Danny has lost it all. Everything was gone and he couldn't beleive that he actually lost his friends and family to a much older and crueler version of himself. He stood there alone watching the now empty town all by himself. The paine that he was feeling right now ran deep through his veins as he sighed to himself miserably wondering what he was going to do now. He had the the option of going to Vlad's but he didn't want to fearing that if he did, he might turn into his evil self. He just didn't know what to do anymore and he was now alone. That was until a strange yet familiar figure appeared.

At first the young halfa thought that it was just the figment of his imagination because what he just saw was something that he thought was supposed to be make beleive. The figure itself appeared looked as though he was a scientist from the second world war. Although he has seen strange things like this before but this really had topped the cake because he thought that this man only exsisted in a television show that he has seen when he was a kid. It was weird especially when he asked, "Gumball?" As a response Danny just blinked.

"I know what you are thinking Daniel, and no you are not imagining me. Clockwork sent me here to collect you." All Danny could do was stare which was understandable because he thought that this man was supposed to be imaginary. His name was Professor Parodox and after a moment of a awkward silence he then said,"I hate to be the bringer of bad news but the probability of you becoming the most evil ghost in the world is still very high and the only way to prevent that possible future from happening is to move you to another universe."

"Do I have a choice?" Danny asked obviously angry but still very confused.

"I am afraid not," Said the time traveler blankly. "I have seen all of the possibilities and in nearly every time line you still become evil and the only way to prevent that possible future from happening is to start over in a new universe." The professor explained At he stares down at the halfa with a sad expression."I know that this is a hard time for you Daniel but you need to be with someone who could understand your situation and those people are located in another universe."

Danny then said,"I don't think that I really have choice and if it is a way for me to prevent me from becoming Dan than so be it." Paradox then nodded his head.

"I am glad that we both have a mutual understanding," Prossesor Paradox said now serious."As you might already be aware, I am going to take you to live with the Tennyson. Once there, you'll be ten again but you'll still have your ghost powers. However, since you'll be in a younger body and like the Omnitrix, your powers are going to be limited." Danny then nodded his head.

"Thanks for everything Professor Parodox and tell Clockwork that I am not angry with him for not trying to save my family."

"Your welcome and one more thing, your evil self from the future is still out to get you and I have to warn you that if you don't tell the Tennyson's about him now than they will find out later and I would advise you that I would really like to have you tell them now or things would get very ugly." The professor warned and the next thing that they knew was that they were now in the middle of the woods. Although, what he was still not expecting was to be turned into a ten year old again even though that Paradox told him that he would in advance and with that Professor Paradox was now gone and the only thing that he left behind was a time medallion that belonged to Clockwork. He wanted to return it but that wasn't until he saw a note attached to telling Danny that he should keep it. He then decided to put the time medallion on as a memento and the next thing that he knew was that he was now all alone.

However that wasn't until he heard something coming out through the bushes. Instinctively Danny did got into a fighting position scaring the figure. Although he was a little surprised when he saw who the myserious figure was."Wow, I didn't mean to frighten you dude," Said the fugure Who Danny now recognized as Ben Tennyson."Honestly I didn't expect to find anybody else out here in the woods so where is you family?"

"They died," The half ghost answered honestly."Though, I should be asking you why you are here out in the middle of the woods without an adult and normally when you try and introduce yourself to someone, you usually ask them for their name. Mine is Danny, just don't call me Daniel or Dan or your dead." It then made the other kid feel bad for asking Danny a personal question like that. Then again he didn't want Danny to be living out in the woods by himself. However after a moment of awkward silence the other boy then said,"My name is Ben Tennyson and there is no way that I am going to let you live out in the woods by yourself. Luckily for you, I am going to ask my grandpa if you could come with us.

It's just going to be me, my grandpa and my dweebish cousin Gwen though but I think that he would like you and there is no way that he would let you live here out all alone." Danny was about to thank the brown haired boy but it wasn't until his friend noticed that there something falling from the sky and since he was surprised he then said,"Whoa, Danny did you see that? It's a shooting star!" Danny then tried to protest but before the half ghost knew it, the flying object smacked Ben right in the face. Out of instinct, Danny then turned himself and Ben invisible once the mysterious object hit the ground. Surprised Ben said,"Whoa, didn't know that you could do that.

