There had been many theories as to how I had been murdered. The prevailing theory at the moment was a 'lover's quarrel gone horribly wrong', pssh because that's the only reason a female would be burnt beyond recognition. Jackasses. Honestly though, I'm surprised they were even able to tell that the body on their autopsy table was a female. The worst part, I'm stuck wherever my body is for the moment. That means stuck in the Medical Examiners cold room until they can figure out what to do. I can't be seen by anyone either, which then also means that I can't tell them who I am or what happened to me. Actually, scratch that, the worst part is people walking through you, like you were a cloud or something. It always feels uncomfortable. After a couple of weeks at the M.E's office with no leads, my case was classified as 'cold case – unsolved'. The M.E's office signed off on my body being sent somewhere to be buried or cremated… I don't know which I wasn't paying much attention after I heard 'cold case – unsolved.' What do you do when you are essentially invisible? Couldn't speak to anyone, couldn't eat anything, couldn't drink or feel. The movies never made the afterlife seem so dull, so boring. I mean, I can't even make a frickin' breeze! Can't make lights flicker and I thought life before death was boring.

The sound of voices arose me from my cloud watching. One voice sounded distinctly female, the other was distinctly male. The male's accent was thick, like he was from Manchester, and the female's accent was London, maybe? Wait, were they talking about auras? What are they, psychics or something? Huffing I sat up and tried to see between the headstones, no luck. Great, that means moving. I stood and, quietly, moved closer to the voices. The guy was telling the girl to 'relax her mind' and 'really look' at the people in front of them. I followed his instructions, more out of curious boredom than anything else. I was just about to give up when I saw it, the aura of the man in front of us was a pale colour but with a darker shade around his head. What the hell did that mean? The girl in grey described the exact thing I saw to the Manchester dude. I must have gasped aloud because the girl in grey turned around with her hands raised to her mouth.

Apparently, the girl in grey's name is Annie, and she talks…. A lot… and really quickly too, it's hard to keep up. Seriously? What is she an energiser bunny or something? After Annie introduced herself and, I really wanna say Gilbert but I'm not entirely sure if that's his name, she invited Gilbert and I back to her place. It was weird how okay she was with being a ghost, how she seemed to be so… put together, for lack of a better phrase. Later on, Annie started talking about her 'tenants' like it was the most normal thing in the world. She spoke so fast that all I really caught was George, Mitch, Were…pire? And that that's how they could see her… to say I was confused was just scraping the surface of how I felt. Like, was it even possible for us to be seen by others? When he was finally able to get a word in, Gilbert (he confirmed that that was indeed his name), told me that George and Mitchell were a 'werewolf' and 'vampire' and that's how they could see Annie and him. This was a joke, right? Vampire's and werewolves exist? I mean I was still trying to get to grips with ghosts being a thing never mind wrapping my head around the idea of vampires and werewolves too. This was going to be a long afterlife, I could tell.