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Dropping onto the couch with a thud after placing his rifle against its arm, Tristan let out a loud sigh of tiredness as he began to take off the helmet that he wore with his exo-suit. Once the helmet was off, he took a large gulp of water to hydrate himself as he looked at the other guards going about their work for the day.

Tristan, who was 20, was part of Singapore's Commando Forces, helping to guard the base of any external threats while also maintaining a sense of order within the base. Whenever he had to stay in base, he would watch the sun rise from the horizon as he did his patrols. He would watch as fighter jets took off and landed for their training.

He was the son of a retired Overwatch scientist/engineer and a medic. His father worked under Torbjorn to help build weapons and equipment for the field agents while his mother worked alongside the famous Dr. Angela Ziegler to keep patients alive and to provide medical aid whenever field agents were sent out.

Being the son of two Overwatch members gave him some fond memories of both the organization and the people in it. He remembered when he was brought to the Overwatch Headquarters, where he met the likes of Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes, Ana Amari, Reindhardt Wilhelm, Torbjorn Lindholm and Angela Ziegler. To him, that was the best day of his life as he got to be in awe at the founding members of Overwatch.

He had told his parents that he would want to be part of Overwatch, to help keep the world safe. A hero. While his father was all for it, his mother, being the caring person that she was, worried for him but nonetheless gave her approval. However, that dream ended with the fall of Overwatch and the Petras Act being made. With all Overwatch activity deemed illegal, his parents stepped down from their posts and spent the rest of their remaining years in happy retirement.

Before their deaths and the fall of Overwatch, he studied Engineering, Computer Science and Medicine as a way to emulate them. After their deaths however, he served as a Commando in Singapore's Special Operations Force. The four years training to be a Commando was grueling, learning everything from jungle warfare to amphibious warfare and everything in between.

As soon as he was finished with his Commando training, he was assigned to Paya Lebar Air Base as one of the special guards assigned for extra precaution after the news of increased Talon attacks on Military bases. In fact, after he graduated his class, his entire batch was outfitted with the new Merlion class exo-suit made especially for Singapore's Commando units.

Outfitted with a vast array of the latest military technology, the Merlion class exo-suit was made to do everything a Commando was trained to do with four times the strength of a regular man. The wearer of the suit would first put on a polymer-nanofiber black bodysuit, it was just as strong as Kevlar and could stretch up to seven times its original length. Above the bodysuit was a several titanium armor plating covering the chest, arms, hip, legs, calves, feet and hands, allowing for strong protection while not taking away the user's mobility.

Taking inspiration from the Scorpion Exo-Combat Jet Helmet, the military took the design and recreated the helmet with some modification. The first thing they changed was the minimize the visor size to only the size of glasses, as well as add a air purifier to make sure the user did not breath in any toxins. The helmet was also fitted with a Heads Up Display, mini camera, audio recorder and communications set.

The entire suit and helmet was completely vacuum sealed to ensure the safety of the user when in a the water for aquatic missions. Due to the armor being made of titanium, this made the suit extremely durable and very difficult to penetrate but not invincible. Without repairs and constant maintenance, after enough time, the suit would begin to crack before breaking completely. To combat this, the Military researched to create a shield that would protect the user, but the most they could come up with was a small rechargeable shield that would not last long under sustained fire but could give enough time for the Commando to find cover.

The armor was also outfitted with several magnetic clips that would allow a Commando to carry different types of weapons so long as they also had a magnetic clip themselves. Two of them were located on either side of the back as well as behind the waist while two more were on either side of the Commando's legs. In total, a commando could carry up to five weapons at once, though the drawback of doing so would make the user overburdened and slow. That was why most Commando's simply took up three of those slots, their main assault rifle, a side arm and depending on the individual, either a shotgun, sniper rifle or an SMG.

Along the waist were, several metal pouches, carrying ammo, medical supplies and explosives. Overall, the Merlion class Exo-Suit was a walking swiss army knife, able to increase the user's strength, speed and agility, making the Commando even more deadly then they already were.

