Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk!

Rula is suddenly awoken by the sound of heavy metal on metal hammering together, startling her and causing her to fall out of her bunk with a loud thunk.

The first thing she sees is total darkness before her movements cause the lights in the room to turn on, blinding her in the process as her mask isn't properly tinted. She feels the cold plated floor through her suit as she panics for a moment before remembering where she was and calmed down.


The hammering repeated itself at a faster pace and now that she is fully awake, she realized someone is knocking on her door. She hurries to the door and looks at the small panel on the side with grey, yellow, green and red buttons. Only to see that it's little screen is red and all it's buttons are in a different language. She presses some of the colored buttons trying to get the door open.


Due to her close proximity to the door the noise of the impacts were louder than what they were at the bunks. Again, almost scaring her out of her suit as she falls to her butt. She growls as she picks herself up and stands at the door, frustrated with the person on the other side making such racket.

"WOULD YOU STOP THAT, I CAN'T GET THIS KEELAH DAMNED DOOR OPEN!" Rula screamed at the top of her lungs hoping the keelah damn person on the other side would hear her.

Then the door opened.

"Eep!" Rula shrieked, once again startled by the doors sudden opening. Causing her to take a step back and look at the newcomers.

Two Male Quarian like figures appeared in doorway, both stood far taller than she could ever hope to be. Making her look once again tiny in comparison.

One looked young but wore a stock yet agitated expression that shifted to a curious one but guarded expression. She didn't miss the fact he (she assuming it's a male) had to catch himself from retrieving his sidearm when the door opened and saw her. He had a very short hair similar to Shepard's, ghostly white skin complexion and wore a light brown, green and gray camo schemed battle armor that looked like it was a hybrid of a Bio Suit made with the same type of ballistic weaving cloth her suit is made of but only newer than 50 years and a bulky set of Heavy Armor that looked like it could take a beating.

The other was nearly the polar opposite as he looked more aged and had a grim expression with a very dark but faded brown skin complexion while sporting a similar, more warned down but advanced looking light-dark green, black and grey battle armor with some sort of hat that went around his head with a curved fin along his forehead, probably to block sunlight from his eyes. Rula hadn't have a clue why he would wear it on a ship though.

Both looked alike Asari/Quarian hybrids with the similar facial features, straight legs and five fingers. She only knew what her parents looked like because they couldn't get a proper replacement for their visors when they were cracked during a mugging and had to wear improvised domes for helmets. If she didn't know better, the similarities would have made Rula think they might have been a science experiment of the salarian doctor gone wrong but the tech they have on them isn't Citadel or Terminus she seen as she went on numerous salvage runs with her parents.

It was unnerving how similar they looked

nonetheless. Both looked down to the Exile who is barely chest high to the two newcomers.

"Ghd dghn tnmn yhgnu annssgrd" The pale one barked in his native tongue while looking directly at Rula in what she believed was a intimidating manner. She broke eye contact with him looking down at her feet, wrangling her hands together. As much as she hated herself for it she was trying to show she was submissive and she didn't want any trouble. It's how she survived on that ship.

"I-I don't understa-" She began she flinched at sudden movement.


She looked up just in time to see that brown male smacked the pale male at the back of the head. Hard.

"Geegh tgee hEghl-" The pale one started before being interrupted.

"Ygrr sskgrng dea poahr ked! Shepard oghed yss tg weetck hgrr mnnd ssuw hgrr aunund naut mok hgrr popsss hgrrsalth." the darker one bark something at his pale companion, scowling him.

The dark one bent down, pull out a Omni tool from one of his pants pockets and handed it to Rula. He pointed at the tool than to his mouth.

"Llllunguge tgrressamtgerr" he growed softly and slowly then pointed back at the tool and back to his mouth.

"It's a translator?" Rula asked out loud.

"YeEh!" He spoke with a rumbling growl that was akin to laughter. The dark male nodded his head, seemly able to understand her.

Rula then fastened the Omni Tool to her suit sleeve and integrated it with her suits microphones as the two newcomers started talking to each other. The translator adjusted onto her suit as they conserves so she only caught the end of the a sentence.

"Y dOt fik-ZzHHhz-ows how to use it Johnson, isn't she just a kid?" The pale one said in a surprising gruff but smooth voice laced with a bitter annoyance.

Someone's in a bad mood.

The Dark one now named Johnson looked over his shoulder to address his peer while still kneeling in front of the quarian.

"Just give her a minute Forge and quit your bitching. She knows more about this tech than any of us. Even with the U.N.S.C as we knew it gone, I still outrank you and I ain't got no time for no bitching, so man the fuck up marine!" Johnson said in a scolding manner similar to the Turian Military Officers in the action vids she used to watch.

"Uh…" Rula stutters as she watches the two argue.

The two realized she could understand their conversation and immediately halted their argument to look at her. Johnson stood back up and spoke.

"You can hear me?" Johnson asked.

"Yes I can hear you." Rula responded.

"Ma'am, we're here to escort you to the mess hall to find out what we could feed-" It was at this moment Rula's stomach decided to voice its opinion on the topic of food with its owner as it roared it's mighty battlecry with rumbles and growls.

After gaining a full hearted laugh at Rula's expense, Johnson continues. "Alright that settles it, you gonna get some grub in you, Kid but first I'm Sergeant Major Avery Johnson and this is my pain in the ass subordinate Sergeant John Forge." Johnson introduces himself and his subordinate. Forge only grunts in irritation as if he had something better to do.

