Rula's reading was interrupted by the room's door sudden opening, startling the Quarian.

A large feminine figure towers in the doorway pulling a cart of some sort behind her as she enters the bunks. As the newcomer walks in the room, Rula takes a moment to study the newcomer's features to try to determine her intentions and figure out why her head is fuzzy all of a sudden. The large visitor brings in the cart silently and pull out several items from it.

The woman had pitched black skin with silver hair that is cut just below the jawline, the skin on her face looked like an asari wearing a vile that hid everything but her dark green eyes, she wore a rather elegant but professional looking red and black sleeveless dress that modestly covers up her cleavage but also leaves the back itself exposed and there is a red belt that seems to hold the the skirt to the torso piece. The skirt itself is snug enough fit around her thighs and splits open on the sides of the thighs halfway between her knees and butt as well as between the thighs just above the knees. Exposing the skin whenever she walks but it is loose enough to not hinder any of her movement as she could probably run in those with no problems. She also had some sort of hard leather with strings that are tied to her feet.

Overall the dress exposes a lot of skin casually and without her looking like a horny asari maiden.

She looks rather attractive for an unknown and potentially hostile alien.

Rula thinks to herself before she receives an entirely unexpected response in return. In her head.

"Thank you sweetie, that's nice of you to say." A aged, cheery voice suddenly announced itself.

At this revolation Rula was frozen in fear, wide eyed and body rigid as she stares at only other occupant of the room in shocked silence.

"Oh my, I didn't mean to startle you dear." The voice says apologetically.

Rula, who is now questioning her sanity manages to stutters out. "H-How are y-yo-"

"-Talking inside your head?" The large black and grey dressed woman responds in Rula's head, cutting her off in the process.

"Yes…" Rula growled out loud, annoyed at the rude interruption. She wasn't in the mood for being talked down to.

"Well as you would have probably figured out from the Wiki Shepard gave you, I am a Martian. It's how I communicate with others like all other Martians. My name is Doctor Chak'raw, I'm the Valhalla's Chief Medical Officer And I do not appreciate being back talked youngling." The new comer that is now identified as Chak'raw said in a scolding manner.

Rula visibly tensed and went alert at the word "Doctor" as she stood up to get away.

The now named newcomer sensed this and sought out to calm the exile.

"Sweetie don't be afraid, unlike that psychopath who disgraced the medical field just by claiming to be a licensed medical professional, I prefer to actually heal people." Chak'raw said in a caring motherly voice with a undertone rich with hatred for Rula's former torturers.

"This might scare you like hell but it will help youngling." Chak'raw announced suddenly in a motherly voice with a hint of regret.

"Wha-" Rula started before being cut off as the scenery change right before her eyes.


Rula was suddenly no longer in the bunks with the Doctor but alone in a bright and wide opening with a water like reflective floor and a intense dark fog that only allows her to see about 30ft all around.

"Rula…" a familiar voice said behind her.

Rula's head snaps around to see the grey, black and red doctor standing there about 20 ft away near the edge of the fog. Rula panics as she tries to figure out how to get out of…wherever she was.

"Rula, calm down. I'm going to fix what that monster has done, but you're going to have to relive those memories before I can fix them." Said Chak'raw with a in a voice that irradiated sadness and regret.

"What? NOOO!" Rula screamed, terrified at the prospect of reliving that hell but before she protest any further intense images of the memories that were altered by Mordith came forth in the surrounding fog as it advanced to her. Slowly closing in all around.

Like flashes from lightning clouds, glimpses of the asari's meddling sprang forth in the fog. The fog moves to surround Rula as it engulfs her martian companion, the images grows bigger and appear at faster intervals within the fog. Rula takes a few steps back and turns around to see more of the hellish fog appear, having nowhere to run the Quarian falls to her knees and screams, trying to Will away the twisted memories that were once of her beloved parents and happy childhood. The exile then closes her eyes, curled up with hands over her head in a fetal position to brace for the arrival of the pain that the twisted memories always brings.

Only to find herself waiting.

And waiting for the pain that came that will never be as Rula stays in her current position for what seemed like eternity before her curiosity got the better of her.

She went to take a peek.

She glances up to see the area around her is changed, the dark impregnable fog with the altered memory were replaced with a light grey colored mist that shows her with parents in various childhood memories. Her actual memories, all the funny arguments with her father on various things, all the drama her mother got in online about the fleet and other species, the one time the three of them got into a food fight with the rotten food paste, all of it was the same as before. Not that she could tell anyways.