I wonder what that thing that his us was. A satellite?" Danny only shrugged his shoulders. However as the duo got closer to the strange object, the two saw a strange metallic pod and in it revealed a strange watch. "A watch? What's a watch doing in outer space?"

Danny then shrugged his shoulders once more. Suddenly, the watch jumped onto Ben's wrist scaring Danny when his new friend started to scream,"Danny, help me get this off! Get this off! Get this off! Get this off!"

"Ben, just calm down," Said Danny as an effort to help his friend."Maybe we can get you grandfather to help." Just like that, Ben ran off while Danny followed after. Meanwhile Ben's grandpa, Max, was wondering where his grandson was. It was starting to get late and he was starting to worry about him.

"I wonder where Ben has gone," Said Max filled with worry."He shouldn't have caused too much trouble." That was when Gwen said,"Unless he became bear food." As a result Max gave his granddaughter a weird look. "I can't still dream can't I?" Back with Danny and Ben, Ben was busy trying to figure out how to get the watch off while Danny tried to calm Ben down.

Although, Ben's screaming did reminded the half ghost that he was still being hunted by his evil older self and for a moment Danny became worried and wondered if he should be worried. He was being hunted by himself from the future. Why wouldn't he be? Anyway as Danny was lost in thought, the halfa then started to notice that Ben was starting to panic once more and to the teen now turned kid's surprise, he then saw Ben accidentally transform himself into an alien. The alien itself however, was a humanoid figure that was covered in molted lava. This surprised the now transformed alien hero and out of shock he screamed,"I'm on fire! I'm on fire!"

As this was going on, Danny facepalmed while Ben ran around some more. "Wait a minute, I'm on fire and it doesn't hurt." Danny then said out of annoyance, "Of course it doesn't hurt. You are fire." Danny said slightly annoyed. Now realizing this Ben said," You are right Danny and now I'm totally hot!"

Danny then once again facepalmed thanks to his friends horrible joke. Worried Danny then said,"I really think that we should talk to your grandfather about this."

"Now way, I want to try this out first." Ben said completly ignoring Danny's warning. At first the half ghost became worried when Ben made his first fireball. Although the halfa was relieved when the first one was a success, but after the second one, the entire forest started to catch itself on fire thanks to that second fireball that the alien hereo made. As a result Ben tried to stop the fire by stamping it out with his foot but when that failed the raven haired kid tried helpping by using his ghostly ice to put out the fire.

"You are just full of surprises aren't you Danny?" Said Ben now surprised.

"Yeah, I guess and I have a lot more power where that came from but would you do me a favor and try to not tell anyone about this? You can tell your grandpa and cousin though and besides the less people that know about my powers the better." Said Danny. Meanwhile Gwen and Max were still worrying about Ben.

"What is that?" Asked Gwen out of concern. That was when Max saw it. He saw the flames and immidiatly he knew that it was a forest fire and knew that Ben was in danger so he said,"Looks like the start of a forest fire. Better let the forest ranger know and I bet that it's some darn camper out there messing with something that he shouldn't." That was when the elder realized that Ben was still out there.

"Ben," Said Max who realized that his grandson was in there as he took out a fire extinguisher in a hurry giving one to Gwen as well."Take this!" The elder then went towards where he thought Ben was. However, at the same time, Ben was still trying to put out the fire. Danny then knew that this wasn't working so continued to use his ghostly ice. Although was tiring for Danny to use his powers in his human form and the forest fire was starting to get worse as it started to spread some more.

"This would be so cool if this wasn't so uncool," Ben said still trying to stamp out the fire with his foot. "Danny whatever you are doing please hurry it up, the fire is getting worse."

"I'm trying," Said Danny. "I can't keep this up and I think that there is something wrong with my powers." Luckily Gwen and came in just in time only to have Gwen accidentally use the fire extinguisher on Ben. However, once she saw Ben she let out a loud scream and when Danny saw her attacking his friend, he used one his ectoblasts to disarm her. Once calm Gwen asked,"Who are you?"

"There is no time to explain," answered Danny."That creature over there is Ben." Danny then tried to explain the situation to Gwen but before he could say anything the young girl then said,"I don't care what you two are, but you two freaks better stay back if you both know what is good for you." To make matters worse, the human now turned alien made things worse when he decided to set Gwen's foot on fire forcing his cousin to put the fire that was on her foot out. Not only that, she still tried to attack Ben and Danny.

