Hello, for those who have posted a review I would like to get a few things out of the way. One, in my other chapter, I am aware that Ben and Gwen does know that Max is a plumber but not the space cop kind if you know what I mean. Second, I do not like to be told that I am wrong. It makes me feel bad and also makes me feel that people want my story to be absolutely perfect. I like constructive criticism and it always makes me want to do better but not when people tell me that I an wrong. It makes me feel a little upset and if you readers out there would like to use it, you have my full permission to do so. I would actually like to see people use my ideas but let me know first.

It makes me happy. Also, I can be a bit lazy. Plus, this is fanfiction, changes are to be expected and I just didn't want Danny to seem like a tag a long. On another note, how would you guys feel about a Danny Phantom crossover with Danganronpa? For those of you who don't know what Danganronpa is, it is basically an anime about a bunch of teenagers trapped in a school who are forced to kill each other and get away with it. For this particular fanfiction, I was thinking of either putting Mokoto Naegi (Danganronpa V1) and have him experience Danny Phantom's story line or I can have Danny live in the Danganronpa universe and experience that story line instead. PM me, and tell me what you think.