, Aisha and a girl she hadn't seen before.

"They got you too ?" She looked at Zack.

"Yeah. They captured all of us except for Tommy, Kim and Kat." He replied. Shortly after Jason left the Peace Conference, he and Trini split ways. The former yellow ranger became a medical student in Harvard while he entered NYU.

"Why are they targeting us again ? Aren't we retired ?" Trini grimaced.

"We were. But Rita and Zedd doesn't seem to think so. More importantly, we have to wonder how they are still alive let alone with their magic." Billy said quickly.

Trini smiled, hugging him. "It's good to see you again."

"You too, Trini. Even though it could have been under better circumstances." The former blue ranger said.

"How have you been ? Last I heard, you left Earth to be with your alien girlfriend in space ?" She asked.

"I'm good. And yeah, I did that. Cestria's awesome. I'd love for you guys to meet." He smiled.

"Definitely. But wait up. You said Rita and Zedd are not supposed to be alive ? Why ?"

Billy's smile faltered at that question.

"You guys have been out of the loop for a while, Trini. Last year, Zordon was captured by evil and he ultimately sacrificed his life to cleanse the entire universe of evil. But apparently Rita and Zedd survived the golden wave."

"The wave... It was him ? Zordon's dead ?" Trini said disbelievingly.

"Yeah. He is gone." Jason said, hugging her. "But the universe is a much safer place thanks to him."

"Yeah. We all will miss him." The girl Trini didn't recognize said. "I am sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I'm Tanya, the yellow zeo ranger. It's nice to finally meet the original yellow ranger."

"Yeah. I should have recognised you. Billy mentioned you in her letters." Trini smiled, shaking her hands. "It's great to meet you."

"Aisha, Adam, Rocky... Nice to see you guys too."

"Likewise." Aisha replied. "It's like a ranger reunion in here. Seriously, we need to meet up more. I've missed you guys so much."

"Definitely. But we need to get out of here first." Adam noted.

"Where are we anyway ?" Trini asked, observing her surroundings... a dark hall filled with grey fog.

"It's a dark dimension." Jason said.

"Not just any dimension." Billy sighed, taking out a grey pad with a red dot in it's centre, from his pocket. "It's basically a galactic version of a computer."

He tapped the red dot and holographic screens appeared Infront of him, giving data on the dimension.

"Cool !" Rocky exclaimed.

"Yeah. It's not the point. Point is this dimension is very loosely connected to our own. There's no way for me to contact anyone we know, or even send a distress signal. Plus, time flows differently here. So, we are trapped here indefinitely unless someone frees us from the other side."

"Time flows differently here ?" Trini asked.

"Yeah." Billy nodded. "We've been here for a hour atmost. But we have been gone from Earth for atleast 1 week, give or take 2 hours."

"Shit !" Zack cursed. "I missed so many classes. It's going to be hell explaining to the professors where I disappeared off to."

"We've been gone for days. We don't know if anyone will come to rescue us. Great !" Trini sat down dejected.

"Trini, Tommy and Kim will come for us." Jason reassured. "We need to be hopeful."

"Yeah. I know. I just had a date this Saturday and I didn't want to miss it and now thanks to Rita, I missed it. " Trini grimaced. "I should have known something like this was supposed to happen. "

"Wait up." Zack sat down beside her.

"You had a date ?" Billy asked.

"And you were interested in that guy ?" Jason completed disbelievingly.

"Yeah, is that too hard to believe, guys ?" Trini glared at them.

"No. It's just... We're happy for you." Billy smiled. "But you are not normally excited for a date-"

"Yeah... This date's different. It's our anniversary date and -"

Jason's jaw fell open. "You've been dating for an year ?"

"Yeah. Almost an year -"

"You never told us !" Zack blanched. "And we talk almost once every week."

"I knew you guys would make a big deal out of it. You and Jason would go complete overprotective big brother mode and that's cute and everything, but I didn't want to subject anyone to that. And I was going to tell you guys next week."

"It's okay." Jason smiled. "What we mean to say is if you've been with this guy for a year, it means that he is really special. And we're happy for you."

"Thanks." Trini hugged him.

