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Along a deserted road, Natsu, Asta, Lucy, Happy, and Samuel were walking along it, heading towards the city of Magnolia, where the guild Fairy Tail is located. After allowing Lucy to change her clothes and grab her luggage, they started traveling on foot towards Magnolia. While traveling towards the guild, Asta and Natsu reveal to Lucy something quite startling.

"Two Years?!" She yells in disbelief, finding the fact crazy. "Yep." "Uh huh." Natsu and Asta reply to her shock. "We left to try and get stronger, and to learn more about our magic." Asta explains, His hands behind his head, while Samuel sits on his head, reading his book. "On our way back, we heard a rumor about a salamander heading towards Hargeon, so we thought we check it out, but for different reasons." Natsu said, slightly embarrassed towards the end of his response, while Happy sits on his shoulder, eating another fish. "You seriously thought a dragon was going to be in the middle of a populated town, instead of someone using your name to scam people?" Lucy asks. not understanding Natsu's logic. "Will you guys just let it go?!" Natsu shouts in exasperation. "Nope." Was the instantaneous reply to the Dragon Slayers plea.

"So, how exactly does you Anti-Magic work, Asta?" Lucy asks, very curious about the unknown magic. "Well as the name suggests, it's like the opposite of magic. I'm able to use it to completely erase or absorb the magical energy of any spell, as well as straight from a lacrima, however if the spell is to large, I cant completely destroy it, since it will juts grow back, and it requires me to be conscious of the incoming spell or I'll be hurt by it like anyone else. One ability I've discovered while travelling is that I'm able to mimic other people's magic, so long as I know how it works. I can also see what kind of magic others have if I concentrate, even detecting their presence. Their magic would appear like a thread, having its own unique qualities." Asta then grabs the book he kept at his side to show her. The book itself appeared to be slightly worn, the cover looking like it was covered in dirt, while the pages seem worn, but still in good condition. When Lucy looked closer, she saw what appeared to be a clover with five leaves in the center of the cover. "This book contains information on various spells I've seen or developed myself." He explains.

"Pretty interesting book, I'll give you that." Lucy said, surprised at it's condition. "Well I've had this since before I joined the guild. I've always been interested in the various types and styles of magic." "His aspiration for magical knowledge is one not unlike my own." Samuel adds. "Then you must be some kind of magic genius." Lucy said in amazement. "Not really, I could only do the things you saw for a couple of months now, before that, I only relied on my strength."

"Wow, I guess you're not that different from everyone." Lucy said, only to then asks them something. "So what's it like in Fairy Tail? Do you know any of the other famous members?" "Well for your first question, you'll just have to wait till we get there. and for your second question, We're good friends with Erza" Natsu starts, putting his hand on his chin into a thinking pose. "We also know Mira." Asta adds. "You know Mirajane and Titania?! They're the most beautiful mages in the guild!" "I agree with you on that." Natsu said to Lucy.

After a few more minutes of walking, the five soon see in the distance their destination. "There it is, Magnolia. Hasn't changed a bit, from what I see." Asta declares, staring at the town. "Come on, let's hurry up, the sooner we get there, the sooner we can see everyone!." Natsu yells in excitement. "Aye!" Happy agrees with his friend. The group then start heading towards the town, excited at what was to come.

"Here it is, the Fairy Tail guildhall!" Natsu and Happy declare, smiling all the while. the Guid hall itself was an imposing building consisting of three floors and was reminiscent of a pagoda, with each floor being smaller than the one below it and sitting on the latter's roof. The roofs consisted of extremely long, arched tiles lined up one after the other and possessing simple curved protrusions jutting upwards on the building's angles. On the highest roof, topping the summit of the building, sat a simple, round and pointed dome, which bore a flag on its point. The roof below the one with the dome, the middle one, housed a large banner with Fairy Tail's symbol on it, held up by a pair of vertical poles. The building's large entrance was reminiscent of that of the dome on the summit, and above it was the guild's name, topped by a protruding, stylized heart shape and flanked by a pair of carved fairies. Stylized heart shapes were also visible on the frames of the numerous, large pentagonal windows located on each floor, with the top floor housing smaller, arched windows partially covered by banners.

Lucy was smiling wide at finally being at the most popular guild in all of Fiore, while Asta was smirking at finally being back after a long time. Asta and Nastu then walked towards the door. "Wanna make an entrance?" A smirking Asta asks Natsu, only to get a similar smirk in return. Natsu then lifted his leg up, and kicked the guilds massive doors in, alerting those inside of their presence. At first no one said anything, on,y for the silence to get broken. "What's up everyone? Been a long time." "Aye!" Natsu and Happy declare, with Asta giving a friendly wave.

