Final chapter!

"You idiots brought a dragon to Avalar! I hate dragons!" Ripto screams at the top of his lungs.

"What an angry little man." Yang says.

"And he's also racist. Only makes him ore unlikable." Blake says.

As Ripto takes flight in his mecha tyradactal, Spyro hops into the arena and shatters another golden orb lying around enabling him to take after Ripto. As he leaves, the area begins to crumble apart. leaving the members of both Beacon teams, separated on the remains of the stone platform.

"So... do we just sit and watch now?" Jaune asks, not seeing anything else they could do. Ripto begins firing energy blasts at Spyro who evades it and fires a fire blast similar to the ones fired by the teams when they were charged with the red orbs they shattered. Ripto, however, is to fast and evades the blast while firing his own.

"No. We do what we can to help." Ruby says, converting Crescent Rose to sniper mode.

"So, everyone but me." Jaune deadpans, reminding everyone of his lack of a ranged weapon. Everyone else configures their weapons to their ranged mode and focuses fire on Ripto.

"Ahhhhgh! Get out of here you useless kids!" Ripto screams before sending down an energy blast. Ren hops over to Nora's platform before the blast hits the one he was previously standing on. Spyro then gets a hit on the mecha tiridactel (As you can tell, I'm not even trying to spell it correctly anymore.) causing Ripto to focus back on him. The group fire on him again, with Ruby, Blake, and Pyrrha being the only ones to land their shots. Ripto, however continues to remain focused on the real threat. Ruby, noticing that they aren't doing anything to him, jumps a few platforms to shatter a golden orb she spotted. She then fires Crescent Rose, and the same fire blast that Spyro is firing shoots out and hits Ripto. "What!" He exclaims at the surprise attack.

"We must really be getting on his nerves now." Yang says as she shatters another golden orb.

"You mean, more than we already have." Weiss says smugly as she too finds a golden orb. The next thing anyone knew, the sky was covered with fire balls all trying to hit Ripto. At that point, he didn't care. He stopped firing on everyone and just tried to dodge the hellfire coming his way. After getting hit a few times, he decided it would be best to get out of there. But just as he tured to leave, Spyro appeared amidst all the fire and shoot Ripto's mecha... thing down.

Ripto plummeted down to the lava in which he made impact with. Sinking in until he was not seen.

"Well... that was a thing." Yang says. She then takes notice that her platform is beginning to sink, as is everyone elses.

"Everyone, to the castle!" Ruby orders. Everyone then hops their way amongst the sinking platforms to get to the castle. Once everyone is safe Spyro meets up with everyone.

"Whoa! That was seriously awesome! I would have never thought to use the gold orbs if I couldn't fly." He exclaims.

"Thank." Ruby giggles. "Who are you."

"I'm Spyro!" He exclaims "Who are you guys?"






"Hello. I'm Pyrrha."

"Lie Ren."

"I'm Nora! That flying and fire blasting was supper awesome! Can you do that normally? What is it like being a dragon? What do you usually eat for lunch? Do you like pancakes!?" Nora exclaims.

"Nora." Ren sighs.

"No, it fine." Spyro assures him. "I mostly glide rather than fly, and my normal fire breath is kind of diffrent, I don't know how to answer that, and yeah, I like pancakes."

"Were gonna get along just fine." Nora says as she puts her arm around Spyro.

"We should go tell Elora that Ripto is gone." Ruby suggests.

"Yeah, we should get on that." Spyro agrees as the group goes back through the castle.

"Say, where did you come from Spyro? I thought we were the only ones here who could face Ripto." Yang asks.

"I come from a world that wasn't previously connected to Avalar. We call it the dragon realms. I just got finished with my vacation to dragon shores and was heading back when I got dropped in here. When the professor explained the situation, I thought I might as well come help." Spyro explains. It is then that they reach the other side and run down the steps to meet with Elora, Hunter, Money Bags, and the professor.

"RWBY, JNPR, and Spyro. You all did it. The kingdom of Avalar is eternally grateful for the help you've been in helping us rid of Ripto." Elora thanks them. "Speaking of, I think Money Bags has something he wants to give you."

"I most certainly do not." Money Bags denies.

"Hunter." Elora calls. Hunter then moves and sits on Money Bags. "Money Bags is really sorry he made you pay so much through Avalar. We want you to take the gems as a token of our gratitude."

"Thanks, but we don't need them. Saving the people here is reward enough." Ruby declares.

"Though you're still taking those gems away from him." Blake says.

"Will do." Hunter salutes.

"I mean, still, it would be good to have something to remember this place by." Yang brings up.

"Oh we'll I can help with that." The professor says as he pulls a regular orb out of his pocket. "We won't be able to give you each one, but this is the least we can give you." Ruby looks back to her team and JNPR who nod in confirmation. Ruby then accepts the orb from the professor. "There, your world is set into the supper portal and you can return to it now."

"Will we ever see you guys again?" Ruby asks.

"I'm sure we will." Elora says. "Who knows, maybe it will be under better circumstances." She smiles. The two teams then smile and wave their good byes as they head though the portal and back to Remnant.