Author's Note: Hello everyone! This is a 'what if' Disney story, for what would have happened if the Genie from Aladdin was in The Little Mermaid?

How much would it change the story?

What could happen if our favorite Little Mermaid would have found a magic lamp?

Well let us dive right in!

Chapter 1: The Discovery and The First Wish.

How could he? How could he do this? Ariel thought as she wept over the loss of her precious treasures.

Gone where her many dingle hoppers, her thinga-mabobs, and whatzits. Every trinket was either shattered or completely destroyed by her father's trident.

Why did he have to ruin them? They didn't harm anyone. But no, everything remotely human was evil in her father's eyes.

Including the statue of her hearts desire; Eric.

Flounder followed Sebastian as they started to leave the grotto and give the princess time to grieve for her loss.

This wasn't fair, Flounder thought. The king could have at least let Ariel keep some of her human things at least.

Flounder looked down and saw some of the broken land dweller objects have reached the tunnel. He sighed and remembered all the fun-and sometimes dangerous-times he and Ariel had in finding them.

Flounder paused and looked back at his best friend and wished that there was something that he could do to fix this.

It was then that Flounder noticed something sticking out of the sand. He looked back at Sebastian, seeing the crab still swimming ahead with his head down in regret. Then Flounder started moving the sand from the object.

Flounder moved back and smiled. He grabbed the thing in his mouth and swam to her.

"Arrl! Arrl!" he said with a full mouth.

Ariel lifted her head and saw Flounder swimming over to her with something in his mouth. The little guppy placed the object gently down beside her tail fin.

"I found this under the sand," Flounder said happily, "Your dad must've missed one."

Ariel looked at the object. It looked a little bit like some of the human stuff she showed Scuttle but they where white and had multiple dots on it while this one was gold-like.

"And I was thinking," Flounder continued, "Maybe we could start over? Yeah! We can find a new grotto and-and we can make it a better secret that not even the king or Sebastian will ever find and-"

Ariel giggled at her friend and gave him a hug.

"Thank you, Flounder."

As Ariel let go of her friend her soft smile returned to a sad expression, "But no. It's over. My dreams are now as broken as all my treasures."

Ariel looked down at the object smiled softly as she picked it up, "But at least one of my treasures wasn't des-"

Ariel paused as she studied the thing.

"What's wrong?" Flounder asked.

"Flounder, where did we get this?" Ariel asked looking over the object form side to side.

Flounder thought for a second.

"Well, I think we got it after we escaped from that shark, and before we reached Scuttle. You found it near some kelp and you wanted to show him."

"That's right," Ariel remembered. "I was going to show this and the others to Scuttle but when I remembered the concert I forgot to show him this."

Flounder swam to Ariel's side to look at the object, "So what do you think it is?"

Ariel studied the object in her hands, she turned it around and then she stopped when she noticed something on its side.

"Hmm," Ariel looked at the object and saw some dust covering strange scribbles.

"What is it, Ariel?" Flounder asked.

"I don't know Flounder," Ariel answered. "It's hard to make out."

Ariel moved her hand and started to rub the dust off of the object.

At the moment she rubbed it, the artifact started to glow red and moved on its own in her hand.

Ariel's eyes widened at this action and Flounder started to hide behind Ariel, but his eyes still looking at the object.

"Ariel, what is hap-"

Then the object started firing colorful orbs from its spout.

Ariel held onto it as the thing continued to fire all around the grotto. As this was going on Sebastian reentered the scene.

"Ariel," the crustacean started, not yet seeing what was going on, "I just wanted to say-"

One of the colorful orbs landed near Sebastian causing the crustacean to shriek in surprise and being pushed back right into a wall where a broken cage fell on him, instantly caging him.

Soon the object stopped firing, blue and red smoke started coming out of from the spout.

The smoke started covering the entire grotto and then Ariel saw a large blue figure emerging.

Ariel and Flounder moved back slowly, away from the large blue figure as it started raising itself up.

With the smoke starting to clear, Ariel could see the thing was male; blue with gold wristbands on both of his arms. He had gold earrings, and on his chin a thin black beard tied up in a tail as well as a ponytail.

The large figure raised both arms up and opened his mouth.


Then the large blue figure slouched with a tired look on his face like he just woke up.

The stranger scratched his back as he smacked his lips and stretched both arms up.

