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In a large town located on the coast, a train rolled into the station, smoke billowing out the engine. This port town was called Hargeon, located on the coast of Fiore, in the continent Ishgar.

As passengers filed on and off the train, four people remained stationary, as three of them were looking at the other, who was lying on the ground of the train car.

"Excuse me, sir."

"Natsu, we made it to Hargeon!" A blue cat exclaimed. This cat was wearing a green bag draped down his back, tied around his neck. A strange thing about this cat, besides that it can talk, was that it was also walking on its hind legs. The blue cat's name was Happy.

"C'mon, get up already!" Happy said, poking His friend on the shoulder.

"Is he alright?" An attendant asked, observing the situation mentioned, standing next to another person.

"It's fine, this always happens when he travels." Happy said, turning to answer the attendant.

"Never. I'm never riding a stupid train again." Natsu grunted, feeling very sick, before puffing out his cheeks, trying not to vomit.

Natsu was of average height, possessing onyx eyes, spiky pink hair, and, if one looked closely, they would see that he had sharp canines. He wore a red coat, a black, gold trimmed cloth around his waist, white knee length trousers, black open toed sandals, and a white scale patterned scarf. Natsu was also wearing a green backpack with a blanket rolled up at the top of it.

"Geez, Natsu. You still get motion sickness after all this time? It's both pathetic and hystererical." Said one of the others, observing the hilarious scene, chuckling at his friends predicament.

"I agree. That is one weakness that is highly amusing." Said another, agreeing with the former.

The first one's name was Asta. He was a of slightly short stature, shorter than Natsu by a couple inches, having dark green eyes, ash-blonde hair, with a strand sticking up and bangs. He wearing a white shirt, blue waistcoat, of which the sleeves went down to his elbows, a black jacket, blue pants that extend down to his knees, and shoes that are white around the toes, and blue around the rest, which extend to above his ankles. He also where's a black headband with a red four point star, the horizontal line longer than the vertical one, slightly towards the left side of his head, bangs going over it. On his waist there is a pouch, which contains a book of some kind. He's also wearing a black backpack similar to Natsu's.

The second person is another talking, walking cat. This cat was wearing white shorts, a blue shirt with a small red robe going down to just pass his chest, tied by a blue pendant, and glasses. He was also carrying a book, reading it as he conversed with the others. This cats name is Samuel.

"If our information is correct, then we should find that salamander somewhere in this town, " Happy said, standing at the entrance to the train car with Asta, while Natsu leaned out the window. "Let's go."

"Just gimme a second, would ya?"

After walking off the train, Asta, Samuel, and Happy hear the engine whistle, and turn back to see the train leaving while Natsu is still hanging out the window, looking frantic and scared.

"NOOO! HEEEELLLP!" Natsu wails in despair as the train takes off down the tracks.

"Uh oh, there he goes." Happy said plainly, looking at the train as it leaves.

"Why does he have to make everything so damn difficult?" Asta asks rhetorically.

"Wonder how he'll get back?" Samuel ask, honestly curious.


Inside a local shop in Hargeon, we find a young woman. She has brown eyes blonde hair tied into a side ponytail, tied by a blue ribbon. She is wearing a white sleeveless shirt with blue assents, a blue skirt, and black heeled boots that reach to below her knees. Attached to her belt were a whip and a ring of gold and silver keys. This woman's name was Lucy Heartfilia.

"You mean that this is the only magic shop in the whole town?" Lucy asked in disbelief.

"I'm afraid so, the people around are more fishing folk than magic folk." The shop owner said, causing Lucy to sigh.

"I reckon that most people in town don't even know how to use magic. I built this shop for the wizards who pass by." The owner said.

"Man, I came all the way here for nothing." Lucy said in disappointment.

The owner then tries to lift here spirits by offering some of the items he has. He shows her a colors magic, which allows you to change the color of your clothes.

"I already have one of those. What I'm really looking for are some powerful gate keys." Lucy declines, telling the shopkeeper what she's looking for.

Lucy then gets excited as she sees a silver one for sale.

"The little doggy!" She said in excitement.

At first the shopkeeper states that it isn't really that powerful but that does nothing to deter Lucy from wanting it.

"So how much? She asks in anticipation.

"Twenty thousand Jewel." The owner said to her disbelief.

Lucy then tries using her sex appeal to lower the price, but to her shock and anger, the shopkeeper only lowers it by a thousand Jewel.

She is now walking down the street, angrily talking about what happens after buying the key, when she hears a commotion going on in the square.