Rula cried tears of joy as she realized the last of her family's memory would not be a dark presence in her mind that she would have to erase and try to to figure out who her parents re-


Rula was thrown from memory lane as she suddenly became close friends with the steel plated floor and landed face first. Thankfully the visor held but she still banged her head inside the barely insulated helmet. She felt a pair of hands help her back to the bed as the room kept spinning.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Asked a concerned voice in her head. The speaker assumed she was speaking in a normal volume but to Rula it sounded like gunshots going off in her helmet with each syllable.

"Not… So… Loouud." groaned the young Exile as she got her bearings together, tears sting her eyes as one hell of a migraine settles in.

"What happened?" asked the disoriented quarian as she looked at Chak'raws, trying in vain to hold her brains together through the material of the aging helmet.

"YoOu. ?" A deep voice said in very butchered Khelish, like he couldn't remember what the words are or how pronounce them correctly.

Both females turned to see a large familiar, black and red detailed figure covered head to toe in what must have been heavy battle armor in the doorway. A bright crimson visor was looking down on Rula, analysing her for a few moments before the near 7ft being took off his helmet and held it under his right arm.

Rula studied his facial features, the new comer was pale like he never seen sunlight before with a short cut black hair and bright neon green-blue eyes that seem to shift in between the two colors. A faint scar ran along the left side of the jawline and was only visible by the slight indent and discoloration of it. A similar pair of scars ran across his eyes. Starting above the patch of fur above his left eye and ending on the middle of the right cheek. It appears he had it reconstructed as the wound would have certainly taken his nose of and blinded him in both eyes.

He his face looked blank, imitating and completely devoid of any emotion just like the helmet in which he now carried.

The man turned the doctor and began speaking in his native tongue as she too gained her bearings from her ordeal. Rula is now just sitting on her bunk waiting for the two aliens to finish their conversation.

"I merged with her mind to fixed what mental damage her memories had caused and to get a better understanding of one of the languages I picked up from you." Chak'raw replied her side of the conversation out loud in Rula's head.

This greatly confused her for a few moments as she tilts her head towards the Martian's direction before realizing the doctor either is including her side of the conversation on purpose or she couldn't help as it was like a another person speaking normally for her.

"And speaking of you why are you here? I thought I locked you in my med bay which you should still be in as a registered patient." The Martian scowled the only male of the room, he grunted and barked some more of his native language.

"No I haven't yet as it might have scared her and sent her into a panic attack that might have caused more damage, I was trying to get her comfortable before I start anything. I don't care if it's your ship, if you're the Commanding Officer or that you are a Spartan. I am the Chief Medical Officer of this vessel and when the you are admitted in my med bay as a patient I outrank you. You were barely able to come back aboard because of a tumor the size of a golf ball at the back of that thick skull of yours and had to have surgery to remove said tumor not four hours ago. You. Should. Be. Resting!" The Martian started, growing more annoyed as she vented out to the Spartan.

Rula silently tried to image what in keehla's name a golf ball was but also became very interested in what they were talking about when Commanding Officer was mentioned for she was at the mercy of this individual and she prayed that she wouldn't be dissected or worse by these people.

The Spartan began speaking again with Rula trying ever so vainly to understand what he was saying.

"Why so soon?" Chak'raw suddenly cut off the Commander mid speech, He barked some more before looking at Rula, she could see pain and grieve in his eyes as his stone expressive face softened ever so slightly with understatement for just a brief moment before his stock expression returned and he spoke to the doctor once more.

"Oh…" Said the Doctor as she put her hand over what would be her lips on a asari in shock.

She looked at Rula with pity as the Commander turned to the door. He took a side glance at Rula, barked something one last time and walked away.

"That was the person who rescued me, right? Who is he?" Asked the Exile once the door closed.

"That was Shepard, he's the commander of this vessel, he says he is sorry he had killed your parents and he'll drop you off wherever you need to go if that is what you wish but you'll have to be quick." Said Chak'raw telepathically in a motherly tone.

Rula was shocked by this. She didn't blame him at all for her parents death but was rather grateful he ended their torment as painlessly as possible then the last part of what the doc said came to the forefront of her mind like she got hit by a dreadnought.

"But I'm a Q-Quarian, an Exiled Quarian. I have nowhere to go." Rula said her voice cracking with emotions.

"What do you mean, can't you go with your people or other relatives?" The Martian ask generally shocked at this bit of information. Rula shook her head before replying.

