This isn't a story, nor will it lead to one. It just occurred to me that merendinoemiliano is basically the Justin Y of the RWBY fandom.

Maybe it could be a story. I don't know, I'm sort of just making stuff up now. There's no real point to this, just typing hat comes into my head. Maybe Justin Y is one of those gods who "has many names. You/I/My people know him as etc etc" and this guy is another one of his reincarnated forms. Maybe there's something there. Maybe this is what Ozpin does.

So, here's a crack story idea. Throughout the ages, there's one organisation that Ozpin has been sending fan mail to. Maybe in the beginning they were a group of messengers that got together between the different tribes - no wait, (I would like to point out that I am now refusing to use the backspace button for anything other than spelling mistakes) here's a better idea, so back in the day negativity was high and a town writers were the second most important line of defence against the Grimm. It was basically their job to make funny, upbeat stuff to reduce negativity. I guess they would at some point devolve into propaganda during the Great War, maybe it was a Mistrali thing since they were very elitist by the looks of things, I dunno.

Basically, at some point writers from different tribes decided to form a single unified group. The person to do this was a great man, whose name passed down from generation to generation, and is a name feared by many who know of their incredible imagination and, as was later found, their dangerous expertise on the battlefield. You may know of their descendant. Terrible shame really, but Tyrian Callows was rather unfortunate gentleman. Moving on, there was one writer who was shunned from this group. His jokes sucked, and for that reason dependence was placed upon the fighters of his village instead of their writers. This writer was known as Olive.

And from that point on Olive began to send hate mail to the group. The messengers grew tired of it, but it was good pay and good pay led the way to a life closer to the centre of the walls. So began the history of the Ascended, who (after surrendering their land to Vale after being defeated in battle) were forced to change their names to the fallen,and later, fall. Moving on, this writing group grew and grew, and incarnation after incarnation Olive/Odin/Oscan/Olivier/Opal/Octavia/Olaf/Ozpin grew to despise the group more and more, resorting to sending groups of fighters after them.

And now you know the true reason behind the war between Ozpin and Salem. The end. Wow, weird what one comes up with. And this was supposed to be like, 20 words at most, pointing out that merendinoemiliano was like Justin Y. Weird that.