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"Sorry. I can't since there no door here." Boruto sassed back.

Sarada glared at Mitsuki.

"I'll the one who will be become Hokage!" Sarada said in determination.

"WHAT THE FU—!" Sasuke yelled.

"OH MY KAMI'S UNDERPANT!" Naruto shrieked.

Sarada look at Seventh Hokage sadly. Is it really possible for her?

"Why I can't be a Hokage?" Sarada asked sadly.

Naruto noticed right away. "N-no you can!" He sputtered. "I mean, your dad owned me some (*cough* a lot of*cough*) money since I won the bet."

Sakura raised her eyebrows. "A bet?"

Sasuke and Naruto is sweating like a madman. "I-it's nothing Sakura!" Naruto said quickly.

Sakura narrowed her eyes. "I know you're lying Naruto."

'I haven't tell a lie in years.' Naruto thought hopelessly.

'Damn you dobe!' Sasuke cursed.

Sakura's face darkened and there's a vein popped on her forehead. "If you don't tell me..." Sakura cracked her fist, and lunged forward."Shannaro!"

"Oh shit!" Naruto and Sasuke screamed and luckily that they dodged it.

'Oh great, I feel like I am a teenager again!' Naruto thought.

'I knew that I should never take that bet with Naruto!' Sasuke thought.

"Naruto Uzumaki! Sasuke Uchiha! If you don't tell me what kinda bet you did, or I will knock you out for ten hours straight!"

"Kami! Noooo!" Naruto shouted childishly as he run away, everyone (expect for few) sweat dropped. This is what the legendary shinobis actually act like this? Oh, you got to be kidding me. "Mercy! Please!"

"There's no mercy! CHAAAA!"

Kakashi Hatake coughed. "My dear precious students, Sakura please calm down, Naruto act like your age, Sasuke and Naruto tell the truth about what kind of bet you did. There, no harm done." Kakashi said calmly, like he have done this before.


"No buts!"

"Aw come on! Sakura gonna kill me!" Naruto whined.

"Or do you want me to tell your son about your perverted justu and I will teach him." Kakashi said. "Perverted?" Boruto asked incredulously.

"What!? You don't know anything about my justu!"

"I forced Konohamaru to teach me." He said blatantly.

Naruto screaming in uncontrollable rage and unforgivable curses. "Curse you KONOHAMARU! I should never teach you that!"

"SENSEI! I'm sorry, but your sensei blackmailed me!"

"I should banned you from being a ninja..." Naruto muttered darkly with a dark aura.

"Son! That's dark!"

"Oh shut up dad."

"Now what's your answer Naruto?" Kakashi asked. "Tell us or I teach your son how to use your perverted justu."

"Okay! I will tell you what bet is it!" Naruto said, surrendering his fate from the wrath of Sakura.

"What!? Naruto you bastard! I will kill you after my wife kills us!" Sasuke yelled.

"I'm sorry Sasuke-teme..." Naruto said, not feeling sorry at all. "But I really don't want my son to learns how to use my sexy no justu." Naruto shivered at the thought.

"Then why the fuck you created it!?" Sasuke retorted.

"I was bored."

"You were bored?! Oh what the fuck..." Sasuke said in disbelief, before Sasuke add more, Sakura beat him.

"CHA! Tell me what bet did you two do!"

"Okay! Sheesh..." Naruto muttered. "When we were young —"

"Naruto! We're in our mid-twenties!" Sasuke added.

"Okay! Fuck off, Sasuke let me speak!"

"Sorry." Not sounds so sorry.

"When Sasuke and I were drunk, we both said that my son/daughter will be the more like a Sasuke like, but never gone power hungry/more like dreaming to become a Hokage since it's been couple generations Uchiha been dying to become Hokage, but ends up being evil. No offense Sasuke."

"None taken."

"So I made a bet that Sasuke' daughter will be Hokage and if it come true, Sasuke will be my servant for a week and give me money for my ramen!" Naruto cackled evilly. "I won! After all these years...I have been waiting for this moment to come! Hahahahaha!"

Everyone beside Sasuke sweat dropped.

"You really haven't change a bit Naruto." Sakura muttered as she go back to her seat.

Konohamru come in the scene and use the Shinobi Gauntlet and then the tiny scroll come out from the Shinobi Gauntlet and clenched it. He bend down to reach the ground and said calmly:

"Kageshibari no jutsu!" After Konohamru said jutsu a parallel dark shadow come out and grab the panda/bear's shadow and mean the panda/bear temporarily paralyzed.

"Wait...Isn't this Shikamaru's justu?"

"GGH!" Panda/bear said whiling being paralyzed with sweat rolling down his his forehead.

The scene changed and the shows the village.

Boruto using the stick to pointing at a captured panda/bear whiling a kid bending down in awed at the panda/bear.

"The retrieval team will be arriving shortly." Konohamaru said.

The elder of the village look up at the young skilled ninja.

"You have my humblest thanks..." Elder said.

"Konohamaru-sensei!" A young Uchiha Sarada asked. "That's technique was...The Nara's clan's secret technique right?"

"I was right! It's Shikamaru's!"

"Shut up!"

Konohamaru smirked proudly and show the Shinobi Gauntlet. Boruto noticed it and quickly run over.

"Wow, so cool!" Boruto said in awed.

"Is this..." Mitsuki said as he narrowed his eyes. That new ninja apparatus?"

"A what?"

"Nothing gets by you Mitsuki!" Konohamaru said like he wasn't amused by his shocking hunch.

"It's only a prototype…" Konohamaru explained. "Part of this mission was seeing how it tested in the field, so the science and weapon division could gather intel." Mitsuki look at the tiny ninja scroll carefully.

"It's actually a really tiny scroll..." Mitsuki said, holding the tiny ninja scroll tool.

Boruto snickered. "No shit."



"So then the technique is inside this thing?"

Konohamaru bend down to get the scroll out and put it on the ground. Konohamaru smirked slightly. "Yeah, this tool has ninja techniques sealed within. The one you just saw was Shikamaru-san's shadow blind." Konohamaru used Rasengan from his hand. "Now, using my Rasengan." Konohamaru said carefully. Konohamaru put his Rasengan to the scroll and then it's disappears into letters of Rasengan, (?) and then the scroll transformed into the tiny ninja scroll. Konohamaru grabbed it as soon as it's appeared and then put it into his Shinobi Gauntlet. "You do this and..." Konohamaru raised his arm pointing at the trees. "You're able to fire it!" He said and then release it. The Rasengan flew straight to the tree as fast as the normal Rasengan could do. The Rasengan destroys any tree on it way and then it's flew up to the sky.

Naruto seemed to realize what is going to happened, he facepalmed. "Idiotic move."

Sarada and Boruto look at it in awe. "Wooow!" Boruto gushed loudly.

"Amazing..!" Sarada said in amusement.

"Anyone can use that tool?" Sarada asked in curiosity.

"Yeah." Konohamaru said smugly. "It does not even require chakra."

Konohamaru turned around to face his students. "Which ultimately means, you wouldn't even to be a ninja to use—"


"Oh crap." Konohamaru muttered.

Boruto made a what-the-hell face.

"Konohamaru-sensei..." Mitsuki begun.

Konohamaru look behind his back with a sweat rolling down from his face with a oh-shit look on his face.

Everyone laughed at his face.

"I don't think whether or not a person can use chakra will matter much, if they're unable to aim properly..." He said nervously.

The screen shows the destruction of the one of the villager's house. The owner of the house stared at his house miserably and dropped his stuff on the ground in shock.

Naruto sighed miserably. "I'm NOT going to pay for that...More paperwork of doom..."


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