"Well ?" Zack looked at her eagerly.

"What ?" Trini asked.

"Normally, you are supposed to say something about your boyfriend now. What is his name ? How did you two meet ? As Kim would say... the details. the gossip. the girltalk." Zack elaborated, smirking.

"You guys are the worst." Trini laughed. "Well since you guys are so inquisitive, her name is Crystal."

Trini faltered momentarily at the baffled looks on her friends' faces.

"Her ?" Jason asked slowly.

"Yeah. She is my girlfriend. " Trini stated clearly. Her mother had not reacted well to the idea of her dating a girl, so she'd been a little reserved about letting her old friends know about it. She was proud of who she was and who she liked. Nothing would change that, but she didn't want her friends to judge her. Deep in her heart, she knew they won't, but still a small fear of being rejected remained in her heart.

"I knew that's why no guy was good enough for you." Zack joked.

"Well, all guys are egomaniacs. Right ? I do like guys though but I'm pretty sure I prefer girls. " Trini said quickly.

"Well regardless whether it's a guy or a girl, I'm happy you found someone. Look at me. I am dating an alien." Billy hugged her.

"Yeah. What he said. Is that why you didn't tell us ? Because you thought we'd react badly ?" Zack asked.

"Kind of. Yeah. " Trini nodded.

"Trini, we love you. We are best friends. Nothing could ever change that." Zack took her hand, sitting beside her.

"Thanks." Trini smiled. "It means a lot."

"It's true. We love each other and we'll always be there for each other." Jason stated. "And this doesn't change anything. It never will. I am still going to give Crystal the overprotective big brother talk."

"Yeah. Sure. I wouldn't have it any other way." Trini laughed before enveloping all three of her friends in a giant hug. "I love you guys."


"As we've told you the dragon and the Firebird first appeared in a planet called Remnant eons ago to stop a great evil. That was not the entire story."

The hologram shifted to show a planet with a fractured moon rotating around it. Then it zoomed into the planet, showing the decimated landscape with black creatures roaming around.

Albus told them how the population of the planet - humans and half animal hybrids called the Faunus were almost driven to extinction by vile beasts called the Grimm.

They survived by harnessing the mysterious element of dust and fighting back against the monsters.

Hunters and Huntresses using advanced weaponry rose to prominence, allowing civilization to flourish once more in four kingdoms - Vale, Vacuo, Mistral and Atlas, each having a huntsman academy, which divided potential hunters and Huntresses into teams of four.

Then he told the story of eight friends in the Beacon Academy of Vale - Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona and Yang of team RWBY and Pyrhha Nikos, Jaune Arc, Nora and Ren of team JNPR.

Jaune was a nervous wreck when he entered the academy but thanks to Pyrhha's friendship and endless support, he became an able fighter. They fell in love with each other, however their romance was tragically cut short when they stumbled upon a conspiracy to bring the academies down by the sentient leader of the Grimm, Salem.

She was after the four treasures of the planet as well as the powers of the four maidens, girls gifted with mighty elemental magic.

In the battle of Beacon, their academy was destroyed and their headmaster Ozpin killed alongside with Pyrhha, leaving Jaune heartbroken.

Ruby and her friends go on a quest to avenge her only to find Ozpin had lived on by transfering his consciousness to a boy named Oscar.

Further they find out about his origins which were intwined with Salem's. In Remnant, centuries ago, there were no Faunus or Grimm. It was a world bubbling with magic, reminiscent of those depicted in fairy tales.

Two lovers Ozma and Salem were separated by the death of Ozma. Salem prayed to the Gods of Light and Dark to resurrect them and when they refused, she turned the humans against them. In retaliation the gods destroyed everyone except Salem, the only survivor.

She tried all ways to kill herself but found herself rendered immortal by the Gods as an eternal punishment by the Gods. Overtime, humans and Faunus appeared on the planet alongside the Grimm. And Salem immersed herself in the pit of the Dark God in an attempt to kill herself but instead found herself becoming less human and more demonic. She set out for the four treasures left by the Gods, hoping to unite them and use their powers to destroy the Gods themselves.

