Around 6:00 AM the next day

The alarm clock rang on Subaru's phone, bringing him back from the dreamy sleep. "Ugh, I have to wake up at this time? Damnit. I really don't want to be up at this time. I would rather be back in bed. However, that announcement that we're all going to make an Arlam village. This is no small deal. It is an announcement of the new domain lord. The people in the village know me very well, but the others, not so much." Subaru merely stretched and looked at the color of the lantern in his room. It was a yellow lantern, indicating that it was now six in the morning. He rubbed his eyes, trying to wash way the sleepiness from his face. Subaru went to sit down at his desk first, turning on the Dell G7 again. He got out his Materializer as well, summoning a typical breakfast of miso soup, a single slice of egg, rice, and one cup of dark coffee. The dish appeared to him on the side as he went on the web again, looking at the news of the 8.0 earthquake that struck Tokyo. To Subaru's relief, it looks like humanitarian aid is coming from all over the world, including the United States of America. "Edan isn't awake yet, as usual. Damn contract. I wonder if the others have awaken yet." Subaru shook his head and got himself lost in the internet yet again. This time, he was looking up any upcoming anime for the year. Just then, as Subaru scratched his head, he heard a vibration sound come from his OnePlus 7. He looked to see who it was on the text message. Turns out it was Theo, Emilia's father.

Text Message

"Good early morning, Subaru. We should probably get ready for the announcement at the village today. Tiffania, Luctiana, and Bidashal are getting ready for it as well. We are letting Emilia-sama sleep at the moment, as she is slow to wake up. Meet us at the dining room table around 15 minutes from now. This is going to be a big day for you. Being the new lord of the domain, you have many new responsibilities. Of course, you're not Roswaal, so do your own thing. I think that modernizing the entire domain with phones would be a good start, so we should start plans for a small factory underneath the mansion. Once we get the plans, it won't take long before we get things rolling. Well, you know what to do."

Subaru shuts his phone off and went to the bathroom to do his usual routine. Brushing his teeth, washing his mouth, changing clothes to his modern looking ones, and making sure his long silver hair is styled. Finally, he went to check for his disguise watch, which was laying on the nightstand. He stared at it for quite a while. "Should I wear it or not? I really need to be sure on this. No, I can't show them my half-elven form, my true new form. If I do, they'll most likely start shunning me because of Satella. Not that it matters anymore, but I am going to take this as a precaution." Subaru went on to grab the watch and place it on his left shoulder. He turned the watch, causing him to turn into the Natsuki Subaru with the tracksuit. He went back to his desk and turned off his Dell G7, shutting the screen down. He made sure all of the lights in his room were off, bar for the alarm clock he had. Subaru made his way down to the dining room while holding his OnePlus 7 phone, looking at his base in Boom Beach, getting 100 free stones in Puzzle and Dragons. Just recently, Subaru has gotten more addicted to gatcha games. For an otaku like him, trying not to get hooked was almost near impossible. Subaru didn't even bother, as he was on the Reddit looking for more gatcha games to play as he approached the dining room. Inside the room, Theo, Luctiana, Bidashal, and Tiffania were waiting for him. As usual, Luctiana was the first one to reply to him, having noticed that Subaru was on his phone once again.

"As usual, Subaru-sama is late to the meeting. I guess you aren't a morning person? Or perhaps you are slow to get ready because you were on the computer as well?" Luctiana scoffed at Subaru. That caused him to recoil back. "Hmph! I was eating a Japanese breakfast you know, while watching some stuff on my laptop. And just to let you know, it was about the earthquake in Japan. Aid is coming in for Japan. We can only hope that my home country has a speedy recovery from this disaster." Bidashal cleared his throat. "Subaru, I think we should move on with talking about what we are going to say to the villagers, after you are doing talking with us about what you did on your laptop." Subaru looked that the elves. "Okay, okay! Sorry about that. Jeez, can't I even catch a break from this lord stuff? I'm not like Roswaal, so don't expect me to act like a lord at all. Just a 17 year old from Japan, okay? Anyways, I really don't know what we are going to tell them. That Roswaal died?! How are they going to react to that? I knew them better than anyone, they are going to freak out for sure! Theo, did you even think through that? By offing Roswaal when we got here, you created a power vacuum." Theo shook his head, hard. "I had no choice, Subaru-sama. That clown needed to go. He was no good to Emilia's future. As a father, I can't allow someone like him to be pulling the strings with my daughter." Subaru closed his eyes. "Fair enough. What about Rem and Ram? Will they be attending as well?" Bidashal stepped in. "Subaru, they won't be attending the announcement. It'll be just the four of us, and you at that village."

Subaru scratched his head. "Err….I'm really thinking about showing something to the villagers. To be more specific, it's where I came from. Also, I want to explain to them what I have over on the other side." Theo was thinking about it as well. "I think it'll be best if I do the explaining for that. I think I'll communicate better with the pe…." Subaru shook his head. "But you're a silver haired elf! They'll know right away that you are Emilia's father, and they will turn you off." Theo gave Subaru a small smile. "Remember that I can use Yang magic and disguise myself. That won't be a problem for me." He turned to Bidashal. He wanted to up the ante a bit. "Bidashal, I think we should use the Materializer to show case Subaru's Earth. It'll be way more believable if they can actually see the damn place. We are going to show them two places. Tokyo, and New York City, to emphasize the point that Subaru comes from a place and time period where technology is rampant." Bidashal agreed. "So most likely, we will probably need a projector to showcase Planet Earth. That won't be an issue with the Materializer. Although there is going to be another problem. The people haven't seen anyone like us, elves like us. We got transported to another world, just like Subaru-sama when he was teleported at the Mini Stop station." Theo crossed his legs and took out his phone. "Most likely, Arlam village is going to be on edge. The Witch Cult is feared across Lugnica, as they are unpredictable and can appear anywhere in sight. Well, we all know what happened to the Witch Cult that was after my daughter." Luctiana had a big smirk on her face. On the inside, she was laughing as she recalled the SAMs utterly destroying the hideout.

"That was one of the most glorious days of my life, seeing the Witch Cult get annihilated by that. By the time the projectiles reached them, they were all gone before they could even react to us. It was a massacre. I enjoyed seeing them get wiped out of the face of Lugnica." Luctiana huffed, proud of what the group had accomplished over the past several days. Subaru, still uneasy about making the announcement to the villagers, shook his head. "Theo-san, I'm not sure about this. I'm not even sure if I can even hold up to being the lord of this domain, I think we should find a role for each of you. After making a fool out of myself back at the castle, there's no way I am going to act as elegant as Roswaal. Being the ambassador of this camp is out of the question." Tiffania fiddled with her fingers and her Note 9. "You have a point there, Subaru-san. Now, tell us what your plan is for us to do?" Subaru looked down at the ground as he was trying to assign the roles. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Subaru got up and looked at everyone. He started to spout his cringe worthy meme lines again. Luctiana's face immediately frowned. "Oh no, here we go again with this. Subaru making a fool out of himself again." Subaru had a wide smirk on his face. "Today, you all are going to get roles as part of the Emilia-tan camp! First to get those roles are Tiffania and Luctiana. The half-elf and the elf from Tristain." Luctiana got nervous. "It better not be a boring job to do!" Subaru continued. "Both of you will be assigned as supervisors in modern technology. In other words, you will be the ones responsible for trying to find new things to introduce to the mansion, to the village, and everyone in our domain." Luctiana was excited. That means she and Tiffania will be working with introducing things from Subaru's world, which was something that the elf wanted to do all of this time. After all, Luctiana loved phones, video games, and computers that came from Saito's world. "That's it! More modern technology! We need to spread that over here. Tiffania took a quick look at her Note 9 before looking at Subaru, satisfied with her job. Theo was ecstatic as well. "If we want to bring modern technology, the best way is to bring it at a slow rate, like back in our world. People here are going to get lost quickly if there are introduced to new stuff quickly. Also, I would also like to point out the fact that literacy is going to be a problem. Don't worry about that though, the Materalizer that I have can analyze any language and create an OS based on that language. I'll have to somehow get the entire Lugnican alphabet and translate all of the Japanese to that. Making a new language on the Android phone is going to take months at least before a prototype is released." Subaru sighed. "If is going to take a few months to make it as glitch-free as possible, that would be fine by me. Theo, you will be assigned as the technological innovator and the person overseeing all modern technology that gets introduced to this domain. He simply shrugged. "Of course I would get something like this. After all, technology brought your world to where it is today. It's time for my world to play catch up too." Subaru had a small smile on his face. It was around 7:00 AM at the moment. "You will be assigned the ambassador of Emilia-tan's domain, along with Bidashal. I want to make sure that you can both handle that, right? You have any experience?" Bidashal replied within a matter of seconds. "Of course I do, Subaru-kun. Back in my world, in Nephthys, both I and my niece Luctiana were into research. More specifically, researching humans. So speaking out to others is a thing that we have to be good at. Having a lack of contact over there is a big taboo."