"Exiles are criminals, banished from the Flotilla or Migrant Fleet as it's more commonly known. That's where my people lived since the Geth Rebellion. Aboard aging spaceships for survival. The Fleet can't hold anyone who would be dead weight or trouble makers such as criminals so the Exiles nor their descendants could never to return to the fleet, they don't allow the children to return for fear of revenge for their parents hardships and also they can't spare the time or resources to train and educate them various things they need to know." Rula explained "her" banishment as she looks at the floor ashamed when she explains further.

"My great grandmother endangered the Quarian people when she tried to upgrade the fleet defense system for a pilgrimage gift but the people who were going to upgrade the defense platform sold the information to a pirate group who wanted to enslave the fleet. She stop the pirate's attack from happening by blowing up their flagship but it would have never happened if she realized the mistake she made. She exiled herself as she knew the Admiralty Board would have done so if they still thought she was alive. So she left and started a family in a community where the descendants of other exiles had built and three generations later here I am. My home destroyed and everyone I knew is dead." Rula explained to the wide eyed doctor. Rula spoke up again.

"Before you send me wherever it is you're going to send me, can you tell...Shepard?" The Exile looked at Chak'raw for confirmation on the name of the Commander. She nodded yes. Rula took a deep breath before continuing.

"Tell Shepard my Father was already dead before he came aboard, he lost his mind to the pain of the experiments days earlier and was just an-n animal at that p-point." Rula sobbed as memories of her torment came forth. Chak'raw sat on the bed next to her, embracing and comforting her as Rula began to cry with silent tears rolling down her face within her helmet.

"A-And my M-Mother was dying from exposure when we found h-her in the med bay, she was in so much pain. He didn't k-kill them, he h-helped eased their suffering." Rula continued on while inside the warm motherly embrace of the 7ft Martian.

"S-She told me she loved me, that I had to take care of myself now and to be strong before she sent me out of the room because she didn't want me to watch." By now the young Exile was openly weeping, crying inside her helmet as it lays on the hunched Martian's shoulder.

The two females sat there while Rula grieves once more for her family, it took nearly an hour for the exile to settle down so they sat still holding each other like a mother caring for her daughter.

After a while Chak'raw spoke up. "I need to run some scans, now I know you probably don't want to be near anything involving the word "medical" but I can't help you physically if I don't know what is wrong. Is that ok?" The Doctor said in a loving, caring voice as she pulls out of the embrace, heads back to the cart, and grabs a medical scanner. Readying the device and waiting patiently for Rula's permission to continue.

"...Okay." Rula responded, her voice barely above a whisper as she sniffles a little.

After a couple of seconds the scanner went off, signaling the completion of its task. "Ok you have some mild nerve damage throughout your body, are you in any pain? And can you feel this?" Said the martian as she pokes several areas of her body, mostly her neck, arms and stomach.

"I'm really sore mostly, with a migraine. and can you stop that, it hurts." Rula stated before snapping at the doctor.

"I didn't mean to cause you any more pain than what you are going through Rula, but this pain is a good thing. It means your nerves are still functional and would most likely heal on their own but are overwhelmed at the moment which means they are really sensitive. Now get some rest while I go speak to Shepard." Said the Martian as she lays Rula down and turns to leave before the exile speaks up.

"What is going to happen to me?" Inquired the Quarian, catching the doctor off guard just as she heads out the door. She turns around and replies.

"We're going to discuss your living arrangements for the future and how to feed you…" Said the doctor with a smile in her emerald green eyes she added.

"Then I'm going to teach Shepard about what happens when unauthorized patients start wondering out my med bay." With all that the Martian left with the cart, leaving a giggling Rula to her thoughts.

After several fruitless attempts to put herself to sleep, Rula picks up the data pad and begins to read it again. Skipping the last three paragraphs where she left off, she starts off at the next underlined heading and continues from there. She begins to read in earnest to learn of her new friends.


The Dark Crusade 1100-1350 AD

1100 ADHumanity found themselves under attack by unknown hostiles that are presumed to be Skynet. Sol has lost contact with 27 out of 55 colonies in the span of two weeks, as a result civilians flee in mass to the Sol system. U.E.G., U.N.S.C., and Republic militaries are mobilizing for a massive interplanetary counter attack to combat what was believed to be a Skynet offensive.

Largely inspired by the island hopping strategy used by the Americans in their war against Japan before Judgment Day. The leaders of this massive array of Military might planned on taking back their planets one at a time.