"Now you done it." Said Gwen but once she realized who she was attacking she then said,"Ben? Is that you? What happened to you and who is that?" She was now pointing at Danny in complete shock.

"My name is Danny, just don't call me Dan or Daniel or your dead." Asnswered Danny while Gwen felt a little threatened by Danny's threat. However that was when Ben said,"Don't worry Gwen, he is harmless. I found him out in the middle of the woods and I just found out that he just lost his entire family so please just take it easy on him."

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that happened." Gwen said apologetically while Danny only shrugged his shoulders. He didn't need Gwen to apologize because it only happened because he decided to cheat on a test. There was that and the fact that the Nasty Burger only exploded because of some highly explosive condiments so that happened and most of it wasn't his fault. He didn't need her to feel bad for him. Speaking of Gwen, she was starting to get impatient so she said,"Anyway, does anyone care to explain what happened?"

"Well, after finding Danny out in the middle of the woods I saw this shooting star and I wanted to get close to it because I wanted to see what it was and when we came close to it, the watch just jumped onto my wrist turning me into this so when I wanted to make this fire it worked and didn't hurt but when I made another it accidentally made this mega forest fire." The half ghost then nodded his head confirming the alien's story. As if on cue Max came running in on the scene and out of concern he then asked,"Ben? Is that you and who's this?"

"Oh hi grandpa I - " However that was when Gwen interrupted the alien hero and said,"Hello? Huge forest fire remember?" Ben then asked,"What do we do we do?" The elder then thought for a moment and said,"Backfire, start a new fire and then let the old fire be engulfed in the new one. They should put each other out. Do you think that you can do it Ben?"

"Making fires, that I can do." Ben then did so and in order to clean the air that was filled with smoke, Danny surprised was able the elder when the half ghost used his ghostly ice once more. Luckily they were able to put it out before the forest ranger came and apparently he seemed to be very confused as to what just happened. Back at the campsite Max was now concerned for both Ben and Danny so he said,"So what you are saying is that it just clamped onto your wrist and what about you kid, what are you doing out in the middle of the forest by yourself?"

"My parents died and I ran away because I didn't want to go to an orphanage." Danny half lied.

"Ok than I won't take you to the orphanage but you gotta explain to me how and why you have these powers. I won't force you but you need to tell me how your folks died so that I can explain everything to the police."

"Grandpa I don't think that Danny would want to -" The halfa the cut Gwen off and said,"I got my powers from a lab accident," Danny explained. "My parents used ghost hunters and what I have are not alien powers but ghost power. You see almost a year ago my parents made this portal that was supposed to be a gateway to another dimension called the Ghost Zone but it didn't work at first and I didn't want my parents to be sad so I decided to go in but when I went in, I accidentally turn on a button and then the ghost portal electrocuted me making me half ghost. As for how my parents died, I really would rather not say because the explanation for it makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't think that you would beleive me." Max then gave Danny a thoughtful look. Did this kid's parents really let him near dangerous equipmenment?

It did explain the scars. Not only that, but the elder also noticed that Danny had a y mark on his chest and from the looks of it, it looked as though that something or someone was trying to hurt Danny. Whatever it was he wasn't going to let it hurt Danny ever again. He then decided that he wanted to protect Danny from whatever was after him so he asked,"I understand and I am not going to force you to say anything but I would like to know who to did that to you so that we know just who we are up against."

"I have many enemies but I don't think that they would find me here to be honest and as for the one who tried to dissect me, you can blame the Guys in White. They hate ghosts and they don't really care if the ghost is good or bad but I really don't think that you should worry about them."

"Danny I am worried and if someone that dangerous is out to get you than I would take it upon myself to make sure that you are safe and as a plumber I would never forgive myself if I knew that I left a kid in need behind and I promise that I will make sure that these Guys in White that you speak of are put behind bars."

"Ok, now that we know your story, what are we going to do about Ben grandpa? Is he going to be a monster forever?" Gwen asked hopefully.

"He is not a monster, he is an alien," Gwen and Ben then looked at their grandfather. "I mean look at him what else could he be?"

"Aw man, I can't stay like this forever. I need to change back so that I can try out for little league baseball this fall and I can't try out if I keep charcholing the ball everytime I touch it." Said Ben now disappointed. Max then tried to cheer his grandson by saying,"Don't worry Ben we will find a way." As if on cue Ben reverted back into his human form.

"Alright I am me again!" Ben said now excited.

"To bad, I was hoping that you would stay like that forever."

