Chapter 1

It was always the docks.

The place was the hotspot for all kinds of illegal activity.

Drugs, weapons, kidnapped victims; you name it.

Now it was being occupied by a gang waiting for a shipment of some strength enhancing drugs; native to Santa Prisca.

There were several men with different builds there. Every one of them wearing the standard gang ensemble, scarves and hoodies; complete with weapons ranging from guns, bats, knives, knuckledusters.

We see two gang members, one skinny and lanky along with the other one being shorter but muscular. They were tying up the beaten and bruised security in the control room.

"You think it's gonna be worth it?" the skinny looking man asked his cohort who was finishing tying the notches.

"They say this stuff is legit. Suppose to make 'ya powerful. If we get this, we can make Gotham ours!" he explained.

"But what about that guy? The bat guy?"

"Him? Nah. Gonna be too busy fighting the costume wearing freaks to worry 'bout this!"

"You would think?"

The two criminals rose up instantly and were on high alert after hearing a baritone voice.

"Who's there?!" the short one yells out as he whips out his gun.

"I knew it! It's him. I'm out of here." the lanky one exclaimed and made a break for the door but as soon as he made it through the door he was soon sent reeling back, on the floor unconscious.

The muscular man points his gun towards the door but is surprised to see who had knocked out his buddy.

He was currently seeing a child dressed like a Christmas elf met Rambo. He was wearing a red armoured vest with a yellow 'R' symbol on the left side of his chest. He had green sleeves, gloves and tight shorts reaching all the way to his knees. He had black boots and a yellow cape. His eyes were covered with a domino mask and he wore a golden belt with several pouches.

The boy looked at the man and smiled.

"Sorry for dropping in."

The man got over his shock of a child managing to take out one of his own and re-points his weapon at him.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

"Me?" the boy replied without any fright that a loaded gun was aimed at him "I'm new to do this so I can't blame you. My name is Robin."

"Like the bird?" the man raised an eyebrow at the name choice.

"It's a family name." Robin responded with a smile as he leapt off the lanky man's body and moved towards the other man.

"Well your family is gonna need to 'range a funeral 'cuz your gonna die playin' hero."

Robin frowns at the mention of family as the man readies his gun to shoot but before he can he can even react; he was sent to the other side of the room with his gun now in the hands of another person.

His assailant was covered in dismal colours. He wore a light grey bodysuit with a black bat symbol over a yellow oval on the centre of his chest. Jet black boots and gloves with sharp ridges on the sides. His outfit was complete with a black bat-like cowl and cape along with a golden belt covered in pouches.

This was Gotham's protector.

This was Batman.

"I could have handled him." Robin remarks with a childish tone.

"Could've. Didn't." Batman replied back in a cool tone as he unloaded the gun and let the bullets fall.

"Whatever." Robin folds his arm in a fake huff but immediately ran towards the downed security and checked for pulses.

"They're still breathing but they need a medical help."

"I already contacted the ambulance along with the police. They'll be here shortly but until then, let's make their jobs a little easier." Batman told Robin as they both stare towards the docks holding the rest of the gang members.

Robin smiled to Batman.

"Then let's go."

The duo ran out of the door and used their grappling hooks to swing across the yard and land in the mass of gang members. Robin decided to deviate a little and land on a criminal after successfully doing a quadruple flip. Batman lands beside him, both of them ready to fight.

"Hey there." Robin quipped out before all of the gang members charged them.

Robin flipped off of the man he landed on and threw two Batarangs mid-air; to two armed criminals, knocking the weapons out of their hands and proceeded to knock them out with quick blows to the back of the head.

He ducks and trips up a man who attacked from behind and kicks him into his colleagues in a fluid roundhouse kick.

Robin takes out a small yellow stick which extended into a long bo staff and proceeds to attack as much gang members as possible. Not letting any of them touch him.

The boy sees two criminals about to rush him on opposite directions but he jumps up and kicks the assailant on his left side and strikes the other one with his staff.