She wonders what's going on until she hears two girls rush by talking about someone called "Salamander".

"Isn't Salamander the wizard who uses unique fire magic that no one else can get anywhere?!" She exclaims in delight, wondering what he's doing here.

We now see Natsu, Happy, Asta, and Samuel walking through the town with Natsu trudging slowly, still disoriented from riding the train twice, while the others keep with him.

"You really need to get over your motion sickness, Natsu." Asta said, feeling a small amount of pity for the pinkette, Samuel sitting on his shoulder, reading his book.

"Man I'm so hungry I could eat my own hand." Nastu says.

"Too bad that we don't have any money." Happy says walking by them.

Natsu then asks Happy if the salamander they're looking for is someone named Igneel, to which Happy states that it has to be since he's the only salamander they can think of, while Asta looks somewhat skeptical to the notion.

"I don't know guys, Doesn't it seem weird that a salamander would be in the middle of a town like this? Not to mention tha-." Asta tries to reason but is swiftly cut off by Natsu.

"Of course it's Igneel, what else could it be?" Natsu asks, matter-of-factly.

"I have an idea." Asta mutters, annoyed at his friends idiocy.

"Does he ever think ahead at all?" Samuel asks his friend.

"Not one bit." Asta says with a deadpan expression.

They then see a large crowd cheering infront of them, shouting out 'Salamander', and other praises.

Natsu and Happy look to eachother in excitement of what they hear and start to run forward, with Asta and Samuel close behind them.

"Well I'll be, speak of the devil, we're in luck today, huh guys?" Natsu said, with Happy answering swiftly.

"Aye." Cheerfully said the small blue cat.

At the center of the gathering, he so called salamander turns out to be a man with blue hair swept to the left, slightly spiked at the front. He's wearing a white shirt with burgundy assents, maroon striped pants, a purple coat with a high collar, and wheel like design, the spokes of the wheel resembling lightning bolts, and the outer endings of them resembling spades. The "Salamander" was also wearing a bracelet wearing a gold, four-ringed bracelet, and two rings, one on his right index and another on his middle finger. He also has a mark on his forehead, just above his eyebrows, resembling a stylized pair of tongs.

Salamander is shown waving flourishly to the crowd of girls, causing them to cheer in adoration, with hearts in their eyes. In the middle of the crowd, Lucy is seen staring at Salamander with her youth hanging open, eyes wide, and a blush on her face.

'Why is my heart beating so fast? What's gotten into me all of a sudden?' Lucy questions as she notices her heart rate quicken.

As Salamander flirts with the other girls, he takes a glance over to Lucy, causing her to internally squeal in delight, confused as to why she's acting the way she is.

'Is it cause he's a famous wizard? Is that why my hearts about leap out of my chest?' Lucy asks herself before she gets hearts in her eyes like the other girls.

As Lucy hops forward on one leg towards Salamander with a love struck face, thinking she's in love, Natsu comes through shouting for Igneel, and as he breaks through, Lucy looks towards him, as the hearts in her eyes shatter, and she gasps as if she realizes something.

Natsu however slouches in confusion with Happy next to him, wondering who Salamander is, while Asta hangs back outside the crowd with Samuel, who puts down his book, getting ready for the show, smirking all the while.

"Who the heck are you?" Natsu asks, causing Salamander to be gasping in shock, as someone does not know him.

"I'm Salamander. Surely you've heard of me from somewhere?" The man asks, but then shouts in exclamation as Natsu walks away, without a care in the world.

Unfortunately for him, that causes the girls in the crowd to become enraged, and some of them move to attack him down to the ground, while Asta and Happy just watch, with Asta laughing at his friend's predicament.

"What is up with you girls?" Natsu grunted in pain as the girls thrashed him.

"Now now, that's enough with that, lovelies, let him go. I'm sure he didn't have any bad intentions with his actions." Salamander says, causing the girls to cheer adoringly at him, while Lucy scowls at him for an unknown reason, while Asta gives a similar look, While Samuel thinks he's sent him somewhere before.

Salamander then gives Natsu his autograph, but he refuses to take it, causing the crowd of women to become angry with him.

After the girls are done throttling Natsu, he is seen face down, near a building, in a pile of junk, with steam coming from his head, while Happy looks back at the crowd, while Asta laughs at Natsu.

"Guess it wasn't him after all." Happy said.

"Definitely not him." Natsu groans in pain.

"I told you guys!" Asta laughs out, smug that he was proven right.

"Once again common sense triumphs over idiocy." Samuel chuckles out.