The plan was to call for a mandatory evaluation of all contactable colonies along with all military assets to Sol, leaving monitoring outpost to serve as advance warning systems against the unknown enemy. Once all possible military personnel and assets were gathered the U.E.G., U.N.S.C. and Republic Military would take 85% of its combined Navy, leaving 15% to defend Sol and go planet to planet to secure it, leave a token force who will always be transmitting to Sol. This was Operation Phoenix the Combined Navy could launch Operation Phoenix Shield, dozens of massive ships of unknown origins entered the Sol system and engaged Sol's Navy. The Human/Martian Navy was able to drive off the most of the larger varieties of the unknown ships while destroying most of the smaller variants but with heavy casualties. Several smaller variations of the hostilities ships crashed near Royals , Stonehill and Sun city while a larger ship possibly a carrier by Earth's standards crashed on Mars just outside its capital city of New Renegade Core and U.N.S.C. Marines were sent in to exterminate the threats and evacuate the cities near the crash sites on Earth. They were unsuccessful in both objectives.

After 24 hours an average 10% of cities population near the crash sites was evacuated before they were forced to quarantine the areas around the cities as to contain the unknown 7ft tall parasitic serpent that uses other living beings for breeding. The affected cities will be nuked to contain the Mars the Capital city of New Hope is turned into a war zone as thousands of unknown 15 ft, masked alien warriors literally rip apart civilian and military personnel alike. Within a day the city is owned by the unknown invaders as they begin a guerilla war in the city of New Hope that kills tens of thousands of human and Renegade learning that captured or dead hostiles would self destruct via computer gauntlet the U.E.G. made it a priority to have those gauntlet destroyed before the "Savages" as they were nicknamed detonated the devices.1101 ADThe only colony still in communication with Sol was Reach as all others have gone dark. The Savages have taken New Hope and turned it into a sort hunting ground for the Colonial Marines and U.N.S.C Spec Ops Forces. High Command ordered that the use of nuclear weapons will NOT be permitted as they did on the crash sites on Earth as it was clear the Aliens that landed on Earth were more animalistic and parasitic in nature than the ones that landed on Mars.

Massive ground and air operations took place to kill the Savages and take any technology they had to study.1102 ADThe Siege of New Hope lasted for nearly two years as the Savages displayed brilliant gorilla and psychological warfare tactics. Some reports indicate that it was some sort game for them even as Colonial Marines surrounded and open fire on a Savage killing the creature. They also had a habit of recording everything, including conversations of Colonial Marines and Spec Ops squads to play them back to the very same Marines they recorded.

After the recording has ended it was usually a coin toss if they would attack or also display superior firepower as their shoulder mounted cannons could bring down a APC in one shot, let alone a unfortunate Colonial Marine but they seem hesitant to use this to their advantage as they rarely ever used it and it was later discovered that improvised power sources to charge them were the Savages were laying waste to Colonial Marines and hiding in the city of New Hope, Renegade's Cyber Warfare Division covertly infiltrated the Savages heavily guarded but wrecked ship's computers and gathered terabytes of information. Most of it was in the alien language except for a old file that has a translation program of English from before Judgement Day.

The Infiltrators returned with the information and turned it into their superiors. This information lead to the Liberation of New Hope a month later.1107 ADAfter killing the "High Yautja" as they called themselves in the "Clanship" database at New Hope, Human and Martian Forces regrouped to collect whatever alien technology that was on Mars and scavenged whatever was left of the Yautja ships in space. As Reach is the only colony Sol was be able to contact, shipyards at both systems went into overdrive to combat this new lead to the development of prototype new ship based weaponry and a new interest in plasma research.

1110 ADThe combined fleets are almost at pre -Yautja encounter levels with new upgrades for more powerful weapons and and armor that is resistant to plasma damage.