But the God of Light ressurected Ozma, giving him the ability to transfer his consciousness to another body when he was near death, rendering him immortal as well and made him the Guardian of the treasures.

He reunited with Salem, the two last users of magic in a literal godforsaken planet. They were happy for a while, even having four beautiful daughters before Ozma learnt about Salem's plans to destroy the Gods and becoming omnipotent.

They fought against each other, the crossfire supposedly killing their daughters. Salem learnt to control the Grimm while Ozma created champions of his own to fight back - the Maidens.

Ozma's consciousness eventually resided in Ozpin while Salem used her own champions to steal the powers of the maidens.

It was an eternal war between two lovers turned foes.

Learning all this made their trust in Ozma's judgement waver. And they were joined by another friend, Katherine who helped heal Jaune's broken heart.

Eventually Salem got her hands on all the relics and summoned the Gods back to Remnant. With her new powers, she destroyed the beings responsible for cursing her with an eternity of pain and anguish, for turning her love against her, for literally twisting her into a monster.

Ruby and her friends arrived too late to stop her as she started to rewrite reality.

It was only then that a pheonix swooped in to stop Salem, purging her of her darkness.

Salem was destroyed while the darkness took a form of it's own, retreating to the shadows.

The pheonix revealed itself to be a former friend - Pyrrha. She explained that she was revived by beings called the Emissaries to defeat the Gods before they abused their power even more. Since Salem had already killed them and absorbed their powers, Pyrrha destroyed her.

Jaune was beyond happy to have his lover back and reunited with her without sparing a single thought for Katherine, who had been there for him for months. She turned bitter and conspired with Cinder, Emerald and Mercury - the last of Salem's cabal to destroy Pyrrha.

Salem's darkness returned and fused with Cinder, giving her more powers than before. Calling herself the new Dark God, she almost defeated Pyrrha but was stopped by the intervention of the Emissaries who chose Jaune to be their second champion, the Dragon.

Together the two heroes battled the Darkness and the army of Grimm at her command. On the day of their final battle, they planned the evacuation of all the people in the planet while preparing to sacrifice themselves to kill the Dark God once and for all.

But their plans were sabotaged by Katherine, who showed her true colours and revealed herself to be the daughter of Ozma and Salem, loyal to the Dark God.

Still the two heroes persevered, sealing the Dark God on the planet with their lifeforces while Katherine escaped through a wormhole to kill their reincarnations time and time again.

On hearing the story, the four wizards were shocked beyond measure, hardly able to speak anything when they teleported back to Hogwarts.


Harry smiled inspite of everything. Ever since his meeting with Hagrid on his eleventh birthday, his life had been full of surprises...

He got friends and learned about his godfather- a person who truly genuinely cared about him... a real parent.

But last year, due to Voldemort's manipulations and partly due to his own stupidity, Sirius died. If only, he had looked at his Christmas present and discovered the 2 way mirror earlier, he wouldn't have rushed to the Ministry and got Sirius killed.

That had filled him with regrets and he lost sleep every night thinking about the 'what if' scenarios in which Sirius still lived. And sometimes when he did fall asleep, he relived Sirius death in his nightmares.

When he found out that his parents were alive, his deepest desires turned into reality, but that didn't reverse Sirius's death or that of Cedric's... or the years of abuse and loneliness he'd suffered because of the Dursleys. But for now, he'd his family back. For now... he was happy.

Kim held Tommy's hand as Harry left with his friends for the Gryffindor tower.

"He's a good kid." Tommy sighed.

"Yeah. But we lost so much time, James... I wanted to see him grow up infront of our eyes. Do you remember everything we planned - taking him to Disney land, a world trip, you teaching him quidditch and I would have taught him potions." Kim said, running her hand through her hair. "All his birthday parties... His first day in school-"

"I do, Lils -Kim" Tommy grimaced. "But we weren't - We aren't James and Lily anymore. We are Tommy and Kim. And we just found out about our son a few days ago. There's nothing we could have done then but now... I'm going to make Pettigrew pay. We trusted him and he betrayed us."

"Because of him, we lost the chance of seeing our son grow up. Sirius was imprisoned in Azkaban. He was a spineless slimy rat after all." Kim curled her fingers into a fist.