Subaru's eyes started at Bidashal. "Your elves in your world were researching humans? But why?" Bidashal shook his head. "Remember at the time, there was a rift between the humans and the elves. So naturally, we want to get to know them better. Most of the elves in my world deemed humans as inferior. That is, until Saito came into the picture to show us how twisted and toxic that mindset was. Funny thing is, over here, it's the complete opposite. Elves are hated, with half-elves getting the most hate, due to the Witch. I'm pretty sure you know about that first hand, Subaru-kun." This triggered flashbacks to the Royal Capital where Emilia was getting talked down by the Wise Council. Back then, Subaru's emotions got the better of him, causing him to have a disastrous debut there. Subaru shook his head quickly to get his mind back to the present. "I really don't want to be reminded of that incident. That was one of the worst days of my life. I will never, ever forget that one day. Should have stayed at the inn with Rem instead of having the afterthought of a deluded isekai protagonist who is the hero." Luctiana called Subaru out again for his own self-deprecation. "There you go again, thinking that you are worthless as a human being. Sometimes, I think you have one of the worst self-esteem mindsets that I have ever seen. It's almost as bad has Shinji." Subaru was confused. "Shinji? Who is that person? If I am going to guess, it's from an anime that is way before my time. Most likely, around the 1990s." Theo remembered watching the anime. "It's Evangelion from 1995. You were most likely still a child back then, but it was well received. If you want to watch it with us again, you are more than welcome." Subaru crossed his arms. "You are talking about that mecha anime, right? I didn't really get into it when I was back in Japan. However, I heard that it had some pretty dark scenes and themes. Oh! Seems like an exciting one for sure! I'm going to check it out some time in the future! That's because of the following." Subaru got up and began to spin in one place, finishing with his father's meme pointing pose. "Anime is awesome! And all your anime lovers and soon to be otakus in Lugnica will discover what is to come!"

Luctiana gave a loud sigh and crossed her arms as she looked down. "Look guys, I think we got to practice for that Arlam speech. Our new lord, Subaru-sama, is going to make a fool of himself out there with some cringe lines of his own." Subaru felt his fist get tense a bit. "Oh come on. It's like you already assumed that I am going to act like that in front of the people. What am I, Mr. Kenichi to you?!" Bidashal shook his head. "That's enough, both of you. Now, let's head to the karaoke room to rehearse the speech, shall we?" With reluctance, both Subaru and Luctiana dropped the subject. Theo nodded and was the first one to get up. "Ah, just try to do your best, Subaru-sama. I mean, just…be yourself." Subaru huffed and followed Theo. By now, they were all in the same room. Tiffania tapped her foot. "Um…shall we get started, Suabru-san? After all, it's your speech. The villagers know you better than any of us. Also, I am kind of worried on how they are going to view us." Subaru looked outside at the blue sky. "Leave it to me. It won't be a problem for you, Tiffania-san. Same goes with you guys as well." Theo merely walked and began to set up the various projectors that will be used for the speech. It took 15 minutes to set everything up. Bidashal went over to make the final checks, and turned to Subaru. "All equipment are ready for operation. Give the go ahead, Subaru-sama, when you're ready. This is our first rendition of the speech, so just make up something, I guess for the villagers. What is it going to be?"

Subaru played with his hair, turning to the mic for the first run through of the speech. "Hello everyone. It's been a while since you have seen me. I have several announcements to make. Many of you may be wonder what I was doing against the past couple of days. I have brought three people to help us out. They are: Theo, Luctiana, Bidashal, and Tiffania. Without further ado, the first area of concern is the Royal Election. The Witch Cult, 4 days ago, was planning an attack on this domain after the Royal Election began. Luctiana, explain to them what happened." Luctiana went on the projector computer and displayed a graphic of the Witch Cult's hideout. There were 100 red dots, in a holographic display. "What you are seeing in front of you is the Witch Cult members. Those red dots represent the members in the hideout cave near the village. They were about to attack within a day or two." Subaru then stepped in. "Ah yes, we did shut them down quickly, while you all were asleep, that is. One of them is Sloth, one of the Archbishops of the Seven Deadly Sins, as you all may know. He's dead too, so you don't have to worry. " A few moments passed as Subaru tried to get his thoughts together. "There is also big news as well. Roswaal, will no longer be the lord of his domain. He has gone missing. So instead, I will be the one taking the place of him as the lord of this domain. I would also like to point out some facts you will not know about me, and you may look at me as delusional and crazy, but please hear me out."

Subaru began pacing around the raised stage platform from one end to the other, trying to mask his nervousness, even in front of an empty audience. "The previous lord of this mansion, Roswaal L. Matters, is not who he seems. Theo will explain the full details behind this. The silver haired elf look from side to side, as if the entire village was looking at him. "I know you are fearful of the Witch Cult causing more harm here. I know that you are all frightened! But, this revelation is important. Roswaal L. Matters, the previous lord, is actually Roswaal A. Matters. He has the Gospel, which reads the future." Luctiana crossed her arms. "I'm pretty sure that the village is going to get thrown into chaos. We have to make sure that they stay calm." Theo closed his eyes. "I am also expecting a reaction from the villagers. Something like that, Luctiana. There is a saying on Earth, `The truth hurts`. That can't be any truer now." Theo turned again to resume his speech. "Not only that, but we have also discovered his treachery!" Theo controlled the projector and showed a picture of Roswaal. "Roswaal was the one that was responsible for the Mabeast attack around a month ago. He was the one that orchestrated the whole thing, because his Gospel told him that it would be solve by Subaru." Theo looked on with a commanding look. Tiffania on the other hand was timid. "Don't you think by saying that, it'll scare the villagers? The people are not like us, Theo-san." Theo gave a loud sigh. "I have to do this, Tiffania. They deserve to know the truth." The rehearsal speech kept on going. "And the worst of it, is that Roswaal left you all to die to the Witch Cult! According to his Gospel, it said that Subaru will be the one to save the village. If Subaru-sama didn't follow the Gospel, he'll leave you all to perish. All so that he could find a way to wake up the Witch of Greed, Echidna!" Theo clenched his fists and his voice shifted to an angry tone. "Are you contempt with living under a lord like that?! Living under someone who only cares about getting the person he wants, a Witch?! Not giving a damn about his own domain and the complete disregard for human life. I bet you all don't want to have that!" Bidashal stepped up. It was his turn. "Theo decided that the best way to solve this was to purge Roswaal. In other words, he's no longer with us. So from this point forward, Subaru will be endorsing the half-elf. After all, with his morals and ideas, he is not even from Lugnica, or any of the four countries in this place." Subaru stood up, practicing to tell the full truth. "That's right! Remember that time when I told you all about New York? This is where New York is located. Theo, take it away and explain in this rehearsal!" He went to the projector and clicked on Earth, with New York in another window. With a nod from Subaru, Theo went to explain Subaru's place.

"Where Subaru is from, is from a place called Earth. It's a spherical shaped place where all life, as Subaru knows it. You guys are one of the first ones to hear where Subaru comes from, truly. As a demonstration, I'll show what New York is. As you can see here, New York is a capital from a country known as the United States of America, one of the superpowers from Subaru's place. It's a huge city, with well over 10 million people. Lugnica's capital pales in comparison to this place. However, I would like to let you know that Subaru does not originate from this country. He originates from an island nation in a place called Japan. Subaru, please show us your home country on the projector." The disguised half-elf changed the display image to Japan, along with its flag. In another tab, there was Tokyo. Right next to that, there was a tab on Hokkaido. Theo cleared his throat. "This is Japan, Subaru's home country. At a population of 130 million inhabitants, it makes Lugnica look puny. The capital, known as Tokyo, has well over 10 million as well. It's a well-developed country. Natsuki Subaru originated from the northern part of Japan known as Hokkaido. We know what lies over there, because we came from a place named the Kingdom of Tristain, where Japanese values and metias have already influenced our kingdom. Subaru, let's have you practice telling about life in Japan, on Earth. I bet the people that know you will love to be interested in your past life, before you came here."

