Bojack receives another jab in the face and a kick from behind. What the hell is going on here? When he is about to strike Gohan, he vanishes. And then the next thing he knows is the brat elbows his head right from the top down. DAMN IT! "Oh, dear, he's going to lose. Sorry, dogs, but you can die now." Turles blasts those guys far away and jumps right in the middle.

"My turn!" He smirks as he catches the punch from Gohan. That catches him off guard, and that he doesn't realize that Turles forms a ki blast and fires it through his stomach. "That was Kaioken, right? Your father used it once when we battled, and so I had learned how to counter it. A trick will never work twice; I'm sure you know that. Now, die." Turles punches Gohan's face down onto the ground and sends another attack to finish the task. As the two ready to leave, the blue aura erupts the place and pushes the back. Gohan flies up the sky with his wound healed. Okay, this is fun. "Where were you going?" Gohan says as he positions himself.

"You still have that much power left? Impressive! Now, come here, boy."

In an instant, the brat punches his right cheek and kicks his head down on the ground. "Not bad at all," Edusa smirks as she watches the fight from a distance. Turles emerges from the rocks and smirks. That's it, Son Gohan. I will make you suffer until you beg me to kill you, and I hope he's watching it, too. "Okay, I guess it's time, right?" The guy powers up and strikes in the stomach of the brat, but Gohan blocks it.

"It will not work twice."

"I guess so." The two move back a bit and disappear in the sky.

Meanwhile, Piccolo grabs Slug's arm and throws him down under the ocean and then fires blasts. But then Slug comes out of the water, grabs both of his legs, and hits Piccolo with his head. The latter quickly kicks Slug in the jaws and kicks him in the head again. Slug then fires shockwaves to push back the foe on the ground and flies down with super speed and steps both of his feet on the stomach, which makes him coughs out blood in pain. Piccolo's ki erupts and sends Slug away; he lands a thunderous punch on Slug's face and fires two beams from his eyes to distract the latter. Next, he charges his ki to his hands and shots it toward Slug in which it shakes the planet. Well, it reaches Beerus' world.

Slug shields his head using his arms but missing half of his body.

"! DAMN IT!" The Namekian groans as he grows back his lower half. Of course, both lost a great deal of ki after that blast. At the same time, Gastro fires beams at Saonel, but then he gets a stab from behind by him. "When did you?!" It was Pirira with his long arms. Saonel channels his ki and throws it at the foe while his friend forms one with his other arm and strikes at the same time.

"Your friends are tough, aren't they?" Egas smirks at the Prince, who ignores him.

The smoke is gone and revealing the guy with scratches from the top to down his toes. Those damn insects will never learn at all. He squeezes his hands and lets out a scream that shakes the sky; what power. "Let's see what you can do against me at full-power." Gastro grins and blows a wind that is strong enough to push back both Pirina and Saonel.

"Damn, this is not good."

"Yeah! We have to end this quick while we can." The light shines up and covers their bodies. What's that? Their ki feels similar to godly ki. In an instant, Saonel's fist strikes in the gut and makes Gastro coughs out spit as Pirira punches from behind. How? They don't seem to get stronger, and yet, how can this be? What's happening? "They did it, well done." Vegeta thinks to himself.

"Alright, I don't know what's going on, but I've had enough of this shit. You cannot win, and so you better accept that and give up." Gastro dodges the punch and kicks Saonel's face. Oh well, what a boring fight. But then, Saonel stands right in front of him and strikes through his chest. Gastro is horrified as he spits out blood. How could this be? Those scums! Saonel then punches Gastro away and eats a blast from the sky by Pirina.

Back to Slug, they're in bad shape as they continue to fight, although it's been an hour since they started. "Well, you surprise me. I didn't think you'd be this strong." Slug praises and cracks his neck.

"The same goes to you, well, with a little help from Erai," Piccolo smirks as he fires a barrage of blasts and suspends them in mid-air and lets them fall on Slug; however, the latter manages to cover himself in a barrier. "How pathetic." He taunts Piccolo, but then he shuts his mouth. "I'm not sure about that." In front of Slug are thousands of blasts secretly created by Piccolo since the beginning of the battle and hid them underground. They made at the peak of Piccolo's power, so it broke Slug's barrier and damaged him even more. He survives, of course, though his ki drops like a roller coaster. "That was a cunning plan, Piccolo. Curse you! I will make you pay!"

He roars in anger and rushes to Piccolo and gets another punch in the gut. "You're done! It's over for you, Slug." He grabs Slug's face and tosses him up in the fair and launches another beam that ends his life for good, or is it? Something's wrong here. Why does his ki start to spike up like that? Slug appears out of the smoke and looks at his right palm; it seems like it's working. He smirks and lands his fist on Piccolo's jaws. What?! It's impossible. How?! Wait, don't tell him that they have learned how to drain energy?