"Natsu! Asta!" Mirajane declares, running so fast almost no one sees her move, only to then stop infront of them, giving both of them a harsh slap to the face, Nero following swiftly with a forceful pecking to Asta's forehead. "Where the hell have you been! Two years, we've been waiting for you, not hearing if you're alive, only to receive a letter out of nowhere! Are you trying to give us heart attacks?!" Mira finishes her rant nearly having tears fall from her eyes, only to have Natsu pull her into a hug. "It's good to see you to Mira." He says, trying to comfort her.

When Mirajane calms down, he lets her go and turns to the others, seeing them remain silent. "What, do our cats have your tongues?" Asta quips towards the other members, having gotten Nero to stop pecking him, which gives them the insentive to start talking again. "It's good to have you two back." "You see anything interesting out there?" "Did you get any stronger?" Were some of the responses they were met with. "Wow, I cant believe I'm actually at Fairy Tail." Lucy said, feeling giddy. One person in particular was trying to the two themselves.

"So Natsu's finally back, huh?" Says a man of average height, having black spiked hair, dark blue eyes, and strangely, only whereing his underwear. This man is Gray Fullbuster. "Time we settle our score, flame-brain!" He shouts walking towards Natsu. "Bring it on, stripper." Natsu meets Gray's challenge with a smirk. "What'd you call me?!" Gray yells, annoyed at Natsu's insult. "Gray, your clothes." Over by the bar, a brunette woman, wearing only a blue bikini top and brown capri pants, staring at the fighting going on, a glass of wine in her hand. This woman is Cana Alberona. "What?! Aw man!" Gray shouts, finally noticing his state of dress. Natsu takes full advantage of Gray's stupor, and delivers a hard punch to his face, causing him to fly into another groups table. "You see why I don't date the men around here? They have no class." Cana then lifted up an entire barrel of beer, drinking directly from it, much to Lucy's shock.

"What the hell?!" Lucy shouts, not expecting that to happen, having not expected that to happen. "Aw, you're kidding me, you're already picking fights with Gray, Natsu?" Asta says, a smirk still on his face. Soon the whole guild is caught in the fight, almost no one staying away from it. "Natsu, that was a lucky shot, and you know it!" Gray shouts after having gotten back up, only to see Natsu twirling his boxers on his hand. Gray looks desperately around for some clothes, only to then spot Lucy.

"Excuse me miss, could I please borrow your underwear?" Bray asks in a normal tone, having walked in front of Lucy. "As if!" Lucy yells, swatting him away from her. "That's typical Natsu. The minute he gets back, he's always picking a fight." Mirajane said with a smile. "Yep." Asta agrees, he, Happy and Samuel sting behind. Just then, a tall man with short white hair, a scar on his right eye, wearing black pants, wooden sandals,and a black coat, on the back of which you'll find the kanji for number one on the back of, stands up at the fight. This man is Elfman Strauss, Mira's younger brother. "Natsu, if your a real man then the first thing you do is start a fight." Elfman says, only to be punch out by Natsu and Gray, who had gotten back his underwear.

"He got knocked out by a single punch?" Lucy asks, unnerved by the atmosphere of the guild. "It's so noisy around here, huh?" Lucy then hears giggling behind her. Turning her head, she is met with the sight of a man with orange spiky hair, wore a green coat with a wide collar, complete with prominent, spiky, brownish-white fur trimming lining the hood, over a light red shirt covered in many flower-like motifs, black pants and whitish sneakers, each adorned by a pair of light green stripes. By his sides were two love struck girls. This man is Loke, Fairy Tail's resident playboy. Lucy recognizes him from Sorcerer Weekly as the most wanted for their boyfriend.

