Hello, and welcome to the next chapter of Anti-Magic Swordsman. If anyone was curious about Asta's headband, I didn't put the fairy tail mark on it like he has the black bulls seal on it because it would have been a dead giveaway that he's in Fairy Tail, so I moved it to his jacket. Now we move on to the end of the Daybreak Ark. Again, Please PM me about who you want to add on the harems, I can only go so far on my own, but I will not take Juvia, what she has with Gray is to pure to change. Also prepare for a little addition to the Fairy Tail mark. Hope you enjoy.

Natsu and Asta have just defeated the Vanish Brothers, and are now beginning to look for their friends. "Now let's go find Lucy. What was with her anyway?" Natsu asks beginning to look for her. But then, sensing something, they look towards the floor above, where the large maid is located, a gleam appearing in her eyes. "What she doing?" Natsu asks. "I don't know, but we should stop her before she can do it." Asta said. The two began to advance on the maid, and grab onto her at the last second. But then, the three of them suddenly disappear in a golden glow, fading out of the foyer.

Meanwhile, While those two were fighting, Lucy was underground in the sewer system of the mansion. She was using her Gale-Force-Reading Glasses, which allow her to read at incredible speeds, depending on how good the book is, using them to read Daybreak. "I can't believe that this book holds such a secret. We can't burn this book. We need to get this to Kaby." She said getting up from her spot. "Bo yo yo yo, Who would have thought you would have gale-force-reading glasses? I guess you're an avid reader." A familiar voice said, and then a pair of arms seem to burst through the wall behind her, grabbing onto her arms, causing her to drop her keys. "Tell me what you found! What's the book's secret?" Everlue demands, his head bursting from the wall. "You are the lowest of the low! The greatest enemy of literature. " She shouts at the surprisingly strong man.

Lucy struggles to escape his grip, insulting his maids in the process. While she looks towards her keys, Everlue asked her if the book holds a secret treasure map, and if the sewer is where Kemu hid it, threatening to crush the bones in her arm. Lucy sticks out her tongue in response, irking Everlue even more. Everlue starts to pull Lucy's arms, shouting. "I had Kemu Zaleon write it! If that book has a secret, then the secret's mine, too!" He shouts, only for something to interrupt him. Those somethings are Happy and Samuel slamming into his elbows, and Nero pecking his head. Everlue screams in pain, releasing her from his hold. "Now that, was cool!" Lucy smiles at them. Happy smirks, not noticing that after spring-boarding off of Everlue's arm, he's spinning right into the water. "You, What kind of cats are they?! And whats with that bird?!" Everlue asks, holding his arms. "Glab Babbly!" Happy said, still in the water. "He said, 'I'm Happy.' And I am Samuel. The bird is named Nero" Samuel translates, and introduces himself and the Anti-bird,which raises its wing up from atop Lucy's head, cooing as it did so. "Get out of there!" Lucy shouts to Happy. "Bud da Wabblers bleels sho goob. (But the water feels so good.)" Happy responds to her. "That's sewer water, Happy." Samuel deadpans.

Lucy then grabs her keys of the ground, and points them at Everlue. "Looks like the tables have turned. If you forget about this book, we'll let you go." She said to him. "Lucy," Samuel said, causing her to turn towards the cat, seeing him hand Happy hid glasses. "Allow me to help you in defeating this ignoramus." he said, walking in front of her. "What can you do?" Lucy asks the glasses wearing cat. "Just watch." The cat answered, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Then he was enveloped in a glow, and it soon faded, he was revealed to have grown taller than Lucy, and gaining a much more muscular appearance, his clothes becoming larger, his scarf becoming a cape. "Whoa!' Lucy said, shocked at the development. "Surprised? Normally I don't use this form, but Natsu and Asta asked me and Happy to protect you, and I will use everything I have to see that through!" Samuel said with a burning passion not unlike Asta's. "Can you do that?" Lucy asks Happy. "I wish." Happy said, sad that he can't transform like Samuel. "What kind of cat are you?!" Everlue asked, completely shocked at Samuel's form. "The kind that will kick your ass." Samuel responded, surprising Lucy at hearing him swear for the first time.

