Tittle : Bulan

Author : AiraAura

Summary : There also a person who share the curse of the Sky Arcobaleno. The one who share half of it for a very long time so the Sky Arcobaleno's can be with their child for a little longer.. No one know about that person except Checker Face and Sepira. The one who hiding under the moon.

Chapter 1: The Hiding 'Moon'

A girl who looks around the age of 18, walking around under the moon light. Even though she looks physically young but her gaze looks like that she already exhausted with her life. The eyes who already going through that hardest hardship that no one ever knew someone can go through. Her wide hazel eyes blinking towards the sky.

"I know… I'm the one who decide this… but..", she put her arms around her body and cried silently. "I miss you guys… I want to be with you all… I'm tired.. And my place… is around you.. ", she moves both her arms towards the sky. "… langitku…", she release a white fire towards the sky, her gaze longingly and the tears roll on her face. Her fire dying when it can't reach to the highest peak of the sky.

"…. It's okay…. I will still perform my job… Just for you all.. I already promise to all of you.. Believe me.. Please.. Support me too…" , her body shine before it changing to a little baby, a silver pacifier around her chest. She walk away not noticing the spirits that observe her since the beginning.


A brunnete little boy crying alone under one of the tree at the park. He had scratches on his small face, hands and legs. He just being bullied by several kid a few minutes ago and sobbing by himself. He just want to play together with the other kids but they don't want to and call him stupid and weak. What he do wrong? He never want people to hate him. He never recall making mistake that people would hold grudge to him. He just 8 years old.

"I just want to be friends..", he sobbing. He just want comfort from his mother. It is his fault to not listen to his own mother not to go out without her. His small wide brown eyes widen when suddenly saw a white fire surround him healing all his small injuries. He yelped but stop at the calming feeling of the fire. "It… not hury.. its .. Warm..", he close his eyes smiling. A pair of slender hands pick him up and cradle him in her arms. Even though he notice someone holding him, he did not mind it cause that person is warm. He open his small wide brown eyes only to meet the same pair of brown eyes slightly larger than him.

"Don't worry dear… Everything will going to be okay… I'll be by your side dear.."

He want to replay her but the comfort feeling when something inside him seem to reach and connected with that person stop him. He nuzzle a hear a faint chuckle from that person. He know that this person wont hurt him, wont leave him, he just know. Just before he lull to sleep, he saw that person change her serene expression to a real lonely face.

'I don't wanna see this person make that face ever', he thought before his world went black.

When he woke up, his little injury all gone not even a scratch of it on his skin and he already at home on his comfy bed. When he ask his mama how he get home. He get answer "A really beautiful lady send Tsu-kun home. She didn't even want to come in to have some tea", Nana wonder. At that time he resolve himself that he will find that person and put a smile to that face.


She walking along the way near the river. She chuckle to herself grimly. "Sayang… That little boy look just like you", she stop her step clenching her silver pacifier. "I miss you", she whisper.


A/N : Welp.. I don't even know what im doing right now.. Sooo for little information my OC is a hijab and muslim character. And she is one of the hidden arcobaleno. She is a person who had a very close relationship to all of the SKY bearer. Name and other of her information will reveal if I ever continue this.

Translation :

1)Langitku = my sky

2)Sayang = love, dear n. etc. (depends on situation/words)