Suddenly an object hits Loke in the center of his head, causing him to join the fight, with the girls wishing him luck. "That puts him off my list. Isn't there one sane person around here." Lucy comments, only to hear a voice. "Hello, are you new?" Lucy turns around, only to be met with Mirajane, who's holding Samuel, with Asta standing next to her, Nero perched on his head. "Holy crap, it's Mirajane! Right in front of me!" Lucy internally screams like a fan girl. "Mira this is Lucy. She's interested in becoming a member." Asta answers the model, having not left her side the whole time. "Is that so?" Mira asks. "Shouldn't we try to stop them?" Lucy asks, pointing towards the brawl going on. "I wouldn't worry about it, this always happens around here. Besides-." Mirajane attempts only to get cut off as Asta moves her away from a bottle attempting to hit her head. "Hey, who threw that?!" Asta shouted, getting ready to join the fight, Nero flying of his head to Mira's, a black and red glow surrounding his hands. "It's more fun this way don't you think?" Mira finishes. Lucy the looks towards the bird, then back at Mira, giving her a questioning look. "What's with the bird?" She asks. "This is Nero, Asta's pet Anti-bird." Mira answers, while Nero lifts his wing in greeting.

As the fight rages on, almost everyone starts creating there magic circles. Cana draws a card, Gray gets into a stance, with a freezing wind forming from his hands, Elfman raises his arm, causing it to emit steam, transforming into the arm of a golem, Loke grasps his ring, Natsu gathers fire into his hands, and a glow appeared on Asta's hands. "Do they always fight like this?" Lucy frightfully asks the Happy and Samuel, while using Happy as a shield. "Uh huh." "It's almost traditional." Were the responses she was met with. "You don't say." She cowers.

Then out of nowhere, a gigantic shadowy foot slams down, a giant looming over everyone. "Will you all stop fighting like children!" Shouts the giant. "He's enormous!" Freaks Lucy. Suddenly almost every one stops moving entirely, everyone becoming silent. "Sorry, I didn't know you were still here, Master." Mirajane said, not feeling anything wrong with the giant, which turns to look at her.

"Hold it, did you say Master?!" Lucy asks in utter disbelief. Natsu then laughs being the only one not deterred by the giant's order. "Talk about a bunch of wimps." He said next to Asta, who moves away sensing what's about to happen. "Looks like this round goes to- ugh." Natsu was then stepped on by the giant, effectively shutting him up. The giant then notices Lucy, much to her fright. "Looks like we have a new member." The giant said, to which Lucy flinched. "Yes sir!"

The giant the. Started to shrink down, causing Lucy to be dumbstruck, as the gia is revealed to be Makarov Dreyar, the guild master of Fairy Tail, holding a rolled stack of papers. "Nice to meet you." The old man said pleasantly. "He's tiny! This guy's really the master?!" Lucy asks in disbelief. "Of course. Let me introduce you to Fairy Tail's guildmaster Makarov."

The master then leaps to the second floor, hitting his head on the railing. "Alright you brats, listen up. I've got a ton of complaints from the Magic Council, the largest amount yet. The master said, beginning to list the complaints.

"Gray, after taking down that smuggling ring, you ended up running naked across town, only to then steal someone's underwear while it was drying." "What was I supposed to do, walk around naked?" Gray protests. "Well, if you hadn't stripped in the first place?" Elfman said, only to be next in the complaints. "Elfman, after being hired to be a bodyguard, you attacked the very person you were hired to protect." "He said men were all about education, and well ..." Elfman tried, but Makarov just carried on. "Cana, you drank 15 kegs of alcohol , claiming they were 'expenses,' and charged the council for the bill." "Crap, they figured it out." Cana said not trying to hide it. "Loke, you seduced the granddaughter of senior council member, Rage, and had the invoice of a certain talent agency sent to us." Loke could only look away.

"And Natsu and Asta, while you were gone, you brought down the Devon family, but destroyed seven homes in the process, brought down Tuly Village's historic clock tower, completely destroyed Freesia's church, damaged a section of the Lupinus, castle, cause the Nazuna Ravine observation area to be closed due to wanton destruction, and leveled half of Hargeon's port." Makarov states. "So most of tbe stuff I read about in the magazine was those two?" Lucy thinks with her head tilted. "Alzack, Levy, Krov, Warren, Bisca, etc." Makarov lists off. "Every one of you, has got the council to be angry with me." Makarov finishes, trembling. The others can only stare in scilence.

"But," Makarov starts. "Screw the Magic Council for all I care." He said, lighting the papers on fire. "Listen up!" Makarov shouts, growing the papers towards Natsu, who jumps to eat the fire. "Our power goes beyond reason, but is born from reason itself. Magic isn't a miracle. We match the energy within ourselves, with the natural energy around us. From that union, we take what is embodied by it, using our force of will and concentration. Not just that, we pour our very soul into it to create magic." Makarov said, only getting started. "If you keep working about those with authority, your magic will never grow! So don't let those fools in the council scare you! Follow the path you believe in with your heart! That's what it means to be a Fairy Tail wizard!"