After landing he turns around to see one of the criminals operating a forklift and driving towards him. He charges at him and flips in the air, throwing at Batarang to the back tire piercing it. The forklift begins slowing down and Robin lands on the back of it, throwing out the driver and he steers the forklift into safe position near the bay putting it in park.

Throughout all of the chaos, the boat carrying the drugs had arrived and docked. Robin sees this and makes a break for the bow of the ship by shooting his grappling hook onto the railing.

Robin encounters a few of the smugglers who are dressed similarly to the gang members down below. They were confused that a costumed child had made it on the ship and that they're operation was blown from all the commotion they are now witnessing.

"Get him!" one of the smugglers yelled out making two different smugglers trying to subdue Robin but he managed to evade and kick them overboard.

Now an all-out brawl, Robin got out his bo staff and attacked as many as he can, knocking them all overboard as he travelled to the helm of the ship.

Smugglers appeared from the helm with guns as they fired at Robin who in return flipped over them and whipped his staff at their feet, knocking them over. Robin continued towards the helm and made his way in where he found the ring leader of the smugglers dressed in a white suit with a black dress shirt. He wore a worried expression and was holding a metallic case in his left hand and a gun in his right.

"Don't take another step!" he shouted, nervously aiming his gun at the young hero.

"Okay." Robin shrugged before he leapt off his feet and dived forward, dodging the bullet that was fired. He then rolled and leapt up, kicking the gun away before as he spun and landed in front of the well-dressed smuggler.

The man was terrified while Robin grinned.

"Didn't take a step."

Robin quipped out before he punched the man's stomach and threw him across the helm, not before he knocked the case out of his hand.

The smuggler, defeated, got up and bolted for the door but was punched back in by the big bad bat who entered the helm with his signature stone hard stare.

Robin smiled at him, presenting the now open case revealing tubes of amber liquid. This made the Dark Knight do something he hadn't done that night.


After the whole escapade, Robin and Batman had driven off in the Batmobile but not before they wrangled all the criminals and left them on the now non-operational boat.

"That was awesome!" Robin exclaimed, giddiness in his voice "The way we took out those scumbags and foiled their plans. Oh oh! Did you see how I took out that suited guy?! He was like 'oh don't take another step' so I jumped and I'm like 'okay'. It was epic."

"Yes Robin I saw the whole thing happen." Batman stated after his partner calmed down.

"Not bad for a first mission huh?"

"Well the criminals didn't need to witness your constant showboating." Batman criticized agitating Robin.

"Hey no fair! I'm a performer, I need to showboat."

"Alright. Other than that and a few minor errors…good job."

This made Robin's face light up in the otherwise dark car as he faces the windshield still having a happy smirk on his face…

Seven Years Later...

In the present day we see the Teen Wonder dressed in an updated costume. With the only differences being green leggings, a black and yellow, a sharper edged mask and steel plated boots.

Instead of smiling without a care in a world, his face wore nothing but a passive scowl. A stark opposite to his younger days.

He was racing down the open road out of Jump City and zipping past billboards on his 'R-Cycle' reminiscing of his first official mission as the Boy Wonder.

His first mission seemed almost like a distant memory.

He was no longer the childish, brash and young acrobat he was when he started his hero career.

He was now more serious and driven to finish whatever mission he was tasked with.

Just like his mentor.

Robin revs up his bike as he enters Gotham City.

It was just another normal day in Jump City for the Teen Titans.

On the couch playing video games is a green skinned kid with elf ears and fangs wearing an outfit consistent of black and purple and an African American cyborg covered in white and grey metal with blue circuitry.

These two are Beast Boy and Cyborg respectively.

"BOOYAH!" Cyborg exploded happily while Beast Boy looks distraught.

"No way! Do over! Do over!" Beast Boy pleaded but Cyborg wasn't having any of it.

"What's point if I'm just gonna whoop your butt again." Cyborg responded "Now make yourself useful and go get Robin."