Salamander then states that he must leave, causing the girls to exclaim in disbelief.

"Time for the red carpet." Salamander then casts a spell that causes him to levitate on a swirl of magenta fire. He then states that he's having a party on his private yacht, and invites all the girls in the crowd, as he flies into the sky.

Natsu, Happy and Asta look after him, confused as to who that is.

"Who the heck was that?" Natsu asked.

"Don't know, don't care." Asta says nonchalantly, after helping Natsu sit up.

"I don't know, but he was a major creep." A voice says causing the four to turn towards where it came from .

"Thanks for the help back there." Lucy states, causing confusion between the other four.

Later at a restaurant, The four are seen at a booth, chowing down on some food. Natsu stuffing his face with bowls of ramen and other foods as quick as he can, Samuel and Happy chewing on some raw fish, and Asta enjoying some katsudon, with him eating at a normal pace.

"My name is Lucy, nice to meet you." Lucy introduces herself to the four of them.

"Aye." Happy responded.

"Natsu, Happy, Samuel and Asta, is that right?" She asks, sweatdropping about how much food Natsu is stuffing down his throat.

"Mhmm, your so nice.." Natsu said with his mouth full.

"You know, we're not in a hurry, and food is flying everywhere." Lucy Said with her hands up trying to placate, while bits of scraps fly towards her.

'There goes the money I saved at that old guys shop.' Lucy thought morbidly.

Lucy then goes on to explain that that salamander guy was using a charm spell to hypnotize those girls into thinking that they were in love with him, explaining how they work, and how they've been banned for years.

"That guy must've gone through a lot of trouble to get his hands on it. What a creep." Lucy said annoyed, but then becomes cheerful.

"I really should thank you for breaking me free from his spell." She says.

"No problem." "Sure." Natsu and Asta say, Natsu still chewing while Asta swallowed first.

Lucy then goes on to say that she's a wizard as well, and then goes on to explain that a guild is a place for wizards to find work and converse, and how you aren't considered a true wizard until you join one. She than start becoming ecstatic as she starts talking about how she wants to join the most popular guild of them all.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I guess all this wizard nonsense is all gibberish to you guys, huh? But I'm telling you, I will join the greatest guild of them all and get a ton of jobs." Lucy said with a smile.

"Oh, yeah?" Natsu asks.

"You talk a lot." Happy deadpans.

"You're really excited by all that, huh?" Asta asks, smirking at her excited face.

"Quite adorable, really." Samuel adds.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you four were looking for someone right?" Lucy asks in realization.

"We're trying to find Igneel." Happy answered.

"We heard that a salamander was heading around here, but it turned out to be some guy." Natsu said despondently while eating a pizza.

"Yeah, that guy didn't look like a salamander at all." Happy said.

"What guy does?" Asta quips to the cat.

"I bet that fake can't even breathe fire like a real dragon." Natsu said finishing his pizza.

"Wait, I'm confused. Your friend Igneel looks like a dragon?" Lucy asks with a sweat drop.

"Not exactly." Asta said lightly.

"You see, Igneel doesn't look like a dragon, he is one." Natsu corrects her.

"Huh?!" Lucy asks with an image of a dragon behind her, breathing fire.

"Aye, Igneel is a real life fire dragon." Happy adds, much to Lucy's shock.

"Why would a fire dragon show up in the middle of town?!" Lucy yells at them, finally regaining her bearings.

Natsu and Happy attempt to give a reason but have nothing to say to that after thinking it through thoroughly, and freeze with there mouths open wide in an attempt to refute her.

"It's totally ridiculous." Lucy says as she places the money for the food they ate on the table for the check.

"That's what I've been saying, but these idiots wouldn't listen." Asta says in agreement.

"These two are impossible." Samuel adds, agreeing about their friends idiocy.

Lucy then makes here way towards the door of the restaurant, but a shocked gasp from the waitress causes her to turn around to see Natsu and Happy bowing on the floor, thanking her in appreciation, while Asta is facepalming at the scene.

"Cut it out, your embarrassing me!" She screams.

"Us as well." Asta says, his and Samuel's heads lowered.

"I feel bad, cause we weren't even trying to help." Natsu said with Happy agreeing, saying that they owed her something.

"Oh, I know." Natsu says, having an idea, Only to pull out the autograph he got from the fake.

"Here this is for you." Natsu offers the autograph to her, while Asta and Samuel both have a "really" look.

"NO WAY!" Lucy denies.