Makarov's speech had everyone raising their hands, cheering all the while. "Now lets get back to celebrating our friends return!" Makarov shouts, causing everybody to joyously shout. "Hey Asta, What was with your hands? was that you're magic?" A guild member asked the shorty. Lucy then takes a look at everyone cheering and smiling, thinking that she made the right choice in coming here, excited for what will happen next.

A few days have passed since Lucy joined the guild, and it was quite the rush. Right after gaining her guild mark, she went with Natsu and Asta to Mt. Hakobe to find their friend, Macao, who went up there for a job. While there they fought a creature known as a Vulcan, an ape like creature that can possess any unexpected individual. While fighting the ape, Lucy got an idea just how strong Asta is, because when the Vulcan tried to lift Demon-Slayer, the ape found it was to heavy, causing Lucy to ask herself just how much did Asta train his body to lift the sword without any magic. After defeating the Vulcan, which caused it to leave Macao's body, they returned to the guild. Right now Lucy was taking a shower, now having procured an apartment for a decent amount of money. She looked towards her right hand p, which now held her new guild mark, pink in color, as she thought back to a story she was told just before she left for the mountains.

"What?! Natsu was really raised by a dragon?!" Lucy asked the white haired beauty, who was cleaning glasses while she was talking to her. It was just after Natsu and Asta left to go find Macao, having seen how upset Romeo was, they both decided to go find him.

"That's right. Natsu was raised by the fire dragon Igneel. He raised Natsu since he was young, having taught him how to read, write, and about culture." Mira said, explaining Natsu's history. "One day, Igneel disappeared, and Natsu lives for the day he'll see him again. Along his way to the guild, he met Asta who was in a similar situation, having lost his family a long time ago. They both share a kinship with each other, it's actually quite adorable, isn't it?" Mirajane finishes with a smile. Hearing that makes Lucy think of her own past, having lost her mother as well, she can understand where they were coming from.

Having made her decision, Lucy stud up and headed right after the duo, wanting to help them. "Thanks for telling me Mira, we'll be back soon." She said, leaving the guild. "Good luck, Lucy." Mira said, wishing the best for her new friend.

After hearing that story, she wanted to be there for her friends whenever they needed her, since they helped her when they didn't even know her. As she turns the water off, her thoughts went to a certain pinkette, only to blush and shake her head to remove the thoughts. Wrapping herself in a towel, she heads toward the door, thinking on how she scored a great deal on her place, listing office things she enjoys about it. When she opens it she is greeted with the unexpected sight of Natsu and Happy in her bedroom, sitting at her coffee table, a mess on top of it.

"My room!" Lucy shouts in shock at the mess she sees. She then kicks Natsu and Happy into the wall shouting, "What the hell are you doing here?!" "Mira says you found a place, so we thought we come over and check it out." Natsu said, groaning from the kick to his face. "That doesn't give you permission to come inside! And where's the other two, anyway?!" Lucy asks, noticing a lack of a swordsman and a smart cat. "There back at the guild. They wanted to help out Mira." Natsu answered.

"Don't you know that what your doing is called breaking and entering, which is a serious crime! This is a fine time to show moral deficiencies." Lucy yells. "Hey, that's a little harsh." Natsu deflates at her words. "I'm the victim here!" "Nice place you've got here." Happy said, scratching the walls. "Don't sharpen your claws here!" She tries to stop him. "What's this?" Natsu asks, picking up a stack of papers. "Don't look at them!" Lucy snatches the papers from him, holding them close to her chest. "Now I'm curious. What is it?" Natsu asks her. " one of your business, now go home!" She wells at them.

Later, the group is sitting at Lucy's table. "Oh, I just thought of something fun." Natsu said, breaking into a grin. "You could summon one of your spirits." He suggests, with Happy agreeing. "I can't just summon them whenever I want, there are rules." Lucy declines the notion. "Why?" The two ask, disappointed at her answer. "Summoning my spirits takes a considerable amount of magic." She answers. "Oh! I just remembered, I bought a key back in Hargeon. How about I show you how a Celestial Wizard makes a contract." Lucy asks, receiving an enthusiastic reply from them. "Okay here goes. I am one who creates paths the the spirit world! You must answer and pass through your gate!" She then holds the key out, and a glow appears at it's end in the shape of a keyhole, then glows brighter. "Open, gage of the Canis Minor! Nikora!" In a flash of light, a small, white canine like creature, similar to a snowman, even having a carrot nose. "Pun!" The creature makes a noise. Natsu and Happy can only look at the creature in utter shock.