"Boy that was a nice nap," The figure said, "Okay Master Sinbad, have you got the idea of your final wi-"

The figured opened his eyes and paused as he saw Ariel and Flounder hiding behind her, with both their eyes widened as well as the figure.

"Okayyyyy. You're not Sinbad," The figure said. "Uh… give me a moment."

The figure put one hand behind his back and pulled out a mirror (The Magic Mirror from Beauty and the Beast).

The Figure held the mirror in front of him and it started to glow.

"Oh magic mirror," The figure chanted ominously. "Show me Sinbad."

The figure looked at the mirror and flinched.

"Ooooooooh," The figure slowly put the mirror behind his back again.

"Some people just can't handle looking over 500 years."

Ariel and Flounder glanced at each other and back at the Genie.

"Okay so-" The figure paused as he looked around his new surroundings. He tossed the mirror to the side, never to be seen again.

"You know…if I didn't know any better, I'd think I'm underwater," said as bubbles left his mouth.

He raised a finger on his hand and swirled it around and then he put his finger in his mouth and pulled it out. The large blue figure waited a while. Then his lips puckered to make a sour face.

He transformed into a French chef.

"Ah, Indeed water is how you say…too salty," he said in a French accent.

Soon his eyes expanded and he turned back, "Wait a minute… underwater?! I can't be under water! I'M ALERGIC TO SHELLFISH!"

Then his head blew up.

Ariel and Flounder gasped in shock at this but then suddenly the now headless body started moving, causing Flounder to stay behind Ariel.

The headless figure's hands started feeling around where the head use to be. Then the left hand went into the neck and pulled out a new head.

"Wait, I'm not allergic to shellfish," The figure said. "I'm allergic to overacting! Gotta stop watching those Brendan Fraser movies."

The figure then looked back at Ariel causing her to shake a little. Sebastian noticed this and tried to get out of the cage. The figure neared Ariel a bit but he just looked at her.

"Hey you're a Mermaid right?" The figure asked.

Ariel was about to answer but the figure spoke again.

"Or do you prefer 'Merperson' or 'Merpeople?' And would that make you my new Master or Mistress? Or perhaps a Mermaster or Mermistress? Please, stop me if I'm offending."

Ariel looked at the figure and all feelings of fear about him where gone but she was still cautious.

"What-who are you?" Ariel asked the figure. He smiled and stood in attention.

"Glad you asked," The figure waved his hand and a beautiful mist appeared with stars sparkling with rainbows. "I am the mystical-"

Then the figure held up a VHS tape saying Goodtimes Aladdin, "The never inimitable-"

Then he transformed into a lawyer holding a contract with the Mickey Mouse Logo on it.

"And totally copyright infringeme-able…"

The Figure turned back to himself and then started flexing his arms and each time he talked his muscles grew.

"The Genie. Of. The. Laaaaaaaamp!"

After that last word his entire body was all muscle but then a loud pop was heard and at once his muscles started to deflate like a balloon until he was skinny.

"Ha, ha, ha. This never happened before."

The Genie put his thumb in his mouth and started to blow and at once his body returned to normal.

Flounder took a peek from behind Ariel as she started to relax a little in front of Genie.

"What's a Genie?" Ariel asked.

"Oh, glad you asked again," Genie said, transforming into a college professor.

He adjusted his glasses and pulled out a book, he opened it and began to read.

"Genie: In Arabic; Jinn. Roman; Djinn. A magical being that can grant anyone three wishes so long as he or she rubs and holds the lamp containing said Genie."

"Which would be what you are holding…eh?" Genie reverted back and rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish grin. "Oh where are my manners? Oh there it is."

Ariel and Flounder gasped as they saw the literal word Manners with tiny feet running around the sand.

"Come back! I'm not polite without you!" Genie shouted as he chased after his Manners.

The Manners then slammed right into Sebastian cage knocking it and him down. After that Genie caught it and opened his head like a lid, tossing his Manners into his head and closing his cap.

"Much better," Genie smiled. "So what is your name?"

"My name is Ariel" Ariel answered. She looked at the lamp in her hand and back at the Genie.

"So you can give me wishes?"

"Yes you get three wishes," Genie raised one hand and turned into the Count from Sesame Street. "Count them; 1…2… 3. THREEEEE wishes! Ha, ha, ha!"

Genie then appeared next to Ariel and Flounder.

"Now you before you ask," he said turning into a middle-aged woman. "You can't wish for more wishes. Let me tell you if I had a dime for every time someone asks me about that I could fill the entire ocean in Roosevelts."

