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Tristan carefully made his way through the deserted and broken streets of Eichenwalde.

It had been a month since he accepted the recall. In that time he had prepared by training is body in the use of his new arm and the difference in strength it gave him. By the end of the month, he had grown not only in body but also in mind as he learned everything he could about Talon's recent attacks and the new Overwatch.

Before he left, Szu gifted him a modular version of the Merlion armor, as well as his weapons and a single fighter jet for his mode of transportation. Tristan saluted and thanked the Lt General before climbing into the cockpit and taking off.

The fighter jet was a single pilot VTOL state of the art plane that was still in it's manufacturing stage. The one given to him was the prototype that the test pilots used to determine if there any faults to the aircraft. Armed with pulse blasters and six full pods of pulse missiles makes it one of the most dangerous fighters in the world.

He was flying over Eichenwalde when he noticed one of Overwatch's landing craft parked in the middle of the Black Forest that surrounded the former battlefield and final stand of the leader of the German Crusaders during the Omnic Crisis. Landing his aircraft in a large clearing further off, Tristan grabbed his weapons and made his way to the Orca for recon. As he had neared the large aircraft, he noticed that the engines were still running and that the ship was still active.

However, before he could decide on what to do, he heard the telltale sounds of several dropships flying above. Looking up he saw three large dropships with the Talon logo showing proudly on their sides as they made their way to Eichenwalde. Knowing that whatever Overwatch was here for, Talon would also seek to retrieve it. Moving through the forest, Tristan followed the sounds of the dropships hovering above ground as it offloaded troops.

Knowing he did not have the firepower to take down everyone, Tristan decided to simply follow from behind, hoping to strike at the opportune time. He followed them all the way to the streets of Eichenwalde and as he passed by the decaying and broken town, he found rusting parts of Bastion units and OR-14's.

He could see it in his mind, the battle between the omnics and the German Crusaders. The last stand that was said to have happened within the halls of Eichenwalde castle as Balderich von Adler, leader of the Crusaders faced of against the invading omnics allowing time for Reinhardt Willhelm to escape.

Shaking his head to bring himself back to the present, he noted that the group he was following was heading towards the crumbling castle in a hurry and that he could also hear the sounds of battle coming from within. Knowing he did not have the luxury of time, he closed the gap between himself and the group and quietly took out the closest of the group with a snap of his neck. Not wasting time, he moved on to the next person and, grabbing him by his armor, shoved him towards the front of the group, and leaving them in a pile on the ground.

Running forwards through the hall, Tristan made quick work with any small groups of Talon forces quietly so as to not alert the main force that was continuing to fight. As he continued through the large stone hallway, he could hear the fighting began to die down. Not knowing what had happened, Tristan sprinted through the halls even faster until he came upon a balcony overlooking the main hallway.

Looking down he could see Reinhardt with his shield out, protecting his team from a squad of fifteen Talon foot soldiers aiming their weapon at him. Behind Reinhardt, he could see Angela was tending to a man wearing a red poncho while the familiar stature of Torbjorn stood ready next to his turret. One person that caught his interest however was the man wearing a white and blue jacket with a visor over his face and carrying a pulse rifle.

Soldier 76.

He had heard of him before of course, taking out gangs and stopping thieves across the world. He was very efficient and thorough from the reports that were provided. No one really knew who he was except that he was a vigilante and was extremely dangerous.

Focusing once again at what was below him, he could see two people in the front of the Talon forces. Though he could not tell who they were, he could tell that another person was with them though they looked uncooperative by the way that the one on the left held them. Looking down further he could see a large gap in their forces where a smoking pink metal husk lay. Focusing on the metal more, he could just make out the MEKA logo on the body.

"Are you going to surrender? Or will you give me the pleasure of wiping you off of the face of the planet?" one of them asked, breaking Tristan out of his concentration. Recognizing the voice as Reaper, Tristan payed closer attention.

"Let my daughter go you bastard!" Soldier 76 growled as he lifted his weapon higher, pointing it at Reaper.

"If you want your daughter to live, I suggest you lower your weapon." Reaper threatened.

76 reluctantly lowered his weapon, but everyone knew he was pissed and ready to attack. Knowing that if he did not he intervene soon, a young woman's life would be taken and the Overwatch team sent here would die. Grabbing his rifle that was magnetically clipped to his back, Tristan leaned it against the railing before grabbing two of his flashbangs and tossing it to the squad. As soon as the grenades left his hand, he grabbed his weapon and waited for the flashbangs to go off.

Only a moment later, with a loud bang and a flash of bright white that blinded everyone caught unaware, Tristan unleashed his weapon upon the closest Talon foot soldier. Moving his weapon to his next target as soon as the other fell dead, in all the confusion, it did not take long for the entire squad to be killed, with the exception of the two men at the front.

Leaping over the railing, Tristan quickly reloaded his weapon and pointed it at the two men, who had not turned around during the firefight. "You're surrounded, release the girl and surrender."