Everlue then composes himself. "So you're a Celestial Wizard? Bo yo yo yo! But for a reader, you're not that smart. 'The tables have turned' is used only when someone with an advantage becomes disadvantaged. Those two cats cant help you against my Diver Magic." Everlue shouts, the ground collapsing under his feet, causing him to retreat underground. "So that was magic?" Happy asks. "Which mean Everlue's a wizard." Samuel confirms with them. "I was in that book, you know." Everlue stated, attempting to strike Lucy after breaking from the ground. "It's a horrible adventure novel where the main character is named Duke Everlue." "What does that even mean?!" Happy shouts, being blown away when Everlue breaches the ground.

Everlue then moved towards Lucy by diving in the ground as if it was water. "The idea of having me be the hero was fabulous!" Everlue said as he advanced. "But the execution was were it went south! The very notion that Kemu Zaleon could write a load of dung like that, is a complete insult to me!" Samuel grabbed Lucy and moved her out of the way from Everlue's onslaught. "You forced him to write it! Where do you get the nerve to act all high and mighty?!" Lucy shouts to the short man as he flew by them. "'Act'?!" Everlue asks slamming into the grate at the end, but is unharmed. " I am high and mighty! It's an honor to write a book about me!" He said turning to slam his fist into the two, but they leap out of the way "You blackmailed him!" Lucy shouts at the man. "Blackmailed?" Happy and Samuel Ask in unison. "So what? I'm sure others would agree that it's his own fault for not writing about me!" He said twirling his mustache. "What kind of reason is that." Lucy questions, Samuel setting her back on the ground.

Everlue then states that if Zaleon refused to write the book, he would have his family's citizenship's revoked, along with any other person connected to them. "But that would mean they wouldn't be able to join any merchant or work guilds at all! Can he really do that?" Happy asks, surprised at the notion. "Lots of areas are still under feudal control. So Everlue has complete autocratic authority over this area." Samuel answered. "And in the end, he did write it!" Everlue said, grabbing Lucy's leg from the ground. "But naturally his refusal annoyed me. So I had him write it from solitary confinement in my dungeon. Bo yo yo yo yo yo yo! I'll take any lowlife who thinks of themselves as 'an accomplished rider' who dares to defy me with such pride to large for a man of his class, and break him!" Everlue gloated, but is then stomped on by Lucy.

"Do you know what he did in those three years of solitary?!" Lucy yells. "Three years?" Happy and Samuel said shocked, Happy putting his paws to his mouth, at how cruel Everlue truly was. "Bo yo yo yo! Meditating on my greatness!" Everlue answered smugly, his face exposed from the ground, but is soon punched into the ground by Samuel. "He was battling his own pride! He had to or his family would be in danger!" Lucy shouts. "His integrity as an author wouldn't allow him to wrote a book with a fool like you as the hero!" She continues. "Why you, How'd you find all that out?" Everlue asks while getting out of the ground. "It's all right here, in this book." Lucy answers him. "Zaleon wasn't even in there. I read it myself." Everlue refutes. "Of course. His fans would be disappointed if they read it normally." Lucy said, agreeing with the arrogant man. "But before he was an author, Kemu Zaleon was a wizard." Samuel said, realizing what she meant. "Exactly. With the last of his strength he cast a spell on the book!" she reveals shocking Everlue to his rotten core.

"You mean that some key will reveal that man's hatred for me?! What an insult!" Everlue shouts in rage. "You lack imagination. Of course everything leading to the book's creation is written in there." Samuel said looking at him with contempt. "But Kemu Zaleon's words aren't just that! The real secret is so much more." Lucy shouts at him. "What?!' Asks Happy in shock. "Inconceivable!" Samuel shouts. "That's why your not getting this book! Or should I say you had no right to have it?!" Lucy shouts grabbing one of her keys. "Open, Gate of the Giant Crab!" She shouts, a Magic Circle appearing from the key's end. "Cancer!" Lucy finishes. When the glow disappears, am man dressed like a hairdresser, wearing blue striped shirt, black leather pants, and sunglasses. His hair is done in cornrows, with the ends looking like crab claws. In each of his hands were a pair of scissors. "It's a crab!" Happy shouts in delight, his eyes sparkling. "I bet he ends his sentences with '-kani,' right?! He's just gotta! He's a crab, it must be in the contract right?!" Happy asks, his curiosity peaked. "What kind of reasoning is that?" Samuel asks his friend.