Ariel looked at Flounder, then at Genie and then at the lamp. Her mind trying to process all of this.

"I-I don't know what to think about this."

Genie smiled.

"Well don't worry that is why I'm here!"

Genie then pointed at Ariel and Flounder and a magic bolt was fired from his finger and turned the rocks that Ariel was sitting into a large beanbag couch for the two to rest.

"Now why don't you two take a seat or float, which ever while I explain to you the possibilities…in dazzling musical form!"

Genie snapped his fingers. Everything went black but then a spotlight shined on Genie, who wearing a broadway showman's outfit with a cane.

Genie: Well Captain Ahab fought the Big White Whale. The Odyssey was quite a tale.

As Genie started dancing a white whale came up form the ground and swallowed him whole and then an ancient Greek ship rolled past.

Ariel got up and looked for Genie and then suddenly he appeared behind her.

Genie: Now like a wand and the Holy Grail you got some magic that never fails.

Genie then turned into a Harry Potter and into Monty Python's King Arthur and he held the Grail and spilled it a mist of magic covered them.

Suddenly Ariel found herself wearing a Supergirl outfit with Genie dressed as Stan Lee.

Genie: You got some power in your corner now, some heavy ammunition in your camp.

Then Ariel was suddenly surrounded by sharks, but Genie turned into her cape and directed her to attack them as descriptive comic book action words appeared each time she hit one.

Genie: You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how! Now all you gotta do is rub that lamp, and I'll say…

Genie then held the lamp and gave it to her and then disappeared and reappeared in front of her.

Genie: Mistress Ariel, mam, what will your pleasure be?

Then Ariel found herself sitting on a chair with Flounder by her side in a kiddy chair then a table appeared with Genie dressed in a waiter getup.

Genie: Let me take your order jot it down. You ain't never had a friend like me, No no, no!

Genie showed a menu then tossed it aide and placed a tray down with a Pizza on it.

Genie: Life is your restaurant.

Then the Pizza turned into Genie's face.

Genie: And I'm your maître D!

The table vanished and Genie pulled Ariel up from her chair as Flounder swam away as Genie spun Ariel around in a dancing motion.

Genie: Just tell me what ever it is you want, you ain't never had a friend like me.

Genie then let go of her and Ariel was spun towards four other Genie's and they started pampering her.

The first one shampooed her hair, the second and third ones filed her finger nails and the last one colored her tail fin.

Genie: Yes mam, we pride ourselves on service.

Then the Genies disappeared and then Ariel was suddenly dressed in a business suite, then a crown appears on her head and then is surrounded by gold and jewels.

Genie: You're the boss, the queen and all!

Genie appeared be her side fanning her as a tray of food appeared before her but before she could touch one, Genie snatched the tray from her.

Genie: Say what you wish, it's yours, true dish, just stay away from the caviaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

Genie then swung it away and as Ariel watched it fly away she turned around and then found herself flouting over the Earth with Genie by her side pointing downward.

Genie: Dive into Ocean A… or all of Ocean P.

Both Genie and Ariel dived right into the water. Ariel looked around but Genie was not there until she saw him as a Clam.

Genie: Let me take a whirl to help you girl, you ain't never had a friend like me.

The Genie Clam opened up and Genie came dancing out and two genie fishes came dancing along with him.

Genie Fishes: WAWAWA!

Genie: Oh my!

Genie Fishes: WAWAWA!

Genie: Oh no!

Genie Fishes: WAWAW!

Genie: My, my, my. BADADBASOPA!

The Genie fishes swam away leaving Genie and Ariel back in her grotto but to Ariel surprise it seemed to have grown bigger on the inside.

Genie: Can your friends do this?

Genie blew some bubbles and they instantly turned into dancers.

Genie: Can your friends do that?

Genie pointed at Flounder and made him bigger causing him to scare away a shark.

Genie: Can your friends pull this out of their little hat?

Genie pulled out a magic hat (Think Yin Sid's hat) and fireworks started coming out and Ariel watched in amazement.

Genie: Can your friends go poof!

Genie snapped his fingers and a puff of smoke surrounded Ariel and when it cleared Ariel was wearing a beautiful undersea dress.

Genie: Well looky here.

Ariel marveled the dress but then she saw one of the bubble dancers walking to her and she then started dancing with it.

Genie: Can your friends go abracadabra, let 'er rip, and then make the sucker disappear?

