CHAPTER 7 : Disfigured


It was making two months that Bella was in coma. Two months we spent every single day visiting her. Charlie was coming as much as he could, but seeing Bella that way was killing him inside. And I have to admit, I was relieved when Charlie would not come. It was that much pain I wouldn't have to handle too.

It was early morning, and school was still part of our lives. We had to act "normal". We had to pretend. Obviously people wouldn't miss a chance to stare at us and hold us responsible for what happened. Were they wrong ? I really had a hard time to tell. Edward's disappearance was raising more and more questions. Everyone thought we were protecting him when all we did was protecting everyone. But how could we tell them ? Edward was dead. He would not come back. And that was for the best.

Preparing for school, Alice was sitting near the front door waiting for us.

- That must be the first time ever you are ready before anyone else ! Exclaimed Emmett.

- Funny. She whispered.

Alice was getting desperate. She was missing her best friend.

- Let's go. She added.

Emmett was driving everyone. Rose sat next to him as I sat on the back seat next to Alice. My phone started buzzing. I took a quick look at the screen, stressed. I did not like phone calls.

- It's Carlisle. I said softly.

I looked at the phone for a second or two.

- Take the call ! Screamed Rose.

I quickly picked up.
- Carlisle ?

Anyone could hear anxiety in my voice.

- Bella is waking up. He said with enthusiasm. Bella is waking up.

There was a moment of silence. Of doubt. What was he saying ? What the hell was happening ?

- Bella is waking up… Whispered Alice.

I could feel all kinds of feelings emanate from my siblings. Shock. Surprise. Fear. Excitement. Emmett suddenly took a totally different road and everyone knew where we were heading. Seeing Bella awake, alive, would be such a good thing on everyone. Our lives had stopped since that day. Since Bella was hurt and nobody could tell us what would happen. Two months of visits, of preparing ourselves to the worse ending possible, of not knowing if we would ever have a chance to tell her how sorry we all were.

We quickly arrived to hospital. Of course, Carlisle was waiting for us and it seemed that Esme already arrived. She turned to us with a big smile on her face.

- Bella is going to be fine. She whispered as she took Rose and Alice in her arms.

- I hope so. She has to. Alice tried to smile.

I could feel Alice's conflicted emotions. She was definitely excited to see Bella, talk to her, maybe one day shopping with her. But she knew Bella wouldn't react nicely to the big change. She would have to go through the fact she was disfigured, the fact that Edward was dead and the fact that she had spent two months in coma. It was a lot to accept, a lot to take on. And even though we all were gonna be there, show and bring her support, time, help and love, it was for sure going to be the hardest time for Bella. All we could hope was that she would forgive us and accept our help. Because she was gonna need it. Her face was completely different. She wasn't looking like the old Bella…

Before having access to her room, Carlisle explained that the doctors decided to keep Bella's bandages covering her face. She didn't need that much emotions yet. A lot was already to come. We all were getting ready for that moment. Preparing ourselves to any kind of surprises. I took the lead of the group and stood in front of that door we walked through every single day for the last two months. It was the first time everyone had such strong and different emotions. I grabbed the handle of the door and took a last look at my family. It was time.