"Can you be quiet?! I need to concentrate. Keep quiet or I'll pinch your paws so hard you'll cry." Lucy said, irritated by the blue cat. "Lucy." The spirit said, catching her attention. "How are you, baby, you interested in a new hairstyle-ebi?" Cancer asked his summoner. "Pay attention!" Lucy shouts at her spirit. ""Ebi?!" Happy shouts in confusion, expecting him to say kani at the end. "I'll admit, that was surprising." Samuel aid, having also, albeit halfheartedly, expected the crab spirit to say kani as well. "We're fighting, so take down that bald old man!" Lucy ordered her spirit. "Okay-ebi." Cancer said. Happy complains briefly about the way Cancer talks, and requesting her to send him home. "How about you leave instead!" Lucy berates him.

Everlue was thinking about what Lucy said, thinking that Zaleon wrote about his black market deals, and if they end up with the Council Wizards, it would be the end of him. "No!" He shouts, taking out something in his pocket, revealing it to be a Golden Zodiac Gate Key. "Open, Gate of the Virgin Palace!" Everlue yells, shocking those present. "He's using Lucy's magic?!" Happy asks. "Virgo!" Everlue finishes, shocking Lucy that he has a Zodiac key. When the glow fades, it reveals the higantic maid in his employment, revealing that she was a spirit. "He's a Celestia Wizard too?!" Lucy said in disbelief. "Ebi!" Cancer followed, shocked at what his fellow Zodiac appeared as. "Wizards aren't limited to a single type of magic. They are able to learn the basics of any magic as well, but are skilled at specific styles than others." Samuel informs. They other wizards present noticed a startling fact when Virgo appeared. Hanging on to vergo's shirt were Natsu and Asta, stupefied at how they ended up here when they were just in the foyer. "Natsu! Asta!" Lucy shouts at the sight before here. "Yeah?" The two ask, still confused how they ended up underground.

Why are you too with Virgo?!" Everlue asked, still shocked at the sight before him. "Guys," Lucy begins. "How did you... ?!" She couldn't even finifh the question because of her stupor. "How else?" Asta began. "We saw she was getting up, so we decided that she wouldn't go anywhere without us." Natsu finishes. "that doesn't make any sense! When you guys say 'wouldn't let go of her'... " She pauses. "You mean you physically wouldn't let her go?!" Lucy finishes. "But that would mean you two traveled through the celestial spirit world through Virgo's gate! But that's impossible!" Lucy screams, imagining a visual in her head. "Impossible is what we do." Samuel informed her. "Wait, she's Virgo?! That's why she felt weird, she radiates spirit magic! Now what are we supposed to do here?!" Asta asks the only girl present, causing her to come back down to Earth Land. "Virgo, exterminate these vermin!" Everlue commands the spirit. "Do Something about her!" Lucy yells, pulling out her whip. "Right!" Natsu and Asta confirm, beginning to move. Asta lets go of Virgo and jumps back from her. Natsu then punches Virgo, causing her to fly into the air towards Asta, who then swings his sword at the giant, slicing her in half, to the shock of the others, only for Virgo to disappear in a flash of light. "W-w-what the hell! How did you do that you short, muscle-headed freak?!" Everlue yelled at Asta. "Spirits bodies on this plain are just solidified mana, and I'm an Anti-Mage, cancelling magic is my specialty. Wait, what'd you call me?!" Asta shouts, annoyed at being insulted because of his height, and his strength.

