Red-X Revealed

Robin felt him self waking up and found himself tied down to a wall. As he was trying to figure out what had happened to him and how he had gotten here, Slade stepped in and he came to realize he had been kidnapped by Slade.

Slade laughed as he watched Robin trying to understand what was going on.

"Are you wondering how you got here? Well I already told the rest of your team how I did it and now I get to tell you. You see I have a new sidekick."

That's when Red-X stepped out and made himself known to Robin. Robin looked up in shock. Was Red-X really working with Slade?

Slade continued to explain himself.

"Red-X here says he knows your secret identity. How you both started out as a sidekick to the Dark Knight Batman. And that's how I was able to get in to your tower. But don't worry, he hasn't told me who you are behind that mask. At least not yet. But he tells me that he knows your past and how you become the original Robin. The Boy Wonder. And by knowing your past, he knows that you want your own revenge. It seems you two have some checking up to do."

And with that Slade left the room leaving Red-X alone with Robin.

Red-X turned to Robin as he removed his mask revealing himself to be none other than his "little brother" Jason.

Jason chuckled to himself.

"That's right Dickie. I've been working with Slade for these past few weeks. Letting track you around by knowing where you are most likely to be."

"And you know what I've been thinking? About how you could also turn to the dark side. I mean after all you were the original Red-X. Just like how you were tho original Robin. And you could be quite a partner on Slades team with me.

"The two of us aren't so different. We both had to watch our parents die right in front of us. And won't you like to do want even it takes to get revenge?"