Tittle : Bulan

Author : AiraAura

Summary : There also a person who share the curse of the Sky Arcobaleno. The one who share half of it for a very long time so the Sky Arcobaleno's can be with their child for a little longer.. No one know about that person except Checker Face and Sepira. The one who hiding under the moon.

Chapter 3: Cloud Battle

"Onii-sann…", a small soft hand tug the sleeve of the sleeping skylark on the rooftop of the school. The boy grunt and his expression soften when he look at the little baby trying to wake him up. Hibari sit and pat the girl head. He wonder why but the baby latch to him since yesterday and follow him home. He never question her where she live and he okay with it since she such a cute herbivore. Being close with her make he calm unlike when he with the other black hitman baby.

"Onii-san.. Me.. Usa.. Hungry.. Food?", the small herbivore tilt her head cutely. He pull out his phone and messaging his second-in-command, Kusakabe Tetsuya. Not long after that the Kusakabe come to the roof with some food.

"Yayyyy! Foodddd!", the small baby run and jumping around the second-in- command of Namimori Highschool. Both of them can't help themselves from thinking how cute the girl. She gluttony eat the food and give the carrot to her familiar, Usa and they eat happily.

Kasukabe looking at the girl asking. "Little girl. What is your name? And why aren't you at home with your family?"

He meet with a blank stare of the girl. She gulp and open her mouth, "My name is Bulan. This my rabbit.. Usa.. Usa my family. Home…. Don't have .. Home.. Tak ada", and she resume to eat.

Hibari and Kusakabe eyes widen when she said she don't have home and the family she got just the rabbit.

"Why you keep following Hibari-san", he ask again.

At this question she smile brightly "Onii-san looks like Alu! Serupa! Serupa! Same!", she hug Hibari arms.

Hibari and Kusakabe sometimes cant really understand when she keep mixing with foreigner language. What they understand is that Hibari looks like this person named 'Alu'. Either that person died or left her alone, that a mystery since the girl cant really speak for herself.

"Herbivor", hearing this Bulan look at him with her big chestnut eyes. "You living with me after this", at this Bulan eyes sparkling and nod her eyes excitedly. Kusakabe widen his eyes as the perfect voluntary to shelter the small baby.

"This small girl might have a good influence on boss", his thought stop when he felt Hibari death glare.

"I.. If you want more.. You can ask me okay?", he shuttered and the girl smile as the man not noticing a certain hitman landing near but hidden from them.

"Sedap!", the small girl blink her blank chestnut eyes when her pacifier creating a mist that only her can see to a certain direction. She look at to that direction only to meet another black blank eyes. A certain small chameleon on his fedora hat. She blink several time looking at the other baby and resume eating. The others never notice the hitman leave them after the two baby accouter.


Reborn were just scouting around the school thinking what kind of battle will happen this night since it is the battle of Cloud ring. Hibari vs Gola Mosca. Hibari were not suppose to be back until this evening but for some reason Dino said that Hibari lost interest after he save a little baby girl from being hit by a van. Now that is interesting since Hibari is the type who would resume his battle even if he save people unintentionally. The other baby must be special if even the stoic skylark stop in the middle of his battle.

"Sedap!", a small voice distract him from his thought. He look at a the figure that small like him but a girl, wearing some traditional kebaya and hijab covered her head that certainly is rare in Japan since that is not a traditional or even a normal cloth in Japan. Earlier the figure as if knowing him standing there look at him. Their eyes were similar blank minus the color. Her face have several moon tatoo under her left eyes. She also have a white rabbit near her that happily munching the carrot. But the most surprising about the others is when he notice the colorless pacifier on her and the silver white mist that looks like trying to reach him. The mist gone before reaching him when the girl look back at the raven haired boy and resuming eating her meal. He jump away with glider Leon and this discovery intriguer him.

"That baby…. I need to know who is she. Its not possible. The only fail arcobaleno I know is Lal Mirch. The who is she?"