Later at Hargeon's park, Lucy is reading the kingdoms most famous magazine, Sorcerer's Weekly, the greatest wizarding magazine, reading about Fairy Tail's latest exploits, and looking a Mirajane, a famous model from the magazine.

"I wonder what it takes to be a member, maybe an interview?" Lucy asks out loud.

Lucy then starts giggling, thinking about being a member Fairy Tail, but she then hears a voice from somewhere.

"Is that right, you want to join Fairy Tail?" The voice asks.

Lucy hears rustling coming from the bushes, and out comes the Salamander from earlier, to her confusion and shock.

"I've been looking for you all over. I wanted to personally invite you to the party happening on my boat tonight." He says.

"Your charm spell won't affect me, it's weakness is awareness, it won't work on me." Lucy calls him out. Salamander then changes tactics, using her desire to join the fairy tail guild against her.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that you're that 'Salamander'?!" She exclaims in shock.

"That's correct. And if you want, I could probably put in a good word for you." He says in a flirty manner.

Lucy then gets hearts in her eyes as she starts to swoon over "Salamander."

"So you think you can get me into Fairy Tail." She asks.

"Of course. just don't say anything about the charm spell." Salamander says.

"I won't say a thing." Lucy said in an instant.

"Great, The I'll see you then." He said.

Salamander then takes his leave the same way he did at the town square. As he disappeared from her sight, she realized that she had been duped.

"He got me. But, HOORAY." She exclaimed in joy. "He's gonna get me into the Fairy Tail."

"Now I just have to be nice to that sleezbag until then." She giggled.

Late at night, the moon is high in the sky, shining down on the port town, light up for those who are still out and about.

Natsu, Asta, Happy and Samuel were over at a lookout balcony where the whole city is visible to them.

"Man that was a good meal, huh guys?" Natsu asks, leaning backwards against the railing.

"I still can't believe you thought a dragon would be in the middle of a highly populated area." Asta deadpans as he learns on the railing, staring out towards the night sky, with Samuel sitting next to him, back to reading his book.

"Hey, c'mon. Cut me some slack here." Natsu is annoyed.

"I thought you knew that Salamander was your epithet, for crying out loud." Asta berates Natsu. "That's quite the thing someone wouldn't easily forget." Samuel adds, putting his two cents into the argument.

"I'm sorry, okay? But you know I never cared about that stuff" Natsu retorts, biut then gets a solem look on his face.

"I wonder if everyone's doing ok?" He then asks.

"I hope so." Asta replies. "I wonder how everyone will react to my new skills."

"I bet they're gonna flip out." Natsu said with a smile, just as Happy spots something out on the ocean.

"Hey isn't that the fake Salamanders boat he said he was having a party on?" Happy asks, and as Natsu looks over towards the ship, he suddenly feels incredibly sick.

"Oh man, I'm gonna hurl." He groans out, causing Asta to give a "really" look.

"Relax it's not like we're going onboard." Happy says, batting his paw towards his friend.

Suddenly, they hear a group of girls talking about Salamander's party.

"You never heard of him?" One of them asks their friend. "He's a super famous wizard who's in town right now."

"Yeah, he's a member of Fairy Tail." Another girl said, causing the others to gasp in shock.

"Fairy Tail?" Asta and Natsu question.

They then look over towards the boat, but then Natsu starts to feel sick.

"Oh man." He groans.

"Seriously?" Asta asks in disbelief, unable to understand his friend.

'So he's in Fairy Tail, is he?' Asta and Natsu thought while looking out to the yacht.

On said "Salamander's" boat, tons of girls are fraternizing together, having pleasant conversation, in very fine dresses, and in the lounge, Salamander was talking to Lucy, who's was wearing a very nice maroon, open back dress.

I'd like to toast to your beauty." He says, snapping his fingers, causing droplets of the wine they poured to float in the air, and moves them towards her.

She tries to remain strong, despite her uneasiness, and leans forward, but then she notices something strange.

She then slaps the droplets away, shocking the man.

"What do you think your doing?" Lucy asks. "You're trying to use sleep magic aren't you?"

"Oh. Very impressive my dear." "Salamander" said.

"Don't get the wrong idea. I want to join Fairy Tail, but I'm not dating you to make that happen."

"Your quite the handful." "Salamander" said, when something unexpected happen.

Suddenly the curtains open up and Lucy sees something horrible. All the women from the party are unconscious, and are being carried by various people, all big, lumbering, and oafish.

"What's going on here ?" Lucy asks, suddenly feeling very scared.