Subaru nodded and replaced Theo's spot. "Earth is a peaceful place to live. Only humans and animals live there. I came from a place that contains no magic. No mana in the atmosphere. There is no Witch Cult. Our society priories progress through breakthroughs in metias, and equality for all regardless of race. Emilia-tan, that half-elf in the mansion, deserves a shot. I hope you give her a chance to display her best qualities. Regardless of the woman in the mansion. Anyways, so life over there in Japan was peaceful. You know, kids over there are way more pampered lives than here, by a long shot. We have metias that will you guys can only dream of having. Those metias that have come into effect play a big role in everything that we do in our daily lives. For example, if I want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow, we have metias over there that tell you that instantly. Same thing for getting information or news of occurring events. We can get that instantly through those things from my hometown. Japan, my homeland, also has things that you can do when you want to kill time. I'm pretty sure that your lives are pretty stressful as of late, so having things to do for entertainment would be of boon to all of you. I'm going to make your daily lives a little bit livelier. Bidashal and Tiffania will explain the plans that we have for the domain."

With that, Subaru stepped down from the mock rehearsal, as Tiffania and Bidashal walked onto the main stage. Tiffania looked around, pretending that the villagers are looking at her. She pulled out her Note 9, and showed it to the public. "Subaru-san, if you all recall, brought over mayonnaise from his homeland, no…um….Japan." Theo looked at Subaru. "Please let me ask you something, Subaru-sama. Are you that obsessed with mayo? Eating and consuming it at every opportunity?! In our world, we found out that you are a mayo lover. Naturally, you want to put mayo on everything. You can't be serious, right?" Subaru's face turned into a pout. "Do you have a problem with a mayo lover like me?! Trust me, I put mayo on everything that I eat." That snarky remark from Subaru caused Theo to shutter. Thoughts began to surge in Theo's mind. Mayo in pizza. Mayo in desert. Mayo in drinks. He tried to get those thoughts out of his mind, but to no avail. "Subaru, you have a really interesting…..`favorite` condiment. Perhaps a little bit too much. Did….you put mayo in desert? And in soup? No, that's impossible." That only caused Subaru to replay back, defending his favorite condiment. "Of course, Theo, I always put it on everything, including desert, soups. Heck, I had my own personal bottles that I slurped mayonnaise straight from the bottle after a bath. We called it, Mayo-chuchu, a daily occurrence." That was when, something inside Theo snapped. He had a deadpan look at Subaru in disapproval at his confession. Then, his voice raised up "Subaru…...ARE YOU AN IDIOT!?Who the hell puts mayo in desert or soups? You don't do that! And slurping mayo from a bottle after a bath?! Augh! That's just way overboard! I swear, putting mayo in soups and deserts is just a plain enigma. And don't tell me you eat gyoza with mayo too! You eat that with soy sause or wasabi, dimwit! That is such a mismatch. Jeez, and I thought Luctiana's addiction with Fortnite was crazy. But this here takes the cake for sure. I still can't believe that, Subaru. What? Does the entire Natsuki family have an obsession with mayo? It sounds like it's not only you who loves that thing." Theo crossed his arms, in disbelief at the degree of a Mayo Lover that Natsuki Subaru was.

Subaru was annoyed. "The way you say it makes it like you have a problem with what I like! And somehow, you knew that my family had a love for that mayo, so don't try to downplay it! I had around 770 bottles, my father on the other hand has 7700 bottles. It is here to stay in this domain Theo, whenever you like it or not. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of soon to be mayo lovers in this world." Tiffania ignored them and went on with her practice. "This here is called the metia, known as a phone. To be exact, this is a higher rarity version of the phone known as the smartphone. It is common place in Subaru's world. People there have been using these as a part of their daily lives, and now, we are going to make it a part of your lives. You won't miss not having these. To demonstrate, I'm going to let Subaru demonstrate the capabilities of this metia." Subaru crumpled to the ground and beg. "Tiffania! You are putting me on the spotlight AGAIN! This is too cruel!" Tiffania widened her eyes. "Ugh, Subaru-sama. You're the one that is most knowledgeable about Japan, so why don't you do it?!" Subaru gruntled, and raised a finger to Tiffania. He had something on his mind, something that he wanted to do first. Subaru whipped out his OnePlus 7 Pro and downloaded PUBG Mobile to his phone. "So, Tiffania-sama, I heard that PUBG Mobile is the top grossing app on Android. I just downloaded another game to kill time. Feel free to play with me when we both have the time." Subaru gave Tiffania a smile. She was just as happy as ever, having another friend to play alongside her. Luctiana on the other hand overheard the conversation. "Subaru, so you have finally joined the battle royale scene. About damn time too. We're all waiting for you, including Theo." The disguised half-elf stretched his arms and legs. "I've been playing single player games for way too long back in my own world, so it's about time for me to transition to multiplayer." Bidashal was watching the rehearsal of the speech. "Everyone is quite distracted at the moment. We can't afford to be like this in front of the villagers." He looked at the others. "I think we should resume talking about our speech for the village." Subaru played with his silver hair again. He was fiddling with the reaction that the villagers will have. "Ahem, sorry about getting off track. This will most likely require a demonstration of the abilities of our metia, such as playing video games, or getting information instantly from the internet. I know it's going to be hard explaining the concept to the villagers." With that, they concluded the practice session. Theo suggested that they do one more, this time in a more serious matter, and spend the next couple of hours refining their speech and getting straight to the point. This time, Subaru let the leader of the speech go to Bidashal and Theo. It was almost time for them to do the real thing. At around 9:30 AM, they prepared to go to the village. Subaru and the entire Zero no Tsukaima crew were ready to deliver their speech.

The speech

Subaru went on to the village to gather all the villagers, while Theo, Luctiana, Bidashal, and Tiffania followed suit. To avoid causing a commotion at the village, Theo placed on his mask disguise. The others didn't even bother. At 10:00 AM, everyone in the village was at the center. Theo and Bidashal sets up the screen for everyone to see, which caused some of them to murmur as to what was going on. "Who are they? Why are they elves in this domain? I have never seen anything like them." Another voice also was curious as well. "A metia of sorts? Subaru-sama is planning something here for sure." With that, Subaru began the speech, mostly about the Witch Cult, as practiced. However, the moment Subaru talked about an attack in the Witch Cult, the man with the red headband immediately objected. "Don't try to fool us! You are acting calm, but the villagers are frightened. We feared that the Witch Cult would be planning an attack around this place! On top of that, you bring in elves!" The place was getting more and more chaotic. Another villager questioned why the Witch Cult would attack. "Those Witch Cult people. Why would they even bother with a remote village like this?" Then, one of them sets Theo off, and also angers Subaru as well. It was the male with the orange hair and eyes, a teen. "Why? It's because of that damn half elf! Look at those dots, which are the Witch Cult members. Over 100 of them in that damn cave! You want to know why, it is because of that damn half-devil in our domain!" Subaru's fist balled up in anger, while Theo has reached well passed his limit as a parent. As to be expected for the father of the half-elf Emilia, defending his daughter is a given. His voice became more menacing.

"You, boy. You dare to say that in front of the relative of that half-elf? I'm going to show you, who I really am." The boy recoiled back. "Y…You! N…no. By any chance, are you…" Theo took off his mask, revealing his silver hair and purple eyes with his 6'1 height. What Subaru heard was loud gasps from the villagers, realizing who Theo truly was. Loud murmurs emitted from the crowd. Tiffania could hear it too, the surprise and fear of who the elf really was. "It's the father of the half-devil! The father of the Witch!" Theo snapped at the villagers. "ENOUGH! I had lost my daughter who is now in the mansion. 100 years ago, which I still remember. I never forgot her birth I had with my wife, and tried to find a way to see her again. I was separated from her. It was devastating. And now that I am here, this is what I hear?! People like you antagonizing my daughter without knowing her as a person!? She went through hell in Elior Forest, and everyone that she knew was wiped out. I'll be honest, aren't you using her as a scapegoat because she looks like Satella?! Aren't you all being hypocritical! If the Jealous Witch was a human, you all won't be in this village. And the kingdom would have been ruled by demi-humans instead. Am I wrong in that regard?" The villagers looked at Theo in silence, shocked at the statement that he had made just a couple of seconds ago. They were stull Even Subaru, someone who would get riled up at the moment his emotions get the better of him, was speechless.

