"B-Be my boyfriend!"

"J..just for today."

On a lazy Sunday mid-day Hachiman was enjoying his MAXX canned coffee, reading his new light novel Its like looking into a Mirror By Garden Of Avalon {1} on the couch, when suddenly, Komach appears in front of him and asked the unexpected.

Hachiman stares blankly at Komachi, unsure if he heard her correctly.

"Sorry? Could you repeat that?"

"Pleeeeeese Onii-chan! Nobuchi is usually an expensive place to eat but, with this couple's promotion this Sunday, the price became reasonable for a set meal."

Oh that's what she means.

As Komachi looked at Hachiman with pleading eyes, it was only a matter of time before he gives in.

She really wants to go... and I can't say no when she looks like that... its just lunch it won't kill me.

"Okay, Okay I'll go if you stop looking at me like that, it hurts my heart you know."

"Yahoo!, I'll get ready now, you should too, and nothing dreary please."

"Hai, hai..."

"On second thought, why don't I help you!"

Somewhat baffled as to why Komachi feels the need to assist him, he rebuttals quickly.

"Wait, despite what you think I'm quite confide-"

"Nope!, I'm going to help you Onii-chan, id like you to dress a bit more spiffy than usual."

With Komachi beaming a thousand-watt smile, the older of the two siblings eventually give in... Again

One day that cutesy smile won't work on me... one day.

"Okay Komachi, run along now and just leave the clothes you want me to wear near the bathroom, i'll just take a quick shower, then we'll go, okay?"

"Mm, sounds good!"

*15 mins later*

"Komachi, have you picked out the clothes yet? Its getting kind of cold here." He yells across the hall.

"Hai, one-moment Onii-chan I'm bringing them now." She answers back.

Komachi picks up a white T-shirt, a nice jumper, socks, a pair of trousers, and some boxers, she blushes when she picks the boxers.

It doesn't hurt to check if the shirt is clean. She silently convinced herself.

She then sniffs the shirt, just to make sure its clean! Nothing more... though she inhales quite deeply.

She picks the clothes up and brings them to the front of the bathroom door.

"Dozoo Onii-chan, here are your clothes, they'll look great on you!"

Hachiman sticks his head and his right hand along with his right side outside the door.

Hachiman smiles, albeit in a creepy sort of way due to his eyes, then ruffles Komachi's hair.

"Mou Onii-chan." She reddens slightly but masks it with fake anger.

"Ah, sorry... thanks again." He says

He then takes the clothes and closes the bathroom door. Komachi moves downstairs near the Kitchen, gaining a house key, and begins to shut off the lights.

Hachiman proceeds to wear the attire, exit the bathroom, then travels down the stairs where he meets Komachi who is now waiting near the entrance.

"All set Komachi?"

"Mm, lets goooooo Hachiman."

Hachiman's eyes widen a bit at the sudden usage of his first name.

"Hachiman?" He inquires.

"Hai, as of right now we could use the practice acting as a c-couple, so we're convincing at lunch." She reasons, though there is a tint of red on her cheeks.

"I see... well I suppose that makes sense."

Hachiman holds his hand out as Komachi looks at him for the meaning of his gesture.

"Well since we're... a coupe shouldn't we hold hands?" He questioned.

"Oh er yeah! let's do then!" Komachi decides, then she proceeds to grab his right hand with her left.

They both glance where their hands are joined then momentarily made eye contact with one another.

While both smiling and blushing as they turned their heads forward, they proceeded toward their destination.

As they walked along, they stopped off and on to window shop, taking their time.

I can't remember the last time I did something with Komachi like this. It's quite nice actually. Thought Hachiman.

They arrived at the restaurant and sat inside near a window booth. They were across from each other and soon after their seating an attendant came to take their order.

"Hello, welcome to Nobuchi! Are you and your date like to try our special today? It details your choice of parmesan chicken or grilled tilbit, to top it off with our couple's delight, a large strawberry milkshake, added whipped cream with one of those lovey-dovey two-way straws."

Hachiman looks for Komachi's response.

"Yep! That's the one! Sounds good ay Ha•Chi•Man? She chirps.

"Indeed it does Ko•Ma•Chi." He grins.

As soon as Hachiman grins, the waiter winces, unlike Komachi who smiles back at Hachiman with a million watt smile.

As the waiter returns to a friendly demeanor, and sees Komachi's smile he states..

"Already then! your order will be out shortly." As he was behind Komachi walking away, he smiles and gives two thumbs up to Hachiman before returning to the kitchen.