Evacuation drills commenced weekly and most major cities of Earth, Mars and Reach went underneath complete overhauls to build defenses to help combat the "Xenomorphs" as the scientist called them (or "Fucking Bugs" if you ask a Marine or Legionnaire) and the hostile faction of based weaponry research is stalled due to missing elements to create such weaponry. More specifically how to resist the heat to plasma buildup and discharge as all prototypes were only partly successful as the weaponry was able to fire weaponize plasma but were destroyed due to heating issues after one or two shots.1115 ADOperation Phoenix Sword has been authorized. Similar goals to operation Phoenix Shield but with the added objective of finding the "Lesser Yautja" that was mentioned in the Dark Yautja (nicknamed as such so to not stroke the Savages ego by calling them"High Yautja") Clanship data banks.1116 ADThe Colony of Acadia was the first designation of the Phoenix Fleet as it was the last colony to fall silent. What was found on the colony was more Xenomorphs. The Phoenix Fleet moved into orbit to bomb the hives of these Marines moved in to secured the colony at heavy loss of life. A frigate with a battalion of ground troops and a squadron of fighters is left to guard and patrol the for enemy scouts or Xenomorphs stranglers.1120 ADA duo R.C.W.D. (Renegade Cyber Warfare Division) operatives found and hitched a ride on a "Lesser Yautja" scout ship through cyberspace on its computer systems. The Duo secretly broadcasts their findings to Sol. Their orders are to go dark and wait until they reached the Yautja Homeworld.1125 ADAfter 9 years Operation Phoenix Sword comes to an end with massive lost of personal to the Xenomorphs but all 57 Colonies have been purged of the Serpents at the cost of tens of thousands of soldiers.

Colonization of new planets stops completely as the Sol Alliance come up with plans to properly defend their newly reclaimed Colonies.

Yautja hunting ships continues appear on Human/Martian colonies, wiping out a small town or settlement of everyone inside and hanging the headless, skinned corpses on every tree, bridge and light post. Even the increasingly number of Skynet raids/sighting continues to grow as Human/Martians militaries struggle to combat these new threats.1130 ADAfter 10 years of hacking and translating the Yautja clan ship's computer system the Duo realize that there are two Subspecies of Yautja. One titled Civil or just plain Yautja and the other are Dark Yautja.

Long ago when the two species shared a world together. The Dark Yautja attempted the complete genocide of the Civil Yautja subspecies and forced them of their homeworld a thousand generations ago. The Civil Yautja have been on the run from Dark Yautja ever since as they are bigger, stronger, faster, more numerous, and more advanced than the Civil Yautja.

After learning of the Yautjas history the Duo finally break the decade long radio silence to Sol.

1131 ADU.N.S.C. Spec Ops teams are sent to make contact with the "Civil" Yautja Clanship with a large cache of raw materials attached to their frigate to leave at the Clanship. Beaten, Bloody and Desperate the Civil Yautja have eagerly taken the package of resources. The Duo reveal themselves to open negotiations with the negotiations do not start off many hours of arguing (and being talked down on destroying their only ship) the Elders of the Civil Yautja agreed to help the Sol Alliance in training soldiers to fight Xenomorphs in exchange for a safe harbor and resources to repair the damaged Clanship.1140 ADWith the aid of the Yautja, the Sol Alliance was able to perfect a training simulation to train Colonial Marines to combat Xenomorphs on top of Skynet Machinery along with assisting in creating the following:

The M3 Pattern Personal Armor BDU

Sonic Weaponry Series

M41A2 S.P.A.R (Sonic Pulse Assault Rifle)VP78 S.P.S.P (Sonic Pulse Striker Pistol)ZX-76 S.P.C (Sonic Pulse Cannon)M42C S.P.S.R (Sonic Pulse Sniper Rifle)To date these weapons and armor set are the oldest still in serve weapons in all of Human history for their legendary reliability and effectiveness against Xenomorphs which are still a threat to outer colonies today.

1150 ADAfter much debate with themselves the Elders of Clan Guan'Staon (Night Walkers) decided to break their Honor Code and share what technology they could with the Sol Alliance in exchange for their support in reclaiming Yautja Prime.1160 ADAfter much debate and after permanently losing half their colonies to Xenomorphs outbreaks that grew too large to reclaim, the Sol Alliance and U.N.S.C. agree to wage war against the Black Yautja to stop them from dropping more Xenomorphs on their colonies. Shipyards go into overdrive and pump out more ships faster than they can mine metal for most of the Sol Navy will be leaving to reclaim the Yautja homeworld and kill Dark Yautja Earth, Mars and Reach undergoes major changes in Architecture, redesigning everything to give the Colonial Marines the Term: Battlefield Architecture is also coined to describe building progress of transforming entire cities to military fortresses to defend against invading forces.1200 ADOnce all possible military personnel and warriors were trained and equipped along with all ships being outfitted with new experimental "Cyobeds" the Reclamation Fleet set out on the 65 Year journey to Yautja Prime. Leaving with 85% of all U.E.G., and Republic ground forces along with the entirety of the U.N.S.C Navy as space battles are almost suicidal without number superiority. The entirety Renegade Core is left behind to defend the Sol system and Reach as the Reclamation fleet departs with hundreds of millions of soldiers.