However at that moment, an explosion jarred him from his reminiscing before the entire base was on high alert. Grabbing his helmet and putting it on, Tristan grabbed his rifle and ran out the door.

Taking cover over an overturned jeep, Tristan could not believe what was happening as he hid from the bullet storm passing over and beside him. Talon had decided to attack the base for no apparent reason, similar to the reports from the bases around the world. If that was the case then he would expect to also encounter the Reaper, as he was also spotted among Talon soldiers as they attacked the other bases.

Peeking over the jeep, he saw that the Talon soldiers were marching forwards, shooting at any of the soldiers trying to take cover or fighting back. Knowing that he had to do something, he grabbed one of his more destructive grenades and tossed it above the Talon forces, who all saw him.

The grenade he tossed was more of a large ball, about the size of a baseball. Instead of the regular grenade shape, this was a metal round ball with a ridge that encircled the entire middle of the ball. The orb was remote controlled by the Tristan and when in position, the ridge would open and the ball would spin rapidly as it spat out small grenades the size of large marbles with the same strength of a normal grenade that would explode upon impact in a 5m radius.

Many in the Commando Unit called the ball 'The Inferno', for it's absolute destruction it does to the area.

As the screams of the wounded and dying Talon soldiers filled the air, Tristan stood from his cover and began barking out orders to the remaining guards.

"Men! Set up a defensive perimeter along the checkpoints!" He ordered.

Knowing that he was the most senior of the guards, the soldiers did as they were ordered and quickly barricaded the checkpoints where vehicles would be checked for anything that could cause problems for the base. Once done, Tristan ordered for two soldiers to get into the bunker and make ready the Gatling gun for suppression fire.

Hearing a loud sound, Tristan looked up and saw a large drop ship fly above and in front of them as it unloaded Talon reinforcements, however that was not all that it dropped off. From the ship, he saw the Reaper standing there, holding onto two large shotgun in both his hands. Next to him was someone who he hoped to never meet and only heard from the news about. Akande Ogundimu also known around the world as Doomfist.

"Men! Concentrate your fire on our new arrivals!" He ordered as he began firing his own weapon at the advancing enemy.

As the sound of gunfire echoed around them, Tristan kept a lookout on his flank in case the Reaper managed to get behind them as his wraith abilities had been reported. Hearing a crunching sound, he turned to the source and saw Doomfist grab a car by its front and threw it towards them.

Tossing his weapon aside, Tristan ran forwards and with his suit's increased agility and strength, managed to catch the car and held it up before swing himself in a circle and threw it back with equal force at Doomfist.

"NO PARKING!" He shouted.

Not taking a break, he quickly grabbed his shotgun from behind his waist and began shooting at the Talon foot soldiers. Taking cover behind an overturned car, he quickly reloaded and waited for his shields to recharge as the guards continued to fire at the enemy. Once his shields were fully recharged, he used the suit to jump high in the air and landed on top of one of the soldiers, startling the enemy. Taking advantage, he quickly shot his shotgun, blowing his enemies back from the blast of his shotgun. Once he heard his weapon click, indicating that it no longer had ammunition, he used the weapon as a makeshift club and began using the enhanced strength to bash his enemies around, knocking them to the ground or worse, breaking some of their bones from the force of his blows.

One of the soldiers managed to knock the weapon from his hand and tried to punch him, only for Tristan to grab the offending fist and throw the person back.

Suddenly the sound of clapping was heard. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the source of the clapping. There standing was Doomfist and the Reaper.

"Most impressive. You can certainly take down many armed soldiers with ease. But how well do you do against a stronger opponent?" Doomfist asked as he got into a fighting stance.

Tristan said nothing as he grabbed his sidearm and tossed away, staring at Doomfist through his helmet. A tense silence hung in the air as both combatants stared the other down, waiting to see would attack first. This lasted for a minute before Tristan, being the big mouthed person he was, asked.

"If we want to fight, can we start. I would rather do something then stare at a man who is clearly compensating for something." Tristan cracked a smile as he heard one of the guards let out a derisive snort while others chuckled.