Dejected, the changeling morphed into a dog and dolefully sauntered out of the main room but within minutes he returned in his human form looking confused.

"Not in his room, dude."


Cyborg and Beast Boy both share a puzzled look before they see a gorgeous orange skinned girl with flaming red hair and big green eyes hovering into the room. She was dressed in a violet sleeveless crop top, a mini skirt and thigh-high boots. She wore silver gauntlets and neck corn collar all of which encompassed green jewels on them.

This was Starfire, the Alien Powerhouse of the team.

"Star did you see Robin around?" the changeling questioned the Alien princess.

"No I have not?" Starfire answered with an innocent tone "He is not here, playing the games of the television?"

"No he's not?" Cyborg answered while scratching the back of his head.

"He went out."

The three Titans looked to the direction of the new voice which belonged to a ashen skin girl with short violet hair and eyes wearing a long sleeved black leotard and an indigo cloak. One red jewelled belt encompasses her waist and a singular jewel rests on the collar of her cloak. The defining feature is the red gemstone on her forehead.

The Titan's Mistress of Magic, Raven.

"Did he say where he went?" Beast Boy asked the teen sorceress.

"No. I was meditating on the rooftop when I saw him leaving on his bike. Didn't have the chance to ask him."

Raven finished telling her teammates her story but it replaced their confusion with another.

"Where would Robin go at this hour?" Starfire pondered but no one had a definitive answer.

"I'm not sure but he'll back before lunch. Nothing to worry about." Raven answered and then hovered to the fridge.

"Rae's right." Cyborg states "Robin will be back in no time at least then I'll have a worthy opponent!"

Beast Boy was immediately insulted by that comment.

"Hey! I resent that."

The two squabbled as their argument turned into white noise for the two girls.

Starfire was worried that Robin left abruptly without a word and that usually meant he was in trouble of some sorts.

"I hope you are okay. Robin."

She thought sombrely as she flew to her room to fetch Silkie, her pet mutant moth.

Unbeknownst to the other Titans, Raven had neglected to tell them that her abilities as an empath allowed her to sense what their leader was feeling when he had left.


"What are you doing Robin?"

Raven thought worryingly as she went to her room to finish off her meditation.

Robin rode his R-Cycle out of Gotham but not as fast as he wanted.

He had faced Aliens. Mutants. Robots. A talking bear, snake and monkey? He remained unflappable to all of them but only four people can make his skin crawl.

Tony Zucco.




And he just got into a screaming match with the latter.

He had received a message from him simply stating 'Return' and it being a week after the Tokyo mission, he had a feeling the Dark Knight would lecture him about it.

He was unfortunately correct.

It started off formal and tame with Batman only asking basic questions like "How are you?" and "How's your team?". Robin answered and asked the same questions as a courtesy.

Once the pleasantries were out the way Batman proceeded to put up a news report of Robin 'murdering' Saico-Tek.

It went downhill from there.

An argument broke out with Robin pointing out he was framed but his former mentor pointed out that he should've retained self-control to not make it look like he was 'murdering'. Batman showing a video of Robin fighting the sentient ink being, taken from a bystander's phone that was posted on the internet. Robin then made the argument that it wasn't alive and that it was ink and a ploy to get him framed and out of Daizo's way.

To Batman's credit said he knew Robin was framed and that he could never do it. This was more about him doing a mistake and needing to be a better hero and not making irresponsible decisions as that led Robin into Daizo's scheme.

His advice only angered the Teen Wonder so much as he shouts that it was hypocritical of him to tell him, how to be a better hero as he tried to take that away from him! This led to them fighting about other topics about the Brotherhood of Evil, Slade, and the tragic night that broke the Dynamic Duo apart; ending with Robin storming out.

Robin abruptly stopped to get off his bike, throw off his helmet and yell out to the sky on the open road with nothing in sight, hoping this will let out all of his anger.

It didn't but it needed to be done.