However, Theo wanted to get the approval of the villagers, and not let them shun him like they did with Emilia ever since word got out that the lord Roswaal was bringing a half-elf to this domain. "I know that the history of the Witch can't be overlooked. Rather, I want you all to give my daughter a chance to prove to you all that she's not someone to be feared. I wish for all of you judge her not by her race or her looks, but her actions! These values were long introduced in Subaru's hometown. That's all I have to say. Now, since you all may be wondering what happened to Roswaal, the lord of this domain. I am going t…." One of the villagers shouted. "Even if you're right, why should we trust you? You made a fair point about that half-elf in the mansion, but that doesn't mean we are going to change our viewpoints about her!" Theo grunted. "You don't have to. What you make of that is up to you. Now, speaking of Roswaal, there are some nasty secrets that he has hid from all of you." As expected, the villagers began to speculate, and become more unrest. Tiffania was the one that turned the projector so that it will showed the mabeast that attacked the village about 3 weeks ago. "Roswaal L Matters, your lord, is not who he seems. He has been body snatching his decedents. His real name is Roswaal A Matters, and he has a Gospel." One of the villagers was bamboozled. "Gospel? As in that book? I heard that only a Witch of the Seven Sins would have something like that? Our lord has been hiding that from us?!" Theo nodded. "It gets worse. That Gospel can generate outline of the future. So Roswaal knew that the Mabeast attack would occur, yet he didn't do anything about it. I'm pretty sure you all know how powerful he is. By waiting until the very last minute, he was endangering everyone here. Do you want to live under someone like that?" The murmurs began to cause the village to go into an uproar, again. One of the villagers realized something. "Don't you all see? Even though Theo-sama is the father of the half-elf, he has a point. Haven't you all wonder why our lord didn't come immediately come to assist us?!"

All of the villagers looked the projector that showed the attack on the village. Tiffania, being the half-elf that she is, showed a scene from the Re: Zero anime, where the village was attacked, and Roswaal stepped in Episode 12. "So it was true! That metia thing shows our lord coming in at the last moment, when he knew all along that this attack will happen! I have never felt so betrayed by that scum!" The entire Arlam village population nodded in agreement. Theo was starting to get the villagers to be disgruntled with the former lord. He had a serious expression on his face. "And that means Roswaal knew about the Witch Cult attack, so he was simply testing Subaru! The boy who was doing radio calisthenics and made mayo for you guys! I'm sure you are all confused, but here's the gist of it. Roswaal basically left all of you to die to the Witch Cult because of his damn Gospel saying that Subaru will save you all. That means, a deviation from the Gospel will mean the doom of all of you. And all of this because he want to bring back his love, the Witch of Greed! And also killing the dragon of Lugnica!" The entire village was absolutely speechless at his revaluation. The same teen boy from earlier felt massive anger. "That's impossible! One of the most powerful mages in Lugnica! Body stealing his decedents! Our lord doing something like this, thinking about resurrecting one of the Witches, and on top of that, leaving us to die, and planning to kill the Dragon which Lugnica made a contact with a long time ago! Why are we even living under the lord right now? I say we all should get the hell o…." Theo immediately soothed that boy's frustration at what is being revealed.

"You don't have to worry about that, boy. We have already wiped out the Witch Cult, and have already taken care of Roswaal. Long story short, Roswaal will never be returning here. It's for the best." Immediately, Subaru whispered to Theo as the commotion got louder. "Theo, the villagers seem to be uneasy right now when you said that. Please be careful on the words that come from your mouth." Theo placed a hand on Subaru's back. "Don't worry about me, I got this." Theo turned to the audience.

"I had to do what was the right thing to do, so I killed the Margave." This caused the people of Arlam village to blow up into another uproar. "WHAT?! You killed the lord, who is one of Lugnica's most powerful mages. I don't believe you, Theo-sama. How did you even do something like that?!" Theo shook his head. "I had to use a powerful item from my place to do it. I didn't want to, but he left me with no choice." Another villager voiced her concern. "Theo, this brings up yet another problem. This domain has no lord now. Who is going to replace him? Everything is going to be thrown off balance!" Arlam's people were ruminating with the fact that the domain has no lord now. People had the same thoughts as the woman. Bidashal then stepped up to the spotlight. "Please, you don't to need to be worried about the new lord. The one….replacing him is right in front of you at the moment. He's 17 years old." The villagers looked at each other. Petra, one of the older kids, guessed who it was. "Subaru? He's the one you are talking about?" Bidashal nodded. "Yes. He's the one that will be taking over as the lord of the domain. From this point forward, the domain will no longer be known as the Matters Domain. It will be named the Natsuki Domain! Now, I'll let Subaru explain the details here." Everyone stared at Subaru, putting him on the spotlight. The villager's murmured. "He's our new lord now? Even though he introduced 'mayo' and that 'radio calisthenics, Subaru-sama does not have much experience." Subaru closed his eyes. "You're right. I don't have much. I have only became the new lord a couple of days ago. So I think it's important for you all to know my background, so that you can understand my values and resolve. I'll start by saying where exactly New York is."

Tiffania, having practiced a couple of times shifted the projector to show an image of Earth. "Everyone, please pay attention to the thing that the metia is showing. Subaru-san will explain what it is." The villagers looked at the projector, and looked at each other. "What in the world is that spherical thing? There's water, and land like here. Yet it does not look like any map that Lugnica had." There continues to be more speculation within the villagers. Subaru began to speak once again. "This is going to be important for you all. I am not from any of the four nations here. Rather, I come from that place that you see displayed at the moment. That spherical ball of water and land." One of the male villagers shook his head in disagreement. He had only been in Lugnica for much of his life. "Subaru-sama came from there?! But that place never existed. We haven't even known about a place like that before. How do we even know that you are from there?" Subaru shook his head. "Do you see my clothes here? You haven't seen anything like that here, yes? Now, regarding that sphere you all see, that there is a place called Earth, home to 7.5 billion people. I am one of those people. That there, Earth, is my true home world." The head of the village, the male with the headband, scratched his head. "I see then. So, you are from beyond the waterfall, right? Subaru-sama, is really a place like that?" Subaru slowly nodded to confirm. Once again, murmurs between the villages began to mix around again. "Subaru is from beyond the waterfall? Nonsense." Another villager, a teenage female was kind of lost. "I have never heard of people that came from beyond the waterfall. If what Subaru says is true, then it makes sense that he has that odd clothing." Subaru closed his eyes. "When we all had the Chikichiki Snow Festival a couple of weeks ago, remaindered that I mentioned New York?" Mild, the kid with the buzzed haircut and brown eyes, spoke up. "Subaru, that New York? Can we go there? Where is it?" Subaru had a small smile on his face.

He turned towards Luctiana, who changed the picture to that of New York and the Statue of Liberty. Everyone gave gasps as to the sheer size of the city, and the realization that Subaru during the start of the Snow Festival had the exact same headwear and torch from. "T…those buildings…th….they're huge! Nothing in Lugnica comes even close to that!" Theo cleared his throat. "New York, is a city on Earth, home to over 8 million people. The statue you see there is the known as the Statue of Liberty, one of the most famous landmarks." The same guy with the headband walked forward and turned to the villagers. He pointed at the image showing New York and the Statue of Liberty. "There's no doubt, Subaru is from that place called 'Earth'. It's the real deal! To have buildings like that, they are far head, way ahead of Lugnica." Theo turned to look at the projector picture. "New York is located in the United States. That is not where Subaru's is from." Subaru turned to the others. "My home country is an island nation, in a region called Asia." Tiffania changed tabs to display Japan and Tokyo. "This is my home country, known as Japan. It's also way more advanced than Lugnica in everywhere. Life on Earth is peaceful. Magicless. No Witch Cult. No demi-humans. Tiffania here shows us the capital of my home country, known as Tokyo, home to around 15 million people in the capital alone." The Arlam people were awestruck at the amount and size of the buildings, as well has the number of people living there. "If what Subaru-sama said is true, that means the city contains the entire population of Lugnica. That is crazy." Subaru looked at everyone. "I grew up in a region called Hokkaido, in the northern part of Japan. My…my parents…they were the best parents that you could ever dream of. I led a pampered life there, much more than anyone here in Lugnica, even royalty. Earth is a metia centric world, we have to adapt to changing needs of the human race. We have things over there you can't even fandom to have. Mayo, for example, was a sauce that came from Earth. As I am a mayo lover, and needing to spread the love for mayo over here, I came up with a way to replicate it. I hope that you all are enjoying the sauce that Rem-rin has made."

