At the Rosewood Mall, Donna and Groot were doing some window shopping when they came across Bodhi, "You're less than Pluto, not even a planet, when you hear my fresh my your gonna say-"

"Bodhi," Donna shouted as he turned his head.

"Sorry, Donna" Bodhi replied, "I didn't see you there."

Then she saw some familiar creatures pop out of the tires, "I remember you," Donna recalled, "Your those cute little beings from our last karaoke night at the House of Mouse."

"We're the Shipirios of Shipioria." said one,

"Bodhi invited us to go shopping for car supplies." said another.

"Also," said another, "Princess Peach has invited you to play her game, later on."

Donna thought she could go along. Then she thought about who to bring, "Michael and his parents are on Heralda because Queen Hera has Pentangle Pox, Emma is babysitting a coworker's child, Aiden is attending the Rosewood Spring Orchestra, and Caleb is at the dentist." Donna recalled, "So I'll invite Wade, Samantha, Toshiro, Sydney, and Payton."

"I want to come too," Bodhi said as his cell phone rang,

He picked up his phone and said, "Hey Honey"

"Mon Amour," Jantrice replied, "Have you forgotten that it's our amour bonding day."

"But what about the triplets?" Bodhi asked cautiously.

"Don't worry," Jantrice replied, "Donna said that there's a time when the bird must leave the nest. Their 10, they're old enough to be left by themselves, just as long as they try not to expose us."

"Okay," Bodhi replied.

Later, they arrived on Yoshi's Island. Jantrice came out in a tropical outfit. "Cher enfant" Jantrice smiled, "This island has such beauty, such loveliness. It reminds me of how I met my Beloved Bodhi."

Bodhi didn't want to be reminded how he almost got killed with a grenade an had his waist wrapped by her long tongue. By a group of Yoshi's they were joined by Princess Peach, she wanted to see them test out for coconut racing.

She explained that they have to carry a dozen coconuts through an obstacle course without dropping one. Donna realized that it's a balance test.

For their obstacle course, they made it pass vines with monkeys, rolling rocks, and a wobbly bridge. In the end, Jantrice won the contest, "Toutes nos félicitations" Donna said as she used the force.

"Merci, Donna" Jantrice replied, "It's always good to share balancing tests with people you know."

Afterward, they enjoyed a Blooper symphony and a submarine tour of the waters of Yoshi Island. The Shipnorias got bored and wanted to go to Spooky Island. They heard about the haunted castle there. Donna wasn't sure about it, because she knew that Bodhi gets frantic easily, but they didn't care.