Chapter 10

"Why the hell did you bring him with you?" Samantha woke up to hear people talking all around her. She saw a few hazy figures walking around her "I don't know, I just kinda.. felt like I had to. Like it was my responsibility to bring him." "So, what are we gonna do with him?" That's all Samantha heard before she blacked out. She was too tired and she ached all over, so she decided that wherever she was and whoever she was with would be discovered after she woke up.

"Is he still asleep?" asked Genrou, "are you sure he's even alive?" "Yeah, but I don't know for how long. He hasn't woken up for days. I'm starting to worry," replied Kouji with a worried frown, "I mean, how long can you sleep? Genrou, while you're here, can you watch him while I go get so more hot water for the boy's head?" "Yeah, whatever." Kouji left, leaving Genrou and the other boy alone. "Your name is Sam right. Well, nice to meet you Sam. I'm Genrou, the guy who saved your #%$!%&*^ ass!" All of a sudden, Sam sat up. "What the #$# % !"

Samantha awoke to talking and violent poking. "Your name is Sam right. Well, nice to meet you Sam. I'm Genrou, the guy who saved your #%$!%&*^ ass!" 'Where did I hear that name before?' Samantha thought to herself. She couldn't seem to remember, but then she suddenly remembered the most recent events. "What the #$# % !" she heard as she sat up. She turned around to face none other than the man who she remembered fighting last. Of course, now he looked quite shocked. "It's you!" Samantha yelled at the top of her lungs. "I have a name you know" said the man "it's Genrou, and nice to meet you too" "I already knew that" said Samantha. She looked the man over. He had wild orange hair and amber eyes that sent a fiery shock down her spine. 'So his name is Genrou' she thought to herself. She knew she had heard that name before, she just didn't know where from. Now that she did though, she wasn't going to let her capture go in vain.

'Why the F*&% is he just sitting there?' Genrou asked himself as he looked down at the boy, who was glaring at him. This was the first time he really got a good look at the boy. He had brown hair with streaks of light brown in different places, one of the signs that they were natural. He had green eyes that made Genrou feel as if at any moment he was going to drown in a sea of green "So," said Genrou after a significant pause, "are you going to tell me if I got your name right?" "I don't plan to!" yelled the boy. Genrou was about to say something to him, but there was a knock at the door. "Excuse me sir" said a man, "I just wanted to make sure everything was alri-" he stopped short and starred at the boy, gave him a glare, and turned back to Genrou. The boy, on the other hand, had a look of terror on his face.

"Everything's fine" said Genrou. 'It's him!' thought Samantha. She recognized him as a spy from Mt. Kaou. 'Why would he be here.' Samantha got up from the bed and started making her way toward the spy, but fell trying to get up. "Are you okay?!" asked Genrou. He tried to help her up, but out of pure frustration, Samantha pushed his arm out of the way. "Get away!" she looked up and saw a quick flash of annoyance in his eyes. "Umm . sir, I was sent here to take care of him." "Oh, okay then" said Genrou, leaving, "and expect me back to finish our conversation." He snapped at Samantha. As soon as he left, Samantha turned to the spy, who was glaring evilly at her. "What are you doing here?" Samantha demanded. "I would usually ask you the same question, but I was already informed of the happenings around here." He said sniggering. " I was actually stationed here before the boss sent me word of your capture." Samantha had no clue what to say. What could she say? Before she could think about it anymore, he said, " I'll come back to check on you later. Since you're here, I can leave. If you can, destroy what these pathetic bandits have left. I doubt you can though, you're just some loser we found on the streets." And with that, he threw something on the bed and walked out. Samantha was just able to stuff it in her clothes when Genrou and Kouji came through the doors.

***Authors Notes***

What is the package that the spy gave to Samantha? Did Genrou and Kouji see it? Did they hear what Samantha and the spy were saying? Is Samantha ever going to tell them what her name is? Most of these questions will be answered (most, not all. You aren't going to find out what that package was until wayyy later) in the next chapter. So until next time, byyye.