Soon all the bubble dancers instantly popped and Ariel and Flounder both returned to their original appearances.

Then Genie appeared on Ariel's shoulder as a Jiminy Cricket

Genie: So doncha sit there slack jawed, buggy eyed, I'm here to answer all your midday prayers.

Then Genie transformed into a large piece of paper that covered Ariel and spun her around again.

Genie: You got me bona fide certified, you got a genie for you chare d' affaires.

I got a powerful urge to help you out, so what-cha wish? I really wanna know.

Ariel then found herself sitting inside a yellow submarine with Genie dressed like on of the Beetles.

Genie: You've got a list that's three knots long, no doubt , well, all you gotta do is rub like so- and oh!

Genie pulled a lever and the Sub started rocketing upwards until another puff of smoke appeared and Ariel found herself being surrounded by little dancing color-full squids as they formed different shapes as they danced.

Genie: Mistress Ariel, mam, have a wish one, two or three?

The squids formed the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and then they turned into a grandfather clock and Genie popped out of the clock as Bugs Bunny.

Genie: I'm on the clock. Eh what's up doc?

Genie turned back again and stood by Ariel and he pointed to their left causing four octopuses dancing the tango and to their left four lobsters where dancing in a conga line.

Genie: You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend, you ain't never had a friend, never had a friend. You ain't never.

Genie waved his hand and two rows of swordfishes appeared in salute.

Genie: Had a.

Genie pointed forward and five Jellyfishes appeared illuminating.

Genie: Friend…

Genie pointed in opposite directions and two Humpback whales appeared behind them and three Dolphins appeared next to Ariel.

Genie: Like. Me!

At once everyone started dancing, as Flounder joined the lobsters in their conga line.

Genie: YA HAHA!

The Dolphins used their bottle nose to lift Ariel up in the air as the little Mermaid laughed in joy.

Genie: WA HAHA!

Despite all the joy, Sebastian tried to use his claws to chisel through the bars.

Genie: You ain't ever had a friend like me. HA!

Genie started to spin around like a tornado sucking everything but Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian and then suddenly the whole grotto was back to normal, whit Ariel and Flounder sitting on the bean bag chair, Sebastian still trapped in his cage, and Genie smiling on his side with his head resting on his hand and a neon applause sign on his back.

Sebastian rubbed his eyes after that whole event trying to process what just happened.

"So what do ya think?" Genie asked "I got to say, the musical number works every time. It is a classic. Won't see it for another ten years."

Ariel smiled in a mixture of excitement and wonder.

"That was amazing! Wasn't it Flounder?"

"Yeah," Flounder smiled. "And just think, you can have any wish you want, Ariel."

Suddenly Ariel and Flounder found themselves sitting down on chairs and in front of them a huge desk with Genie sitting behind it dressed as the Godfather.

"Oh my little fishy friend," Genie started, "It is not that simple. There are three special rules that a Genie like me can't refuse."

"Rules?" Ariel asked, "What kind of rules?"

Genie turned back to normal and started to explain.

"Rule number 1: Unlike a grand assassin I can't kill anybody."

As Genie explained a Genie look-alike dressed as the main video game character from Grand Assassin started sneaking up on him and is about to stab him in back but then Genie pulled out Elmer Fudd's gun and blasted the double in the face.

The double's hood was blown off and looked at Genie in anger. "You're despicable," he said before vanishing.

"Rule number 2: I can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else."

Then Genie pulled out a labtop showing the website, .

"Unless you're a fanfic writer. Then you can pair just about everyone up!" Genie then tossed the labtop away like a Frisbee.

"And last but not least rule number 3!"

As Genie talked six zombies started rising up behind him, "I can not and will not raise the dead, it is not a good sight to see."

Then Genie and the zombies started dancing to the tune of Thriller then the zombies vanished in a puff of smoke.

"They smell bad…but they're not bad dancers."

"Now besides those three rules along with the 'whole wishing for more wishes thing,' your wishes are my command."

Thinking it over, Ariel didn't know what to wish for at the moment. All of this seemed to be happening so fast for her, and then she had an idea. But she had to make sure she could wish for it.

"Genie," She started, "Is there anything in the rules that says you can't turn me into something?"

Sebastian gasped, thinking he knows what Ariel might wish for so he hurried his freedom.

"Not that I know of," Genie answered. "But let me check."

Genie snapped his fingers and a book appeared and he looked into.

"Good things this is water proof. Now let me see. Turn into a frog?"