Subaru taking over

Subaru began to address the crowd. "From this point forward, I am the lord of this domain. I plan to bring in many things from Earth, with the help of my friends here. Oh, and speaking of bring stuff here, we are going to introduce you to this here." The villagers looked at each other. Subaru's face formed into a grin. With his left hand, he took out his OnePlus 7 Pro and showed it to Arlam. The villagers pointed at the device. "What is that in Subaru-kun's hand? Is that a metia or something? I have never seen anything like that before! He's going to give it to us when we don't know what it does?!" Subaru started to sweat, as his nervousness tried to get the better of him today. "Please, don't be fearful of this! It was made in my world, this metia. Theo will explain the details." With that, Subaru stepped away from the crowd, allowing for the elf to take over again. "Ladies and gentlemen, what you see there in Subaru's hand is known as a smartphone. It's one of the most powerful and a jack of all trades metia that almost everyone on Earth has. I'm not going to explain what it can do, because it can do so many things. To make it easier for you all, it's operated by the thing you all were born with, your fingers." Petra tilted her head. "Fingers? Like that thing on Subaru? Just with fingers?" Theo turned to Tiffania. "Yeah, that's right. The blond one over here, will finally be stepping up to the plate." Bidashal aimed the projector so it was aimed at Tiffania's hand. She was taken off guard. "Eh? Um…should you be doing this with Subaru-san and the others? If you say so, I guess I must demonstrate to the villagers then." Her hands were shaking, even with all of the practice. She reached for her pocket and pulled out her Note 9. She began to swipe on the phone, open apps, close apps. Everyone looked dumbfounded. "That metia there is unexplainable? How in the world did Subaru's place even make a thing like that? No other metia comes even close to how complex that thing is. I'd tell you all, the entire metia has magic infused into it!" Luctiana raised her eyebrow at one of the villager's statements. She wanted to disagree.

"That metia there is not magic. Remember that Subaru comes from a magicless place. I knew it may look like magic to you all, but it's not. Humans on Subaru's world have managed to come up with amazing things over the years. We are going to bring that same thing to you all, except we have to come up with a version that uses the Lugnican language. I hope that you all can read those glyphs, because that will become the basis for using new stuff from Subaru's world. Another option would be to enhance every phone so that you all will know Japanese from bottom to end the moment your face is recognized." Luctiana stood up. "It's not going to be easy for all of you to adapt to this new metia. It'll most likely take months for you all to get proficient at using it. Still, I believe that thing there can benefit all of you." Everyone continued to stare at the smartphone, still thinking that it was a device crafted by the finest mages in Lugnica. Subaru looked at everyone. "Now, people here use Dragon Carriages, right?" The man with the headband scratched his head. "Subaru-sama, I think everyone here knows that people have always been using Dragon Carriages in Lugnica. Are you suggesting to us, that your place does not even use them as a method of transportation?" Subaru nodded, as Theo changed the projector to display the image of a sedan car. The disguised half-elf scratched his head. "Err, that would be correct. If you look at that thing on the metia display, what you see is a metal carriage that does not need a dragon beast to operate. It works in a different matter, to which I am not going to explain, because you people are going to get even more confused. What you should know is that is a carriage called a 'car'." People in Arlam village were looking at each other, hearing the term for the first time in their lives. To them, having some way to transport people without a land dragon seems audacious. People in the village reacted in different way to Subaru's reveal of the car on Earth. Subaru continued to explain what it can really do.

"The car has several massive advantages over the dragon carriages. The most important thing is control. As you may dragons can be quite unpredictable. They can tire out easily, or act in a way that you don't want them to. So the distance you can cover with them in a day will be limited and varying. With a car however, the control is in your hands. As long as it has enough fuel to keep it going, like a lamp, a car can go on forever. You may note that circle thing on the right, the black circle in one of the front seats. That is a special seat called the driver's seat." Petra raised her hand, wanting to ask another question. Subaru pointed at her, and she continued. "Subaru, have you rode in that…'car' thing? And maybe use that thing?" Subaru tried to recall his previous life. Once he did that, he looked at Lugnica. "Of course I rode in a car, Petra. Basically, everyone on Earth has experienced it. I think I was in the process of getting a license back in Japan. Of course, my father encouraged me to take a written permit test, and I failed it a couple of times before getting my permit. In other words, from that point on, it was a combination of my father and mother teaching me." Subaru shook his head and kept on going. It was surprising that the villagers haven't lost interest yet. "The next important thing to note is that cars a lot more agile, and can change directions much more rapidly than Dragon Carriages. They can also accelerate much faster and maintain much higher speeds. With the high performance cars, you can get to Lugnica in an hour at most. It took half a day getting from here to the capital by carriage. The amount of time that can be saved in a trip from place to place can be massive. We also have other ways to get around as well, but I'll leave those explanations for later. For now, things are wrapping up."

Over the next ten minutes, the group concluded the gathering, and everyone left to resume their daily routine. Subaru breathed heavily to himself. It was clear from both Bidashal and Theo. Subaru was pretty much done for the day. He panted as they made their way back to the mansion. "That was way more nerve wracking than I thought it was going to be. I think that'll be enough for today. This day is going to be a day of playing video games and taking a break." Luctiana found it to be a perfect opportunity to tease Subaru. "What's the matter, being a lord is too much for you? Not even the first week of you being a new lord, and already slaking?!" Subaru grunted at Luctiana's comment. "L…Like I said before, I'm not Roswaal, so if you think that I'm going to be traveling around the place, flying up in the air like him, you'll be mistaken. I do things my way. Even so, the people might think I'm insane, coming from a place like Japan. I hope those visuals helped convincing them. I really don't know though. Those people have never seen anything like phones or cars in their life. We all have a hard road ahead of us for sure. I'm just trying to make some moments where I can relax in peace." Edan popped out of Subaru's hair once again. "I'm sure that everyone would like to have a day off, Suba. That includes Emilia as well. She must be pretty stressed out from the Royal Election that is occurring at the moment."

Back in the Mansion

Once Subaru was back, he returned to his room. Theo tagged along with him. He noticed that Subaru was clenching his heart, as if something was bothering him at the moment. Theo reached for Subaru's shoulder. "What's the matter Subaru? You seems out of sorts. If something is wrong, feel free to talk to me." Subaru's eyes looked down at the group. "T…Theo. I…I…was thinking about my parents recently. I knew…from the moment that I got here, I'll never see them again. From that moment where I was transported to Lugnica, somewhere deep down, I can't go back to Japan. Even someone like Al, who came from Japan, was here for the last 18 years." Theo didn't say anything at first. Instead, he shook his head and stared into the window. It was a partly cloudy day, with the occasional clouds flowing by. "They must have been really amazing parents to you, Subaru. Well, you have to make do with your current situation. We here are all aware of you struggling with self-loathing, and not feeling you are good enough. It's never an easy thing to get rid of. However, you got some modern tech back. Why don't you learn some battle royale with Tiffania and Luctiana? They would be more than happy to play with you. Well then, I must go and check on them, so take care for now. Kenichi would be proud of you as his son, Subaru, based on what you have achieved." With that, Theo gave Subaru a hand wave before exiting the room, leaving Subaru all alone. He sighed and turned on the Dell G7 on his desk. It fired up, taking him to the desktop screen. "All right, what are we going to do? Ah, I got an idea. I have an hour remaining, before lunch, so I'll binge watch some anime right now. Arifureta? That is a new one, so I'm going to watch it. Maybe Emilia-tan can watch it too." Subaru shook his head and got onto 9anime. He cracked his knuckles at the anticipation of the new series. "It's time for Natsuki Subaru's daily dose of anime. Let's get this action going!" In about an hour or so, Subaru blazed through the first four episodes.

Meanwhile, back in the lobby, everyone was getting ready for lunch as usual. Tiffania noticed that Subaru's spot was empty. "Um….is Subaru-san all right? He seems to be late." Theo looked back at the door. "Subaru should be here by now. Last time I saw him, he was in his room. Perhaps at this time at the moment, Subaru is watching some anime on his computer. He loves to do that kind of thing." Luctiana crossed her arms and relaxed her hands. "Of course, I'm not surprised at all. Subaru must be almost done by now. He's keeping his beloved Emilia waiting for him right now." Luctiana pointed at Emilia, causing her to cower in embarrassment. "Um…Luctiana-sama. I know that Subaru will be here soon." Around ten seconds later, Subaru came through the double doors that lead to the room. "Hello there. Sorry to keep you waiting everyone, I was watching anime in my room." Luctiana scoffed at Subaru. "I knew it. As expected from an otaku. Which one did you watch?" Subaru walked over to his spot and sat down. "Arifureta. An anime about normal high school kids get summoned to another world. The main character, got betrayed by one of his classmates, and fell in the dungeon. He even lost an arm in the process." Bidashal looked on. "That must have hurt badly." Subaru nodded. "Yeah, he was. Somehow, the main character managed to deal with that. He also made a gun out of thin air, and a sniper rifle. I wish I had an ability like that back then! I would have made one in an instant!" Emilia tilted her head. "`Gun?" Theo cleared out the confusion in an instant. "A ranged weapon, much like the crossbow, except that you can fire it more rapidly and with more shots at once. The projectiles travel much faster. It's a dangerous weapon to have, Emilia. That thing can kill if you are not careful." Subaru shook his head. "That guy from that anime was already overpowered when he got that ability. Somehow, Hajime Nagumo gains levels from eating monsters. That's right, killing monsters and eating the meat, sometimes r…raw. Ugh, I think I had some vomit come up from my stomach." Subaru puts his hands on his mouth. Just the thought of eating raw monster meat, with slime covered all over, was unnerving to him. Subaru shook his head to get those thoughts out of his mind.