Suddenly the doors swung open and a man with greasy black hair barged in.

"I didn't know we were supposed to have guests today, headmaster ?" He sneered on seeing the couple.

"We have. They wanted to meet you and reconcile." Albus said, his eyes twinkling.

"I haven't seen them before in my life, Albus." He stated.

"Professor, let me talk to him." Kim said. "Hi Sev. It's been a while, hasn't it ?"

"Lily ?" The older man asked disbelievingly. "It can't be..."

"It is." Kim smiled. "I was Lily Evans, your best friend."

"She's dead." Severus snapped. "Headmaster, what is this sick joke ?"

"It's no prank, Sev." Kim said softly. "I can prove it... Expecto Patronum!"

She raised her arm as silver mist encircled her before condensing to form the shape of a doe.

"Other people have doe patronii. And how did you do that wandlessly ? Albus, what the hell is going on here ?"

"Something I assure is not false. The woman before you is really Lily Evans or rather her reincarnation."

"What ?" Severus sneered. "Have you finally lost it, old man. There is no such thing such as reincarnation."

"There is. Sev -"

"Don't call me that !" He retorted. "I don't know who the hell you are, but don't you dare to impersonate her ever-"

"We met at Spinner's End. The first time you called me a witch, I ran away. The next time we met, you told me all about magic. Sev, I'm sorry for giving up on you so easily. I should have given you another chance."

"Lily ? It's you." Kim smiled before running at him, hugging him tightly. "Thank you so much Sev. You protected my son when I couldn't."

"I..." Sev returned the hug before turning towards Tommy.

He narrowed his eyes.

"Then you must be Potter."

"I am." Tommy said slowly. "It's good to see you, Severus."

"Severus not Snivellus ?" Snape quirked his eyebrows. "Are you sure you're James Potter ?"

Tommy inhaled deeply. "I'm sorry Severus for all those years of bullying. I was bigoted and close minded. I was cruel. If I could take all that back, believe me I would. But believe me when I say I am truly sorry."

"That's interesting." Snape pursed his lips. "And unexpected."

He turned towards Albus. "I believe you owe me an explanation."

"Here we go again..." Kimberly sighed, as the three of them launched into their stories again.

"You two are the dragon and pheonix - soulmates..." Severus mused, staring at Kim. "I loved you Lily, more than anything."

"I know and I really wish I could reciprocate that love. I do love you though. You're my best friend. But the truth is I'm not worthy of your love. I gave up being your friend. I could've stayed with you, helped you choose a better path. You on the other hand never stopped loving me even after my death. You deserve someone who is capable of returning that level of selflessness and care." Kim said, tears coming out of her eyes. "I really want you to be happy. I want you to move on but I don't want to lose you Sev. We'll be best friends though, right ?"

Severus smiled. For the first time in years, he felt happy. He missed Lily's friendship most of all. And he didn't care that she couldn't return his affection, all that mattered was that she was back to life. "Always."



Hermione Granger thought even magic had limitations. However the events which took place yesterday completely blew away that notion from her mind.

She was elated that Harry got his parents back, but a tiny part of herself felt betrayed. She believed that with time, she would learn everything she could about magic and after what she'd just witnessed, that's no longer possible.

Infact she doubted that if that the magic being taught to them was 'real' magic. From what Zordon had told them, magic comes from the Morphin Grid and since every living being was connected to the Grid, wouldn't it be logical to say that everybody was capable of using magic including the so-called "muggles" ?

She had so many questions and she wanted answers.

Albus Dumbledore smiled kindly. Ron and Harry sent her baffled looks as she explained her points while Kim and Tommy looked at each other nervously.

"You are right." Albus noted. "Magic can be used by everyone. As the old saying goes, to use magic, all you need to do is believe in magic."

"Then everything we've been learning is flawed professor. Magic could be so much more if other people knew about it. All this bigotry about pureblood wizards would stop instantly if people knew this."

"Hermione, I have known about this for decades. While not all humans are wizards, everyone is capable of using magic. There is much you don't know. There are other magic users in the planet - sorcerors, totem bearers, mystics, shadow-"

"But we've never heard of them." Ron interjected.