"What ticked you off?" this question made Robin turn around with a Birdarang in his hand only to put it down when it was revealed to be a young man wearing a unitard, yellow on the upper region and red on the lower half. He had a red lightning bolt insignia on his chest and wore red gloves and yellow boots. He wore a yellow mask with two big eyeholes and exposed his spiky red hair, his blue eyes, mouth, nose and chin.

This was Kid Flash. Fastest Boy Alive.

"What are you doing here Kid Flash?" Robin asked as he walks towards him.

"Well I was doing my morning sprint around the state. I saw you and thought 'hey we don't talk that much,' so here I am…" Kid Flash answered with Robin looking unconvinced "…and also I heard about you and Starfire becoming official." he winked at Robin as he blushed upon hearing that "I was always rooting for you guys." as he nudged Robin.

"Thanks… I guess" Robin was now walking towards his R-Cycle as Kid Flash appeared in front of him.

"Hey I was just wondering if you were OK, I'm sure the guys down at Atlantis heard that." KF joked which made Robin smirk.

"Just letting out some frustration, nothing you should be concerned about." Robin was now putting on his helmet as he thought back to his encounter with Gotham's protector.

"Yeah right, come on man you can tell me we're friends now, right?" the speedster asked but was more of an honest statement than an actual question.

Kid Flash knew that Robin doesn't see him as his greatest friends they know little about each other and only worked together in order to take on the Brotherhood of Evil. But with Kid Flash, no one could really distrust him. He was just an open book and was friendly to a fault.

Which is why he got a certain someone to switch to the side of good and be his girlfriend.

Just before Robin could answer, a spherical device with the letter T being in the centre, starts to sound off on Kid Flash's person before he grabs it and answers. A male voice started to sound from the speedster's T-Communicator. Belonging to a certain orange haired archer.

"KF, we tracked Gizmo and his friends assembling outside of Hatton Corners. We could use your help."

"Sure got your back man." KF replied as he puts away his communicator and faces Robin.

"Want to come with. Be a great opportunity to let off some steam." KF offered as Robin puts on his helmet and mounts on his bike but waits a couple seconds before answering.

"Sure why not…" Robin was instantly at Titans East's tower before he could finish.

"Sorry we would've been here faster but your bike was hard to manoeuvre." KF summed up, ignorant to Robin's dubious expression of being transported so quickly.

"Robin what are you doing here?"

Robin snaps out of his stupor to gaze at two young men wearing unique outfits. The one who called for him, had slicked shoulder length black hair and had a muscular physique. He was wearing blue and black unitard with white zig zag patterns being reminiscent of a swimsuit. The most striking feature about him was his eyes? He had two jet black pools for sclera which made seeing his pupils next to impossible. He was still a handsome man despite all that.

The other one had light orange hair and his eyes were covered by a domino mask, similar to the Teen Wonder. He wore a red tight muscle sleeveless shirt that was tucked into matching red tights. A yellow utility belt was wrapped around his waist and he wore yellow boots. He had on red elbow high fingerless gloves and had a giant 'S' on his left pectoral muscle. What stood out about him was a yellow quiver filled with arrows, all with various uses.

These two were members of Titans East; Aqualad and Speedy.

"He was with me when I got the call." Kid Flash answered with a shrug "So where's Gizmo and what's his plan?"

"We don't know yet but we've been tracking down remnants of the Brotherhood these last couple of weeks. We scouted Gizmo and his friends to a town called Hatton Corners." Speedy shoots back.

"Hatton Corners?" the speedster repeated incredulously "Why go all the way out in the sticks?"

"I'm not sure but I think they didn't want to be found?" Aqualad answered.

"Which can only mean trouble." Robin summed up taking off his helmet.

"Then we must hurry!"

Another voice was heard but this time being light and feminine?

The boys looked up to see a stunning young woman with rich black hair tied in a ponytail and her lips were painted in red lipstick. She had light blue eyes and had little yellow star shaped earrings hanging from her ears. She was garbed in a red dress with little yellow stars being littered on it and a big golden belt with the letter 'W' on it which had a golden lasso attached to it. She wore twin silver bracelets on both her arms and had black stiletto boots.