"Welcome aboard, you probably should relax until we reach Bosco. Don't make me angry." He finishes with a sneer.

"You said you would get me into Fairy Tail." Lucy says, her anger starting to rise.

"Salamander" then states that it was all a lie so he could make her one of their slaves, to her Lucy's horror.

"Why you." Lucy seethed in rage as she takes a hold of her keys, but "Salamander" is quick to retaliate.

He created a whip of fire to snap her keys out of her hand, and they fly through the air, only for "Salamander" to catch them.

"Gate keys? So your a Celestial wizard, are you? Only the wizard who's contracted with these keys can use the, So there completely worthless to me. Whoops." He says as he throws them off the boat and into the ocean.

Lucy started to shake and tear up in rage at Salamander's actions, as the traders chuckle at her.

"You use magic," Lucy begins. "To take advantage of others. You're the worst wizard alive!" She shouts with all of her rage.

Suddenly something burst through the ceiling, shocking every one present.

After the dust clears, everyone sees Natsu in a three point landing position.

"Hey, it's you again." Lucy exclaims, gaining a smile.

But as the boat rocks, Natsu's motion sickness kicks in, causing him to kneel over and try to hold his lunch in, much to every ones shock.

"I knew this was a bad idea." Natsu groaned. "You are so lame." Lucy exclaimed.

"Every. Single. Time." Asta exclaimed from above, laughing all the while.

"Hey, what're you doing here, Lucy?" Happy questioned, now having a pair of wings on his back, flying next to Samuel, whose holding onto Asta's back.

"Oh you guys. This jerk tricked me. He said he could get me into Fairy Tail." Lucy said looking towards Happy, the traders being shocked at the scene before them, but then Lucy then notices something.

"Hang on, since when did you and Samuel have wings?" She asked.

"I'll explain later, okay? Just hang on." Happy says, carrying Lucy by wrapping his tail around her midsection and puling her out, with Ssta and Samuel close behind.

"After them, we can't let them report this to the Magic Council." The fake Salamander said to his cronies.

"Wait, what about Natsu?" Lucy asks Happy with worry.

"I can't carry two people." Happy responds back.

Just then, the fake "Salamander" start to attack them.

"Prominence Typhoon!" He shouts out, creating a magic circle that causes a volley of streams of fire to head towards the four in the air, but Happy and Samuel maneuver around the streams, while Lucy screams, and as they evade the streams, they converge into a firework display.

"That was close." Asta says, exhaling in relief.

"Those cats are quicker than they look." "Salamander said, only to hear someone behind him.

"Hey guys." Natsu asks having moved to the doorway, leaning on one knee and one arm on the ground, the other propped against the doorframe.

"What about Natsu and the other girls?" Lucy asks in worry. "He'll be fine, Natsu's tougher than he looks." Asta tries to quell her worries.

"We've got a bigger problem, Lucy." Happy said distressed. "What?" "What could possibly be worse than this." Lucy and Asta asks, only for Happy's wings to disappear."My transformations up." Happy said, only for both of them to start falling, screaming as they plummet.

"Yeah, that's pretty bad." Asta said. "Uh oh." Samuel said, sounding worried for the first time today. "Don't tell me." Asta asks, now looking worried as well, only for Samuel's wings to disappear like Happy.

"Of course." Asta says deadpanning, only to then start falling as well.

As they hit the water, Lucy starts swimming towards a rock, with Happy hitting his head on a rock. Asta and Samuel soon follow, with Asta flailing around, trying to get to the surface. Lucy then sees that caught on the rock was her Gate Keys.

Back on the boat, "Salamander" is looking out towards where the four fell into the ocean. While his henchmen were stomping on Natsu, pounding him into the ground.

"Forget about them. Let's head towards Bosco." The head trader said. Just then Natsu blocks the next stomp on him with his right forearm.

"The Fairy Tail guild." Natsu grunted, pushing against the foot he caught on his forearm, causing "Salamander" to glance back at him. "Your a member?" He asked

Back in the water, Lucy broke through the surface, causing Asta and Samuel to turn towards her, to see her holding a key. "Here we go." She said determined.

Lucy then twirls her key around in the air and stick it in the water. "Open, Gate of the Water Bearer!" She chants as she puts it into the water, causing a blue magic circle to appear, with the key in the center. "Aquarius!" She finishes, causing a whirlpool to rise, and when it dissipated, they saw a woman with blue hair, wearing a bikini top, a white skirt, various jewelry, and having a blue-scaled fishtail where her legs should be. The woman was also carrying an urn.