Everlue is shocked at what he saw, which is taken advantage of by Lucy, who wrapped her whip around his neck. "Since you like being underground so much, How about I help you out!" Lucy then swings Everlue off of the ground, and while he's airborne, Cancer leaped up after him. "You really are the worst of the worst!" Lucy shouts, while Cancer attacks him with his scissors, causing all of his hair to be removed, even his mustache. "Is this the look you requested, sir? Ebi?" Cancer said. Everyone smiled at having defeated the rich criminal. "You really made a show of that, huh?" Asta asked with a smirk. "That's just the way Fairy Tail does it!" Natsu said, giving the girl a toothy grin. "Aye!" Happy agrees, with Samuel, having turned back to normal, nodding. Lucy smiles and brings the book to her chest in a book.

The group was now leaving the Everlue Mansion, having retrieved the book and left the rich man and his bodyguards for the council to clean up. "So what made you want to stop us from burning the book, Lucy." Asta asked the blonde, Nero resting back on his head. "This was the book that the great Kemu Zaleon was forced to write. It's an adventure novel with Duke Everlue as the hero." Lucy begins to explain. "It's structure and style are terrible. Not a complete loss, but nobody would think that Kemu Zaleon would write this. That's how I came up with the idea that a secret was hidden right inside the book!" She said, confusing Natsu, Happy, Asta, and even Samuel.

Later, at Kaby Melon's mansion, the team is seen handing the man the book he asked to be destroyed, to his utter confusion. "Wh-what's the meaning of this?" He asks the wizards. "I wanted it destroyed. That was the mission!" "It'd be easy to destroy it. You can do it yourself if you want." Lucy responds to him. "Th-then I'll go ahead and burn it! I don't want to even look at it!" Kaby shouts, snatching the book from Lucy's hands. Lucy then states that she knows why he wants it destroyed. It so he can protect his father's memory. "Your Kemu Zaleon's son, aren't you?" Lucy asks the man. "Huh?!" "Your father?!" "EEEH?" Were the others reactions, Samuel having just widen his eyes. "How did you know that?" Kaby asks the girl.

"Have you even read it?" Lucy asks the man. "No I haven't. But there's no need. Even my father told me that it's nothing but garbage!" Kaby answers her. "So thats why you want it burned?" Natsu asks. "Correct." "What?! Just because its crap means you want it destroyed?! That's just idiotic!" Asta yelled, he and Natsu beginning to advance towards Kaby. "Your father wrote it!" Natsu added, but Lucy grabbed the two. "Calm down, you two! I told you why!" She shouts at the two. Kaby then begins to tell them what happened after he wrote the book. Thirty-one years ago, Kemu finially returned after his three year absence. Kaby asked where he's been all this time, but Kemu just continued to root through a trunk, and brought out a cleaver. He then tied a rope around his bicep, and cut his arm off. Layer in the hospital, Kaby asked him why'd he wrote that book, and Kemu said it was good money. That only angered his son and he left, angry at his father. Kemu comitted suicide soon after, and Kaby never forgave him. He then explained that his hatred soon turned to regret, thinking that if he hadn't said those hateful words, his father wouldn't have killed himself.

Natsu and Asta only stared at him. "So to atone for my sins, I will make sure that my father's honor will remain intact with this book's destruction." Kaby said. The man then took a book of matches and then lit one of them. "I'm sure he would want this too." Kaby said solemnly, moving the lit match closer to the book, but is suddenly stopped. "Wait!" Lucy shouted. The book then began to glow, and the cover beginning to change. "The letters are rearranging!" Samuel said, wonder filling his eyes. "Kemu Zaleon... No, I'll use his real name, Zekua Melon placed a spell on this book." Lucy informed Kaby, surprising him. Soon the book finishes changing, it's title now saying "Dear Kaby," the by-line saying Zekua Melon. "Exactly the spell was cast to reform the letters. The ones inside them too." Lucy explains. While Kaby becomes more stunned at the development. The book then opened and a plethora of shining letters filled the room, the spell continuing to work. "Whoa!" Natsu said awestruck. "Pretty." Happy said while paeing at the words. "Amazing." Asta said, surprisingly quiet for a change, Samuel agreeing with him. "The reason he gave up writing wasn't because he wrote his worst book," Lucy began, everyone aweing at the display before them. "It was because he written the best work he ever made. The letter he wrote to his son, was the best book in his life." The book then finished rearranging itself, landing in Kaby's hands. "This is the book Kemu Zaleon left behind." Lucy finishes, While Kaby tears up at his fathers true words, flipping through the pages. "To think," He began. :That I never understood my own father." He said, smiling with joyous tears. "Well of course. If you understood the author, his books would be pretty boring." Lucy said with a gigantic smile, the others laughing along.