1210 ADA new cult is wreaking tremendous amount of planetary defenses and gaining support at alarming rates on Earth. This cult was called The Brotherhood.

They worshipped the Xenomorphs as gods, they are also very Anti Martian as they claim it is nearly impossible to impregnate a Martian with a FaceHugger and they are abominations for it.

(The Sol Alliance has not yet seen a Predalien at the time which can impregnate any living thing with a large enough biomass including Martians if captured into the hive and impregnated through the lung to give birth to a Kinetic Xenomorph)U.E.G. government uses lethal force once casualties start piling up to quell the Brotherhood's riots.1215 ADThe Brotherhood is declared a terrorist organization with a kill on sight order for anyone claiming to be a "Knight" of the Brotherhood.1230 ADXenomorph outbreak in New Royals . The Renegade Core is sent in to quell this outbreak, Brotherhood claims responsibility and marshal law is declared until further "Safe zone" is created where most of the Sols Alliance home defense stations are located to protect the populations of Earth and Mars. Reach is evacuated of all civilians and is used entirely for a military outpost/ mining operations center for much needed resources.

1240 ADNew resource deposits detected on Venus as the Sol Alliance struggles to collect enough resources to rebuild ships to fend of Dark Yautja and Skynet attacks. The need to mine from this deadly planet sparked new interest in gas planet mining.

1250 ADBrotherhood attacks continue at fanatical and almost desperate levels even though the attacks do nothing but waste ammunition in some cases.

In almost all attacks achieved nothing as most result in property damage to repair and dead cultist to clean up thanks to the efforts of the Renegade Core policing efforts.

The first sentient beings landed on Venus in special evo suits and mining operations begins. New high temperature metals and acid resistant materials are developed as a result.

1270 AD

The Reclamation Fleet has exited Slipspace just outside the Yautja Home System. All Ground Combat personnel are to be released from Cryo Beds, leave to the their designated Drop Ships and leave their carriers as not to be destroyed with the ship if the ship goes down. Tens of thousands ships of Human, Martian and Yautja origin head for Yautja Prime after emptying their passengers.

A massive space battle ensued as hundreds of Dark Yautja open fire on the Reclamation losing nearly half the fleet Sol and Yautja ground forces land on Yautja Prime or "the homeworld" to begin the Siege of Yautja Prime thus starting the 30 year war to kill the Dark Yautja the planet.

The War of Reclamation has begun.1280 ADBrotherhood terrorist attacks and Xenomorphs outbreaks continue to plague the governments of Earth and Reach, Martians constantly targeted by brotherhood death squads. With resources stretch thin and scarce the Sol Alliance is pushed to the brink of collapse. Two continents fall to Xenomorphs outbreak as the second battle of Earth begins.

1290 ADSkynet launches invasion of Reach with the machines gaining much ground. Colonial Marines on the ground are pushed to the limits and are forced to resort to guerrilla tactics and strategies that haven't been used since the Rebellion.

The First Siege of Reach begins.1300 ADAs the last Dark Yautja stronghold on the homeworld burns in plasma induced fire, the forces of the Reclamation fleet celebrate their victory. Humans and Martians alike cry out in tears of joy while the Yautja roar their mighty battle call at the Reclamation of their homeworld. The Reclamation War is technologies taken from Dark Yautja ships and the first discovery of Forerunner slipspace technology allows the ships from the Reclamation fleet to shorten the travel time back to the Sol System from a 65 year journey to just under 2 years.1302 ADThe Reclamation fleet returns to Sol to find Earth under siege by Xenomorph outbreaks.

As the Yautja eagerly return the favor of retaking the Human homeworld, Alliance warships head to Reach and lay waste to the Skynet ships in orbit. The Battle Hardened veterans of the Reclamation War uses tactics that were common place in the fighting for Yautja Prime on the forest rich and mountainous planet of Reach. The genocidal creations of man could not adapt to these new tactics and suffered tremendously for it.

1305 ADXenomorphs outbreaks are eradicated from the Earth and the Brotherhood hunted to near extinction. The Second Battle of Earth is over.

1310 ADThe Siege of Reach is over as the last entrenched Skynet facility is destroyed. Reconstruction begins in its earnest with mining operations and resource expeditions skyrocketing as Marshal Law is lifted.

1350 ADAfter much reconstruction, recolonization and consideration, the Sol Alliance and the newly formed Council of the Ancient sign a pact for trade, training and joint protection against extinction level events.

