"It's a nice evening, isn't it?" Tsujimoto smiled.

"I suppose it is a bit cool." Returned Hachiman.

"The school festival won't be far now." Mused Tsujimoto

"I suppose not." Returned Hachiman

The banter between these two seem amicable to Komachi, while it was nice seeing her Onii-Chan engaged with light banter with a girl no less, she felt an underlying discomfort on how familiar the two talked.

Eventually, the three were in front of the Tsujimoto residence, it was indeed close to the Hikigayas, perhaps too close for Komachi's liking, however, for today at least this visitation was over. Living only a couple blocks down, mild apprehension surfaced when thoughts of Tsujimoto appearing more often passed.

She shook these thoughts away

This is good for him, some progress at least she reasoned

As Tsujimoto entered through the front door, she turned to the two standing on the street adjacent to the path leading to the dooryard.

"Have a nice evening, and thanks again for the meal." She smiled.

Turning to direct her gaze at Komachi, she continued.

"Thanks for your patience as well Komachi-Chan!" She grinned.

Komachi returned a slightly strained smile.

"Until next time." She smiled at Hachiman

"Until next time." Responded Hachiman, who shone a slight upturn of the mouth.

As they departed, a comfortable silence was present between the Hikigayas as they began to make their way home. After a few minutes away, Komachi who was walking next to Hachiman closed the gap between herself and him, leaning her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around his.

Surprised at this action he turned to look down toward the now close Komachi, her face when looking back as his was filled with a soft smile with upturned corners.

"Before Komachi knew it, you became quite the ladies man." Jested Komachi, her head now once again leaning on him.

"Me? The king of loners? Are you feeling well Komachi? A mock look of concern was seen on Hachiman's face when he turned to Komachi.

"Besides, who needs a girlfriend when I have a cute imouto already? That must have earned me some Komachi points at least." Continuing the jest.

"Uwah, gross Gomi-Chan, totally gross." A look of disappointment was clear on Komachi's face. Although dusting of butterflies was momentarily present in her stomach. As she looked up at Hachiman.

"But I'll let it slide today." She continued, as she pressed into his shoulder with a slight increase of force.

They continued onward, where eventually they had reached the convenience store. As they entered, they separated then both made their way to the frozen section to get the pudding Komachi had reasoned for her insistence to tagging along.

"What do you think? Strawberry or vanilla?" asked Komachi.

"Whatever you like." He responded.

"Mou, come on Onii-Chan, which one?" She pressed

"Hmm…. Vanilla." He relented

"Vanilla it is!" She grabbed two and headed toward the register, with Hachiman close behind.

Despite his choice, Hachiman was not fond of vanilla, however, upon knowing Komachi's preference despite her inquiry, he chose the type she would most enjoy.

As they reached the register, Komachi was about to pay the amount due, when Hachiman intervened and paid for her.

As Komachi looked at him questioningly, he responded.

"I can spoil my imouto once and awhile you know." She stated matter-a- factly.

"O-Oh, I see." A faint smile dusted across Komachi's face.

"Besides, it's to make up for my gross comment earlier." He jibed

Komachi laughed at his jest as they left the store. As they continued their way home she resumed her position she had before entering the store, as Hachiman was holding on to the bag.

After a few more minutes of walking, the familiar view of the Hikigaya residence was in sight, when they crossed into the dooryard and into the front door, Hachiman opened it for her then subsequently followed her after her entrance.

""we're home."" Both uttered to no one in particular.

As Hachiman moved to put the pudding away, Komachi headed upstairs.

"I'll take a bath first, okay?" Komachi asked.

"Okay then, I'll go after." Responded Hachiman

"Kay." She yelled already up the stairs.

As Hachiman finished putting the items away, he sat on the couch, where he laid his head back to stair at the ceiling. With his head tilted and eyes closed A feeling of relief swept over him due to a long day almost coming to a close.

After Komachi was finished showering, she called for Hachiman to notify him that she finished showering.

"Onii-Chan, I'm finished." She waited for his usual response to only find a lack thereof.

After dressing for around the house, namely some shorts and a shirt she "borrowed" from Hachiman, she opened his room, expecting him to be there.

"Onii-Chan?" She said apprehensively as she opened his door.

Huh, maybe he's down stairs she thought.

As she ventured downstairs, she was met with his sleeping face on the couch.

Ah, I see now

She smiled as she moved toward him.

As she moved to wake him, she paused momentarily. Staring at him, contemplating whether she should immediately wake him, or let him rest for a few more minutes.

He looks so comfortable… should I wake him? He'd probably be more relaxed if he took a shower though...

While in her thoughts, Hachiman could feel someone staring at him and promptly sat up.

"Komachi?" He questioned

Caught off guard, she stammered in her response.

"T-The bathroom is free now." She managed.

"Oh, thanks for telling m-." Hachiman stopped in mid sentence and stared at Komachi's chest briefly before looking at her.

"W-what?" She asked

"Is that my shirt?" He countered.

"Um… is that bad?" She continued

"Uh, no just wondering is all." He stated

He then rose from his position on the couch.

"Anyway, thanks for telling me, I'll be headed up then." As he moved, he ruffled the hair of Komachi in passing.

"Mou.. Onii- Chan I just combed it." She whined

"Oh sorry, I could recomb it for you if you like." He laughed

The thought briefly crossed Komachi's mind, and before she reviewed her response, she ended up blurting out what came into mind.

"Okay then." A look of surprise from both parties was present.

"I mean, if that's fine… with… you?" She said with uncertainty .

"Er… sure, after my shower I can." He stated.

"O-Okay." She said.

Hachiman continued to make his way up to the restroom, and Komachi watched him go.

Well, that could of gone better

-Line Break-

After some time, Hachiman finished his shower and now was preparing his dress for the evening, namely shorts and T-Shirt. Thoughts surfaced relating to what had transpired continued.

Why does she want me to comb her hair?

I hope I don't tear her hair out.

She looks cute in that oversized shirt.

As he finished, he moved his way to Komachi's room and knocked on the door.

"May I come in?" He asked.

"Yes, come inside Onii-Chan." She responded.

As he entered, he was met with the familiar sight of Komachi's room, after a brief overview, he smiled slightly upon seeing a picture of them from the day of the cafe on her desk.

Sitting in her chair she motioned for him to come over.

"Here." She said as she handed him the comb.

"Ah, thanks ." He reponded.

Hachiman now behind the sitting Komachi was standing without action.

"Um… Onii-Chan?" She questioned

"Ah, my bad" By being prompted, he began combing. It helped that Komachi's hair was shorter than most, so with gentle dragging he straighten her hair.

This feels.. nice

With both standing silent, she was comfortable with Hachiman's way of combing her hair. He wasn't rough, nor pulled her hair, just the pleasant feeling of the teeth weeding through.

Komachi's shoulders relaxed as he continued, making efforts not to pull too harshly.

As he continued for sometime, the concentration he had seemed shift to a natural flow as he continued.

With several minutes past, Hachiman had felt that he covered most if not all parts of Komachi's hair.

As he moved his hands away, Komachi turned to meet him.

"How was it? Not too horrible I hope." He said

"It was rather nice… you haven't been combing other peoples hair have you?" Komachi raised an eyebrow.

Her inquiry was met with a chuckle.

"Well, I'll be in my room if you need something."

"Mm, okay Onii-Chan, good night." Komachi stated

"Good night." Hachiman returns

As he exited, Komachi let out a smile.

That was unexpectedly nice

-end of chapter-

Well, I am no writer, the over usage of said snd smile are apparent but meh. I'm running of out fluff ideas so I might just have to actually progress the plot despite its vagueness. Until next time.