The trio walk on in the halls of ship, towards the mess hall. Along the way Rula sees unknown aliens of all shapes and sizes. Some bigger than the one friendly red krogan she met on a scavenging trip, some look small in comparison to others being all fat and stubby who are still taller than her, Even the smaller boney ones seem to be able tower over her if they weren't hunched over.

As the walk Rula notices that everything along the way seem to hold some sort of purpose. Though the bulky looks of everything was a near polar opposite of the agile look from the turian made freighter, the sense of functionality brought a form of familiarity of her home which in turn brought back the grief of losing said home.

"In here kid." Johnson called out suddenly, bringing Rula out of her grieving thoughts. The quarian realizes that the other two had stop and she kept walking on.

"Yeah, yeah it's a pretty ship and you want explore it all but you can't go anywhere without us." Forge snapped at the exile. Johnson gave his companion with a hard glare while Rula just hung her head low as they entered.

They stepped through the doors, inside she saw it was indeed, the mess hall. Large flat tables with long benches on either side, a serving area on far side that looks more like a bunker and a small bar with various alien fruits on the side of the serving line. Though the mess wasn't really full of any aliens, just a few that must have kitchen duty. Johnson sighs bedside her.

"Tula! Where are you, ya damn slit jawed woman. We got a pup starving here!" He yells. Nothing but silence and strange looks fills the room.

Forge suddenly turns around, pulling out his bulky looking pistol in the process. Only to have it along with both of his hands clasped around the weapon pulled above his head and lifted off the ground.

Forge kick something in front of him fruitlessly as the air in front of him simmers before a massive alien suddenly appears effortlessly hold up Forge with a single hand.

A deep rumble came from the massive creature as its multiple jaws quiver and its shoulders quickly rise then fall in was Rula realized was laughter.

"Damn it Tula, knock it off!" Johnson yelled at the alien.

The massive being looked at Johnson before giving him a curt nod and turned back to Forge.

"Too easy Human, If your are more aware of your surroundings then you might have caught the sight of my cloak." The massive dark bluish/purple alien said. Standing easily twice the size of Rula, the alien known as "Tula" then turned her head to Rula who took an involuntary step back from the gaze. She grunted at the quarian's reaction as she put Forge down.

Just as she does he pulls out his combat knife and puts it to her throat. She returns the favor with her energy dagger that it hidden in her gauntlet.

"Do that shit again and I'll-" Forge started to threaten before a particularly pissed off Sergant stepped in.

"FORGE!" Johnson bellowed. He walks up to Forge and grabs him by the collar of his armor, separating him from Tula. He pulls Forge a inch from his face.

"THEY ARE NOT OUR ENEMY! OUR WAR WITH THEM IS OVER MARINE AND IT HAS BEEN. FOR. OVER. 600. YEARS Johnson roars jabbing his finger at Forge for emphasis before regaining his composure and giving about a foot of space between them.

"I will not tolerate needless bloodshed of our… Allies after all this shit we slept through. Do you understand me marine." Johnson speaks sternly to his comrade, hoping it would get some sense into the young man.

Forge just spits in his face.

Johnson wipes a portion of spit from his face and looks at it between his fingers as his face turn into a expression comparable to stone and it was at this moment Forge knew...

He fucked up.

Johnson punches Forge in the gut in retaliation. Hard. Forge doubles over and staggers back in pain before he tries to punch Johnson in the face but the aged soldier catches it with his arm and returns the favor with a headbutt that sends the youngster sprawling out onto the floor. Forge tries to get up but a combat boot suddenly lands on his chest plate with a loud crack as his armor plates on his chest are broken. The force of such a blow knocks the air from his lungs and pins him to the ground as he struggles to get up.

The sound of a firing pin being prime makes the angered sergeant freeze and look up. Only to see Johnson with a pistol in hand pointed at Forge's head. Johnson kneels down while still pinning Forge to the floor with his boot, the gun pointed directly under his chin.

"Get your shit together marine, our war is over but our people still need us..." Johnson speaks in a eerily calm and level voice that could freeze entire suns before pointing to Tula with his unarmed hand.

"And they are no longer our enemy. There is too few of us and them to be fighting like this." Johnson finishes as he stands up, boot still panted firmly on Forges chest.

"Now go stuff that spitting ass mouth-" Johnson lifts his bootd and kicks Forge in the side before picking him up. "with some grub and think about what I said." The elder marine said in his normal gruff tone before shoving Forge away. Tula approaches the season veteran as Forge does what he was told and gets some food for himself.

"It's a shame your not a Sangheili, otherwise I would have taken you right here." Tula says in what Rula realized to her horror was a flirty tone. The old veteran just chuckles.

"Oh, I know what the Ladies like but your not my type Tula." Johnson replied as Tula looks back at Rula with a curious glance.

"So this is the pup that got everyone wetting themselves like a untrained Unggoy?" Tula asked Johnson. Acting as if Rula was an object of a topic than a actual person.

"Yep but from what we gathered from the ship, we got another form of Covies out there to deal with." Johnson relied.

"Covies?" Rula spoke up, curious about that term and everything else about these people.

"Yes, Covies is a term for someone who follows the Covenant but I'll tell you about that later pu-"Tula started before being unexpectedly interrupted.

"Rula." The Exile growled.

"What?" Tula asked slightly taken off guard at the Quarian's sudden aggression.

"My, Name, Is, Ru, la. Use it." She repeated slowly as if the alien in front of her was extremely stupid.

I'm not too far behind that actually, especially after this stunt...