She was known to the world as Wonder Girl.

"Wonder Girl!" Speedy and Aqualad immediately approached her when she landed.

"Glad that you came." Speedy smirks and gives her a slap on the back.

"Happy to help!" the Amazonian responded back with a jolly slap to his back making Speedy stumble a few paces making Aqualad stifle a laugh.

Wonder Girl glanced over to Kid Flash's and Robin's direction and she smiled.

"Kid Flash! Robin!" she called out as she flew over to greet them "I see you two have been called to aid Titans East as well."

"Well Kid Flash was contacted, I was just with him when he got the call…" Robin explained before he got cut off by the speedster.

"Hey Wonder Girl, how's it hanging?" Kid Flash coolly speaks while leaning on Robin's bike making all the male Titans stare in disbelief.

"Anyway." Robin cuts in before Kid Flash could embarrass himself "Where's Bumblebee and Mas y Menos?"

"Those three are out of town to help Titans North with their tower. So we called Wonder Girl and Kid Flash since they're not bound to any cities." Aqualad explained before Speedy took over.

"Gizmo rallied up some members of the Brotherhood of Evil and me and fish boy tracked them down. We need you three with us in case things go crazy. " Speedy continued but not without the ire of his teammate who didn't like having another demeaning nickname.

"Well I've taken the liberty of sending the coordinates to your communicators…." Aqualad started to explain but as soon as sent the coordinates, everyone was standing in front of the designated coordinates.

They all looked dazed and their hair was messed up except for Kid Flash who grinning and had a relaxed pose.

"Well we're here."

Everyone scowled at the speedster who couldn't care less and they all proceeded to travel into the mass foliage to avoid attention of the town's natives.

"Man Gizmo, must not really want to be found out if he chose to assemble his clubhouse in this place." Kid Flash quipped as he wondering why the technologically minded midget would choose a rural location.

"Probably because he thought it was far away enough so that we wouldn't know what's up." Aqualad theorised.

"Which means he must have something big that he didn't want us know about." Speedy added.

All three boys' conversation was interrupted when they heard Robin speak to them.

"Found them."

All four Titans go to where Robin was crouching and peek through the bushes to see two of their enemies, See-More and Billy Numerous walk casually into a worn down barn.

"Barn-house." Kid Flash pointed out "Gotta give them points for originality."

The Titans run over to the side of the barn house and peek in the window to see Gizmo who wore his signature green jumpsuit and goggles with his backpack that sprouted four mechanical appendages and other villains, varying in design and sizes. Gizmo was standing on a box to act as a podium and was right next to someone who they have never seen before.

He was wearing a black jumpsuit that had a grid like pattern to it and wore silver gauntlets and boots. The thing that stood out the most was some sort of technological wand that was holstered by his hip. His face was obscured by a helmet two indents on its side and a green visor.

"Who do you think that is?" Wonder Girl asked but it was anyone's guess.

"Nobody good." Robin whispered as they continued to observe.

"My fellow comrades of evil, I invited you all here to meet the new recruit to the new Brotherhood of Evil. Professor Portal." Gizmo announced which got the Titans to listen in more closely.

"So we got a name." Speedy whispers, eyeing the newly introduced Professor Portal.

"He claims to have created a piece of technology-…" Gizmo was speaking but was halted by the new recruit.

"Please. Allow me to continue." Professor Portal politely requested and Gizmo huffed in annoyance and backed away, letting the new guy speak.

The Titans lean in more closely to what the so called 'Professor' had to say.

"As my he was saying my name is Professor Portal and I assure I did not choose that name purely for aesthetic."

The Professor waited as if he was waiting for someone to question him on it but everyone was waiting for the newest member to get on with his point.

Including the Titans.

"But no I chose it because I can do this."

Professor Portal whipped out his wand and pressed a red button which lit up the bulb at the end of it with crimson light. It starts to vibrate and no less than a couple of seconds later, crimson energy surrounds him and he disappears in front of everyone.