"Herbivor. I need to battle that thing first", Hibari look at the baby blankly when the said baby don't want to move from his shoulder.

At this point the others of respective team already were sweatdrop when the baby girl pouting and still wont leave the skylark. This is the first time Tsuna and the others sees Hibari act calm even though the girl keep annoy him not letting him battle.

"Do you see what I see?", Gokudera face panic.

"Hahaha. That girl really cute",Yamamoto claimed.

"…. I don't think.. That's the problem now", Dino said nervously.

"That.. K..kid.. Tamed Hibari-san!", Tsuna almost cried seeing Hibari and baby taming state.

". . . .", Reborn can only observe as he need more information on the girl. Even him, the greatest hitman cant find any information on the girl. "Who is she?", he thought to himself.

Bulan look at the big robot in front of her still latching on Hibari shoulder tightly. When the battle begin by the Cervello twin commence the fight. Hibari can only dodge as he knew that the baby must have something cause she tried to prevent this battle.

"Gola Mosca. Kill that trash", Xanxus still sitting on his throne ordered the robot. The robot shooting more missile towards him and the baby. He still dodge wondering how come the little baby still calm.


"Hmnn..", dodging another missile and bullets.

She point to the center of the body. "Inside… a sky… its weak.. Nii-san need to.. Take him out.. Or the sky will die", she said childishly.

At this, Hibari shoot towards Gora Mosca and separate the head and the arms from the body. He use his tonfa to slice the chest of the the robot cloud. He heard gasp and his eyes almost widen toi when he sees what inside the robot.

"That is Vongola Nono!", Gokudera exclaim. He heard 'tch' from the Varia.

Bulan jump from Hibari shoulder and run towards the old man in the robot. She touch his chest and they covered in silver white flame. A bullet come towards her and Vongola Nono, Hibari not fast enough to reach for his new little companion when Tsuna in his dying will mode save Bulan and unconscious Vongola Nono.

"How could you do this to your own father?! And this to this child! You going to kill them!", Tsuna exclaimed. His now amber eyes full of anger realizing that Xanxus would do anything to get the Vongola rings and become Decimo himself.

"They deserve it.. He deserve it.. They are all trash!", Xanxus locked his aim on Tsuna. This intterupted by the announce fron the twin Cervello.

"This battle will be invalid since there too many interruption from outside people and from them who are not suppose to be in this battle", the first Cervello speak.

"Because of this the result of earlier battle is draw. Tomorrow we will having the Sky ring battle to determine the one who will become Vongola Decimo",the other Cervello ended her speak.

"Why it have to be like this", Tsuna whisper sadly after the Varia and the Cervello leaves with he still on the kneeling with Bulan in his arms. Bulan blink several times before peck on Tsuna nose.

"Hiee?!", this result his dying will dissolve and his amber eyes turn to a regular brown eyes. Looking at the small baby in his arms. Tsuna feel like he is drawn to the baby. He felt safe and comfort from the small baby. It just like the feeling he felt wheb he were little.

"No sad face~~ Nii-chan strong.. You will be okay..",she smile fondly at the brunnete. With that she jump back to Hibari and walk to their home.

Tsuna still not moving from his place only flinch when he were hit by hammer Leon asking him what he dreaming about.

"I think.. I meet her before..", with that more question entered the hitman mind.



: Helllooooooo! Im really sorry… I kinda forgot to update and my muse slowly vanish… but I will try not to abandon this.. I think. Oh and for comment from before.

Guest: Yes.. She will stay with Hibari Kyoya aka the madness of Namimori.

ACasualPotato: Actually.. Yes.. She will meet all of them eventually as or not as arcobaleno. And as for representative battle.. I havent even think of that yet since I am really awful in plot. And for other question.. It's a secret.

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Translation Malay :

1) Tak ada: Do not have

2)Serupa: similar

3)Sedap: Delicious