Tula just glares down at the tiny Rula and Rula glares back at the giant, neither backing down from the other. This continues for a dozen seconds before the massive alien broke out laughing. Causing Rula to jump back, surprised by the aliens sudden change in behavior.

"I like this one! She got a fire in her when she's mad." Tula said joyfully as she waved Rula forward towards the bunker looking serving area.

"Come, come let's get you some grub." She encouraged with a wave of her hand.

"The Head Apothecary gave me some guidelines on what you could or could not consume so let's see if it's any good." Tula said as she went behind the counter to prepare the meal as Rula and Johnson wait on the other side of the severing area.

More like a bunker than a cafeteria, was this a prison ship at one point?

Rula shakes her head. Doesn't matter either way she was stuck with these people and she doesn't mind that at all.

"Head Apothecary?" Rula asked out loud to Johnson curiously as she didn't know what that tittle meant.

"Doctor Chak'raw." Johnson provided before he walked off to a stand on the side where there are white cups and some other things next to a big machine of unknown function.

"Oh… ok." The Exile replies to herself as she waits.

Rula can hear several different noises in what she presumes is their version of a kitchen as she believes Tula is cooking… food. This continues a few minutes. Johnson off to the side drinking some sort of hot black liquid, Forge is nowhere to be seen and Rula just stood there quietly for something to happen as she takes in all the details of the mostly bland mess hall.

The mess hall is very utilitarian and empty of all things not related to cooking or eating. The serving area was curved inward towards the kitchen with 2 long tables along the serving area and 8 long tables with the ends facing the service area in rows of two.

At first glance it seemed it was all there was to it but because Rula was bored she took in all the details and found a pattern. Both of the tables nearest to the serving area are placed slightly different than the rest. The out of place tables are also thicker from what she can see in comparison to the others. The thicker tables are also connected to the floor and are unmovable because of it, the benches are connected to the table as well but only by one side and they seem movable in some way. The serving area itself is also elevated by a good 6 inches, the side where the food is given is also made of thick metal that these aliens use for the rest of the ship. All tiles within 3 squares of the fortified serving area is also different from the rest of the mess hall. It the white metal plates looks more solid or fixed then the grey, multi-piece tiles the rest of the room has.

Rula continues to look for other subtle differences until Tula come through the bulky looking doors carrying several trays on both her arms. The some of the trays on one arm had several different tubes on it with a single block of metal on one of them. The other arm is filled with trays of unaltered food.

On one tray was filled with a bright yellow and white puffy substance that bounces as the cook moved about, alongside a dark brown looking meat that has black stripes on it and a white-golden brown ball of… something. She set the trays down on the counter of the serving area and picked up the reflective silver colored cube with one of the food tubes.

"Rula I need you to stay still, can you do that?" Tula requested.

"...Yes?" Replied the Exile, a sense of unease growing in her stomach as she approached the counter. She looks between the sangheili and the cube in her hand. A moment later the cube shifted shape and turned into a bug like shape with 8 legs, 4 on each side with a long tail.

The bug rotated on the spot to the left on Tula's hand then rotated right and left again as if it was searching for something. The cube turned bug then rotated to where its front faced Rula.

Suddenly the bug launched itself from Tula's hand and straight into Rula's helmet illuminated speaker light. Scaring her out skin as she screamed and clawed at the thing. Tula was roaring in laughter and Johnson couldn't keep a small smirk off his face as he approached the panicked Exile to calm her down.

"WHAT IS THAT!" Rula screeched as she crawled at her helmet and at the cube turn bug.

"Relax, it's just Programmable Matter. It won't hurt you. Now hold still." Johnson reassured with a hint of laughter in his voice. He then reaches up and pokes the bug a few times before it clings to his hand and covers it like a glove. Johnson pulls Rula up and leads her to a nearby table. The old Veteran than headed back to the counter to grabs the trays of food and brings them to the table. Tula was still howling with laughter as he gathered the items and only began calming down when he seated himself in front of Rula. Johnson spoke somberly. A far off look made it's home on his face as he spoke.

"Don't mind her. She is just like everyone else around here, happy to be alive after everything we gone through." He replies as he began to eat his meal. This caused Rula to forget the whole ordeal as she completes on what she just been told.

The Quarian looked the… Human in front of her and she saw great sorrow within his body language yet his face was as readable as a statue. The strange alien in front of her has suffered greatly in his life, this she is certain of. She has seen the same look on some of the more battle harden turian victims of on that damn ship.

Don't think, just do...

Rula shakes her head and looks at the canisters in front of her. She picks one up and inspects the induction port. Only to find that it is incompatible with her helmets own food port. She sighs in fustrstion at her predicament. Her stomach voices its protest from its lack of nourishment as it practiced its battle cry for nutritional supplements.

The commotion of the Quarian's stomach catches the attention of the Sergeant and he sighs as he puts down his food. He swallows whatever was in his mouth before speaking. "Sorry Ma'am, I forgot about that bit there. Here." He extends his hand and Rula gives him the tube, tapping it on the end a few times with his new silver hand.

The Cube-turned-Bug-turned-Glove thing that was on his hand then latched itself onto the tube, encasing the induction port and giving the end of the food tube a "cap" like appearance.

"Shepard told me of your medical needs of staying in that outfit of yours so this thing acts as a universal plug in… thing." Johnson explains somewhat uncertainty.

"Oh, ok… how do I use it?" She asked.