Luctiana looked at her phone for any upcoming anime. "So Subaru, what did you think of the animation of that show?" Subaru scoffed at Luctiana. "Nothing special for the most part, although the CGI is completely out of place in some parts of the show. I mean, it was pretty bad." Luctiana raised an eyebrow. "That bad, Subaru? Show me the pictures of the show, and I may be convinced." Subaru got out his phone and went to the site that had a photo of the scene where Hajime was fighting the dragon heads. Emilia on the other hand looked confused at what Subaru and Luctiana were talking about. Tiffania noticed that just by her body language. "Emilia-san, you look kind of lost there, when you heard Subaru-san talk about his 'anime' things. Don't worry about it. It's your first time seeing these things." Bidashal continued on with his stance. "There's always a first time for everything, Emilia. Sooner than later, you will have the knowledge on those exact same things as Subaru or Luctiana. That is how people use technology in the modern world. Uh, I mean….Subaru's world." When Luctiana got a look at the scene, her face had a look of disgust. She couldn't believe how bad the CGI was. "Talk about production issues. That has got to be one of the lamest CGI's that has ever been used in an anime. The dragon looks like it came from a PS1 game. I mean, it looks so out of place with the anime style of the characters. How did they think that this would get through quality control?! What a train wreck!" Subaru looked at it as well. He was still speechless about the CGI in episode 4. "Damn. I had to blink several times to confirm that I wasn't seeing things. Geez, it's by this anime studio called Asread. What kind of name is that?"

Theo cracked his knuckles as Subaru got down and materialized his lunch. Emilia was still slightly taken aback by that. "You'll get used to it eventually, Emilia. This is what my fellow elves and I did in Tristain and in Nephthys." Emilia slowly nodded. "Having something like that, would be a changer around here." Subaru looked at his meal, which consisted of a beef ramen along with miso soup, which had bits of tofu and green onions in there. He looked back up at the group. Rem and Ram were already at their seats, eating their food. "So Subaru, what are your plans for today? Looks like the speech you took at the village drained you quite a bit. You have been looking stressed ever since we came back to the mansion." Subaru looked at Bidashal. "Today is going to be a day of relaxation. That means that we are going to skip watching anime today. Rather, I want to learn how to play battle royale games. I think it would spice things up a bit if I play with you guys." Luctiana had a big smirk on her face. More than anything, she wanted to train a new person in battle royale games. "Eh? So you do want to play battle royale, Subaru? Tiffania and I can show you through the ropes by playing a couple of matches together after lunch." Subaru nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I really want to. So please show me how to play after eating, Luctiana-sama!" She giggled at Subaru's statement. "All right then, rookie. After playing single player games for so long, I think the battle royale genre would be a nice change of pace for you." Meanwhile, Theo looked at Emilia, his daughter. He has been wondering how the royal election is going. "So, Emilia. You are always pretty busy with your studies and stuff like that. Also, you're pretty busy with your routine as a Spirits Art user." Emilia played with her silver hair. "Mmm…that's correct. Every day has been busy, ever since I got into the mansion with Roswaal. At that time, I didn't even realize that he was using me for his own ends." Theo shook his head. "I'm sorry you had to be under his control. If only I could have come earlier. Speaking of which, what was really the reason you want to become the ruler of Lugnica in the first place." Emilia paused for a while, which caught the attention of everyone who was in the room. "The reason is…..Roswaal told me that there was a way to save all of the elves that are frozen in the forest. That's the reason wh…." Emilia only got that far before Luctiana budged in with her own thoughts. "I think what Roswaal said is a bunch of bullshit." Bidashal gave an intense look at Luctiana. "Luctiana! Watch your tongue there! Emilia-sama might start using them." This only led to a scoff from the elf. "No. I'll say what I want to say. If someone is frozen in ice, unable to be moved, then that matter should be simple. A simple dispel spell could easily free all of them." Emilia purple pupils widen at Luctiana's statement. "You elves can do something like that over there?!"

Bidashal, as he was the most knowledgeable about magic, stepped in to explain. "Elven magic in our world is extremely powerful, Emilia-sama. Elven magic is called 'Nature Magic' by us, 'Firstborn Magic' by the humans. It can involve making contact with spirits or tap into this so call spirit power of the land. In other words, you can consider the elves in our world to be spirit users as well. Getting to the main point, if what Luctiana-sama said is correct, much like how a petrification debuff is rectified, a frozen elf can be treated the same way as well, with a dispel spell." Luctiana puts her hand on her chin. "But there's another problem. How the hell are we going to find Elior forest from here? We don't even know the location of the mansion with respect to Lugnica. All we know is that this mansion is to the north of the capital." Theo was in the same spot as well. He knows what Elior looks like, but does not know where the location is. "Going around right now, trying to find that place would be foolish. I suggest that we should stay here for the first few months to establish our home first." Emilia objected. "But father, those elves are still frozen in the forest! If what you say is true, then we can go rescue them." Theo looked at his daughter. "No! I'm sorry Emilia. We can't do that right now. Subaru just ascended as the lord of this domain. It would look bad on us if we did that right now. Plus, bringing all of the elves into the mansion is going to cause massive confusion within the villagers. We need to have a plan to bring all of them back." In a rare display of irritation from Emilia, Subaru, as he ate his lunch, saw Emilia pout at her father. Subaru had a small smile of his face. This moment between daughter and father remind of him back home with his father Kenichi. "I….wonder what my parents are doing right now."

Rem and Ram finished their lunch. Rem pushed the last plate away from here. "What does Subaru-kun plan to do for the remainder of the day?" Subaru shrugged. "Relax, of course." Ram gave an intense glare at Subaru. "Of course. As expected from Balse, a lazy lord at that." Subaru rolled his eyes. "You're still giving me flack for that Ram? Why can't a lord have a break from time to time?" Ram sighed. "Balse is truly hopeless. Much like how it's obvious who Balse likes." Subaru's cheeks reddened. "N…I..It's not like th..that! I just have to concentrate…on my n… duties. It's important to keep that separate. Please?" Subaru's face is so red, that it was as if someone painted red all of over his face. Theo chuckled. "Just teasing you. Anyways, after dinner, my daughter is going to return to studying. I can't wait to see you get into PUBG with Luctiana and the others. Mostly to see how much you going to suck at first. Waiting for all of those fails, Subaru-sama." Subaru was not pleased at this. He dared to trash talk him about how bad his gaming skills are. "Really Theo? I have not even played that type of game before in my life! I have only played single player games, and I'm really good at them. Do you expect me to fail that bad? Tell me, do you enjoy seeing other people fail in gaming?" Theo chuckled. "I must admit, I have a liking to seeing that kind of stuff." Emilia tilted her head to the side, confused on what is being discussed. "'PUBG'? What is this…'PUBG' stuff you and Subaru are talking about?" Luctiana stepped in. "It's something that is done in the other world….as entertainment." Emilia still was lost. "I…I see. I'm still going to study for the royal election I guess. Subaru, don't push yourself too hard again. You always like to do those type of things. Just like at the Royal Selection." Subaru nodded. By this moment in time, everyone was done with their lunch. Emilia went to do her usual studies, and Subaru and the other elves began their preparations to play PUBG on this sunny day in Subaru's mansion.