"Just because you haven't heard of them doesn't mean they don't exist. As you can expect from our conservative wizarding society, we don't accept others like this. We barely acknowledge the centaurs, and to openly state that everyone is capable of magic would tear us down."

"But that's wrong." Harry stated.

"I know, Harry. We have steered clear of other magical communities and so have they. All of us have our own roles in the world and the Wizengamort thinks it's best if we don't mingle." Albus stated. "But I personally believe if we unite, it would benefit us all."

"The thing is, it takes time." Kim smiled." You can't expect everyone to be suddenly more tolerant of change."

"But we can start the change." Tommy nodded.



Hermione looked happier than before as she crashed on the couch with a bunch of heavy books in her hands.

"Blimey ! That's overboard, even for you." Ron narrowed his eyes.

Hermione glared at him, before whispering. "I'm learning a different type of magic to better understand my new elemental powers. Professor Dumbledore arranged a correspondence course for me with a well renowned sorceress in America- the White Witch, Udonna from Rootcore. Did you know we had other dimensions connected to our own ?"

"We didn't." Harry said slowly.

"Perhaps we could also join this correspondence course." Ginny suggested.

"Are you mad ? We already have so much to study and you have your O. coming up-" Ron ranted.

"The fate of the world depends on this." Harry nodded. "I say we go for it."

Hermione smiled brightly. "I'm so proud of you guys."

She pointed her wand at the three books. "Gemino !"

With a clapping noise, three other copies landed on the table. She passed them to her friends, including a disgruntled Ron.

"There are three books - first is the Language of the Ancients, a book quite similiar to what I learnt in Ancient Runes. The next is a spellbook about common spells and wandless magic, and most importantly, about spellseals. The third is most interesting though, about elemental magic- fire, water, ice, earth, wind, lightning, thunder, spirit..." The brunette said breathlessly.

"Yeah. We get it, Mione. It's brilliant !" Ron raised his hands exasperatedly. "But can we please get going ? We have got to meet Tommy and Kim."

"Yeah." Harry rushed to the door. "Hurry up, you guys."

The others smiled at each other before following. It was rare to see Harry this happy. And they certainly liked it better this way.


"Well this place is cosy." Kim said dryly, easing on to a sofa.

"We can't complain. This is the only place safe from Rita." Tommy replied." Can't believe we never discovered this place during our time at Hogwarts. Padfoot and I would have found so many uses-"

"That I can believe !" Kim laughed.

"I miss him and I miss our friends. I just want things to be normal again." The long haired boy sighed, sitting down beside her.

"Me too. But I'm glad this happened. We got Harry back and we found our way back to each other." Kim took his hand.

"I love you."

"I know." The brunette smiled, placing her arms around his neck and leaning forwards.

"I love you too." She whispered softly, before kissing him.



Katherine walked into the palace, totally ignoring Zedd's glare.

"Where were you ?" He asked. "We were battling the new rangers and you were not there. And you disappeared for an entire week without telling us where you were."

"Aw... Were you worried for me ?"

"We thought you had switched sides again. After all, you always were a shady cat, weren't you ?" Rita snided.

"I was negotiating a truce with a potential ally. Lord Voldemort." She said cooly. "He's the earth wizard whose destiny is linked with Harry Potter's."

"You associated yourself with humans." Rita snorted in disgust.

"Don't act so high and mighty, Emerald or is it Empress Rita ? Have you forgotten your roots - You were a common theif. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to free the Dark God. Are you ?"

"You dare to question me, girl ?" Rita snarled.

"I do. Or have you forgotten out of the three of us, I am the most powerful." Kat said coldly, her hands cackling with purple energy.

"Enough. We can't argue amongst ourselves." Zedd said, rising up from his throne. " There is something you need to know. Ozpin is back..."

"Is he ?" Kat sneered.

"And apparently he was Zordon as well." Rita shook her head.

"If he's here, others could also be back. We need to act quickly. The four maidens - If they join the fight, our chances of victory will be diminished greatly." The blond ran her fingers through her hair. "Send a monster. I will lead the attack myself. We must create fear and harness it to summon the Grim."


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