"I wouldn't know that, kid. I'm not familiar with most of this tech, just use it like how you normally would and sees what happens." Johnson replies. Rula does as she told and she inserts the block into her induction port. Once she sees that the seal is indeed airtight she turns the knob at the far end of the tube.

Johnson sees her partly tinted eyes go as wide as saucers before closing them and moaning as she eats the food stuff.

For a good minute he just sits there staring bewilderedly at the Quarian in front of him as she slowly eat the paste that she calls food. When it was finished she eagerly detach the tube, dropping it carelessly on the table. The Cube turned Bug turn Glove turn Port was stuck to her helmet as she jammed another tube in it. Not only was she enjoying the best tasting paste she had in her life but was also terribly starved. The taste of food had unleashed a hunger she didn't realize she had as she detached the now second empty tube and grabs another to galp down its contents. All the while moaning and purring like a huntress in heat.

In fact she was so into the absolute bliss of her meal she didn't notice that Johnson, Forge and Tula were watching her, the fact that Tula was recording it or the huge shadow that was looming over her.

"Enjoying yourself?" A deep rumbling voice said next to her audio receptors.

Shrieking so loud that her helmets speakers started giving off white noise in a loop, Rula launched from seat and fell on the floor. The young exile then got and drew a breath as she did so. She failed to notice Johnson stand at attention or Forge shouting out "Officer on Deck!"

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH-" her voice got caught in her throat mid shout as she realized who she was "talking" to even though she was only eye level with their steel plated thighs and it was at this moment Rula knew...

She fucked up.

There in his full but now noticeably damaged and partly melted armor was Shepard looking down on the quarian with his expressionless and cracked helmet on and the body language of a brick wall.

When did that happen?

The quarian felt like an insect compared to the massive spartan as all the blood drained from her face within her helmet.

"Did you enjoy my cooking?" He asked, his voice was rumbling, deep and monotone as it was filtered through the speakers of his helmet.

"...Y-Yes?" She stutters out, still partly terrified at what awaits her.

"Good because we're gonna escort you back to your room with some more food stuff until we get some things straightened out. It nothing bad involving you I assure you so don't worry." Shepard replied before looking at the two sergeants.

"Johnson take Rula back to her room with some more food stuffs I made back in the kitchen." The old veteran did as he was told and walked towards the kitchen.

"Forge, your with me. We got people to see." Shepard inclined his head towards the door in the hall as the they walked off.

The Spartan then stopped and turn to the Sangheili as Forge walked on. "Tula, stop terrorizing unknown alien lifeforms. Its bad for diplomacy." Shepard stated with the barest hints of a smile in his voice. The sangheili in question looked stupefied as she spoke.

"I'll do that when she admits I'm the better cook, she was moaning louder when she was eating my recipe!" Tula shot back in laughter while pointing to Rula. Much to her displeasure.

"Surrrre…" Shepard stated uninterested as he walked through the door.

Johnson came back from the kitchen with a crate full of tubes of two colors in his hands. One half blue and the other half green.

"Alright kid, let's go. I got your food and water here." Johnson said as he walked to the door.

"Alright." Rula whispered and she soon followed suit.


The duo silently walked through the halls of The Valhalla. A million and one thoughts going through Rula's head as she walks and carries the food, until she spoken up unintentionally while lost in her musings.

"Why?" She asked to herself.

"Huh?" Johnson said, being caught off guard by the sudden question.

"Ohh , ah…why?" She stutters out.

The veteran gives her a bewildered look as he ask. "Why what?"

"Why do you treat me different?" Rula asked nervously.

"What do you mean?" Johnson asked curiously.

"Forge treats me like I am a threat to his very existence and I only met him maybe an hour ago, Tula acts like I'm her source of entertainment and Shepard I don't know about but you actually treat me like a person. So what I want to know is, why?" She asked.

Johnson turned and kept walking. Rula sighs as her head is hung low on her shoulders and silently walked on with the create. The duo walked in tensed silence until they were outside of Rula's room. Johnson angrily punched in the buttons to open the door before marching in and looking around on the floor. He spots the holopad, picks it up and speaks as he scrolls through it.

"You remind me of my Niece. My sister died giving birth and her husband was killed in a bug attack a month before. I raised her as my own for 15 years as much as a marine could before the start of this war." Johnson said somberly as he gives Rula the holopad before walking out the room. Rula just stands there, jaw to the floor before she sits down and starts reading. The crate of food forgotten by the foot of the bed as the Exile is once again lost in the search of history as she takes the holopad and looks at the section Johnson highlighted.


- 2512 AD

The Spartan II program is given the go ahead. 3,000 orphans of war between the ages 5-6 years old are "adopted" by Dr. Halsey and her staff and are taken to Reach to be trained as super soldiers. These soldiers would later be known as the Alpha IIs or The Alpha Generation.

2524 AD

After a decade of brutal training the Alpha IIs are sent on several of missions in dozens of warzones against Skynet factories, Insurgents outposts and Xenomorph hives all of which ended in complete success with only minor injuries and no casualties to the Spartans. The Alphas are then given the go ahead for Augmentation surgery and the first generation of Mjolnir Power Armor.

The Great War 2525-2558 AD

2525 AD

The Colony of Harvest goes dark. A frigate Battlegroup designated Wolfpack is sent to investigate and is not heard again for three days before a heavily damaged civilian freighter returns with crew members and ground soldiers of the missing battle group lead by a Sgt Avery Johnson.

A audio message is recovered by from the leaders of this new enemy, the Sayshum or "Prophets" message is as follows : "Your destruction is the will of the gods… and we are their instruments."

