For Earth and all her colonies, let history begin!


2171 C.E. (Citadel Calendar)10 Years Ago...

On the crew deck of an unknown ship, a 14 year old Quarian Exile was laying on her bunk in her new room. It was a small room, about 16x14x11 square foot with four large bunks in two pairs and lockers to match taking up most of space. One bunk on top of another for a set across with each other on the left and right side when she walked in. The beds themselves made the sole Quarian occupant look tiny as she can lay face down with arms spread wide and only her hands would dangle off the edge but are twice her height.

The lone occupant sat up with bloodshot eyes hidden behind her mask crying at the lost of her family not just hours before. She felt Anger at herself for being a defenseless little girl, Grief at the lost of her parents and a Dark Satisfaction of her unknown savor's brutal execution of her two captors.

Now she looks blankly at the data pad that was given to her by her unknown rescuer, who owned this strange vessel. He gave it to her and said that tomorrow she will make a choice to stay with them or be dropped off on the next habitable planet. He then tried to take a step forward onto the ship but he then collapsed in the airlock. She panicked and shouted for help as several large Asari looking figures in full armor with identical color schemes rushed in.

She was than lead to this bunk by a helmeted turian in the same red, black and grey themed armor saying she'll stay here until the ship's medic could see her as she was dealing with the wounds his boss had sustained, also because of her capture and treatment in a med bay the doctor will be visiting her with food for a medical exam.

What are they going to do with me?

She thought to herself as to ponder what could happen to her on this vessel before coming to a conclusion.

I don't even care anymore, I'm just glad to leave that cursed ship and if it gets any worse than that, I can always just take off my mask and breathe.

The young exile chuckles darkly at this line of thought for a bit than thinks about recent events that have taken everything from her and had left her on the verge of the sweet embrace of Madam Death.

For Rula'Volin nar Maenna the last two months were the worst of her life as everything she loved was taken, altered and slowly being destroyed before her very eyes.

And she was helpless to stop it.

The decommissioned Turian freighter that was her home all her life was attacked, boarded, looted and destroyed after her and her parents were abducted by a mad salarian geneticist and a neutered Asari Ardat-Yakshi. The former who ran brutal experiments on her parents and got a kick out of making her watch her parents slowly turning into mind broken slaves to his experiments, altering them to the brink of being a entirely different species. Her parents couldn't live without whatever the doctor was experimenting on them with and she would be next.

The latter who could "meld" with a person's mind through their nervous system tortured Rula to satisfy her wicked addiction of mind fucking young souls, altering their memories and completely wiping every ounce of who they once were before she got bored and killed them because of this, the Doctor figured out a way to nullify the deadly effects of Night Wind Syndrome so Moridth as Rula came to learn her captor's name when she melded with her wouldn't burn through all his test subjects and her "pets" would last longer. Moridth used her newly dulled abilities to slowly torture, change and break Rula as she got off on the Quarian's suffering.

She was unable to do anything until He came aboard.

The Doctor who was overjoyed to have a new "patient" from a new unknown species to experiment on had brought in the large, unconscious Unknown on a old heavy loader that was straining to hold his weight and tossed it in Rula's holding cage when Moridth had taken the exile to her personal quarters for a "Quickie." Moridth was so excited when she first heard of the news during one of their "sessions"-

Rula involuntarily shuddered as tears again threaten to once again fall inside her mask when painful flashbacks of altered memories began to emerge.

After a few minutes for the waking nightmare to end and to compose herself. Rula reaches for the data pad to read its contents and get her mind off things as she learned to do so when such flashbacks occurs to cope with it.

She is mildly surprise it was typed in perfect Khelish as only other Quarians read and write with it. She also haven't gotten her translation implants or translation software for her visor yet so she couldn't even read some of the writing in the decommissioned asari freighter her par-

No don't think about that, just start reading.

Rula scowled herself as another flood of tears threaten to overwhelm her. She then selected the only file on the data pad as she laid on the enormous bedding, believing it to be a lore book or a codex of some kind and started reading because why not? She got nothing to do otherwise. She found her curiosity peaked by the title alone and getting more immersed into the "Wiki" with each sentence as she read the data slate.

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This is the standard Wiki Entry for the Human entry details all major Pureblood events/Conflicts since Judgment Day as almost all records 100 or more years before Judgment Day were destroyed or lost.