PUBG: Learning the Ropes

In a specialized temporary room for gaming, Luctiana and Tiffania had their Dell G7's fired up, ready to play PUBG. Luctiana turned to Subaru as they got to the PUBG menu. "This is a game, as you may know, where 100 players pick up weapons and fight to the death. Good thing, this game can let you play up to four players. That mode is called Squads. There is also two player modes called Duos, and a single player mode called Solo. As you are starting as a rookie in PUBG, I suggest playing Squads to build your skills up." Tiffania continued. "For um…to demonstrate to Subaru-san, we are playing Duos on Erangel. It is the first map to come out in PUBG. Please watch us." In the room, Theo, Bidashal, and Subaru, were spectators of the match. Luctiana looked at the screen. "Theo, please give Subaru the rundown on the controls. All of the controls are shown in the photo. Study it, Subaru." Emilia's father nodded, and gave the image of the controls to Subaru. He looked at each control with detail. "So, these controls don't seem any difference from an FPS game that you would see on the PC. The aim and fire buttons are also on the mouse. Wait a moment, firing modes? So you can fire you gun in either full auto or another mode. Going in on the realism, looks like." Subaru and the other two elves watched as Tiffania and Luctiana were in the waiting lobby. "Match starts in 60 seconds, Subaru. Going to play right now." Subaru raised his eyebrow. "How are you going to drop into the arena in the first place?" Tiffania pressed the M button on her keyboard, showing the path that the plane will travel.

"This plane here will take us to the battlefield. The path that the plane will take will change with every match. Subaru, do you see some of the places which have names on them? Those are the places of interest." Subaru nodded. "So, does that mean certain places see more gunfights and stuff like that?" Tiffania nodded. "Yes, some places are pretty popular among the players in this game. As for the weapons that you get, you start with nothing. The weapons you find on the ground will be different for each time that you play a match. It's what pulls us to this game. Theo, Luctiana, and I have been playing for well over a year now, so we know the ins and outs of this game. Speaking of which, the match is about to start." Theo crossed his arms. "Good luck to the both of you. May you get your chicken dinner." Luctiana shrugged. "That's the hard part. Every match has a different taste of atmosphere." Subaru watched as the match begun. The duo dropped in the Hospital. Two other duos were in the same areas as well. The two elves began communicating. "Tiffania, let's make it quick and gather the supplies that we need. Two other duos are here. If we get caught without a weapon, we're screwed." The half-elf nodded as they scavenged through the buildings. Luctiana managed to arm herself with a UMP45 and a S12, and Tiffania managed to grab a SCAR-L. Both of them got armor for both the head and chest. As they rummaged through the buildings, Subaru gathered his thoughts. "So this is how pick up the loot. Press F on the keyboard." Just then, Luctiana and Tiffania heard gunfire, apparent from one of the other duos. Tiffania was about to go out of the building when Luctiana stopped her. "Let's go out together and take those guys out. They are taking each other out, so by the time we catch them, they are going to be weakened." With that, Subaru and the others watch as the duo snuck up on another group, taking them out with ease. Subaru was amazed. "So, it's not just shooting the moment you see another enemy. From what I have seen, it's also the positioning as well." Luctiana nodded. "That is indeed correct, Natsuki Subaru. Cover in PUBG is absolutely essential to not get killed early on in the game. Also must have good situational awareness as well. Oh, and speaking of which, the circle is going to start closing in pretty soon. We are out of the range of the circle, so we should head towards that, well inside."

Subaru was confused. "Circle? What circle you are taking about in the game?" Tiffania brought out the map again. "Subaru-san, do you see the white circle outline? That is the area that you have to go to, as anywhere outside of that will get covered in blue." The disguised half-elf realized something. "So you are telling me that blue zone is a death barrier? The play area actually shinks?" Theo was also another skilled veteran of PUBG. "Indeed. You will die if you stay too long in the blue zone. You take damage over time in that zone, which gets bigger as the circle gets smaller. On top of that, where the circle will go to is random every game, so your tactics will vary too." Subaru simply nodded and watched as the duo made their way to the circle, not encountering enemies. The circle closed a couple of more times, with it being centered on Rozhok. Tiffania and Luctiana have five kills each. Theo continued to communicate with Subaru. "They are in the last ten now, Subaru. This is where it starts to get really tense." Subaru said nothing as the duo were being rushed by another duo squad. Tiffania tried to aim at one of the players, but they countered back with the Mini 14, causing Tiffania to lose almost all of her health. "Damn! Luctiana, fire back while I heal with the bandages, I think we are not going to…" Luctiana cursed at herself as she tried to lay shots with her SCAR-L. "Damnit, they are hiding behind that rock! I can't get them!" Subaru looked at Theo. "The atmosphere around here is getting quite tense. " Theo did not look back at Subaru, but he replied anyway. "They have a good reason to be tense. They are getting very close to winning." Subaru simply watched. Luctiana was at 40% health, and she began to reload.

What she didn't realize is that the opponent had thrown the grenade at their spot, killing the both of them instantly. "DAMNIT! Ah, I'm sorry, we fell short in this round. Done in by a grenade." Subaru scratched his head. "I think I get the gist of how this game plays now. You guys said that you will play another match?" Luctiana nodded. "Correct. We are playing in Sanhok next. It's much smaller than the last map we played on, so it will be faster paced. Tiffania, let's begin." Once again, they loaded into the match and were on the plane once again. They landed at Bootcamp, one of the hotter spots on the map. They wasted no time as they got their weapons, as they were a lot of teams in the same area. Just about five seconds later, gunfire erupted in the area. Luctiana smirked and dived into the action, Tiffania engaged combat with one duo, killing one by headshot with Mini 14, and getting the other with the same gun. Luctiana also took out another duo in the proximity with her M16A4. Subaru was amazed at the way the two elves managed the recoil of the guns. "The way you control those weapons, it's quite an amazing feat. Some of the weapons recoil like crazy." Luctiana nodded. "It's something that you get good at as you put more hours into it." Just then, Tiffania went down from M416 fire. "No! Luctiana, where is it from?" She gasped. "Behind us!" Luctiana got behind cover, reloaded her weapon, and took one down. She then went to the nearby building, and taking the other one out. Luctiana was at 33% health. She took one of her two medkits, and ran over to Tiffania, who was slowly bleeding out. After being revived, Tiffania took her own medkit, and both of them looted the killed players. By the end of it, both of them were well armed. Theo did an analysis on the way that the both of them played.

"Luctiana and Tiffania are more of the run and gun type of players. They like to move around a lot, so get used to that, Subaru." The half-elf was looking at the controls, as well as the match that was ongoing at the moment. Throughout the next 15 minutes, Tiffania and Luctiana managed to take out three more duo groups without taking a significant amount of damage. The HUD indicated that the three are the last of the 10 players remaining. Bidashal raised his eyebrow. "Here we go once again. I hope they can pull out the win." That statement from Bidashal was answered the next five minutes. Tiffania and Luctiana took out a duo that was hiding in a building, placing them within reach of victory. At long last, they both took out the last group, taking the win with 12 kills combined. Tiffania turned to Subaru. "We have won the match. Now, do you want to give it a shot now?" Subaru's face lit up like a kid on Christmas day. "Of course I want to play. Let me into the match." Theo stepped forward, grabbing his Dell G7 laptop as well. "I'm joining as well. Subaru, please get ready to head into battle."

Subaru's first steps into battle royale

Subaru went back up to his room to grab his laptop and rushed back to the room to boot it up. The moment he launched the Steam client, he realized that he did not have PUBG on his computer. "Damn, I have to buy this crap?! 20 dollars for this?! Fine, whatever. Looks like I have to bit the bullet for this. I need my wallet for this instance." Subaru checked his pockets to see if his wallet was there. "It's not there. Most likely, I left it under the drawer of that office desk in my room. One moment." The other elves waited as Subaru rushed back in his room to get his wallet. There was a debit card that he had, with the money coming mostly from the government. Before he used the money to buy the game, Subaru looked at the screen to confirm his purchase. "My father is not going to be pleased about this." The download commenced, which took over ten minutes. Subaru crossed his legs. "Boy, I can't wait to get absolutely destroyed in PUBG." Luctiana scolded Subaru. "Not even your first match, and you have that self-defeating mindset from the get go. Quite a high maintenance boy, I must say." Subaru simply grumbled to that statement. Theo raised his hand. "Before we start, we should share our Steam names with each other and send friend requests." Everyone did exactly that. Now, Theo, Luctiana, Subaru, and Tiffania all were connected. They launched into the PUBG menu. Theo invited the entire group. They were all ready to play. As expected, Natsuki Subaru was a little bit nervous for his first match. In a lobby at the moment, Subaru began to run around, based on learning the controls for the game.