The first Covenant ship is destroyed by Spartan Team:Blue lead by Alpha 117 in the new Mjolnir IV armor that would be the model to train for Standard Power Armor for Spartan III Soldiers today.

2530 AD

Battle of Arcadia begins, opening a new war front for the Sol Alliance forcing them to abandon other outer colonies as the Covenant attack their first inner colony. Many ships are destroyed or lost with all hands. The first Spartan MIAs/Casualties are reported but information about the Spartans are classified at the time.

The Yautja take new interest as information about the Covenant is leaked.

This has lead Yautja hunting parties targeting Sangheili Fleet Commanders and Ground Generals as it provides great challenge to either fight their way to the commanders or lure them out to the fight as they are great in skill of Sword Fighting and are honorable combatants. Perfect for the Warrior's Chiva.

By this time the Leaders of the U.E.G and Republic agree to release information about the Covenant in full and announce the preparation of the Activation of the Apocalyptic Act. The public will have a month to decide if the activation of the Apocalyptic Act is truly necessary.

They reluctantly agreed.

All inner colonies begin the transformation from their previous lives to a full on War Economy as their very existence as a species is at risk.

2531 AD

Arcadia falls to orbital glassing as the Covenant suffer a great number of casualties at the hands of the men and women of the 1st Army 5th Corps 212th Division. The 212th on the planet the fourth highest kill/death ratio in battle out the the entire war. Out of the 18,000 human soldiers on the planet less than 500 makes it off along with 79% of the civilian population.

For every U.E.G./U.N.S.C soldier that was killed 179 Covenant soldiers fell in battle.

2538 AD

Madrigal, Hat Yai, and four other colonies are glassed. Standard U.N.S.C. and U.E.G. Forces on the ground are outmatched without overwhelming numbers or without Yautja/Spartan support. Space battles are also suicidal without a 15 to 1 advantage.

Information about the Spartan II Commandos are released to the public to boost morale as the U.N.S.C. ,U.E.G and M.R. desperately tries to hold the Covenant back. They send half of the Spartan Core lead by Spartan Alpha 117 into Covenant space as a offensive means to buy time for Humanity and her allies to rally their armies as the other half of the Spartan Core is used for defensive operations throughout the war front.

2539 AD

The Spartan IIs are successful in finding slipspace coordinates to Covenant owned planets, destroying war based infrastructure on said planets, killing hundreds of high ranking military officials and gathering tens of thousands of petabytes of information out of computers.

The raids the Spartans have conducted in Covenant space caused so much death, destruction and chaos so quickly and so efficiently that Covenant officers actually believed them to be evil supernatural entities sent to punish the unfaithful.

This rumor among the Covenant was further cemented as their returning Front Line Units speak of unfaltering human soldiers who decimate whole battalions and halted ground invasions single handedly. Earning the Spartans the title of Demons among Covenant foot soldiers.

(ODSTs were also called "Imps" or lesser demons as they fight with such precision, ferocity and savagery that it surprised and impressed the Covenant Field Commander who started the nickname for the Helljumpers)

2540 AD

The tides of war has turned in Humanity's favor as the first major victory is won on Reach. The 3 million newly trained Spartan IIIs or Beta Spartans (who were orphaned by the war and trained to be Spartans) held back the onslaught of the Covenant in their surprise attack of Reach and several other core worlds.

The attack ended up killing tens of millions of U.N.S.C., U.E.G. and M.R. soldiers and civilians but the Covenant lost just over a billion soldiers and tens of thousands of warships.

This battle would be later called the Second Siege of Reach and the start of a series of smaller battles of what would be known as the Skirmishes of Reach.

While the Reach invasion is being repealed, on the Yautja/Human colony of Hunters Pride an entire Covenant battle group along with its ground invasion force are wiped out by the hundreds of Yautja warriors and thousands of Yautja Apprentices that reside on the harsh planet by gorilla warfare and suicide bombings with improvised WMDs on their spaceships. Killing millions of Covenant soldiers and dozens of ships.

The Covenant destroys several sacred relics that the Yautja held in high regard on Hunters Pride, broadcasting that the Yautja false religious beliefs are nothing compared to The Great Journey and should be cleansed like that filth it is. In return the Council of the Ancients declares war on the Covenant.

This has lead to the Council of the Ancient signing the Treaty of the Pack or "Allied Pack" with the Sol Alliance.

(Yautja Warriors were called Savages while Human/Martian Apprentices were called Wretches/Dark Wrenches respectably by Covenant forces in which the Warriors and their Apprentices found amusing to no end as they slaughtered through the Covenant ranks.)

At the same time a battalion of Alpha Spartan IIs lead by Spartan Alpha-006 were successful in covertly capturing dozens of fully stocked Covenant Supercarriers. This was done by stealthy boarding the ships, shutting down life support, hacking into their mainframe to shut down any remote safety procedures and open all possible air locks. Effectively killing most of the crew with the exception of a squad or two of EVA Sangheili who were in the middle of training to fight in zero atmosphere and surprisingly the entirety of the Huragok population on those ships who secretly allowed the Renegades hackers to access the ship's systems without raising the alarms.

The Huragok then proceeded to sealed themselves off in their EVA suits to survive the ship's interior exposure to space. The Huragok were not hostile and eagerly helped the Spartan Commandos fly the massive war vessels. Much to the Spartan IIs surprise, they built numerous machines out of Hunter combat harnesses to clean up the bodies for the super soldiers, and given them the program used to translate the Humans language into Sangheili standard. Effectively doing the Spartan's jobs for them and saving the clean up crews back on Onyx one hell of a job.