Age of Retribution 1400-2480 AD

1400 ADAfter the Reclamation of Yautja Prime, reconstruction and much consideration the Yautja no longer view Humans and newly discovered Martians as prey but as equals. Human Purebloods and Martians are allowed apprenticeship if the apprentice proves themselves are given equal rights as more and more come to Sol to see what changes happened to Humanity as they were used to be hunted as prey before Judgment Day but assumed they were extinct due to the nuclear bombs to combat the ever growing threat of Skynet, Insurgent, and Dark Yautja attacks the Martian Republic, U.E.G. and the newly established Council of the Ancients together fund the United Nations Space Command as an independent interspecies military organization to combat all threats in and to known civilized space.

Also because of the circumstances after the departure of the Reclamation fleet, humanity discusses new plan of economic, military and civilian law in dire times is drawn up and called the Apocalyptic Act or as it's nicknamed more commonly known as the "Doomsday Economy."

In short this act takes away all freedoms from the public and essentially turns the entire population of the human race (including it subspecies) into one unified army to fight for their species continued survival, Everything and Everyone must contribute to the war effort whether it is fighting, making the Tools of War or even simple farming to feed the troops. Everyone must contribute to the War Effort.

This act is only to be issued if an Extinction Level Event is to occur and for something to be considered an Extinction Level Event more than 45% of the current human population must have been killed or an unknown threat that is determined to be actively genocidal to the human race and for this act to be issued by higher government bodies the majority of the human race must be made aware and the majority of the species must have voted for its activation for it to have any legitimate power.

If this act is abused in times of relative peace and not in genocidal circumstances, all legal governments members and leaders along with the entirety of their families and known associates will be trialed than sentenced to death as a means of deterrent. The people will then decide if a new type of government should be installed or just new leaders elected if they find it necessary.

The Yautja also adapt a similar act once this was announced to the public and plans to incorporate the two began. The Yautja will help the Sol Alliance in it hour of need and vise versa when such a time comes.

1405 ADThe first male Yautja to be given cooking lessons on various Human sweets among other things is announced. A week later the same male is "kidnapped" by Yautja females for his skill in cooking the Human delicacies, this same Yautja seems to very much enjoy his situation.

Classes open up for Yautja both male and female (though gender separated because of their society demands it) to learn various skills that may be lacking on Yautja Prime. This causes the Yautja to exit their equivalent to the stone age to the iron age in terms of scientific understanding and cultural development.

1408 AD

A unknown Civil Yautja scout ship is shot down by Skynet stealth fighters on the still xeno infested colony of Hadley's Hope. Night Walker warriors are sent in with the Colonial Marines to investigate and found the survivors of the crash ship being attacked by Skynet platforms.

After dealing with the threat, the Warriors of the Night Walker Clan approached the survivors and found that they belong to the Dark Blade Clan once believed to be eradicated by the Dark Yautja before the Crusade.

The Dark Blades were wary of the Night Walkers because One: the Dark Blade Clan believed the Nightwalker Clan to be eradicated by the Dark Yautja. Two: They were working with a species that supposedly killed themselves with nuclear weapons on their only planet before they achieved space flight. This alone broke many traditions and was considered criminal beyond belief. After a conversation that revealed the reclamation of the homeworld and a brief conflict among individuals between the two groups of Yautja, the Blades reluctantly took the offer for transportation to the Homeworld.

1409 AD

The Blade survivors had visited the Yautja homeworld, collected evidence and got a new ship (recording everything along the way) to return to their clan and spread the word of their home planet's Reclamation. A month later 3 Yautja Clan ships with dozens of smaller hunting ships entered the Prime System and announced themselves. The Night Walker Clan had no qualms sharing the planet as long they got first pick on territory as they fought (with the Humans and Martians of course) to reclaim the planet.

The Dark Blade, The Crafter Shield and The Jungle Dweller clans agreed and territory was split with room to expand. The newcomers also agreed to not hunt Humans or Martians as a "thank you" for reclaiming their homeworld though this did not include criminals or "bad bloods" as Yautja called their lawbreakers. These clans also accepted Humans and Martians into Apprenticeship. The renegades on the other hand… Yautja generally do not like Renegades though they did agreed not to hunt them for sport.

1410 ADHumans accept Yautja as what they are, Hunters. As a result three new colonies are colonized for the sole purpose of hunting: Anything. As long it's non-sentient with only exception is that it's a criminal or a "bad blood" with major charges and not on in the species protection program.

Humans, Martians, Renegades and Yautja can capture, release and then hunt many dangerous animals for sport on the vast wilderness of theses planets, though only the authorities of each respective species can drop off criminals.