Then Kermit The Frog popped his head up from the book.

"High Ho!"

"Oh no you don't! Get back in there!" Genie said pushing the Muppet back in the book. "There are enough crossovers already."

"Here's something about turning into an old lady."

Then the wicked queen from Snow White stuck her hand out along with the poison apple, shoving it right into Genie's face.

"Hey get that apple out of my face, lady!"

Genie pushed the hand back down.

"Oh, here is something about turning into a dragon!"

Then Maleficent's dragon head popped out and fired at Genie's head roasting him, then the dragon went back in the book.

Genie puffed out some smoke from his mouth.

"Two words, Breath. Mint."

Genie put the book away and rubbed his face, getting rid of the burns, "Okay basically I can turn you into what ever you want to be. Got any suggestions?"

Ariel nodded, "Genie I-"


Ariel and Flounder gasped as Sebastian free from the cage. He swam right between Ariel and Genie.

"No one is wishing for anything," Sebastian said with determination.

"Sebastian!" Ariel said with surprise, then she looked frantically around if her farther was here too.

"Uh hey, little guy?" Genie said tapping Sebastian's shell. "Your kind of in the middle of our wish business here so could you-"

Then Sebastian used his claws to snap Genie's finger off.

"OW!" Genie pulled his finger and glued it back on.

"You stay out of dis you…whatever you are!" Sebastian said before he turned to Ariel. "Ariel, please put that ding away or-"

"Or WHAT?!" Ariel snapped. "Are you going to tell my farther? Haven't you done enough?"

Sebastian gave a hurt expression but he continued, "Ariel, I am so sorry for what happened. I did not mean for what your farther did, but I am trying to help you. You don't know what will happen if you make any wishes with that thing, they could prove dangerous!"

"Hey," Genie argued, "I have you know that only a few Genies mess with their master or mistress, and I am not one of those types of Genies! I tell you those Genies give Genies like me a bad name."

Sebastian ignored Genie and continued.

"Ariel, magic is dangerous, look what happened to Ursula! I don't want anything to happen to you, just think about what you will loose; think about Flounder, your sisters, your farther and me. Please just think about it."

Ariel was still upset with Sebastian but she did listen to what he said. True Genie did not look dangerous but the wishes are another thing. All she has are three wishes and if she makes the first one she will be down to two. If she is not careful she could lose everything she has ever known.

Then Ariel felt her tail fin brush against something, she looked down and saw one of the broken piece Prince Eric's statue. She saw the face looking at her and she remembered the moment on the beach where she saw him look at her.

Ariel held the Lamp tight to her chest. She knew what she had to do.

"Alright," she said, "I've made my choice."

Sebastian bushed his claw over his forehead in relief, seeing that Ariel made the right choice.

"Genie," Ariel started, "I wish for you to turn me into a human!"

"ARIEL!" Sebastian gasped and Flounder's eyes widened in shock while Genie cracked his knuckles.

"Okay then. Wish number one coming your way," Genie said waving his hands as each fingertip sparked with magic.

"I'll give you a pair of legs and a pair of lungs, look out surface here she comes!"

Genie pointed at Ariel and instantly the magic shot out from his fingers and started circling he. They started slow and soon sped up until she could not be seen, but in her place a colorful twister. The twister rocketed up towards the hole at the top of the grotto and towards the surface with Genie following.

Flounder awed at the spectacle while Sebastian started to panic on what he should do.

On one claw Sebastian should warn the king about what just happened, but on the other claw, who knows what that Genie could say or do to Ariel! It was clear Sebastian had one choice.

"Come on, Flounder," Sebastian shouted. "We have to follow them!"

As they left the grotto, they were unaware that there were others watching the whole thing; Flotsam and Jetsam. The two eels put their face's together so their two single yellow eyes where next to each other as a way to show what they have seen to their mistress.

The evil sea witch Ursula.

Within her lair the sea witch laughed at all her eels have shown her.

"Oh this is delicious! I could never have imagined that Triton's precious daughter would have a Genie in her possession the entire time!" Ursula laughed.

"Oh but how wonderful this is," Ursula smiled. "Flotsam, Jetsam! Change in plans! I want you to follow them and continue watching her. This latest change will make ruling the ocean all the more easy."

To be Continued.

Author's Note: Well that was an excellent first start of this what if. Kind of makes you wonder how this story will change since Ariel did not have to trade her voice, what do you think will happen? Will find out in chapter two.