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Remnant: Myth & History


Located at the western edge of the Saunus continent and the kingdom of Vale, the vast deserts of Vacuo resides.

With the founding made around a natural oasis, the land become lively with people traveling great distances to grant a great flourish within the otherwise empty desert.

Such examples can be found during a time where many temples were made with the aid of both Faunus and Humans, praising their gods to grant them safety.

The Kingdom was ruled by a kind hearted chief known as Opal Reeah, a snake Faunus who helped his people.

However that all changed when greed and complacency began to bloom as the resources grew scarce and ravaged by the inhabitants and other Kingdoms.

Reeah grew furious that these Kingdoms took advantage of his and his people's kindness that he soon began to change into a cold and tyrannical king.

And it was then that the dangers of the desert started to comeback to haunt the people - The Creatures of Grimm.

Unlike the Grimm that are common such as the Beowolves and the Ursai of Vale or Mistral, these Desert Grimm were much more dangerous and stealthy.

Some of these Desert Grimm included the Terreocti Grimm, the Dunewurm Grimm, and the most dangerous of these Grimm: The Hive Grimm.

It was these Grimm that drove the people to constantly be on the move and learn to advance in terms of defense and weaponry to combat the soulless beasts of darkness.

The people used what Dust they could mine and use it against the Grimm and using their surroundings against their enemies as they've learned from the Grimm.

Such can be seen during the Great War as Vacuo, with the aid of Vale, used their knowledge of guerilla warfare and desert to drive out the oppressive forces of mistral and Mantle/Atlas.

And once the inner and outer battles of the desert were over, Reeah was overthrown and exiled to the ever shifting deserts by the people who formed a great Council.

Under the leadership of a mighty leadership of Vale's Warrior King, Adin, the Huntsman Academies were founded with Shade being the sole form of accepted government.

Upon their founding, Adin gifted the newly named Shade Academy a powerful Relic that was meant to never be found by a dangerous sorceress that would use the power of the Four Relics to destroy their home.

You know, an old friend once told me that the desert contained many mysteries and legends that were born from the various tribes.

However, that is a story... for another time.