After classes were through, Hikigaya alongside Yuigahama left for the service club. Yui was oddly fidgety as they walked toward the club were upon near entry Yui gained Hikigaya's attention.

"Ano!" Hikigaya looked back at Yui inquisitively.

"Hm? Whats the matter." He asked

"W-What is your relationship with Tsujimoto-san?" She managed to choke out.

Hikigaya stared blankly a Yui, suprised by the question.

"My relationship?" He asked

"Mm" she affirmed

"Besides the supplementary committee force?" He asked

"Mm." She responded.

Should I tell her that Im helping Tsujimoto privately? It sounds like she knows something already…. best not give the wrong impression…. sorry Tsujimoto.

"Well… she asked for assistance in cooking as well, from which I obliged to help her and her request." He stated.

"Ah, is that so? I wondered why you guys were in the Home Economics room the other day." She nodded to herself.

"Yea, that would be the reason." He confirmed

"Well, we better not keep Yuki waiting!" Yui smiled

Well thats a certain change in mood… at least shes more cheery now. Hikigaya contemplated.

As Hikigaya entered behind Yui, their regular greetings were exchanged, followed by playful insults endibg with Yui and Yuki conversing among themselves with Hikigaya giving his two cents from time to time while reading.

The day was coming to a close, as Yukinoshtia was about to suggest that they call it a night, a knock on the door was was heard.

"Come in. " Yukino said.

"Ah, hello, I just wanted to drop by for Hach- *Ahem* Hikigaya-Kun." Tsujimoto corrected herself.

As Hachiman turned to his club mates, then look of betrayal was seen on Yui's face.

"Hikki…" She sorrowfully said.

"Hikigaya-Kun, would you like to explain?" Yukino's demener altered to a blank state.

"A-Ah, well…. I was assisting Tsujimoto-San with a problem of hers." He stated.

Yukino turned toward Tsujimoto.

"Its uh… Disciplinary Committee business, so It is something I can not discuss." Tsujimoto stated with a business like demeanor.

"I see…, well it cant be helped." Yukino stared at Tsujimoto for a time before relenting.

"Right… well Ill be departing first then to assist the committee head, excuse me Hachiman stated.

Tsujimoto exited first followed by Hachiman, as they left the closed the door

As they left, Yui turned to Yukinoshita, expecting her neutral face to remain, instead, a darkened expression was seen, her hands connected and near her face in a contemplative manner.

Scared, Yui tried to call for Yukinoshita's attention.

"A-Ano… Yukino?"



Yukinoshita's dark demeanor shifted as she turned to look at Yui.

"Dont you think their behaviors are a bit… curious?" She asked.

"I do admit it is odd, but, dont worry I already asked him." Yui tried to sound reassuring, however, she herself was faltering.

"Hm… well, we'll just have to press him further tomorrow." Yukinoshita concluded.

"H-How?" Yui asked, still concerned about Yukino's dark aura.

"Hm? Oh no worries Yui, my look at the time, I think it's best we head home for the day.

As Yukinoshita left, Yui was still sitting.

"S-So how are we going to ask him about information regarding the two?" She asked again.

Yukinoshita opened the door, and stopped. She turned to Yui and smiled.

"In the most uncomfortable way." And with that she left a dumfounded and clueless Yui to her own devices.

-Line Break-

Tsujimoto and Hachiman walked alongside his bike toward Komachi's school

"So you pick your sister up everyday?" She asked.

"Well.. most days? I guess." He replied.

"Dont you think you're smothering her too much?" She asks.

After a bit of contemplation, Hachiman responded.

"She hasn't said anything about disliking it." He states.

"Maybe she's too nice to say the otherwise?" She firef back.

"Perhaps?" Hachiman now unsure.

"How are things in the service club?"

"Peaceful… and the committee?"


"I can imagine."

The two continued their back and forth until they reached the entrance of Komachi's middle school.

-Line Break-

Komachi, flanked by her friends saw her Onii-Chan with a stranger.

As she stared, one of her friends saw what she was staring at and commented.

"Ooh, looks like your Onii-Chan has a girlfriend." She smiled.

"They look adorable together, dont they?" The othet smiled.

"Uh.. yea haha, they look cute." She smiled, but it appeared to be strained.

As the friends said their goodbyes, Komachi took a deep breath, and approched the two waiting at the gate.

-Line Break-

"Hey you." Hachiman stated.

"Hello Onii-Chan! Hello…?" She trailed off.

"Ah, this is Tsujimoto, im helping her with something today." He explained.

"Im also here to help you with a play of yours." Tsujimoto smiled.

But it was supposed to be only us two.

Komachi's lip slightly postioned to a pout, picking up on this Hachiman asked if everything was okay.

"Y-yep, never better." She managed to get out.

"Right, well shall wenhead out?" Suggested Tsujimoto.

"Okay then, are you ready Komachi?" Hachiman asked.

"Hai." She said.

As they all began to walk toward the Hikigaya residence, the two resumed the banter, however, Komachi was not interjecting or adding to the conversation as her cheery self.

While the two continued side by side, Komachi was slightly behind.

Who is this person? She thought.

Hachiman hasn't brought anyone much less any girl home with him, notneven membets of the service club, yet this girl was.

She was suposed to only gain help from her Onii-Chan yet they seem really chummy with each other.

What did those two think of her? She wondered.

"We are almost there." Hachiman stated.

"Okay then." She replied.

As they reached the house, Komachi was a bit out of sorts, while the two entered into the kitchen, she went upstairs to take a bath.

Maybe a bath will enable me to relax. She thought.

"Ill be going to take a bath Onii-Chan." She said.

"Okay, Tsujimoto and I will make dinner then we can practice okay?"

"Ha, hai." She said a bit exasperated.

As Komachi dragged herself upstairs, a passing thought stayed in her mind.

Im sure im making it seem bigger then it really is, everything will be fine…. right?

-Ending note.-

Its been awhile, but this chapter had been half finshed a month ago so i just went to do the other half, it may be a but rough but then again this while fic could be considered rough. Inconsistency is met Id imagine if one read this from start to finished, however, one day, ill fix that when I gain the drive to do so.

Until the next time.