"That's not nice Gwen," Danny scolded."Although you need to see me in my ghost form sometime." The cousin's then looked at each other wondering what their new friend meant. Ben then said,"I still can't get this off."

"Ben don't mess with that until we figure out what it does." As if on cue everyone went and did there own thing. However the first thing that the halfa noticed was that Gwen was using an iPad while Ben was using an Nintendo Switch so Danny figured that the era he was in was modern day and thanks to today's events he figured out that he was in the original Ben 10 series but he also wondered if he was going to live through the events of the reboot as well. He half hoped not because he thought that the new show sucked but at the same time he thought that the animation was cute. He was also hoping that in the future he will be able to live through Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and his absolute favorite: Omniverse. He hoped that he would live through each version and hopefully he could convince Ben to keep the Omnitrix on in case his evil self finds them.

"So Danny, are you just going to keep being mysterious or are you going to tell me that thing that you didn't want to tell grandpa?" Ben asked as he started to play with the Omnitrix after putting down his game. One of these days he is going to tell Ben but when he is ready. He wasn't ready to tell his new friend that the guy that is out to get him was his jerky evil self from the future. It would be too weird but he did take Professor Paradox's warning into comsideration. Danny was now lost in thought but that wasn't until Gwen decided to scare them.

"Grandpa says that you aren't supposed to mess with that." Gwen warned.

"So what's your point?" Ben asked not caring as he tried to bite the Omnitrix off.

"Did you parents drop you a lot when you are a baby?"

"Oh come on Gwen, aren't you a little curious about what this thing can do?"

"Not in the least." Danny then continued to watch the cousin's argue and as an effort to try and break them up he said,"You know this reminds me of the time when my friends Sam and Tucker tried to put together two protests at once. They always argued over meat or vegtebles and boy did that argument went out of hand." Thankfully Danny's random comment worked and the the half ghost asked,"So have you figured out anything?"

"Your siding with him?" Gwen asked both angry and annoyed.

"Gwen you need to livin up a little. Besides, what's life without getting into a little mischief every now and then."

"Ben, are you sure that we are related?" Gwen asked out of concern and then looked at Danny.

"Thank you Danny. Your ok in my book," Ben said grateful that someone was taking his side for a change. "Look, if I can figure out how to make this work than I can help people. I mean really help people. Not make things worse." Ben said sadly as Danny patted him on the shoulder as an effort to make the alien hereo feel better since he understood how he felt.

"So how does it feel to turn into a freaky alien?" Gwen asked.

"It freaked me out at first and it felt like it was me but at the same time not me."

"That's how I felt when I first became half ghost." Ben then looked at his friend deep in thought as though he was considering the raven haired child's statement. After a playing with the Omnitrix some more he then said,"I think I know how it works, should I try it?" Danny gestured Ben to go ahead while Gwen disagreed. Ben then pressed turned and pressed the dial once more and as if on cue he transformed into a dog like creature.

"Ew, this thing is uglier than you usually are. It so useless, it can't even see." Gwen said but that was when she had an idea. Although the idea itself was a little evil.

"Gwen, don't do it." Danny warned but it was already too late when she decided to do it anyway and the next thing that she new she fell down to the ground and once he got back up he jumped onto the Rustbucket. Ben then got closer to his cousin but she thought that his breath smelled bad so as a result she said,"Two words: breath mints." Danny then grinned once he saw that Ben now Wildmutt used his back paws to throw dirt at Gwen.

"Don't you two ever get along?" Danny asked only to be ignored. All of a sudden Ben ran off without a warning and as a result Gwen said,"Ben come back! Wait until I tell grandpa that you turned into a freaky alien monster and started to swing around in the forest even though that grandpa told you not too!" Danny then gave Gwen a weird look."It had been a weird day." As if Gwen's day couldn't get any weirder she saw Danny go ghost as he started to go after Ben.

At first Danny was having a hard time trying to find his friend but that wasn't until he remembered where he was during this time in the show once he saw one of Vilgax's drones. The half ghost then shot one down while Ben now Wildmutt attacked another from behind. As a result Ben gave Danny an agitated expression. The ghostly hero then said,"Don't look at me like that, it's your fault that you ran off all of a sudden like that and yes this is normal for me but right now I need you to focus because there is more heading our way." Luckily Ben was able to defeat another before the Omnitrix timed out but unfortunately another drone came. Just as when Danny put up a ghost shield to protect him and his friend Gwen came to the rescue just before Danny reverted back to his human for surprising both Gwen and Ben.