A fourth reservation planet is heavily guarded with its processing outpost in the form of a space station as the planet itself is a giant Xenomorph Hive on the edges of known space. There is not one square inch of natural surfacing as it is covered in the black residue the Xenomorphs secrete to make their hives.

This planet is called Xeno Prime as it is the oldest known planet to house Xenomorphs and it is believed to be the homeworld of the species, though for obvious reasons the methods of proving this theory is suicidal.

(Fun fact: Xeno Prime was where the Xenomorph Empress (The Queen of Xenomorph Queens and eldest known Matriarch) resided until The Shepards Chiva. Where the Mad Twins with a Yautja named Dark killed the Empress for their trial of passage (Chiva) for entry to their father's clan in his honor.)

Yautja are thrilled by the prospect of the Hunting Reservation Planets because their perception of Humans as the ultimate "soft meat" and the discovery of Xeno Prime where the ultimate "hard meat" can be hunted.

Because of the Humans nature and justice system there is plenty of worthy prey to hunt on the reservation planets and the repeated offenders of lesser Human crimes get shipped to Xeno Prime to become host for Xenomorph research. It's a Win-Win for everyone (except for the criminal host.)

Yautja/Sol relations skyrockets because of this.

1415 AD

The first Medical Research Outpost on the Reservation Colonies is built for the medical advancement of Humans, Martians and Yautja. All morals about medical experimentation are left at the airlock as criminals are captured to be tested in inhumane ways for the pursuit of knowledge.

Many new medicines, equipment and methods for treatment in all fields of injury are developed from these Outposts over the following centuries.

1420 ADMany "unworthy" Yautja that would have never be anything but a servant or slave in Yautja society flee to Human space with the help of Machiko Noguchi. A 23 year old woman who was taken into Clan Guan'staon (Night Walker) when she was at the age of 8 because of her parents deaths at the hands of a Dark Yautja hunting party and impressed an Arbitrator by stabbing the leader of the pack in the eye with a toothbrush. This Arbitrator would then treat her wounds and raise her in as his own.

Many of these Yautja had become engineers, scientists, or constructors with nearly all having poetry, art, music, or various other outlets for creativity as a hobby (Like writing fanfics) instead of fighting and hunting as it's almost culturally outlawed in Yautja society to have a creative outlet outside of killing and hunting as it was seen as weak.

1422 ADMachiko Noguchi was captured and brought before the Council of the Ancients to explain her actions before her execution as what she did went against several dozen laws in Yautja her defense Machiko stated that "not every Yautja was made for the Path of the Hunter but for a Path each individual must find on their own and that finding one's own path is a much greater challenge than following one that is already laid down for one to follow like a pup in training."She thens challenge the Council stating that their inability to adapt and stubbornly cling to their old ways instead of developing technology and strategies to combat the Dark Yautja themselves is the reason they needed the Humans and Martians to fight their war in the first a brief confrontation with one of the more hot head councilmen, the eldest of the Council deemed Machiko right and innocent in this thinking.

This elder than congratulates Machiko for this new philosophy for the Yautja people but still went against the laws of the council, for this she is demoted from Blooded to the rank of Unblooded.1425 ADMany more Yautja flock to Earth and its colonies to challenge themselves in ways their people never thought was worthy. They wish to learn as many skills as possible and master them.1450 ADNewly educated Yautja Scientists and Healers start work on the genetic analysis of the Yautja genome.

New medicines are developed along with new versions of Yautja medicines that work on Humans and Martians as well. Devils putty was nicknamed and officially called today as it would heal any wounds like bio form but hurts a lot more and Yautja didn't have a name for it anything other than "medicine." Gene Mods for alternative fields of sight for Yautja are also the main focus on their genetic research as colorization is proven to be superior over infrared sight in most circumstances.

1460 ADAfter much medical science, math conversion and the passing of the eldest councilman due to natural causes, it is estimated that the Yautja live for nearly 2000 Earth years.

1500 ADThanks to the intervention of the Sol Alliance the Yautja exit their Tribalist Era of their equivalent to the Iron Age and enter their equivalent of Industrial Revolution. Many old traditions and believes still holds strong in their society but Yautja culture overall is far more tolerant and less suci-


The Datapad slips from the Quarian's grip and falls to the floor as she loses consciousness. The events of the day finally take their toll on Rula and her eyelids grow heavy as she can no longer fight her sleep. Darkness consumes her vision as the Exile falls into the sweet embrace of a peaceful slumber.