"A fish?!" Happy exclaims in delight, drooling at the mermaid. "Why am I not surprised?" Asta asks rhetorically, unsurprised at Happy's behavior. "Not for you." Lucy was quick to reprimand.

"So awesome." Happy says in amazement. "That looked amazing." "Extraordinary." Asta and Samuel comment as well. "That's the power of a Celestial Wizard. When I use one of my keys, I can summon spirits to help me." Lucy explained.

Lucy then ordered Aquarius to use her power to push the boat towards the shore, only to get a "tch" in response. "You're supposed to help me when I summon you from the spirit world, not to give me attitude." Lucy says, having been ticked off by her spirits attitude. "I wouldn't make her any angrier, Lucy." Happy says, becoming afraid. "I conquer with my fellow feline." "Listen to the cats." Samuel and Asta said, instantly agreeing with Happy, both starting to feel uneasy.

"Let's get something straight, the next time you even think of dropping my key, your dead." Aquarius said, giving Lucy an evil look. "It won't happen again!" Lucy, Happy, Asta, and Samuel said, feeling very afraid for their lives.

Aquarius then started channel power into her urn, and unleashes it in a fury, causing a massive wave to happen, catching the ship in its wake. "What the hell is going on with the sea?!" "Salamander" said. "Hey, dont take me along with it!" Lucy Wells spinning in the crenter of a whirlpool, with Happy, Asta, and Samuel spinning around her. "What the hell did we do?! You just met us!" Asta Wells while being thrown around.

The wave soon crashes into the shore of Hargeon, where the ship is laying on its side, water raining down from the wave hitting the beach. "What's the big idea?! You could've tried not to sweep me up with the ship too." Lucy angrily said to Aquarius, Happy having his head stuck in the sand, and Samuel and Asta being slightly disoriented. "Anyone get the listener plate on that tidal wave?" Asta asks, having swirls in his eyes.

"Hmm, my bad. I didn't mean to get the ship as well." Aquarius started dryly, irking Lucy even more. "Wait, you were trying to hit me?!" She asks in fury. "Don't call me for awhile. I'm going on a vacation with my boyfriend, and he's not." Aquarius states. "You don't have to rub it in." She yells as the spirit disappears.

"I know! If the fish-lady gives you more trouble, then you can have me take care of it." Happy said, pulling himself from the sand. "I don't think that's a good idea." Asta said to Happy, regaining his balance and picking up Samuel. "I don't think I can take anymore stupidity from this cat." Lucy said facepalming.

Back to the overturned boat, people started to gather around wondering what is happening. the slave trader and his men were regaining consciousness. On top of the hull, Nastu stands up staring down on it, his head down, hiding his eyes. Asta, Lucy and the others run towards him, with Lucy calling out his name. As Lucy stops to look up at him, Asta keeps on running, and jumps from the beach up onto the hull with Natsu, where he, along with Natsu, glared down upon the slave traders.

"So you guys claim to be members of the Fairy Tail guild?" Natsu asks, with Asta clenching his fists. "What's it to you. Take him down boys." He orders the others.

"Let's get a good look at your face, pal." Asta said, removing his jacket along with Natsu. As there jackets fell, the men start rushing towards them. Lucy yells for them to be careful.

"Don't worry, we forgot to mention, but Natsu and Asta are wizards too." Happy said, gnawing on a fish he found, much to Lucy's shock. "It's quite true." Samuel confirms, smirking like Asta.

As the henchmen come close enough, Asta and Natsu lunch a couple of them away. "Our names are Natsu and Asta, we're fairy tail wizards, and we've never seen you before, Natsu said, to the shock of the others who didn't know, Natsu brandishing his red guild mark on his right shoulder, while a dark red mark is see sewn into his blue coat, on the left side of his chest.

"Those two at Fairy Tail wizards?" Lucy says in amazement and disbelief. "That mark on his arm, and the short one's shirt. These guys are the real deal, Bora." A man with an eyepatch says trembling, pointing at the duo. "Who's the short one?!" Asta yells, feeling self conscious about his height. "Don't call me that, you fool." The now named Bora said frantically.

"I heard of him before, that's Bora the Prominence. Rumor has it he was kicked out of the Titan Nose guild due to bad behavior." Samuel said, him and Happy wearing a scowl and crossing their arms.

"I have no idea what you're doing here, or if you are a good guy and bad guy, or what, but I'm not going to let you dirty the Fairy Tail guild name!" "You are So gonna get a pounding for that, you prick." Natsu and Asta said, stalking forward towards the traders.