Everyone around except for Gizmo were bewildered at what just happened and were trying to come up with rational answers.

Especially the Titans.

"What? Did he just disappear?" Wonder Girl asked, unsure of what to make of it.

"He teleported." Aqualad corrected and not long after another flash of crimson light shone in the Barn and Professor Portal was standing in the exact same spot he left.

The one thing that was different was him carrying bags of money.

"A gift for you all."

He then proceeds to throw the bags of money into the crowd but before everyone could snatch anything, See-More took a moment to confirm it's the real deal with his technology.

"This is…This is real?!" See-More announced making some members of the Brotherhood trample each other to get to the bags.

The Titans observed the dogpile the Brotherhood were forming to get the money and were unimpressed.

"So he teleported into a bank to steal?" Speedy drawled "Surprised we haven't seen that before?"

"Still impressive, wonder what's powering it?" Kid Flash muses as they notice that not every villain were wrestling for cash.

"So what? You teleport?" Control Freak rolled his eyes and had an unimpressed posture "Haven't seen that before."

"And we can all steal money from banks. Lame." Andre Le Blanc criticized which got some snickers from his fellow criminals but not Professor Portal.

In fact, if the man in question face could be seen, all would be able to see the scowl on his face and unbridled rage.

"You little…!" Professor Portal barked out but then took a moment to compose himself "This is not mere teleportation and I did not just teleport into some bank!"

"Well what bank did you teleport in…?" Andre started but was cut off by the Professors next few words.

"Into another universe."

Everyone went silent at the Professor's revelation which even silenced the people who were still fighting for the money.

"Is he…Is he serious?" Wonder Girl asked sceptically as she couldn't believe what she heard.

"It's possible. We've dealt with inter-dimensional travel?" Aqualad "Remember the Master of Games?"

"Yeah I remember. I kicked your butt." Speedy snakingly retorted which got on Aqualad's nerves.

"Is that the Gorilla man who had a magical amulet that whisked everyone into a battle royale?" Kid Flash asked with the two heroes nodding their heads "Why wasn't I invited?"

"Shhh." Robin shushed at the speedster and then crouches forward to not miss a single word as did the others.

"You see because of my genius; I have built a device that allows me to travel outside of our own dimension." Professor Portal gloats but that impresses no one.

"How do we know you really travelled dimensions?" See-More asks the question that was on everyone's mind.

"Well. That's what the money is for." Professor Portal reasoned with a somewhat nervous tone.

"How do we know you haven't stolen from this dimension?" Angel called out which caused the crowd of villains to riot.

"Show us more proof!"





Professor Portal enraged voice silenced the Brotherhood of Evil and left himself heaving in anger.

"Looks like somebody can't take the heat." Kid Flash noted.

"Someone's got issues." Speedy added.

Professor Portal calms himself down with everyone looking at him unimpressed with his freak-out.

"You all want proof?!" the enraged Professor shouts making some at the front recoil "Fine. I'll give you waste of human intellect proof!"

Professor Portal now presses the green button on his wand and everyone starts his whirring sounds emitting from it.

"What's he doing now?" Wonder Girl asks as she shield her eyes from the light as does the other Titans.

"After my transport wand is done charging up, I can send everyone to the universe I was previously in. All you have to do for the next five minutes is stay silent and soon you will all see my brilliance!"

Professor Portal barks out at the Brotherhood which all now beginning to see the professor was not on the level and so did the Titans.

"So we have some time before they disappear on us." Robin notes "I have a plan."

The other Titans look to Robin and waited for to hear his plan of attack.

"We need to confiscate that wand and disarm it safely. Judging from that red light and the power needed to jump dimensions, I'm guessing he's using Xenothium to power it."

The male Titans recoil in shock at Robin's deduction except for Wonder Girl.

"What is Xenothium?" she asks but only got a quick answer due to the time limit.

