"Is it working professor?" Elora asks as the professor fiddles with two orbs connected to a portal.

"Just a few more minutes to adjust these orbs and..." The professor trails off. Hunter who is standing beside Elora Then Jumps in

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea. Bringing a dragon here could just make Ripto angrier." Ripto had been causing a lot of trouble in Avalar ever since the professor and Hunter accidently brought him here.

"Calm down Hunter, and stop fidgeting!" Elora exclaims. The two continue conversing with each other until the professor yells out

"I did it! I caught a dragon!" Though what he gets is not a dragon. Out of the portal comes all four members of team RWBY "Hm, I must have gotten something wrong then." The professor says. Team RWBY then get onto their feet.

"Uh, where are we?" Weiss asks. To that no one replies. Everyone immediately takes notice of the cheetah and faun staring at them.

"Uh can you stop staring, it's kinda creepy." Ruby then throws out.

"Uh sorry." Hunter replies sounding slightly embarrassed. Everyone then hears a strange noise and then the portal at which they came through explodes. Everyone then takes notice of the small man riding the green monster with a blue monster at his side.

"Well looks like someone forgot to invite me to the party." Ripto says as he lowers his scepter indicating he was the one who caused the portals destruction "Were you trying to keep something from me?" he says as he then toke notice of the new arrivals "Well what do we have here?" he asks. This prompts team RWBY to ready their weapons and Ripto notices. "Very well then. CRUSH! KILL THEM! He yells. Crush attacks with his club, but being the dumb brute that he is, he is very far off target and hits Ripto off Gulp. Gulp then swallows Ripto's scepter making him angrier. "Gulp you imbecile you ate my sceptre." He then gets back atop gulp and storms of on him along with Crush "ILL KILL YOU LATER." He yells as he's going. There is silence among the group until Yang breaks it.

"K... who's that guy?" she asks to no one in particular. 'They aren't dragons, but maybe they could help us defeat Ripto.' Elora thinks to herself.

"That's Ripto and we have to stop him before he causes anymore damage." She then takes out a book and shoves it onto Blake "This will help you get used to our worlds, Ill meet you back in Summer Forest okay." She says as Hunter and herself walk away. Then after a beat Weiss then points out,

"Well that was rather rude."