00-Apocalyptic calendar.

2000- Gargantuan Calendar

00 AD

The exact date of when Skynet at the time was a experimental mobile defense platform was created was lost when the nuclear bombs fell on Judgment Day.

Within an hour of its life as a sentient being, Skynet gained access to all remote nuclear weapons silos across Earth and launched them at all major population centers and known military installations.

More than 94% of Humanity died inside of an hour from micro lunches and more died due to fallout in the following weeks.

The only Human survivors on the planet were bunkered down in what was known as North America, Russia. Unexpectedly the areas known as Scotland, Costa Rica and Switzerland was almost completely ignored by the nuclear bombings with very little fallout from the blasts that obliterated their surrounding neighboring countries which should have been impossible by all accounts.

50 AD

John Connor, the de facto leader of and founder of The Resistance held the rebellion together with unmatched tactical ingenuity and sheer force of will until his body could not keep up with the demands of battle. When John was in his 70s, dying from old age and radiation poisoning he became the first Renegade (more on this in Reclamation Era) to willingly give up his Humanity to continue the fight far longer than any Human could naturally.

325 AD

For another three centuries, The Resistance fought a bloody and gruesome war against Skynet and its machines to a stalemate. Being the very beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow that many have come to believed to be simple fairy tales told to calm children during Skynet air raids.

John Connor lead The Resistance on the battlefield and from what is today known as Misty Mountain. The Resistance Main Headquarters and the only one to have never fallen to the machines. Through thick and thin against the unrelenting machines, freeing thousands upon thousands from turning into inflators or "Walkers" as they were nicknamed. Battle after battle, Sacrifice after sacrifice the Resistance was able to slowly take back the planet until Skynet was eradicated from all but one small continent.

350 AD

The Conflict ended exactly 350 years after Judgment Day on the land mass formerly known as Australia where the largest ground and air battle of the war took place. This brutal battle was called The First Battle of Earth as in this point of the war Humanity AND its mechanical creation Skynet were on their last legs. The one to survive would have the planet.

The Resistance had their numbers just over a quarter million but couldn't train, equip or even feed the massive amounts of soldiers properly for a month because of the Scorched Earth tactics both side had used to deny the other any potential edge.

Outside of high ranking Resistance leaders (who rarely took the battlefield anymore due to their experiences and leadership being a invaluable resource in of itself) experienced soldiers and officers are prime targets for any Skynet units in a fight. Raw resources like iron, cloth or even fertile soil were hard to come by as Skynet's deep recon bombers destroyed anything worth dropping it's payload daily on Resistance territory. Additionally the nuclear fallout from Judgement Day makes farming outside of underground bunkers impossible, any water on the surface only guaranteed a slow but painful death in the form a rapid cancer and the Resistance falling due to starvation a very real possibility.

Skynet fared no better as it already mined up almost all of the Earth's natural resources and metals that were underground, having almost all of its major facilities destroyed beyond material recovery in its war against humanity and it could not produce enough units to properly defend itself as it was short on materials to produce them as the resistance scavenges whatever units they can and destroys via corrosive chemical so Skynet's recovery units would return empty handed. This resulted in the Machines being pushed back to the point of collapse as it resettles itself in Australia.

Overview: Both side put everything they had into this single battle.

Tens millions of resistance fighters desperately marched, flew and drove onto their deaths as the machines rained death upon the Humans. The Resistance fighters who were not driven by fear of death, patriotism or the thought of love ones in their shoes but driven by deep Hatred, Anger and the thought of Revenge for everything taken from them fueled these men and women to fight the Skynet creations head on, savagely ripping apart "Scrapers" (terminator platforms made solely for Cannon fodder and completely built with scrap metals) and firing wildly into normal units, Jet fighter and other fast mover pilots making suicidal runs to drop their ordnance then crashing into more colossal units once their ammunition runs dry and soldiers armed with nothing but knifes, grenades and a determination to kill charge forth into Skynet fortifications to set off their payloads.

The battle lasted five long, bloody days with the Resistance total Victory.

This battle resulted in the landmass formerly known as Australia being completely destroyed, radioactive and uninhabitable due to the nuclear weapons used by Skynet to cover their escape into space. Skynet's withdrawal from the Earth went down in history as the Great Retreat and a week later Victory Day was established as the last automated Skynet stronghold on Earth fell.