"It's a radioactive substance so we have to be careful around the Professor." Robin answered and warned, going over plans on how to defeat the Brotherhood.

"How do you figure it's Xenothium?" Speedy questioned which caused Robin to flinch.

"I fought against a criminal that used similar technology to teleport by using Xenothium." Robin quickly answered which was good enough for the other Titans.

"That I built." Robin pondered in his mind but was snapped out of it by Speedy.

"I have an idea." Speedy sates and the others turn to him "Me, fish boy and Wonder Girl distract the Brotherhood while you and Kid Flash deal with the nutty professor and get his wand."

"Can you guys handle it?" Robin asks concerned but his answer was a cocky smirk on the threes faces.

"Please." Speedy, Aqualad and Wonder Girl answered in unison as they leave the other two Titans alone.

"Alright all eyes will be on them. Ready to go?" Kid Flash asks Robin but saw him with his communicator "What are you doing?"

"Sending a distress signal to Cyborg. We're gonna need back up after this."

With that settled they both leapt off and head towards the back of the barn.

Speedy and Aqualad burst in through the front, ready for a fight as they stared the entire room.

"Hey small fry!" Speedy shouted out to Gizmo as he readies his bow and arrow when everyone there looks at them "Isn't past your bed time?"

"Titans East!" the so called 'Small Fry' responds in shock "How'd you find us?!"

"Glad to tell you if you surrender." Aqualad suggested but no one was interested in that offer.

"Don't worry it's only two Titans, we can handle them." Gizmo shouts out before a red blur bursts through the ceiling, taking down the large and strong Mammoth by landing on him.

"Make that three Titans." Wonder Girl smugly claims, still standing on the downed Mammoth making Gizmo boil.


With that the whole room was at war and in the commotion, Professor Portal looked at the battle nervously before being knocked at his feet with his technology stolen.

"Sorry about that."

The professor looks to see Kid Flash mockingly waving his wand but before he could do anything he knocked out by a swift kick from Robin.

With him out of the way, the two try to disarm the wand as it looks to be the main power source but it was easier said than done.

Robin opens up the buckle of the belt and found what he was looking for in the compartment.

"Xenothium! Just as I thought."

Robin was about to carefully pry the ore from the device but was sweating at the thought that the wrong move could result in a possible nuclear interdimensional explosion.

"Alright I need you to run as fast as you can and get rid of them." Robin ordered as he handed Kid Flash the wand.

"I thought you were going to disable it?" the speedster questioned.

"I thought I could but it's too dangerous in an area like this and without the proper tools." Robin wipes the sweat from his face and Kid Flash gives him an affirmative nod.

"Where do I run?"

"Run to my Tower and give it to Cyborg. He'll know what to do."

Kid Flash nodded and took the wand but just as he was about to run out of the barn, he was suddenly slapped across the face and the wand were taken.

When he looked at his attacked it was none other than Kyd Wykkyd.

"Someone should really put a bell on you." Kid Flash said in reminisce of their first fight.

Kyd Wykkyd raised his cloak and put the wand through it and it magically disappeared from his grasp causing the two Titans to panic a bit.

"Where'd you put it?" the speedster demanded but the silent criminal just attacked him.

The two have a brief scuffle but with teleportation and super speed, they weren't landing any hits on each other.

But suddenly Kyd Wykkyd's feet were frozen and before he knew it, Robin's bo staff had been swung at his face sending him flying.

"Kid Flash he had to have given it to one of these guys. Find it fast." Robin ordered as put away his staff.

The Fastest Boy Alive nodded and leapt into the middle of the fray to search who Kyd Wykkyd had given the wand to?

"OK, if I was an interdimensional transportation wand powered with a radioactive substance where would I be?" Kid Flash pondered to himself as he zigs zags around the barn trying to see who had it.

Robin jumps in as well, dealing blows to anyone he came across. He sets down two birdarangs at two of his opponents, making them freeze in ice reaching to their necks before Robin struck them with his staff.