After a few moments of silence, Natsu speaks. "You'll get it right next time" He says apologetically to Lucy. "I didn't mess it up!" She shouts, then turns towards the spirit. "Oh my gosh! You're so cute!" Lucy squeals in joy, hugging the spirit close to her. Spirits like this one don't take much magic, so they are really popular as pets. Now let's get to making the contract." Natsu and Happy look on as this happens, and as they finish. "It looks kinda boring." Natsu said, with Happy agreeing. "That may be true, but contracts are binding between spirits and Celestial Wizards, and we never go back on our words." Lucy responds having finished making the contract. "Really?" Natsu asks. "Yep! Now to give him a name." "Isn't his name Nikora?" Natsu asks. "That's just for the type of spirit." Lucy then thinks of a name for the spirit. "Come here, Plue!" she shouts, the spirit coming to her, and Natsu raising his eyebrow, asking why that name. "I just think that it sounds real cute." Lucy answers him. Plue then moves around and when he's finished, Natsu's jaw drops. "Plue, I have to agree with everything you said." Natsu exclaims. "You understood him?!" Lucy asks in utter shock.

Natsu then suggests for the three of them to form a team, after remembering how helpful she's been. Lucy agrees with them right away. Natsu then slams a job form on her table, showing her the info. "Two hundred-thousand Jewel?! All for a book in some guys house?!" "Yep! Pretty cool, huh?' The pinkette asks, but Lucy notices another piece of information to the job. "Warning: Duke Everlue is a known pervert and is currently looking for a new blonde maid." Lucy read, then looks towards the other two. "And Lucy's a blond right?" Natsu asks Happy, clearly having planned this. "Aye. She can sneak in and grab the book." Happy said. "You planned this from the start, and I fell for it!" "And a celestial wizard keeps their promises." Natsu said, using her own words against her. "come on, we need to grab Asta and Samuel before we go."

Later at the guild, Levy McGarden and her team are standing at the request board. "That 200,000 Jewel job is gone." Levy states. "Natsu graded it and went to invite Lucy, and they came by earlier for Asta and Samuel." Mira answered her, to the bluenette's disappointment. "You're probably better off, I just got a call from the sponsor." Makarov said to the team, sitting on the bar. "He wanted to cancel it?" Mira asked. "The opposite. He raised the reward to two million Jewels." Makarov said with a smile, shocking everyone in the guild. "Looks like that job just got interesting." Gray said at his table.

Natsu and the gang were now traveling by carriage to the sponsors location to get details on the job. "Enjoying the ride, Master?" Lucy asks sarcastically. "I've maid my own hell." Natsu groans. "I'm the only Master here!" Happy outbursts, to which Lucy retorts. "Gonna be a long day." Asta comments. "Indeed" Samuel agrees, reading his book.

" After thinking it over, it's a very simple job." Lucy states. "I thought you were against it a while ago. Mow you're all in" Asta asks. "Of course! Is my first job! I wanna do it right!" Lucy states back to him. "Now all we have to do is infiltrate the old man's mansion." "The lecherous old man's mansion." Natsu groans "Exactly. You know, I'm pretty confident when it comes to my sex appeal." Lucy said. "That's not something a cat can judge." Happy said to her.

"Let's get something straight." Lucy begins, her mood changing. "Half of you aren't contributing partners in this mission, so, will be splitting it 50%, 15%, 15%, 10%, 10%." She finishes, still mad at being tricked. "That sounds fair for us." Asta said, looking towards Samuel." Agreed." Was the cat's reply. "You'll be okay with 10%, Lucy?" Happy asks. "Mine's the 50% share!" She shouts in anger. "Hold on, we do have a contribution. We can rescue you if you get caught." Natsu groans, trying to state his worth. "I won't get caught." Lucy states. "Even the fisherman loses the worm." Natsu said. "Who are you calling a worm." Lucy screams.

Later, the group is walking through Shirotsume Town, having gotten off the carriage. "I'm never riding a carriage again." Nastu said, trying to calm his stomach. "You say that, but then we do it again." Asta retorts back. "Now let's grab something to eat!" Natsu said, Happy offering a hotel to drop off their bags. "I'm not that hungry. Also, can't you just eat your own fire?" Lucy asks. "Why don't you eat your own spirits?" Natsu retorts. "I would never do that!" She shouts. "Basically it's the same thing." Asta clarifies, with Samuel explaining that Slayer magic can't eat their own magical attacks.