"Back off, not one but me is allowed to hurt my dorky cousin and his friend," Gwen then looked at Danny due to curiosity."I think that I am going to have a hard time beleive that you are a ghost." The raven haired teen then said,"I tried to tell you but you didn't beleive me." As a result the three of them ran for their lives. Once at the Rustbucket they spoke to Max and as a result he said,"I was afraid that you might get popular with that thing. That's why I told you not to mess with it.

I don't want any of you in danger especially you Danny and I did try to o some reaserch on the Guys in White but nothing came up and when I tried to look you up there was nothing there and it was as if you didn't exsist. Care to explain yourself?" Danny stayed silent. He wasn't ready to tell Max that he was from another dimension. He wasn't ready to tell him that a week ago the Guys in White tortured him and he defiantly wasn't ready to tell him that his evil older self was on the loose and still after him. Luckily for him Ben interrupted the two and said,"I'm sorry grandpa but I think that I know how this thing works now.

When the ring pops up turn the dial to the alien that you want to be, you then press it down and bammo, you are one of ten awesome alien dudes."

"What about staying an alien and not turning back into plain old pizza face?" Gwen asked mostly trying to insult Ben.

"I haven't figured that out yet but what about you Danny, you changed back into your human form when you didn't want to?" Danny then answered the alien hereo's question by saying,"I honestly don't know, usually I can hold my ghost form as long as I want." However that was when Danny realized that it was probably because of the fact that he was ten again and that he didn't have his powers back then. Max then thought for a moment and said,"Well if that watch is implanted in you and your friend's powers has been shorten out, we need to figure out how to use that thing and the reason why Danny can't use his full powers. We need to figure it out and fast if you two want to use your powers to help people."

"Alright, did you hear that Danny? He said that he is going to help us!" Ben said high fiving his new friend. As if on cue the entire gang stated to hear the radio turn on and it said,"Mayday, mayday! Please help us! I know that you aren't going to beleive us but we are being attacked by some kind of robot!"

"Those were the things that were attacking me," Ben realized."They must be looking for the people are in trouble because of me! I think that I can help." Out of concern the half then grabbed the watch bearer's arm and said,"No Ben, we are going to help them. Like it or not I am going to help you." Ben then thought for a moment and smiled.

"What are you two going to do about it?" Gwen asked out of both curiosity and annoyance but that was also when Ben looked at the watch while Danny himself went ghost. Gwen was still surprised even though that this was the second time that she has seen Danny change into his ghost form and the next thing that they knew was that they were out in the middle of the woods once more and once the Omnitrix changed from red to green, Ben transformed into a diamond like alien also known as Diamond Head.

"What does this guy do?" Gwen asked.

'Diamond Head? Cool!' Danny thought to himself trying not to let his fanboy enthusiasm show.

"I don't know but I bet that it's going to be cool," Said Ben now Diamond Head. As if on cue the gang saw people run away from a strange robot that was attacking the parking lot."Uh oh, looks like papa robot is already here. I'll stop the robot. Grandpa Max, Gwen, do you can get the other campers to safety?

Oh and Danny, do you think that you can use your ice powers to put out that fire?" Just like that everyone did was Ben requested while Ben went towards the giant robot."Leave him alone. You want someone to pick on try me." All of a sudden Danny realized that Ben was in trouble and once he put out the last of the flames he went over to his friend to see what he can do to help.

"Danny are you ok?" Danny asked out of concern as he helped the alien hero up. The half ghost then knew that things were going to go out of hand and wanting to help he went over to where Granpa Max and Gwen where and said,"I think Ben is hurt but don't worry I have a plan. Can you all cover your ears?" He then called out to his friend and said,"You too Ben." Just like that everyone did as they were told and Danny let out a very loud ghostly wail that shattered everything in it's path. It surprised everyone, even Granpa Max.

He was just glad that everyone was safe. Grandpa Max and Gwen still cheered for the kids and when everyone started to wonder who the heroes were the heroes themselves both left in a hurry feeling a little embarrassed as Danny helped Ben up. Although Danny was glad that he was getting some praise for a change. He liked it but Ben and the rest of the gang still wondered what dangerous villain was out there after Ben's watch and if they ever found out about Danny's ghost powers would he be after the half ghost too?

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