Neither Reaper nor the other person turned, nor did they release the person they were holding. Tristan tightened the grip held on his weapon, ready for anything that the two might pull. The tension in the room was palpable, neither side knew what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, Reaper spoke. "Surge, deal with the interloper."

Focusing his sight on the man Reaper referred to as Surge, he watched as his opponent turned to face him. As he clipped his weapon to his back the first thing he noticed was that the man, for it was clear by the body shape and stance that he was no push over. The man was decked out in full black armor that covered most of his body with a black bodysuit underneath with the Talon symbol proudly displayed on the left side of his chest and a simple helmet with a v-shaped visor. He had a single holster with a pistol strapped to his right leg and a short carbine pulse rifle that was magnetically clipped to his left leg. Strapped to his back was a jian, a double edged straight sword.

Neither of them moved, each of them waiting for the other to make the first step.

As if by some unspoken word both combatants ran to each other, Tristan and Surge raced towards each other. They met soon after with punches and kicks, dodges and leanings. Just by reading each others fighting moves, both of them knew that the other was evenly matched against the other.

Leaning out of the way of a uppercut, Tristan retaliated with low punch to his opponents abdomen with enough force to send Surge flying into the wall, leaving a large crack where he impacted. When Surge did not get back up, Tristan turned to face Reaper, who had backed up so that his back was facing the wall. In one hand was was his shotgun and in the other was his hostage.

Taking a closer look at the hostage, he was a little taken aback by the fact that it was a teenage girl, perhaps two years younger then him. The first thing he noticed, besides her blue and pink bodysuit was her Asian features. With straight brown hair that flowed down to her shoulders, brown eyes, headphones hanging around her neck and painted on pink whiskers...

'Wait...painted pink whiskers?' he thought.

Concentrating on the girl's face, Tristan was suddenly struck with the realization that he knew this girl.

"Hana?!" he exclaimed.

All was silent as Tristan landed his fighter in the hanger, just next to the Orca. Once the engines were powered down, he waited for the canopy to slide back before exiting the vehicle with his duffel bag. Once on the ground, he turned to face the Overwatch team that he followed as well as Winston, who was just joining the group.

"So, this is the new recruit that came with you?" Winston asked as he ambled towards the front of the group.

"Sure thing is Winston! From what the others said, he took out an entire Talon squad all by himself with nothing but two flashbangs and his rifle. What's more, he even managed to knock Surge off his feet and leave him down." Tracer answered.

Winston seemed impressed if the widening of his eyes were any indication. He then studied Tristan closely, scrutinizing him for one reason or another, searching him for any signs of deception. Finding none, he nodded and gave a big smile.

"Well then, let's move up to the meeting room for a debrief and introductions, everyone else is waiting." Winston said before turning and leading the way to the hanger entrance.

Following after the group, he was led through the lit hallways and a flight of stairs until he entered a large room. In the middle of the room was a large conference table with several comfortable chairs surrounding it. On the far left side of the wall was a plain white screen, most likely used with a projector for meetings. On the opposite side of the entrance was a long window that took up three quarters of the wall with several potted plants under the window. Looking out of the window would allow the person to view the hanger and it's vehicles within.

Taking a seat on one of the many empty chairs, which just so happened to be next to Hana's. Once everyone was seated, Winston, who remained on his feet stood at the front of the table and began introducing everyone.

"Now before we begin, could you come over and tell us more about yourself and your abilities." Winston asked as he indicated to where he stood.

Tristan simply shrugged and got off his chair and made his way to the front. Once he was at the front, he began by removing his helmet and setting it upon the table. His eyes roamed around the entire table, only now noticing the other occupants. To his left side was Torbjorn, sitting on a chair that only allowed everyone to only see his head, next to him sat the woman who had saved him from Reaper during the base attack. Next to her was an older woman with an eyepatch above her right eye with Soldier 76 sitting next to her. After that, it was Mercy, Tracer, Hana and then himself with Reinhardt standing between Mercy and Tracer as there was no seat big enough for him.

"My name is Tristan Marke, I am the son of Alphonse and Marian Marke, younger brother to Ian Marke and Commando of the Singapore Armed Forces." He introduced. There seemed to be shock from the older members while Tracer was somewhat lost with Hana staring at him, mouth agape.

"Little Tristan?" Mercy asked.

"Hello Ms Ziegler, it's good to see you again." Tristan greeted with a smile.

Reinhardt let out a loud laugh as he clasped his hands together. "Ah! My how you have grown from that small child who followed his parents to work. Tell us, how are your family?" he asked.

"Well, my parents both passed away a few years ago, while my brother is now working for an infrastructure company after he retired from Blackwatch just before it's collapse." Tristan answered. "Anyway, officially I'm back home on medical leave, unofficially however,I'm being assigned to work with Overwatch as an agent to deal with Talon and the threat they pose to the world."

That seemed to catch everyone off guard as they stared at him in disbelief.