As the waiter left, time became ample, and so the two started chatting.

"So, hows er... school so far?" Hachiman was genuinely at a loss for a conversation so he opted for what they had in common.

"Hm... well I got good scores on everything except History."

"Oh well, I can help you with that, anytime, just let me know."

"Ah thanks, I actually have a history exam coming up fairly soon, so if you could help me with that-"

"Sure! Id is glad to."

As they bantered on, and eventually the waiter came with their food.

"Here we are, one Chicken parmesan, one grilled tilbat with a side of rice, and for drinks are cola and water."

"Ah, thanks."

"Enjoy your meal!"

The waiter smiles, then departs.

"Mmm, delicious," Komachi states as she takes a bite of her meal.

"Here On-Hachiman try this." Komachi then takes a bit of her chicken using her utensil and moves it toward his face.

"Say ahhh" she grins.

"Ahhh" Hachiman mimics.

Hachiman bites it, and nods his head in approval.

"Mm, it really is!" He concurs

"Oh Komachi, you got a bit on your face."




"Still no."

Hachiman moves his hand toward Komachi's right cheek.

"Here." He states.

He wipes a bit of the sauce from her cheek with his thumb and then licks his thumb.

"You look fine now." He states

"A-ah, thank you." She blushes.

The Hikigayas continue to eat their respective meals, chatting idly way until Hachiman's suggests something to Komachi.

"It was such a nice day spending time with you. Why not we continue after lunch? There's a new movie at the cinema called Color Me True {2} that looks interesting... would you like to see it today?" Hachiman asked looking a bit apprehensive.

"Sure! I've been having a great time so far with you as well! And id like to extend it, Kyaa that must have earned me some Hachiman points." She smiles, filled gitty.

"Alrighty then, it settled, after lunch." He states with an earnest smile.

Although by smiling the other patrons who notice shudder and look away.

By this time they finished their main dish, and dessert was on the way.

Their waiter comes with a rather large milkshake and is accompanied by a waitress holding a camera.

"Aaaaaand for the final piece, your dessert! A strawberry milkshake topped with whipped cream and fruits." Stated the waiter.

"We hope you don't mind, we would like to photograph you when you start to sip from the straw, to further promote our special." Stated the waitress.

"I don't think-"

"Sure! Were fine with that, right Hachiman." Interjected Komachi.

"O-Oh yea, sure if your fine with that." Uttered Hachiman.

"Splendid, okay ready?" The waitress looked with anticipation.

Hachiman and Komachi then place their lips On the respective end of the straw

They look at each other's eyes when they do so and wait for the waitress to finish.

"1,2,3 Cheezu." With a flash, the picture was taken.

"Would you like a copy of the photo?" Asked the waitress.

""Yes please."" Both Hikigayas said in unison.

Both glanced at each other with crimson red cheeks and turned away due to embarrassment.

"Ah, youth. The photos will be done shortly so enjoy your desert until then!" The waitress gave a cheery smile, as did the waiter and they both departed.

Both Komachi and Hachiman still drank from the twisted straw, red from embarrassment, and refuse to make eye contact until the glass emptied.

Their embarrassment eventually subsided, and later laughed about it.

"Of all the things to get embarrassed over." Chuckled Hachiman.

"Yea, it's just a photo, it's not like a kiss or anything." Chimed in Komachi

"Yea not like a kiss," Hachiman added.

"Mhm" she concurs

Komachi gazed at his lips for a time, until her concentration was broken by him.

"Well, are you all set?" He asked

Komachi blankly blinked then responded

"H-Hai, all ready!" She responded.

Soon after they began to leave, Hachiman paid for both of their meals (¥3200 by the way opposed to the average ¥5000 for meals) a medium photo, and a wallet size photo of the two. Then placed the wallet-sized photo in his billfold that had the clear plastic opening.

Komachi paid for a medium photo, and a wallet size one as well.

"Please come again!" Stated the desk attendant

As they exited the store, Hachiman asked Komachi once again.

"Still up for the cinema?"

"You bet Hachiman!"

"You're still calling me that?"

"Of course, you are my.. my boyfriend for today."

"Ah right, for today."

"W-Well anyway, lets gooo!"

Komachi rushes ahead a bit, then stops to turn around.

"Well come on slowpoke!" She exclaimed

"Hai, Hai, right behind you." He smiles

With Hachiman Slightly picking up the pace, they both move towards the cinema.

*********************************End Of Chapter**************************

{1} This title is an actual fanfiction in light novel format

{2} A Japanese Romantic movie