"Very well." Doomfist replied, ignoring the jab at him.

With speed not found in someone of his size, Doomfist closed the distance between them and tried to finish him in one sing punch from his gauntlet. Where a normal man would be startled by the speed and be too late to react to the fist, Tristan was not a normal man. He was a Commando with a suit that was meant to enhance everything about the user.

Raising his right arm, he quickly stopped the fist, much to the shock of everyone present, including Doomfist. Using this moment of shock, he quickly grabbed the rest of his arm and threw him over his shoulder and towards the ground a little ways away. Tristan waited for Doomfist to get up, who seemed to get his bearing and did not immediately rushed towards him.

"It seems that you are not someone to be underestimated." Doomfist commented. "I will not make the same mistake twice."

"Yeah, Yeah. Can we get this moving. I've yet to have dinner and I'm quite hungry." Tristan quipped back.

With that, the real fight began as both combatants circled one another, getting closer with each step until they were close enough to hit one another. Doomfist, with his larger bod and further reach, attacked first with a right hook. Tristan ducked under the fist and gave a few hard punches to the man's abdomen, only to hear sound of metal. It was then he remembered that he had his entire body enhanced by covering with metal, making very difficult to take down.

A blow to the right side of his head, sent him reeling from the impact as his brain bounced around his head. Shaking himself to reorient himself, he ran towards Doomfist and jumped over the large man and landed in a crouch. Using his small frame he used the suits enhanced strength to deliver a powerful blow to the man's kidney.

This really staggered Doomfist and sent him stumbling. Even with his metal body, his innards were still organic and still susceptible to pain when enough force was applied. Recovering quickly, he pulled his right arm back and charged forward with his Rocket Punch. This caught Tristan by complete surprise and before he knew it he was tumbling backwards from the force of impact that Dommfist's Rocket Punch had. Seeing as his visor was cracked and the HUD showing that his armor was at 85% integrity, he could not take too many of those punches or he would not last.

Getting up, Tristan had to use his speed and smaller frame to his advantage. Running quickly with the suit enhancing his speed, he quickly got into Doomfist's face and rained powerful blows against his entire frame, hitting the bodies weak points as hard as he could and as fast as he could. This only seemed to anger Doomfist as he tried to grab him, only for Tristan dodge out of the way before resuming his attack.

This lasted for a few more seconds before Tristan suddenly felt himself being grabbed by the arm by his gauntlet hand. He felt himself be lifted until he was face to face with a very angry Doomfist. Tristan stared at his very angry opponent through his cracked visor and could only think of one thing.

'Oh shit.' before he slammed to the ground, then lifted over head and slammed on the opposite side. This lasted for about a minute and with every landing he shouted curses in his head. 'Fuck!' Thud. 'Shit!' Thud. 'Motherfu-!' Thud. 'Son of a-!' Thud. 'Ass!' Thud. 'Dick Weasel!' Thud.

By the end of the slams, there were two small crater from where he was slammed and lying in one of those was a very hurt and dazed Tristan.

'Now I know how Loki feels.' He thought as he tried to reorganize himself.

Staring at his HUD he could see all the flashing warnings about how his suit was in a very critical condition, showing that it was only at 25% efficiency. If he kept this up, he would have to use the back up reserves just to stay in the fight, but even those would last that long.

"I expected more of a challenge." Doomfist commented as he looked at his downed opponent. "I will say that you at least put up more of a fight then most of my opponents."

Suddenly the sound of rumbling could be heard and then a spotlight was shown as a large flying vessel was seen landing behind the base's guards. The ship was similar to the enemy dropships but instead of the black and red coloring and the Talon symbol plastered onto the ships, this one was white and grey with a symbol plastered onto the side of the ship.

That symbol brough hope and vigor back into the guards and hesitation and some fear from the Talon intruders. The symbol once brought hope in a time of war and helped to foster and keep the peace after it ended until it was shut down.

Overwatch had returned.

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