"And what are you Gonna do about it? Stop me? Prominence Typhoon." Bora said, firing a whirlwind of magenta fire at the duo. They both see the fire coming but do nothing to dodge, and the spell causes an explosion of flames as it makes its mark. "Natsu!" Lucy yells in alarm, attempting to run towards them, but is quickly stopped by Happy and Samuel, who flew up to block he path.

"Well that's just how it is sometimes. The bigger the talk the weaker the man." He finishes with a chuckle, turning to walk away, then hear something unexpected. "Oh, this's so gross. Are you sure your a fire mage?" Natsu is heard asking. Bora then turns around to see the two's silhouettes visible in the inferno, both moving their arms as if they were yawning.

"Because these are the nastiest flames I have ever tasted." Natsu finishes, flames seeming to rush into his mouth. "I'm with you there, the magic in this spell is almost nothing compared to others I've had." Asta is heard the flames near him still magenta as he is seen eating them as well, turning into blue wisps as they neared his mouth and body, only to then turn black with a dark red and violet glow as they came within an inch of him.

The others could only stare in shock at the sigh before them, mouths agape in shock. Soon the flames were completely sucked down their throats, vanishing with a quick intake of air from the two Fairy Tail mages. "Thanks for the grub, poser." "Though a little salt never hurt anyone." Natsu said while Asta quipped, both donning a tooth filled grin on their faces, causing Bora and his men to freak out.

"What the hell's going on here?! Who are these punk kids?!" One of them asks in fright. "Fire Magic doesn't work on Natsu." Happy explains. "And magic of any variety is unable to harm Asta." Samuel adds, both cats feeling sorry for the kidnappers. "I e never seen anything like that." Lucy said, still trying to comprehend what had just occurred in front of her.

"What the ..." Bora tries to say, and attempts to strike him with his Prominence Whip, only for Asta to retaliate. The book by his side suddenly floats and opens, and a and,e rises from its pages. Asta grabs it and pulls it completely out, summoning a sword in a black, red, and violet glow, and sliced the whip, causing it to disappear from Bora's hand. The sword he summoned was a large two-handed broadsword, longer than him by a head, from the end of the pommel to the tip of the blade. It seemed to be covered in dirt, and also appears to be very heavy, but Asta seemed to have no trouble holding and swinging it around. The sword's name, was Demon-Slayer. "He cut down my magic, just like that?" Bora said, unable to understand how that had happened.

"Now I've got a fire in my belly that's just raging to get out!" "Let's show them how it's done Natsu!" Natsu and Asta say with determination, as they slowly stalk forward, only for Natsu to slam his fist together, causing a magic circle with a dragon if pattern to appear, and opens his eyes to reveal that the pupil has become slitted,

'Here goes.' Natsu thought, Natsu getting into a crouching position. "Fire Dragon's Roar." Natsu yells straightening out and cheeks puffing largely, as if holding his breath, only to then place his hands together and hold them in front of his mouth, like a blow dart gun, and to have fire rushing out of his mouth, a magic circle swirling in front of his hands around the stream of flame, causing a cloud of smoke to rise in the air after it hit.

As the dust settles, Lucy, Happy, and Samuel see Bora's men laying defeated and unconscious in the wreckage, while the former levitated on a swirl of fire, having avoided the attack. "Hey Bora, I think I've seen these guys before." One of his cronies said, while watching Natsu through the smoke, his eyes appearing to glow red, while with Asta, an ominous aura starting to pulsate from him, taking the form of a demon with a sinister smile, where if you look at him, you could see a black mark appear on the right side of his face, while his eyes turn red, then he returns to normal in an instant.

"The pink hair and the scaly looking scarf, there's no doubt he's the real one. And the other one, the short guy carrying a big sword, he's gotta be that other one." He said, commenting on Natsu and Asta's appearance, causing Lucy to be agape with amazement.

"Salamander?! And the Anti-Magic Swordsman?!" She questions unable to believe that Natsu was the real Salamander of Fairy Tail, and that Asta was the swordsman who can nullify magic. "We hope you guys are paying attention," Natsu starts, flames swirling around his arms. "This is what a Fairy Tail wizard can do!" Asta says, his aura flaring with determination as he takes a stance. "Here we come." The duo charged.