Aqualad summons water from the underground pipes and directs the current towards his opponents. He sees Billy Numerous' clones come close and he sends a multidirectional wave to clean them out.

Speedy launches arrows to anyone who came close and then dodges an attack from one who was a wearing a dark attire almost resembling a vampire who appeared behind him. Speedy attacks with swift blows to Kyd Wykkyd before firing an electricity arrow to finish him off.

Wonder Girl was lazily dodging attacks from Mammoth who had gotten back up with a vengeance but had a difficult time landing a hit. The Amazonian Princess finally blocks one of his punches and delivers a powerful kick to his jaw, shooting him outside of the warehouse.

Kid Flash was still trying to look for the wand but notices Gizmo trying to creep away carrying something.

He zips in front of him, shocking the boy in question as he was holding the transporter wand almost ready to be used.

"Going somewhere?" he mocks before he punches Gizmo off of his mechanical limps and sends him flying, losing grip of the wand.

"Got it!" Kid Flash hollered as he races across the barn, snatching the Titans away from their fights and shoving them outside the barn.

"Kid Flash what are you doing?" Wonder Girls asks the question on the Titans' mind.

Kid Flash just tosses her the wand and winks.

"Hold on tight."

The speedster then runs off leaving the Titan's without warning as he zips around the Brotherhood creating a tornado, trapping every criminal in and tearing the barn apart.

"NOT AGAIN!" See-More screeches as he felt the urge to throw up.

The Titans even though they were outside, were trying not to be like the Brotherhood and be sucked into the tornado as well. They were all hanging on for dear life to the branches of the trees and were all hoping for it to be all over.

Kid Flash slows down and the dazed Brotherhood of Evil all landed outside completely defeated. He then zips outside to meet with the other Titans who were on the ground catching their breath.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" The Titans bark at Kid Flash who sheepishly shrugged.

"Heh…sorry." Kid Flash apologised "But hey we did it."

The other Titans calmed down and realized that he was right, they stopped the Brotherhood of Evil again.

"And I thought this time it was going to be more difficult." Speedy smugly claims.

Just then they hear a blip sound originating from the wand which seems to have been charging up.

"Guess it's done loading?" Kid Flash deduced.

"Can't believe that thing can travel into other universes." Aqualad takes the wand from Wonder Girl's grasp and inspects it.

"Allegedly." Speedy scoffs.

"Even so this technology is dangerous." Wonder Girl proclaims "This power cannot be used by the wrong hands."

"I couldn't agree more." Robin agreed and reached for the wand.

But just as Robin was about to take the belt from Aqualad, they heard a sound of a trigger and before they knew it the belt was encased in a spherical net on the floor away from them.

"What the…" Speedy says in shock but before he could finish he noticed tiny black robotic spheres encircling the Titans forming some sort of electrified net, which was electrocuting all of them.

The Titans were in an unbearable amount of pain that they could no longer stand and though the torture they didn't see a mysterious being standing before them with the wand.

Robin forces himself to look at the new enemy but before he could get a good look he is blinded by a crimson light and suddenly a portal opens up underneath the Titans.

They all fall in and travel to places unknown.


It's been a while huh.

Well I was continuing on chapter 2 but my Laptop died on me two months after the first chapter. With the outline and plans for the stories I was writing so that sucked.

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Tips chapter 1 . Sep 10, 2018

Here's a note- when it comes to exclamation points, less is more- only use them when strictly necessary. Use them too often and they lose effect. In the previous version of this story, you used them so many times that it often made it hard to take certain scenes seriously.

For example, in this chapter "driven to finish whatever mission he was tasked with!" doesn't need an exclamation point. It'd be more impactful without one.

Or in the old story, when Robin was telling at the Team that the Teen Titans were independent. The overuse of exclamation points made it hard to take him seriously.

Something to keep in mind.

I'm actually embarrassed but they were right, I did overuse them and I thank you for pointing it out. I want these stories to be the best they can be which is why I can take so long so I'm all ears on how I can improve and what I'm doing wrong.

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