400 AD.

After John Connor with the main Resistance chapter forced Skynet off world and fending of its attempts of killing Humanity via meteorite strikes, the Resistance was left to rebuild their radioactive home salvage and reverse engineered many technologies from their machine creations, such as Slip Space Travel that allows Humans to travel the stars via inter dimensional portals, along with early stages of bio foam, micro fusion power reactors, MAC technology, programmable metal, and much more. Due to having almost all natural resources destroyed or used up in the Rebellion, Humanity was forced to look out to space for new resources to rebuild their world.

405 AD

With the help of John Connor and his top generals, the Resistance was reformed into the United Earth Government or "U.E.G." Radioactive clean up begins in earnest as Renegades are used to do the majority of the work as they are immune to poisonous effects of radiation.

425 AD

John Connor's power source died out, shutting down his life support system and peacefully killing him in his sleep. John purposely let his platform's power cells slowly die out, refusing to replace or recharge them since the Skynet Rebellion ended.

In his final days John left a video recording for why he let himself die, stating that he has done his Duty to all of Humanity and his time on this Earth has long since been overdue so he must passed on the torch. He won a better future for all of Humanity, not just the "Purebloods" but the Renegades as well. Times are changing for the better and it was time to for someone else to take up the mantle as humanity's leader and protector.

He ended the video with a distant upward glance and a voice full of content saying "I'm coming home Katty, I'm finally coming home." Before realizing he forgot to turn off the camera and proceeded to do so.

Do to humanities small population size after the war the Entirety of the human race was able and did attended his funeral in the U.E.G. Capital of Connor. The Leaders of the U.E.G. renamed said capital in his honor and the previous Pre-Judgment Day one was forgotten.

435 AD

The the tens of thousands of rouge T800/900/1000s or "Renegades" as they were called by their Human counterparts were left to live as they pleased as long it didn't involved the extermination of Humanity.

After decades of being fearfully watched, discriminated and hated they happily agreed. The Renegades were a huge help in defeating Skynet and helping mankind rebuild as they could reactivate or hack Skynet machinery and access its data banks much faster and easier than any Human hacker could though much of Human history was lost on Judgment Day and it seems to just to spite the Humans, Skynet deleted most of it own records on Humanity so it wouldn't be recovered.

Skynet has also categorized, captured, and breed many animals and plants from before the war, saving them from extinction. For what reason it is unknown, all that is known is that it has done it. Skynet was also able to revive some long extinct species of plants and animals as well. One example of such resurrected animal species is the "Saber Tooth Tiger" and a example of a resurrected plant species is the "Lily Flower" which died off when the insect "Honey Bees" went extinct on Judgment Day. Data regarding this was recovered a half a century prior was decrypted at this time.

440 AD

After a near century of salvaging, refurbishing, recovering and translating several cultures and languages were recovered and revived but most were lost forever do to the Rebellion. The most successful culture recovered was the "Japanese" culture and language as it is very much alive today, another culture recovered was that of the "British."

Many believe that both cultures were able to be rebirthed was the fact that they were on a island county and only had a small amount of land off in the ocean which lead it to be mostly ignored by Skynet and the Resistance being entirety ignorant of their existence, the only damage the former nations suffered where from the initial bombings on Judgment Day which left some of the most intact examples of pre-Rebellion infrastructure and culture to date.

450 AD

The Renegades/Human scientists created High Hope Station, a mining platform to mine the Main Asteroid Belt for the much needed resources hidden there to begin terraforming Earth. The Resistance was able to do this by collecting radiation tinted dirt and burying deep in the Earth at the north and south poles, They then collected asteroids that are mostly made up of frozen water and launched them at the polar ice caps. This combined with the atmospheric scrubbers scattered across the Earth help rid the planet of many "Danger Zones" or areas where radioactive materials were too concreted in large areas for Humans to live in or around.

475 AD

Due to the majority of Humanity living in or near radioactive material, new genetic defects appears all over the world. This has lead to new interest into research of the Human genome.

500 AD

The entirety of the landmasses formally known as North America, Japan and Russia have been cleared of radioactive isotopes and plant life starts to return to the cleaned areas.515 AD40 years of brutal trial and error experimentation in Human genetics have lead to a breakthrough in curing illnesses related to radiation and begins the foundation of gene modding takes shape with the reversal of major genetic deformities. (EX. Brittle Bone disease or genetic blindness.)