When questioned why, the Huragok informed the Commandos of the history of their people's unwilling role within the Covenant and they want to be free from the cruel Covenant hierarchy the moment the Covenant gain access to the Human's history and culture. Many Huragok wanted to join the Humans as their culture of equality and freedom is far more appealing to them then the Covenants beliefs and governmental system but could not as it would cause the genocide of their current generation.

When the Spartan Commandos returned with the newly acquired fleet of Covenant Supercarriers from various areas behind enemy lines. They proceeded informed their superiors of their unexpected passengers and newest intel. The Engineers egregiously educated the Allied scientists on various fields of Covenant technology.

This has lead to numerous groundbreaking technological advancements that puts Allied technology and weaponry on par with the Covenant armadas and armies.

New rules of engagement are established in regard to the Huragok on the battlefield. The Capture of Huragok is considered a top priority by frontline troops but is not an official order or protocol. This is because when information about them is released to the public, the public reaction was strongly supportive of liberating the Huragok because of their unwilling role in the Covenant.

2541 AD

New Spartan training grounds are opened on Onyx as Reach's location is compromised. Between Reach and Onyx Tens of Millions more Beta Spartan-IIIs are trained throughout the entirety of the war.

Over 80 of the 200 Sol Alliance colonies are glassed and considered lost with another 30 under siege. Allied Casualties are mounting as 16 billion Human (45% pop.), 10 billion Martian (30%), and 150 million Yautja (15%) civilians and soldiers are killed in the war so far.

2542 AD

Human, Martian and Yautja forces begin Operation:Prometheus. A counter offensive Campaign into Enemy Space to push Covenant forces back into their home turf to allow endangered colonies to evacuate to uncharted space via Arks Ships (self sufficient space stations each capable of fully housing tens of millions of civilians with enough supplies to feed them for decades). With the now empty colonies Allied forces tear down civilian infrastructure for its materials to build surface to orbit MAC cannons and other similar fortifications to cause maximum casualties upon the Covenant.

Another goal of Operation:Prometheus was the destruction of enemy held worlds by means of a new WMDs called the High Ion Bomb or more commonly as the "Glassing Nuke" as to slow down their assault if this campaign would to fail.

Many Covenant worlds would fall to these devastating weapons, killing tens of billions of Covenant soldiers and civilians.

2545 AD

The second bloodiest battle for the Covenant of the war takes place on the Militant Training Colony of Normandy as Covenant forces try to take the planet for rumors of forerunner technology though there was very little. The U.N.S.C forces station there begins a bloody ground war with the Covenant invasion forces. Against all odds the ground units were able to hold their own for nearly two years before the planet fell to orbital glassing.

2551 AD

After nearly a decade of bloody battles and defeats, Operation:Prometheus is considered a failure as it failed it's objectives of capturing and holding any Covenant world at the cost nearly three billion Allied soldiers and sailors with hundreds of thousands of ships destroyed.

With their homeland secure, the Covenant once again assaults Allied territory with a holy vengeance.

2552 AD

Only a handful of Allied worlds remain hidden and untouched by the war including the Sol system, Onyx and Yautja Prime as Allied forces are pushed back deeper into Allied Space. Casualties on both side mount up to staggering new heights as Covenant were fanatical to their cause, practically throwing entire armies at Allied fortifications and strongholds in hopes of literally drowning their enemies in their blood.

Population on both sides begin to dwindle dangerously below 40% of their population before the war for all species involved.

The series of battle called the Skirmishes of Reach come to an end as Reach itself is glassed in what would be known as the First Fall of Reach. Though it was still under Allied control as the Covenant actually abandoned all ground side forces and entirety of the campaign as all ships were recalled to Installation 04. Thus if this did not have happened Reach would have fallen to orbital bombardment.

At the moment of discovery of Installation 04 or Alpha Halo following the First Fall of Reach, the Prophet leadership halted all military actions against Allied forces and withdrew everything they had to claim their sacred ring, stalling the Covenants genocidal march into Allied space buying precious time for the Allies to regroup, lick their wounds and prepare in anyway they could.

Captain Keys with a number of Allied and Covenant soldiers fell to a Unknown Parasitic life form called:The Flood. To the Covenant, it brought what was thought to be believed as the end of days and only activating the Halo Ring would there be salvation. To the Allied forces stranded on the Ring, it was a threat far greater than the Covenant and the Ring they stood on would kill them all if it wasn't destroyed. In the following battles the Pillar of Autumn was destroyed and all of its crew being killed in action, with the exception of a platoon of ODSTs lead by Sgt Johnson on a stolen Covenant Phantom and Spartan Alpha-117 with Alpha-058 on a Long Sword fighter. The two groups of survivors rendezvoused and headed to Earth to inform the U.E.G. of the immediate danger.

Thanks to the actions of Spartan Alpha 117, Captain Jacob Keyes, and Sgt Avery Johnson, the Pillar of Autumn's reactor core detonated causing a explosion big enough to destabilize the Alpha Halo power source and cause ultimately what can be only described as a miniature supernova. Many Covenant Naval Ships, Ground Forces and Personnel were killed or reported MIA from the blast along with the near destruction of High Charity.

For two months Earth, Mars and Luna prepares for the invasion while Reach evacuates whatever it can salvage.