"I guess I can't destroy this now." Kaby said. "Then we can't accept the reward can we?" Natsu asks. "Nope!" "I guess not." "Not today, I'm afraid!" Were the replies the Dragon Slayer was met with. The others turn to them, confused at what they're saying. "You asked us to destroy the book, but since it's still in tact, we failed the mission." Asta reasons. Kaby and his wife try to reason, but the boys were adamant on their decision, causing Lucy to despair at the loss of the money. "Well, we better get back home, and you guys should return back yo your house." Natsu said walking out, confusing Lucy and shocking the Melons.

The gang were sitting outside at a small camp area they made, night having fallen upon them shortly after they left. Lucy was completely annoyed with the others, not believing that they would refuse so much money. "Taking the money when we didn't complete the job would've shamed Fairy Tail's name." Was Asta's reply to her complaints. "So they weren't really rich, they just borrowed the house from a friend to seem rich? They didn't have to do that, we would've taken the job anyway." Lucy said. "Hey, Natsu." She said, gaining the pinkette's attention. "How'd you now that it wasn't their house anyway." Lucy asks him. "They smelt different than the house. I thought it was obvious." Natsu answered her, Happy and Samuel agreeing. "Maybe for you animals." Lucy said back. "Stop with the lover's quarrel! I'm trying to sleep!" Asta said lying down on his sleeping bag, with Samuel and Nero lying near him. "We're not lovers!" The two shouted back, their faces taking on bright blushes.

"For someone like him to cast a book on that book, He must of been in a guild after all." Lucy reasoned, thinking about Zekua Melon. "It makes me want to follow his footsteps!" She said. "I think I've got you all figured out." Natsu said out of nowhere, causing Lucy to turn towards him. "Those papers you where hiding back at your place," He continues, catching Asta and the others attention, and making Lucy gasp. "You're trying to become a writer, aren't you?!" He said with complete certainty. Lucy is completely flabbergasted, shocked that he was right on the money. "Please dont' tell anyone!" She wails, confusing them. "Why?" Asta asks. "Because I'm not that great yet. I'd be embarrassed if someone else read it!" Lucy begged them. "It's okay, no one will read it." Natsu that somehow makes her even more depressed.

Later the next morning, the group is trudging through a swamp, with Lucy inside her clock spirit, Horologium. "'Are you guys sure this is the right way?' She says." Horologium said Lucy's words for her. "Happy says this is the way home, so this is the way were going, I answer." Natsu grumbled, annoyed at Lucy. "Have some faith, my nose is great at sniffing things out. I'm a cat, after all." Happy adds, laying atop Natsu's head. "'It's dogs that have a great sense of smell, and what does smelling have to do with directions?' She asks quite hotly." Horologium said. " She's right you know!" Asta yells from above, having taken to the trees to avoid walking through the swamp, Samuel holding onto his back and Nero on his head. "Why don't you do your own walking?" Natsu asked the blonde, the group having reached the end of the swamp. "'Because I'm tired.' She groans exhaustively." The clock answered. "Oh, brother." Natsu groans at that answer, only for all of them to stop when they notice a bush begining to rustle.

"Who's there!" Natsu said, removing his bag and Happy as he jumped in to the bush to attack whatever was in there. "'Do you always have to fight?'' She inquires worriedly." the clock said. "Don't bother. Were still waiting to have that answer ourselves." Asta said with a deadpan. "You got this, Natsu!" Happy encourages his friend. Natsu and the assailant leaped out of the bush, revealing the other one to be Gray, wearing only his boxers. The two then began to bicker, Gray explaining that he's trying to find a bathroom, while Natsu questions why he stripped down first.