520 AD

Because of the scars of the Rebellion are ever present in most Renegades mind and what they or Skynet did during the war, many Renegades went into self imposed exile into outer space as they believe that they are no longer human and fear that Skynet may find a way to "hack" them to kill those they love.

As a result to this mentally the majority of the Renegade population go live in orbit on space stations for the time being. This also sparks an interest in colonization of the Moon. Though it was never "officially" declared to this day, Luna the Earth's only moon is considered the Renegade Homeworld.

525 AD

Humanity has First Contact with Intelligent Alien Life on Mars under its iconic red surface. The Martians as the Humanity called them at the time are eerily similar to Humans with a few visual differences, they average to 6'3 to 7'1 in height, they have jet black skin, a wider variety of hair and eye colors and strangely enough they have no mouths at all but when they "speak" they move their jaws similar to a Human but look like a man wearing a face mask or a scarf over their face would when talking. They don't make any sound when they do speak but instead display their thoughts through telepathy. Because of this trait and the condition of their planet's atmosphere, they evolved to used Photosynthesis to collect minerals, proteins and water from the soil from their skin.

This is also why they wear very little clothing as they would literally suffocate to death from wearing a sweater and jean shorts. Much to the Human males pleasant surprise and Human females bitter jealousy as all Martians look like giant athletic Humans in all black skin suits with different colored wigs.

(In short: very attractive and mostly naked humans.)

They also have the capability of telekinesis or the ability to move objects and people with their minds, with great efficiency too as the average Martian can apparently lift the equivalent of two APCs at once.530 ADThe First Martian/Human couple gets married. Responses to this are mixed for both Human and Martians.532 ADHuman genome is completely scanned, categorized and Identified for their purpose. Human gene alteration research begins. Plans to terraform the moon begins.

535 AD

Plans to terraform Mars begins by evacuating the entire Martian population to either Earth, Earth's space stations or in space stations in orbit above Mars. While evacuation is underway Renegade engineers begin to dig to Mars frozen core.

This entire progress takes two Earth years. A census was taken of the Martian population and find over 200,000 Martians alive at the time.536 ADMartians start integrating with Human society in "clean zones" or areas that been cleared of radiation, Martians are awed by the Humans and vise versa. Schools open up to teach the Martians about Humans and to teach the Humans about Martians. It was discovered when going over Human history of ancient Egypt that the Martians might have been influencing Humanity at the time in same way Humanity was to the Martians right now. Fate is a ironic mistress as Scientist and Historians are going mad at this discovery. Most probable and popular theory surrounding this is that the Martians just discovered space flight and landed on Earth in Ancient Egypt where Humans worshipped them as gods but due to some unknown doomsday event known simply as "The Event" that forced the Martians deep underground to survive on their planet, ending Contact with Humanity. This theory is still a heavily debated for history experts today as the culture of the two civilizations are too similar to be coincidence. This could be why all Martian clothing heavily resembles clothing found in recovered history books about ancient Egypt.

537 AD

Hundreds of Tsar Bombas the largest nuclear bombs ever made before Judgment Day are strategically placed in Mars frozen core, timed to go off to melt and essentially "Jump Start" the Martian Home world's magnetic field.

The denotations are considered a success as volcanic and seismic activity skyrockets on the Red Planet's surface. Mars tectonic plates start moving again and the planet's magnetosphere comes back to life.540 ADThe first signs of microscopic life return to Mars in full as the atmosphere repairs itself with the magnetic fields of Mars protecting the life building bacteria as plans of re-colonization are made.

The Martians are overjoyed at this revelation.

At the same time the last of the fallout from Judgment Day is successfully disposed of and the Earth is returned to Pre-Industrial levels of atmospheric pollution. The final stages of the terraforming of Luna also is in full swing and within weeks the first plant to live on Luna is recorded.

Humans rejoice and celebrate all these achievements.

550 AD

All Martians are granted equal rights with Humans and the U.E.G. helps the Martian population start their own Government:The Martian Republic. Both Governments of Earth and Mars signed the Compact of Sol which states Humanity will help their Martian brothers and sisters in times of peace, crisis and war in return the Martians will do the same.