2553 AD

The Great War has ended with the total collapse of the Covenant at the Third for Battle of Earth. A Civil War erupted just as a third of the Covenant top leadership were assassinated by Spartan Headhunters and half of the remaining leaders were killed in the infighting between Covenant Loyalists that still held onto their beliefs and Covenant Separatist who learn the bases of their entire religion is a lie. The Last Arbitrator: De facto leader of the Covenant Separatists (who wanted, pursuited and had his name stripped of all public records) gathered his forces and made a pact with his former enemies:The Allies and the Banished.

The Banished are a faction of Covenant lead by a Jiralhanae named Atroix that rebelled against the Prophets leadership after they sent him and his pack brotherson so many suicidal

Together the Allies, Separatist, and Banished forces fought back the remnants of the Covenant Empire and prevented their last ditch attempts of "Completing the Great Journey" by using a super weapon called "The Lesser Ark." If the Covenant succeed in their attempt to activate the Ark, it would have meant the complete and total genocide of the Galaxy. Since the end of the war any and all attempts of reopening the portal to the Ark have failed and has become a hotspot for forerunner researchers from all species ever since.

2558 AD

Covenant Loyalists groups splinter off into warring factions over the Covenants religious beliefs. Civil war erupts on the homeworlds of former Covenant Races as various Rebel Insurgent Groups try to gain power over the U.E.G., Martian Republic, and Reach in what would be known in human history as the The Insurrection Wars or The Heretic Wars by former Covenant races.

2560 AD

The Sol Alliance (being the only ones capable at the time) takes a new interest in Militarized Space Exploration in order to find the remaining Halo Rings to disarm, deconstruct, or destroy them as all other Allied species are dealing with internal conflicts or are unable to spare the ships,resources or men due the Great War without risking attacks from rogue factions. The Sol Alliance is mostly successful in the years to come regarding this endeavor.

The Golden Era 2600-3100 AD

2600 AD

After the end of The Great War, the collapse of the Covenant and the destruction of any Insurrection/Covenant loyalists groups in the following Insurgent/Heretic Wars, the main governing bodies of the Sangheili(Elites), Unggoy(Grunts), Huragok(Engineers), Mgalekgolo (Hunters) along with the Jiralhanae (Brutes) and Kig Yar (Jackals) followers of Atriox (de facto leader of the Banished) banded together to form The Coalition.

The top two leaders of the Coalition (The Last Arbitrator and Atriox) agreed after much debate and a bloody duel ending in a draw. The model of this new government will be base on the Human's U.E.G. as the Covenant Hierarchy was the only other form of government any of the former Covenant species had known as the Covenant erases all history of any species they accept into the Covenant. Both leaders agree the Coalition will not be a new Covenant.

The Coalition would be a Democratic type of government with a conclave or senate for each individual species and a High Councilman or main military leader to be appointed to the High Council. The High Council does not look out for their own individual species but takes responsibility for all of the Coalition member races.

The Coalition declares the Sol Alliance and the Council of the Ancients allies and works with Sol to make up for "past sins."

Mgalekgolo (Hunters) have new found respect for Humanity (with its subspecies) and Martiankind alike for their actions aiding their kind during the Insurgent Wars and considers them equals. Only the Sangheili (Elites) had that honor until this point.

Human and Sangheili begin trade Negotiations: Renegade creation technology for plasma containment technology and Anti Skynet Strategies for Sangheili Swordsman Classes to expand the training of the Spartans, along with normal resources and other minor commarites.

Also as a Gift and a sign of trust the Humans gave the Sangheili blueprints to several WMDs such as the "Glassing Nuke" and Slipspace Bomb.

Atriox seeks Human aid to reclaim Doisac(the Jiralhanae homeworld), in the form of food fabrication equipment and medical research equipment as Atriox wishes to "tame" his people on his own with his followers, the Reclaimers (an all Jiralhanae political group/army).

2605 AD

A new type of neuro/audio implants have been developed and made available for public use. All known languages except the yautja natural language has been downloaded into the implant, instantly translating whatever the user hears into something they understand. This allowed for easier (though tense and offen insultive) communications between the member species of the Allies and former members of the Covenant.

2610 AD

Most Humans/Martian glassed colonies have been "De-Glassed" and are scheduled to have atmospheric reboots within the decade. Information on the Crimson generation of Spartans is leaked and met with heavy public backlash.

2615 AD

For their actions in the defense of humanity and her allies the Spartan Super Soldiers are declared a new subspecies of Humanity and are not only given equal rights but are also given Reach, Onyx, and three unnamed planets to recolonized and govern as they please. The U.E.G. declares the U.N.S.C. to no longer be part of the U.E.G. Armed Forces but is given command to the Spartans along with half its Navy at the insistence of the former Lord Admiral Hood as the U.E.G can not maintain funding for the Spartan Program or its large naval forces as they are needed to rebuild. The Spartan's reaction to this are mixed as the military life is all they known.

2616 AD

After much discussion amongst themselves and to very few trusted outside sources, the Spartans establishes the U.N.S.C as a stratocracy type of government. The military chain of command is the government but the government itself is not a dictatorship.

2620 AD

Human, Spartan and Martians governments agreed to improve relations with the Coalition. Archaeologist from Sol go to Sanghelios to uncover any lost heritage of the Sangheili. The Arbiter is extremely thankful as most professions outside of war was stripped for following the prophet's religion over the thousands of years of the Covenant rule.