Taking a breath, he continued. "I was tasked with joining Overwatch to help you put a stop to whatever Talon is trying to accomplish. When I asked how, considering the Petras Act-" Here, most of the older generation had a dark look about them, with 76 even growling and his hands clenched in fists. Only Mercy's hand on top of his own seemed to calm him down before he gave a stiff nod. "All I was told is that the UN is running out of ideas and when they heard about Overwatch's revival, they decided not to do anything."

"But why would they choose not to do anything if they knew about us?" Tracer asked.

"From what I was told, it seems that the UN is willing to allow you to put a stop to Talon's operations, but that they will act again if they believe that history is going to repeat itself with you." Tristan explained before abruptly shaking his head. "Anyway, back to your original question, I've been trained in the art of hand to hand and sword fighting. As a Commando, I was trained to be able to handle any firearm given to me, and with who my parents were and what they did, I learned everything about medicine and engineering from them."

"That is quiet the list of abilities and skills you possess Tristan." Winston stated with nods from the rest. He then turned to the rest of the team and asked. "What do you guys think, should we bring him in as our newest recruit?"

There was a series of nods and words of approval from everyone about his recruitment of him. With everyone agreeing on his involvement, Winston continued on with the mission debriefing. From what he listened to, the team was sent to Eichenwalde to confirm rumors about Talon activity in the area. When the rumors turned out to be a trap, the team managed to barricade themselves within the castle. A long battle ensued until was left without her mech and held hostage.

That was when he came in and took out the squad with Reaper and Surge. Once that was done, he fought against Surge and bested him. With Reaper backed to a corner, and Tristan getting over his shock of who his hostage was, the terrorist knew he was outnumbered and outgunned. So he shoved forwards and quickly retreated, along with a now conscious Surge. With the ambush thwarted and the team back at full strength, introductions were made between Tristan, who asked to be called Merlion, and the rest of the team.

When asked how he knew her name, Tristan simply answered by saying that all introduction would be made if the rest of the team would allow him join Overwatch. Most within the group agreed, with Reinhardt and Mercy giving their approval while Torbjorn and 76 were wary. McCree, who was the one with the red poncho and wearing a cowboy hat was indifferent to it but gave his approval while Hana also gave her approval. With most of the team in agreement on his joining them, the group all made their way back to the Orca where he was introduced to Tracer, who was Overwatch's resident pilot. She was more then happy to allow for him to follow them when he said that he had his own aircraft.

"If there is nothing else, then I can say this debriefing is done." Winston stated before leaving the room to update the roster.

With that everyone began to file out of the room with Reinhardt at the front. Tristan followed with his belongings as well but was stopped by Angela before he could exit the room.

"Yes, Ms Zeigler? How may I help you." He asked politely to the medic.

She gave a small smile and tilted her head slightly. "I was hoping you could come by tomorrow morning to the infirmary for a check up."

"Any specific time?" Tristan asked.

"I'd say about 7am, just before breakfast." Angela replied.

Nodding in understanding, Tristan left the meeting room and was about to leave for his bed when he realized that he did not know where he was going to be sleeping. Slapping his own forehead in stupidity, he turned around to ask Angela for some help in directions only to find her gone and the hallway empty.

"Great! My first night here as part of Overwatch and I can;t even find my way to my own room!" Tristan exclaimed in frustration before grumbling to himself.

"Perhaps I may be of assistance." A voice offered.

"Who's there?" Tristan asked, eyes searching for the where the voice could have come from.

"My name is Athena, I am an A.I computer system in charge of the running and overseeing of Watchpoint: Gibraltar and the MV-261 Orca during and in between missions." Athena replied.

Relaxing slightly, Tristan looked towards the ceiling. "Do you know if there are any spare rooms I can sleep in for the night?" he asked.

"Please follow the hall down to the second left turn and towards the third room on the right." Athena answered.

Nodding in thanks, Tristan picked up his bag and followed the directions given to him. "Thanks Athena."

"My pleasure, Agent Tristan." Athena replied before going silent once more.

It did not take him long to find the room that Athena instructed him to find. As he passed by the other doors, he noticed that some of them had fresh name plates engraved upon the doors to identify one person's room from another while others were bare of any identification.

He came to a stop in front of his room, which he noticed was next to 76's room what with the number 76 on the name plate. Looking at door, he found a touch-pad that showed if the room was locked or not, pressing the large rectangular button, he watched as the door slid open to the left and the lights within flickered on.

Stepping into his new room, he carefully made his way forward through the short corridor that opened up to the rest of his room. He took in the grey spartan room with only a bed that was against the wall with a bedside table next to it. A large table sat parallel to the bed with a chair that faced towards the front door. A large window was set behind the chair, giving him a wonderful view of the ocean and the city below him. At the foot of the bed was a cupboard where he would house his clothing, armor and weapons. Next to the cupboard was another door. Opening the door, he found a simple bathroom with a shower on the opposite side, a toilet seat next to it. A table sink that was attached to the wall with a large mirror that covered the entire wall.

Overall, he liked his new room.

Putting his bag in the cupboard to be dealt with tomorrow, he quickly got out of his armor and weapons and laid on his new bed, sleep taking him in quickly.

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