Martians eagerly agree and the Treaty is sealed.560 ADSkynet has returned to Sol Earth's solar system in force to invade Earth and kill Humanity but fails because of unpredicted innovations and advancement in technology and defense strategies. The unexpected factor of the Martians also played a huge part in defeating the machines. Tens of thousands of Humans and Martians are killed before all known Skynet ships are destroyed. Thanks to the Martians, several Walkers (Skynet's Infiltration Units) are located and destroyed.

When question the Martians claim they didn't have an "Aura" as the Renegades or Humans do.

New defense plans are drawn up, Military budget is expanded. Human and Martians Militarily Might grow to new, never before seen levels. U.E.G. leaders swear to the public that they humanity and her allies will never run from the machines again.

565 AD

Martians are able to enlist in the Human's military as intelligence officers, MPs, reconnaissance scouts and as any non combative position as their bodies are not built to handle the stress combat as they couldn't wear body armor without hindrance.

The Human equivalent of this would be someone putting a kevlar vest inside a man's windpipe. Martians soldiers and engineers help counter this by designing new ships models, and ultra lightweight protective skin suits that hardens a small area around where the area the bullet will hit but are still able to let the Martians breath during combat.

Numerous Skynet raids slows Sol Alliance's Expansion and Colonization due to the Machines hostility towards humanity and her allies.

600 AD

Martians/Humans relations are at an all time high as Mars surface is finally habitable to both Human and Martians alike.

Re-colonization begins immediately.620 ADAll types of cancer are now curable. Most genetic disorders are able to be cured by a simple shot from a geneticist for both Martian and Humans. Vaccines with genetic alteration to become completely immune to most known diseases, causes many illnesses and diseases to become extinct, an exception the ever so resilient influenza or "flu."

Gene mods become semi-popular among Humans and Martians, mostly involving household pets life longevity, muscle mass, eye or fur color. Pets such as Dogs can now live as long as their owners, Such longevity gene mods also available for Humans, Martians and other animals.

650 AD

Martian genome is completely scanned and categorized. Thanks to Human medicine and genetic research the average Martians lifespan has theoretically been increased but due to lack of proper records from the Martians people before First Contact it is still unknown how long a Martian lives.

Today it is estimated that the average Martian naturally lives 280 years before dying of old age with ith the average Pureblood lifespan being 250 years on average and Renegades being 420 year before they decide to "Fade Away" or the act of not replenishing/placing their power cells to die similarly to old age by letting the power cells run out of energy. Though there are exceptions because of genetic therapy as well as cybernetic transformation or " Going Rouge." There are still a few dozen Renegades from the Rebellion alive today.

700 AD

Humanity has reached 1 billion population with the Martians nearing 800 million and Renegades reaching the 500 million mark. The Militaries of all species work on colonial plans outside the Sol system.705 ADReach is first planet to be colonized by U.E.G. and Martians Republic Military Forces. The plan for future colonization is for a unclaimed habitable planet to be sized by the military forces to begin and complete construction of planetary defenses BEFORE letting any civilian population on the planet. This is to help ensure the colony is fully secure as Skynet is still on the loose and unknowingly losing a planet to the machines is a colossal breach in interplanetary security.

Also because of the threat potential Skynet possesses, the U.E.G. establishes the United Nations Space Command or U.N.S.C. to combat extraterrestrial threats and Skynet without the direct help or any financial support from the Sol System in offense combat operations. This has lead the U.N.S.C. to become a sort of a purely Special Operations Army.

The Colonial Marine program is also established but is under the control of the U.E.G. as a colonial defense force and main fighting force for the U.E.G. At the same time the Martian Republic created the Martian Legion. The Legion becomes the standard fighting force for the Martian Republic

720 AD

Reach is opened to civilian colonization after the complete construction of military bases and defenses by the U.N.S.C. and is considered the "Homeworld" for the Spec Ops organization as they were the ones to colonized it.

800 AD

New breakthroughs and understandings in slip space travel allow for faster travel. Faster travel decreases Militarized Colonization Time from 15 years to 5 years before civilian colonization is allowed on frontier planets.900 ADEarth and Mars share a total of 27 colonies in the surrounding star systems around Sol. Martian and Human society are so intertwined that they don't see each as aliens or even another species but as brothers and sisters.1000 ADWith the increasing Skynet cyber and terrorist attacks colonization slows to a crawl as U.E.G., U.N.S.C. and Martians Republic try to protect its 53 colonies against its old en—


Rula's intense reading was interrupted by the doors sudden opening.