"I just got an idea. I'll meet you two later." Lucy said, walking away. "Whats with her? It's more fun to eat in a group." Natsu said, with Happy agreeing. Later the four are then seen at a restaurant, having eaten so,e food, and still eating, most of the empty plates being Natsu's. "I wonder if Lucy likes this kind of food." Natsu asks with his mouth full. "She looks like she would enjoy greasy foods." Happy said, only for Asta and Samuel to give him a look. "I highly doubt that she would eat a lot of those." Samuel states. "He's right. I never said I like greasy food." They hear Lucy say. "Oh hey Lu..." Natsu begins but then notices that she was wearing a maid outfit, even tying her hair into pigtails. "-cy?" He finishes, trying to understand what he sees, a blush lightly forming on his face. "Natsu has left the building." Asta said with a smirk, seeing his blush, while he and Samuel wonder why she is wearing that. "I guess I look good in anything." "Lucy said with pride. She then starts acting like a maid to the four. When she finishes, Natsu and Happy. Erin to frantically whisper to each other, unaware that they could still be heard. "What do we do now. We were just joking and she took it seriously." Happy said. "Well we can't back out now, so we have to go along with it." Natsu answers. "I can still hear you!" The blonde yells. "Seriously, you had to make that kind of joke." Asta deadpans.

Later, the group approaches a mansion, as this was where the sponsor said to meet. After being let in, the meat one Kaby Melon And his wife, who request that when they find the book, that they destroy it. He then mentions having raised the reward, causing the group to be completely shocked, even the somewhat impassive Samuel was gawking at the notion. They soon left and were outside Everlue's mansion.

"Excuse me! I'm heard you're looking for a blonde maid?" Lucy said, standing outside the gate. The plan was that she sneak in as a maid looking for work, then when the Duke was distracted, she would take the book and sneak out. Just then something burst from underground, and Lucy was shocked to see a gorilla-woman wearing a maid uniform in front of her. The giant of a woman ask what she was doing here and after being told, she spoke into the hole she came from, and out came a short, strange looking man. He refused to hire Lucy, as he thought she was ugly, to her complete shock. Soon other strange looking maids appeared, with Everlue, A short, chubby man with blonde hair swept to the side and a handle bar mustache, wearing a black-tie suit, calling them beautiful.

"You're no use." Natsu Said to Lucy, who was bawling against a tree. "That's not it! That Everlue jerk has a twisted sense of beauty!" She shouts, her pride seriously wounded from the ordeal. "Did anyone else think something was off about that large maid?" Asta asks while trying to figure out what it is. "You mean besides her appearance, right?" Samuel asks, with Asta giving him a look in return. "Well it's time for plan C." Natsu Said with Happy following. "As in charge!" The cat shouts. "That old man did something unforgivable!" Lucy said with fire in her eyes. "Isn't there supposed to be a plan B first, then we go to plan C?" Asta asks.

Later, the group is now on top of Everlue's roof, the flying cats having lifted them up there. Natsu melts through a glass panel in one of the windows and unlocks it. "See. Plan B, as in 'break in.' " They found themselves inside an old storage room, filled with old antiques. After checking if the coast is clear, the began to sneak their way through the house. Natsu was against this idea at first, but was pacified when Lucy stated they're like ninjas. As they kept going, the maids soon appeared infront of them, but were swiftly disposed of by Natsu, who wrapped his scarf around his head to look like a ninja. They then made it into the library and began searching.

"For a creep, Everlue has quite the private library." Lucy said as she began her search. "I have to giv you that one." "Agreed." Asta and Samuel respond, also beginning their search. After a few minutes, Natsu shows the others a golden book, only for Lucy to realize that it's the one they're looking for. "Great. Now lets get outta here before the egg finds out we're here." Asta said looking toward the door. As Natsu prepares to burn the book, Lucy notices something. "Hold it! The author, it's Kemu Zaleon!" She shouts in excitement. "Who?" Asta asks. "I've heard of him. He's a famous author, known for having been a wizard in his youth." Samuel informed, adjusting his glasses. "Exactly. I'm his biggest fan! I thought I read all his books, but this one must be unpublished! Amazing!" Lucy said in excitement. Natsu tries to get the book to burn it, but Lucy is adamant about keeping it in tact. During their argument, Asta senses something coming and warms everyone to back away. Just then, Everlue bursts through the floor. "Looks like letting you run free was a smart idea." He said sneering. "All this time, you were after that worthless book, huh?"