"Red shower!" Bora shouted in complete fright, firing a barrage of fire balls, ally for Natsu to weave through them and Asta to hit som out of the way or back at him narrowly missing the ex-guild mage. A magic circle then appears under Natsu as he jumps straight at Bora, with Asta using his natural athleticism and strength to follow right behind him. Natsu then kicks Bora towards the ground, only for him to be hit by the flat of Asta's sword, causing him to go sailing through the air, landing across town with a crash.

"So Natsu eats fire then attack with it, while Asta absorbs and cancels magic?" Lucy asks, coming out of her stupor, her ha d over her chest, trying to calm her heart rate. "But how do they do it, is it a spell?" She asks out loud. "Natsu has dragon lungs to breath fire, dragon scales to dissolve fire, and dragon claws for attacking with fire." Happy answers. "Natsu's type of fire magic allows him to take on all the traits of a dragon, an ancient spell that's rarely used any more." Happy finishes.

"Asta's magic is a little more of a mystery. None of us know the origins of this magic, but we do know that with it, he is able to completely eradicate any spell, no matter the strength in the spell, also being able to channel it through his weapons. Having tremendous strength and keen intuition, being able to predict his opponent's next attack, he was chosen to become the Anti-Mage of Fairy Tail. The true limits of his power are unknown" Samuel educates Lucy on the mysterious power.

"Seriously?" Lucy asks, trying to process all that she was told. "Natsu's Magic was specifically design to deal with dragons." Happy said, adding more for Lucy to be amazed with. While that was happening, Natsu and Asta were still battling with Bora. The slave trader, having been batterd to a point, then made another attack. "Hell Prominence." He shouted, launching a blast of fire across the town, flying with his magic. The blast causes destruction across Hargeon, but misses Asta and Natsu as they smirk at Bora, gettin ready to strike.

"Natsu's Magic is called Dragon Slaying Magic. Igneel taught it to him." "Asta's power is described as Anti-Magic, for its the only way to describe exactly what it is." Happy and Samuel told Lucy. Bora then launches a gigantic fire ball at Natsu and Asta only for them to catch it, then absorb both the fire and the magic from the attack. "Phew, now that was a hefty meal." Natsu said. "Now that was a spell." Asta agrees with Natsu.

"You're not too bad, but We're about to cook you like a smoked fish" Natsu said, with Asta readying his sword. "You're gonna do what!? Bora screams in fear. Natsu then channels his magic again. "Get ready. Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" He shouts, leaping towards Bora with his hand engulfed in fire, the image of a dragon flying behind him, while Asta is down the street behind him. Natsu then lands the blow to Bora's face causing him to tumble wildly through the street, going through some walls until coming towards Asta, who then hit him with the flat of his blade, causing him to fly toward city hall, hitting the Bell located there.

"Now that was a home run." Asta quipped. "Natsu, you smoke food with smoke, not fire." Happy corrected. "That's what you have to say about that fight?" Samuel said, finding it strange that that was on Happy's mind. Lucy however was focusing on something else. "That was amazing! But they over did it." She said, observing the destruction they caused while fighting. "Aye!" Happy agreed, only to be shushed by Lucy.

The two wizards then approached the others, finally finished with there battle. "Now that was a workout." Asta said, with Samuel nodding to him. "You alright, Lucy?" Natsu asked. Now getting a good look at her he notices that she looks gorgeous in her dress, despite what happened, noticing her figure. As he stares, a blush rises on his face. "Uh, y-yeah, I'm fine." Lucy stutters as she looks away, confused as to why he would care and why he's looking at her like that, a blush of her own forming.

"What's going on here?" Asta teases with a smirk, causing both of the too vehemently say nothing is happening. They then hear the sound of metal footsteps coming closer, and they turned to see an squad of armored men carrying spears and shields, which are branded with the symbol of the Fiore, coming towards where they are now.

"The Army?!" Lucy asks in shock, while Asta and Natsu become become fearful. Natsu then grabs Lucy, pulling her off her feet, to her surprise, as he and Asta try to make themselves scarce, with Happy and Samuel flying after them. "Holy crap, we've gotta get outta here." Natsu screamed. "Don't have to tell me twice!" Asta yelled, agreeing with his friend. "Hold on, wait a minute. Where the hell are you taking me?!" Lucy asks as this all happens.

"Just come on. You said that you wanted to join the Fairy Tail guild, didn't ya?" Natsu asks, looking back at her. Lucy looks forward to him as her feet are on the ground running, staring at him in confusion. Natsu then smiles at her. "So let's go." He says merrily. Lucy then gains a smile on her face. "All right!" She cheers, now running along side them from the army, Asta smirking at the development, excited for what the future holds next.

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