The group is now by a cliff, Happy holding a fishing rod. "You're coming back from a job?" Lucy asks Gray, who is now wearing a white button-down shirt and dark pants. "Yeah, there's a shortcut through these woods that'll get you back to town." The Ice Mage answers. "Told ya so." Happy said smugly."Then how come you didn't notice Gray?" Lucy said back to the cat. "She has a point." Samuel agrees. "Sometimes there's things you don't want to smell." The cat answers back. " What was that?!" Gray said, annoyed at Happy's implication. "I agree, why don't you go home, we'll smell you later." Natsu said jokingly. "Fine, I will. An so should you if you don't want any trouble." Gray said to them. "Why?" Asta asked him, genuinely curious. "Because Erza's coming back." He said. At first, Natsu and Asta were silent, but then had gigantic smiles on they're faces. "ALL RIGHT!" They shout at the news. "You mean the most powerful woman in Fairy Tail?" Lucy asks, with Happy responding affirmatively, a fish in his mouth.

"I can't wait to meet her!" Lucy gushes, excited to meet the fabled "Titania" of Fairy Tail. "But now that I think about it, I've never seen a picture of it in Sorcerer's Weekly. What's she like?" Lucy asks them. "Scary." Was the response she was met with from Gray and Happy, shocking the girl. "A wild animal." "A vile beast." Gray and Samuel lists metaphors for the wizard. "More like a full on monster!" Happy adds, making Lucy think an image of a giant causing destruction where they go. "She's not that bad, guys." Asta said, bringing them back down to Earth Land. "Yeah. She may be a little stubborn and rule obsessive, but she's not a monster." Natsu adds, Already excited to see her again. "They're not wrong, she's really nice when you get to know her." Samuel apologizes. "Well we can all agree that she can be real scary. Enough that she can kick down a mountain." Gray said. "Okay, now your exaggerating. Even I'm not that strong." Asta told him. " Like I said though, We should head back. She'll wanna see you two again." Gray changes the subject. "Right!" Natsu and Asta said. "This is gonna be fun." Asta ads with a smirk.

Just then, the ground exploded around them, causing them to stuck in a pile of Dust, Lucy's arms and legs caught, Gray was stuck and from the top of his chest down, and Natsu from his waist up, his legs on the top side. Asta was like Natsu but in reverse, with Nero on his head. "What now?" Gray said, annoyed with what happened. "Happy!" Natsu shouts, realizing there was one missing. "Samuel!" Asta shout noticing the other cat was gone as well. "Help me." The blue cat said, tied on a rotisserie made from sticks over a fire-pit. "And be quick about it." Samuel added. Surrounding them were a group of dark mages, wizards who don't follow the laws of the council.

One was a short goblin-like person in a green sweatshirt and khakis, a mark on top of his head. Two of them appeared to be red-haired twins, wearing long red coats tan shirts and dark jeans. One member was wearing a purple suit with a metal shoulder brace, carrying a crystal ball. The final member appeared to be a giant chicken wearing overalls. "Finally, real protein." One of the twins said. "Meat!' The chicken said excitedly. "Our future holds a feast." the fortune teller said. Happy was scared at what was happening, shaking at the scene. "Hold it!" Natsu shouts, causing them to turn their heads to see him and the others atop the cliff. "That's our friend you're trying to roast. Sorry, but he's not on the menu" Asta said, bringing his fists together. "You're all wizards, aren't you? What guild are you with?" Gray asks them. "Not telling." The goblin said. "Get them!" He orders the others, who then leap to fight.