Lucy then tries to negotiate into having the book with Everlue, but he still wanted to keep it. Natsu then attempts to burn it, but Lucy still refuses. "Lucy, this is our job!" Natsu said. "Let me read it first." Said the blonde, dropping to her knees. "Right now?!" Asta yells in exasperation, the other three gawking at her. Everlue's rage rises as Lucy begins to read. "Come, Vanish Brothers!" he shouts, causing a hidden passage way behind a bookcase to appear. "So it's time to act?" A voice asks. "Mama would be mad if we got money without working or it." Another voice said. Two figures walked in and revealed themselves.

One was a massive and mildly tall man. His head is mostly shaved, with noticeably long, dark hair being present only on the back of it, where it is tied into a braid reaching down below his back, with a light ribbon circling the end, taking the form of a tuft. He possesses slanted dark eyes, sharp facial features, with prominent cheekbones, a dark-colored upper lip, with his mouth usually retaining a slight grimace, giving him a perennially serious look, and four distinctive tattoos of kanji adorning his face, meaning "Right", "Left", "Up", and "Down" on his right cheek, left cheek, forehead, and chin respectively. His attire consists of a light tunic with a high collar, possessing dark stripes on the loose cuffs and flanking the fastener crossing the chest vertically, a pair of mildly loose dark pants, getting tighter in correspondence to his ankles, and dark shoes paired with light socks. In addition, the man carries around an over-sized frying pan, possessing a noticeably long handle, on his back, held there by a rope passing over his right shoulder.

The the other one, being notably tall and massive, standing at almost twice the height of the smaller one, and possessing long limbs, especially if compared with his massive torso. He has long, dark and curly hair, which is arranged in a distinctive hairstyle, with four large, straight tufts jutting upwards on top of his head, getting smaller near their outer edges. His face is squared, with a very prominent, mildly rounded and hooked nose, and his dark eyes are topped by a light bandanna covered in spiraling dark motifs, obscuring his forehead and keeping his hair back. His right forearm is covered by similar, sharp and dark tattoos, reaching down to his hand. His outfit, unlike that of his brother, is Western in look, consisting of a dark sweatshirt, with slightly puffy sleeves reaching below his elbows, adorned by light, wavy markings on the shoulder and the sleeve areas and bearing three light, diagonal stripes on each side of the torso, simple light pants and light trainers. Both of them have bands on one of their arms bearing a mark similar to a wolf, a large "S" behind it. Asta looks at them, having an annoyed look on his face. "Why does everyone have to be taller than me?!"

"Good afternoon." The short one said. "These are Fairy Tail wizards? Mama would be shocked." The larger one said. "That mark, it belongs to the Southern Wolves. They're a mercenary guild." Samuel said upon noticing their bandannas. "So they're hired thugs, huh?" Asta said, his face becoming determined, Natsu Happy and Samuel along with him. "Bo yo yo yo! The Southern Wolves are hungry! Prepare to die!" Everlue shouts. They all stare each other down, but then notice that Lucy is still reading the book. "Vanish Brothers, I want that book. Kill them and get it back!" Everlue shouts to the mercenaries. "Lucy then notices something about the book. "Keep these guys busy for me! There's some kind of secret in it." Lucy shouts to the others, catching Everlue's attention, not noticing something sneak after her. "Where are you going?" Asta shouted. "I need a quiet place to read!" She answered back. Everlue ponders what the secret is, and then spins, diving head first into the floor, going right through it. "Happy, Samuel, you guys go after Lucy." Natsu said, Samuel agreeing, but Happy was reluctant. "You cant handle these guys alone." He said. "We got this." Asta said, cracking his knuckles. Happy then smiled at them. "Good luck you guys." He said, flying away with Samuel to find Lucy.

"Bring it, fire wizard." the younger brother said to the duo. "How'd you know that I use fire magic?" Natsu asks, Asta raising an eyebrow at them. "We saw everything through some crystal balls. That girl has keys, holder magic. A celestial wizard with seven contracts, right?" The older brother asked. "And those cats grew wings. Aera magic, no?" "And you melted the glass and engulfed your legs in fire. That makes you a special type of fire mage, right?" The younger brother said. "You're sharper than you look." Asta smirked at the brothers. "Then get ready to be burnt to a crisp." Nastu said, igniting his hand, Asta getting into a stance. "Unfortunately, you will never get the chance. Because I am an expert at fighting fire wizards." The younger brother said, twirling his gigantic frying pan. Natsu and Asta look disinterested.

