No tears left to cry

Chapter 1 : Beautiful couple

Bella was dating Edward for a little over a year now. She was very well accepted by the Cullens. So well that even Rosalie ended up appreciating her so much. Carlisle and Esme loved Bella has a new daughter, doing anything to make her feel happy and loved. Charlie had a hard time letting Edward enter their lives but he couldn't deny the kindness the Cullens were showing towards Bella.

Bella was a shy and quiet person. She was easy to be with, and at school, many boys were envious. Bella and him were the couple everyone was looking at. But Bella slowly became more and more shy, quiet and distant.


When I met Edward, I really thought it was the best thing that had happened to me. I was beyond happy, definitively in love with him. His family had welcomed me with so much love and generosity. I had a rough start with Rosalie, Emmett's girlfriend. But we learned about each other and a lovely relationship was created. I loved Alice, and considered both of her as sisters, but Rosalie was more calm. It was relaxing to be around her. Emmett was a strong man, a bit impressive at first, but full of love and tenderness. Jasper… Well, it was hard to be around him sometimes. He was distant with me, sometimes it made me feel rejected from him. I knew he could feel that but I couldn't help but feel rejected. As for Carlisle and Esme, they were like a second dad and mum. They were very protective and always there for me. They really were an amazing family. It was a big luck for me to be part of it. So I never spoke of feeling sad or of the pain I felt daily. I never told them about what was happening when they'd leave to hunt, or behind the walls of Edward's room. I never said a word about my personal hell.


Bella was part of the family since a little more than a year. The beginning of her relationship with my brother wasn't the easiest. Rosalie was really hard and mean to Bella. Which didn't make Esme and Carlisle happy. Or anyone in the family in fact. Emmett was annoyed with her comments on his new little sister, Alice was disappointed and Edward… Well Edward had mixed feelings about it. It was never really clear. He did took Bella's defense but sometimes it all sounded… forced ? The only time I talked about it with Alice she cut me and said I just misunderstood. That he was crazy about his Bella… And as much as I wanted to believe it, I had that doubt. It never would leave me..

It also didn't help feeling Bella's anxiety rise everytime we would take her defense when Rose would be mean. When she started getting along so good with her, Edward was not necessarily happy about it. He even seemed a bit… jealous. I didn't even bother telling Alice… She was so sure of Edward's passion for Bella.


Edward was standing next to me. His family was getting ready to go hunt. As always, he would stay home with me and would hunt while I was asleep. I rarely had moments away from him. I basically was living here. I was surprised Charlie was fine with it, but he would let me spend most days and nights here. I guess the fact that he and Alice were getting along amazingly good had something to do with it. On top of that, who refuses something to Alice Cullen ?

- See you later Bella ! Alice winked at me.

I suppose she thought that Edward and I would enjoy their absence and do couple things. But she was far from the truth. It always disturbed me how they would never notice, never see, never understand that Edward was slowly killing me.

As soon as they were far enough not to hear, he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to his room. I had no way to get away from him.. My only hope was the Cullen. And no one could see… Edward forced me to undress and did what he usually do. He raped me for as long as he wanted. The pain was impossible to explain. All of the things he would do to me made me want to die. Self harm became a normal thing to me. I was used to it. Just like I was used to be dragged on the floor, pulled by the hair, and hit many times. Him being a vampire, a normal hit would kill me. So he had to restrain himself. Making him even more upset. I was just a useless human. I was nothing. And he made sure I knew that.