Turles receives a punch in the face and a kick in the jaws that sends him through the mountains. He just stands up and looks unharmed. "Thank you, my boy. Thanks to you, I've evolved." Turles smirks and begins to transform. Gohan is shocked; that guy is getting stronger. Turles now has a bright violet aura with the electricity flows around him. "So, that is the power of Super Saiyan Blue mixed with Erai-sama's ki? Wow, it looks so beautiful. Well done, Turles." Edusa claps her hands in joy.

"I will call this Super Saiyan Violet. Now, let's test it out!" His purple eyes gaze straight at a shaking Gohan. Damn it! This is not good. The half-Saiyan powers up to x20 Kaioken, but Turles blocks all of his attacks with a hand. "How lame! I know you can do more than that." He smiles and turns around and kicks his face. When Gohan strikes again, he is being paralyzed via a glare. Turles simply walks over and steps on his head in excitement. "I could drain all of your strength right now, but that'd be boring. I want a decent fight, so get up and entertain me. Show me your spirit, brat." Turles kicks Gohan's ribs and sends him away with a blast. He then gets behind him and kicks him in the air; he gets himself above Gohan and punches his face down on the ground. "Hey, do not kill him yet, you bastard," Bojack yells. That rat got what he wanted and decided to kill Son Gohan? No way! He will not let him do what he pleases; he also needs that boy to boost his power. Turles chuckles while waiting for Gohan to get on his feet.

"Are you done napping? After this, I will pay a visit to your wife and your daughter. And don't worry, I will kill them right away so that you all can have a reunion in hell."

Gohan is on his feet with anger floods his ki.


And with that, he punches Turles, much to his surprise. Wow, his speed is impressive. Then, Gohan fires blasts ki and ends with Masenko. He's such tough meat to eat. Edusa thinks to herself and has a smile of the devil on her face. What a match! Gohan breaths out heavily and curses; he's still there. "Well, that wasn't bad! I let my guard down." Turles walks over to Gohan with calm as he wipes off the blood coming down from his lips. "But I must say this; if that was all you got, then I guess there's no reason for me to continue this." A beam from his fingertip goes straight to Gohan's heart; he coughs out blood and falls in pain. "You idiot! What did I tell you?" Bojack curses the Saiyan and groans in frustration. That dick, he will kill him.

Slug catches Piccolo's right arm and tears it apart and kicks his stomach. Piccolo quickly gets a new one, but that means his power drops. "You did well, but this is the end for you." He charges his ki in his hand and fires it, although Piccolo dodges it with ease; however, it bends around and strikes him from the back. "Oh, I forgot to tell you. My ki control got improved, as well. It's okay! The pain will end soon."

As Slug is about to kill Piccolo, he receives a kick in the face by Saonel.

"You will fight me." He says and attacks him ferociously.

"What can you do? You're just an insect to me. I don't know why Gastro is struggling against both of you. Well, come to me whenever you are ready. Be my guest."

Saonel clenches his teeth while Pirina blocks one of Gastro's fist. He still does not know how they give him his much damage when he is supposed to be stronger than them. Pirina explains that they absorb godly ki inside them and gathers all the power together in an attack when they fight; it's pretty similar to Mastered Super Saiyan Blue. However, doing so is dangerous because it requires a complete concentration, or their body will explode into pieces. Gastro's eyes are widened as he gets punched again. After fighting this long, he cannot pick up a single drop of their ki. So, this is the key. They conceal it so well that it prevents him from draining their power.

"I will not lose to you again! I am the ultimate Namekian with absolute power! I will not lose to you!" Gastro enters the state of rage, and his power makes quite a jump. Damn it. These guys are so annoying. He glares at Pirira and makes a stunning strike in the stomach and sends him to Piccolo's area. Meanwhile, Slug avoids all of the attacks and kicks his jaws through the rocks; the force is enough to knock out the Namekian.

"Trash!" Slug says.

Gastro and Slug form a gigantic ball of energy and launches toward the Planet Namek, but the blast turns into dust by none other than the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta. "I almost forgot about you." Gastro laughs and fires fingers at him, who cancels them with a finger. Then, he gets behind both of them and punches their spines and throw them next to Egas. "Super Saiyan White? Not bad! So, you decide to fight me?" He applauses and steps on Gastro's and Slug's legs as he walks closer to the Prine. By accident, of course.

Just kidding!

"Enough of your bullshit and fight already." Vegeta grunts and takes a stance.

"As you wish, Mr. Prince." The god smiles.

Chapter 1-5: Future Trunks Saga

Chapter 6-14: Universe Survival Saga

Chapter 15-20: The Hell's Revenge Saga

Chapter 21-present: Second Universal War Arc

Part One: The Ancient Gods Saga (Chapter 21-29)

Part Two: Fusion Reborn Saga (Chapter 30-present)

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