"I thought that Fairy Tail wizards were under the wrong impression of being the strongest ones around." The younger brother said. "Sure, we heard the rumors. And your rank is high among the other guilds." The younger brother added. "But naturally wizards," The older sibling began. "Are no match against professional fighters like us." the younger one finished. "If that's what you think, then let's get started." Asta said, waving his fingers in a "come-on" gesture. "We'll take you both on." Natsu adds, forming the words "come on" in flames. "Are these guys mocking us?" The younger brother questioned. He is a fire wizard, which I specialize in defeating. This wont take long. You can take the other one." The younger brother said. He then, with incredible speed, moved towards Natsu, and slammed his pan into him nocking him in the air, while his brother came in and grabbed him and Asta while they where distracted, and threw them through a wall. As they flew, they grabbed a banister, and moved to dodge another strike from the frying pan, landing in the foyer. "You sure it's okay to destroy your clients house?" Asta asks getting up. The brothers looked down towards them.

"Do you know what a wizards weakness is?" The younger one asks the two. "You mean motion sickness?!" Natsu asks in worry. "No, that's just you." Asta deadpans. "It's the way their body's built." The sibling answered. "Body... building?" Natsu said, not understanding. "You saying were weak?" Asta asks glaring at the brothers. "Magic requires the training of one's mind. That means that wizards can't spend time physically training." He said, while the brothers attacked the duo, not seing the smirk on Asta's face. "Therefore, people like us, who spend their time training their bodies, are both faster and stronger than either of you." the younger brother finishes. "There was this one guy who spent years learning a curse that could break someones bones." The older one began. "We met that wizard, and before he could finish, I broke his bones. It took him years to learn something I did in an instant." He concludes. "Those are magic's limits." The older one said. "Get rid of their magic, and their no better than any other guy." The younger one added. As Natsu and Asta got some distance from them, they decided to taunt them. "you now, even after saying all that, you guys haven't landed a hit on us." Asta sneers at them.

"True, you've trained a bit." The older brother said. "Maybe if we try that, can't avoid it." The younger one said, hinting to a secret move. The older brother then leaped on top of the others pan, and the younger brother then tosses his sibling high into the air. "Heaven and Earth Extinct Slaying Attack!" While Natsu and Asta stare at him, the younger brother leaps to attack them, but is caught of guard when Natsu catches his pan. Asta then leaps up after the other brother, and punches him down to the ground. "Nice try, but a feint attack like that only works on one person." Natsu said glaring at the two "You guys call yourselves the Vanish Brothers because you cause your opponents to look away from one of you, giving that one the chance to stike." Asta said to the brothers, straightening out from a three point landing. "Smarter then they look, and the short ones alot stronger than he lets on." The older brother said after getting up, Irking Asta about his height. "Why does everyone take a jab at my height?!" He despairs. "Are these two really wizards?" the older brother asks. "Oh, who cares? Get ready to be blown away." Natsu said, preparing his attack. "Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu fires his roar attack, but the brothers do not seem worried. "Anti-fire-wizard specialty plus my own technique! Flame cooking." The younger brother shouts, causing Natsu's flames into his giant pan, much to his and Asta's confusion. "My pan absorbs your fire, doubling its power, and send it right back!" He shouts, tha flames hitting both Asta and Natsu.

The brothers gloat about how the Fairy Tail wizards were defeated, only to be caught of guard by the two leaping out of the flames unharmed, Asta wielding Demon-Slayer. "What?" "Why didn't the fire work on them. It shouldn't matter how powerful you are, that's-" They were then cut off by the Dragon Slayer. "Didn't you hear me?" He said smirking, before grabbing their faces. "We're gonna blow you away!" Natsu shouts, beginning to wave his arms, flames surging forth in a fury. "Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!" He shouts, causing the flames to intensify as he threw them into the air. "Wh-What are these people?" The younger one asks. Asta then leaps into the air after them. "We're Fairy Tail wizards!" He shouts and slams them back down to the ground.

After they hit the ground, Natsu and Asta, having landed from the attack, exhale. "Looks like we went overboard again!" Asta laughs. "Yeah, and it was awesome!" Natsu agrees with him. "Now let's find Lucy and the cats. Hope they're ok." The two then began to look for their friends.

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