"Gray. Lets bring it." Natsu said, he and Asta preparing to fight. "Alright, but don't go telling me what to do." Gray said, they then leap into action, attacking the other mages, dodging their attacks. "Sand Bomb, go!" The goblin says, slamming his fist in the ground, creating a magic circle. The spell causes sand into the air to rise and form an orb around Natsu. "Natsu!" Lucy said worryingly. "He's fine. Get the cats." Asta said, and leaping off with Gray. "Right!" The blonde said, moving to the felines. In the Air the two take out the twins, kneeing them down to the ground. "Waah! Lucy's gonna eat me!" Happy wailed. "Stop bawling! You know that's not true." Samuel said, admonishing Happy, all while Lucy tries to untie them. Right after that, the chicken like wizard comes in to try and stop her. Lucy begins to cower, but Asta and leaps at him and whits him hard with a punch, which gives the three of them an opportunity to get away. "Next." Gray said, bored with the easy fight. He then turns towards the fortune teller, whose orb began to glow. "You see someone special, but the stars point to great trouble with water and women." He said, causing Gray to sweat-drop and become annoyed. "You telling my fortune?" He asks the man, then elbows him, knocking him out. "There not even using magic. Wow." Lucy said in awe. "Put some clothes on." She tells him, Gray having somehow stripped just then. "Crap!" He said, not knowing how this happened.

"Where'd these brats come from, anyway?" The Goblin asks, only to then cover his face as his Sand Bomb spell explodes, the reason being Natsu. "You jerk! Now my mouth's full of sand thanks to you." He said annoyed, spitting right after. He then begins to attack. "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu punches the goblin with a flaming fist, causing a cloud of dust to be seen from far away. Soon the mages are all tied up. "Don't you think you went too far, Natsu?" Gray said. "So what if I did? It got the job done." The pinkette retorts. "Grow up already! You're an embarrassment to the guild. "Said the unconscious stripper." Asta said, though it fell on deaf ears "What?" Now Natsu was mad. As the two began bickering like normal, Lucy then began to examine the dark mages. "Lulla..." The goblin said, catching her attention. "Whats Lulla?" She asks. "Lulla... by is..." He continued. "Lullaby?" Gray asked. "That sounds familiar." Asta said, begining to think. "It does." Samuel agreed. Just then, a large shadow came moving in, knocking the group into the air. "Incoming!" Happy shouted, too late. The dark mages began to look scared. The shadow forms a hand and grasped the tied up mages, and pulled them into it, causing the tree to lower into the ground, scaring the Fairy Tail members. "What was that?" Lucy asked. "Who was that?" Natsu follows. "Whoever it was they're long gone." Gray said. "He's right. I cant feel his ki anywhere." "What does this mean?" Natsu asked. "I don't know, but I think we'll find out soon." Asta answered him.

Later, the group is now walking through Magnolia, heading towards the guild, I've been meaning to ask, but what's with the clover on the guild mark?" Lucy asked, looking at her own, which had four leaves on it. "What brought that on?" Natsu asked. "its just that when I look at some of the members marks, I notice that some people have more leaves on theirs than the others." She answered. "Well, when the guild was founded, Mavis, our first master made the mark with a clover because of a legend about them." Asta began explaining. "The legend goes like this. 'The three leaf of a clover each represent faith, hope, and love. Inside the fourth leaf, lies good luck.' So she made our mark add the clover from the legend, after all, the reason she named it Fairy Tail was based on a legend as well." Asta answered the girl's question, having a wistful look on his face. "You okay?" Gray asked the short ash-blonde. "Yeah. Just remembering." He said. The others looked at him for a little longer, but decided to let the subject drop.

The next day, Someone is seen walking through Magnolia, carrying a large object, this person was a woman with long flowing red hair, wearing a set of armor that covers her entire body from the waist up, with a couple plates hanging down from her belt. She wore gauntlets on her arms, her upper arms exposed, with wing decals at the elbows, a blue skirt and knee high black leather heeled boots. Her armor was decorated with a golden cross, the vertical line on the left side of her body, a heart at the bottom of the cross. Behind it was a red Fairy Tail mark. This woman was Erza Scarlet, and has just returned from a mission.

And done! Boy, that took a couple of days. So I hope you enjoy this one, and now plan to write for Twin Clovers, my pure Black clover story. You should check it out. Now about the new Black Clover, Oh. My. God! That was the best episode by far! Asta's will knows no bounds and proves it as he defeats Vetto, and the demonic shadow was insane! And as for that question last chapter let me revise it and ask if Asta should get a spirit as well, and who should it be? Now go on and begin your own adventure. Anti-Mage, signing off. Till next time.