Chapter 1
As Samantha packed her bags, she couldn't help but look at the picture of her and her family. Well, it was more of her family because her little brother had pushed her out of the way and her family didn't notice until they got the picture and realized that only Samantha's foot was in the picture. She decided to take it because she knew she would get homesick. It wasn't that her parents abused her, they were just mean. They didn't pay much attention to her. Not only that, but her parents were always fighting and talking about divorce, and sometimes, her father would just leave for a few days. And her mother would always take it out on her! She was sick of it. Samantha had planed this out perfectly. After school she would call her mom and tell her that she was going to spend the night at her friend's house. Then she would go to the bank and take out all the money that she had to live a lifelong dream, to go to Tokyo, Japan .she didn't know what she would do when she got there, but anything was better than staying in Texas. She went through the day jittery and excited , telling all her teachers off. Since she figured it was her last day there, she might as well have some fun. The only class she paid attention to was her Japanese language class. She was going to Japan, after all. After school, she called her mom and went to the bank, but how would she get to the airport? She didn't want to waste her money, so she decided to try to walk it. About halfway, she really got tired and needed a break. The only place she could think of to go to was one of her favorite places, the library.

Samantha was surprised when she walked into the library. The downtown library was usually so crowded, but today it was pretty much empty. She went to go find an interesting book to read before she left. By the time she finished the book, the library was closing. She looked up at the clock that was on the wall. It was 9 o' clock p.m.! Everyone was filing out of the building slowly, waiting to get their books checked out so they could get home. Samantha smiled and sat up, ready to go home also. 'I 'm so stupid' she thought, siting back down 'I don't have a home anymore.' She didn't have any more time to think about it though, because she soon heard a security guard coming. 'Oh no' she thought, ' I forgot! The security guards! Where can I hide?' she looked around, but the only place she could think of was the restroom. But the only one she could think of was another floor up. But she decided to make a dash for it anyway. As soon as the security guard came to the section she was in, she ran up the stairs. "Hey, come back down here," shouted the security guard. About half way up the stairs, she could hear the guard running up not far behind her. She soon got to the second floor, and without looking at the sign, ran into what she thought was her destination, not realizing that it wasn't a restroom at all. As soon as she closed the door, a reddish-purple light enveloped her, and then everything went black.

'darn them homeless people' thought the security guard, running up the stairs after the young girl. He had almost caught up to her, but she was already halfway up the stairs. He got to the second floor just in time to see her run into the 'restricted room'. 'I've got you now punk' he thought happily. He slowly approached the room, and then slowly turned the knob. And then, not wasting a second, he burst through the door, only to find that it was empty. " I could have sworn that she came in here" he thought out loud as he walked out of the room, not noticing the "universe of the four gods" book lying on the floor.