"Feels a little clunky, though I think I can get used it if given enough time." Luctiana mentored Subaru. "This is a more realistic game, you know? This isn't Call of Duty." The timer continued to tick down by the minute, leaving everyone to prepare for combat. Theo gave the quick briefing. "Listen all, the plane is towards the right side of the map. We are going to land in Khao, since that place gets less traffic than other locations. As the fact that Subaru is a beginner at this game, we cannot drop at Bootcamp. Subaru would became fodder there. Subaru, when we jump off, you jump off and follow us. Press W to dive really fast." Subaru nodded as the match began. Theo marked the spot to drop, which was in Khao. Another squad was there. Subaru began running as fast as possible to get some guns. "To loot, I remember pressing F to grab the stuff. All right, I got a level 1 helmet, a UMP9 and S12, and some bandages." Theo got a SCAR-L and some level 2 gear. Luctiana got a M16A4, and Tiffania had a M416. Just then, an enemy entered his door. "Shit! Here comes the enemy." Subaru dumped UMP9 bullets into that person, knocking him down. He then finished him off by headshot. "First kill in a battle royale! Oh yes! Now, let's get out of here." Subaru ran his way out, while getting shot by gunfire from the enemy team. Luctiana looked at her HUD. "Guys, Subaru is in trouble! He has no health! Prepare to engage the enemy in combat!" The moment was getting tense right now. "Roger! Engaging the enemy!" Theo, Luctiana, and Tiffania located the other team. A gun battle ensured. Subaru was knocked down after he tried to open fire with his UMP9. "Son of a bitch! The damn recoil, I can't hit a thing!" Theo's voice became more serious. "Subaru is down! Tiffania, go revive him! We are going to take care of the other team now! One of them has been already knocked down!" True to his word, Theo and Luctiana took the other ones out with ease. Subaru shook his head, lamenting at his own incompetence at the game. "I…I'm sorry guys, I got knocked down." Tiffania, being the timid half-elf that she is, revived Subaru. "Subaru-san, don't you worry about getting shot down. It even happens to the best players from time to time. Come on, let's hurry. The circle is starting to close in towards the south side, and we are on the north." Everyone looted fast and began making their way to Paradise Resort. Theo was the one that was leading the way at the moment. The number of players still alive was 40. Just then, out of nowhere. Tiffania got shot in the head by a Kar98k, downing her instantly. Luctiana was on full alert. "Shit! Enemy fire! Get down. Get to cover! Get to…" She was the next one to get hit, taking almost all of her health away. Luctiana tried to return fire, only to go down next. "NO! I'm down! Theo and Subaru, it's up to you. Damn, it's coming from one of the buildings on Paradise Resort." They both tried to rush the site, only to get shot down by raining gunfire. Subaru cursed pretty loudly as the group placed #13.

Tiffania grumbled in frustration. "That's real unfortunate. All right, let's begin the next match." Subaru nodded as Theo fired up the same map again. This time, they dropped out and landed in Pai Nan. Luckily, no one landed there besides them. All of them got geared, then moved to the action at Bootcamp. As expected, when they reached there, it was looted already. Gunfire was still talking place. The group sneaked around the area, with Subaru blasting shotgun rounds at one of the enemies who was down. He then began to taunt the person. "How do you like that buckshot in your face? Stay down!" Then, another enemy from the same group open fire. Subaru managed to spray Vector rounds into the other person, downing him. Subaru then spotted another member from a different squad, who started shooting at him. He tried to return fire, but he was downed and was killed by headshot with a Mini 14. "Kuso! The recoil got me again!" Luctiana alerted the others. "Subaru is out of the game! Stay alert!" Subaru grumbled as he spectated his team. "I died once again. Well, that is to be expected. It's my first day at the game." He watched them his squad make their way to the end stages of the game. With about 7 people left, this means that 2-3 squads are still alive. The circle closed in on Paradise Resort. Tiffania, Theo, and Luctiana managed to pull the victory out. In total, they got 5 kills, while Subaru got two. Luctiana raised her hands in the air. "Yes! We did it! We won the match!"

Subaru's misfortune in PUBG and the aftermath

What followed after that was Subaru celebrating by fist pumping. "Even without me in the battle, you guys managed to pull out the win. Truly amazing work there." Theo cracked his knuckles. They were going to play a couple more matches as squads, and so, they did exactly that. Both times, they managed to place in the top 5. Subaru was getting a little annoyed in one instance. An hour time has passed in the mansion. It was now around 3:00 PM. Luctiana looked at Subaru. "Well, if you want to get better at this game, I think you should play Solo mode now on Sanhok. It'll be a good practice for you, since you can't even hit the broad side of a barn. I have seen you, spraying on that map in full auto fire. You are not going to win gunfights in PUBG if you play like that. It'll take at least 100 hours for you to gain your constancy." Subaru grumbled as he fired on Sanhok, going in by himself. Luctiana smirked. "Oh man, it's going to be fun watching Subaru-sama fail." Bidashal looked at her. He was not sure about what she was thinking. "The way that she is looking at Subaru right now, I think she's waiting for a reaction from him. He's a rookie at PUBG, so I expect him to die a lot." Sure enough, the deaths over the next two hours came left and right. From getting killed by a headshot from long range, to getting shotgunned in the face. Subaru was starting to get irked little bit. Though it was only it was his first time playing the game today, it is evident to the others that there is a massive skill gap between him and the elves. Luctiana was watching the way Subaru played. "His movements are pretty jerky and without any tactics. Subaru has a long way to go before he masters this game." In one certain match, Subaru died to a frying pan while he was trying to punch the enemy to death. Subaru was not at all pleased by this. "I….I…I died…..TO A FRYING PAN!? W..what kind of game is this where you die to a freaking frying pan?" With those words in mind, the entire group erupted at Subaru's misfortune. "Seriously. The recoil is almost impossible to control in the first place. This….this is going to take a while." By the time that 5:00 PM rolled about. Subaru had enough with the game. "I think, that's enough PUBG for now. I still have a lot to learn in this game. It's better for me to go check on Emilia-tan once dinner rolls around. And I also need to talk with the lesser spirits, see if they know anything regarding the deceased Roswaal."

Everyone shuts down their laptops and puts them in their corresponding rooms. Subaru went over to check on Rem and Ram. "Two maids for this mansion is not going to be enough anymore. If in the future we find another one, we'll jump on that opportunity." Subaru walked back over to his room to check on the time now. "It was already 5:30. Time is already flowing pretty fast. I guess I'll just view the sunset from my room." Subaru crossed his legs and slowly tapped his legs. He looked over to his disguise watch, flipping it over. He transformed back into a silver haired half-elf with blue eyes. With a sigh, Subaru opened up his OnePlus 7 Pro, wrapping things up for the day. As usual, he checked the news in Japan, along with new video gaming trends. Just now, Luctiana went into Subaru's room. He noticed it, so he turned around. "It's time for dinner, isn't it?" Luctiana nodded. "Come on, the others are waiting for you." At the dining room, Subaru announced that he was going to ask the lesser spirits tonight regarding people questioning the disappearance of the previous lord. Emilia was confused. "Subaru. Why? I don't think it's necessary to do those kind of things." Theo shook his head. "No. This needs to be addressed at once. There is a very strong chance that rumors of Roswaal disappearing out of nowhere will spread like wildfire. Without an official announcement of the new lord, Subaru, the Emilia camp is done for." Subaru grumbled. Deep within, he's still fighting that urge to be a lazy bum. "Whatever. After I finish this dinner, I'll go talk to the lesser spirits." Rem looked at Subaru, again. "Subaru-kun, what about your studies? You haven't mastered our language." He wagged his finger. "That will come after I do my thing."

Following dinner, Subaru went outside to ask the lesser spirits. His body began to glow again, just like Emilia's when she did her secession many times before. One of the lesser sprits began talking. "Hello there, rookie. How has it been going lately? Last time we met, you wanted information about the Witch Cult's location." Subaru nodded. "Yes, that's true. Now, I want you to tell me if there is any rumors regarding Roswaal's sudden disappearance circulating around Lugnica?" The lesser spirits began to glow and spin around Natsuki Subaru. Finally, he stopped. "So I have the answer to your question. Since Emilia's father offed Roswaal, people around the country are spreading rumors that the Margave may be dead. After all, he's been gone for almost ten days now. No one seen him." Subaru was worried as heck. "That's all I needed to know from you. Thanks for the information." With that, Subaru bolted to the mansion and rushed to Bidashal. "Damn! Rumors have already begin to spread that Roswaal is dead! This is bad!" Bidashal shook Subaru. "Calm down! I can agree, this is quite troublesome. Tomorrow, we have to act fast. Otherwise, our faction is going to get eliminated from the Royal Election!"

Things have certainly began to heat up for the Royal Election ever since Subaru took over…