While the Archaeologist go to Sangillo, Sol secretly moves terraforming equipment to Balaho (the glassed and abandoned Unggoy Homeworld) to begin Terraforming it to its former glory for the Unggoy who had no planets of their own and have been in the same position as Humanity only in a less genocidal war but a more enslaving one.

Martians begins work on a means to fabricate cheap metals and rocks out base elements for the Mgalekgolo worms to eat as it's what they consume for nutrition and could cause problems for the other races( As a result the first models for the Portable Fabricator is developed), An universal and adjustable education system for the Unggoy and various methods on how to find, dig and store ancient artifacts for the Sangheili.

Also the Spartan government secretly sends military aid to Doisac in the form of Special Operation Units or Head Hunters to assassinate rival leaders and generals of the Reclaimers and minorly sabotage their infrastructure so it could not work but could still be repaired by Reclamation Forces, speeding up Atriox's total victory by decades.

All of this was part of Project Charity. A human lead "Bury the Hatchet" political campaign to avoid a possible Cold War between the two factions.

2637 AD

The very first child conceived from a pair of Alphas was born. This marks the beginning of the Delta Generation of Spartans.

2640 AD

Atriox has retaken his people's homeworld in total victory and has lead them to a new Golden Age. The Jiralhanae then on forth refer to their leader as "Atriox the Great" for his role in leading the war to unite his people and the future he has made possible.

2650 AD

Project Charity was revealed to the Coalition's High Council to "bury the hatchet" so to speak and to improve Sol/Coalition relations. The Unggoy High Councilor stated that the Unggoy would forever be in the Sol's People's debt then he cried on the Martian Ambassador leg as he was too short to hug anything else.

The Arbitrator and Atriox were pleasantly surprised and slightly mistrustful at the human's intentions behind their actions. Atriox was especially mistrustful since he had discovered the Headhunters presence on Doisac when a two man team had prevented an assassination attempt on his life, unaware of Atriox had set out to foil the plot himself and witness the Spartans actions.

When the Arbitrator question their motives for their governments doing such massive and surely expensive endeavors, the ambassadors stated simply "You can completely destroy your most resilient, powerful, bitter, and persistent of enemies in a single day when they have become your friends and allies. With this in mind and depending on how you see it Arbitrator, we came here today to ensure the complete annihilation our species enemies in one single day or we came here today to help our friends in need."

It was from this response that the Coalition and Allied governments truly ended hostilities between their peoples.

2660 AD

New Unggoy religious beliefs appear as the latest Unggoy generation educate themselves and start to build up for a proper military to defend for themselves. This new religion is centered around the supposed split personas of Alpha -117 or known as "The Chief of Demons" as a Angel of Death(The Demon) and a God of War (The Chief). Every Unggoy soldier attends the altar every week to pray to the Spirit of the deceased leader of the legendary Alpha Spartans.

2665 AD

Many Martian high school teachers and college professors go to Balaho to help establish an educational system for all the younglings as there are many, many younglings to be taught. Most Educational Providers know not to speak "blasphemy" about Alpha 117 so they incorporate some of the more logical beliefs about Sparta (Unggoy religion about Alpha 117) into the Galactic history classes on Balaho.

2685 AD

Plans to build a unified capital for both Allied and Coalition Governments start to form. This station will be known as Arcturus Station, specially modeled to compete against the Covenants former "Holy City" High Charity.

Arcturus will be a symbol of Unity taking designs from all known species and their cultures, from the tribal and spiritual culture of the Yautja and Jiralhanae to the high tech and diverse cultures of the Humans and Huragok along with everything in between.

2700 AD

The Brotherhood unleashes Xenomorphs on the Mgalekgolo homeworld killing uncountable amounts of young lekgolo colonies but the Xenomorphs unable to reproduce due to the inability to find suitable hosts died by the day's end. Mgalekgolo demands justice and Humanity delivered.

Mgalekgolo and other Coalition soldiers are now able to hunt down criminals in Human-Martians territory, new trade deals are made for retribution and joint Allies-Coalition training operations for dealing with Xenomorph outbreaks begins. Coalition criminals can also be sentenced to life on Hunting Reserved Planets to be hunted as sport or advancement in medicine.

2705 AD

Dozens of Armada size Brotherhood Chapters are eradicated along with hundreds of minor pirate cartels due to Coalition SpecOps and Spartan Headhunters joint operations.

2750 AD

After two and a half millennia since its creation and its attempts at destroying its creator's, Skynet is cornered both in the real and the digital world as Spartans supported by Colonial Marines fighting alongside Sangheili and Yautja warriors on a space station built on a gianganic unknown device as they try to finished the common enemy of all their people. The Renegades monitoring any and all signals and destroying any unregistered program they stumble upon while hacking their way into the unknown station. The operation was considered a success with heavy loss of life as the last Skynet server was destroyed along with the station and the unknown device in what is now known as "The Last Great Raid" or "The Great Raid" for short.

It is believed the device was responsible for the solar system's destruction as the system seemed to have been hit with a mini supernova. The planets (if they can be still called that) were in conditions that can only can be described as living hell. Volcanic activity ran rampant across the planet's surface. The crust of the planets that were facing the device as it exploded where vaporized, leaving the mantle exposed, ejecting molten lava into orbit and taking out a of the planets total mass.

2850 AD

New breakthroughs in interspace communication has lead to the innovation of the Q.E.C. or Quantum Entanglement Communicators. The Q.E.C allows for instantaneous real time communication from any known distance with no time lag, what sets this communicators apart from previous communication devices is that it is able to allow the user to talk with its receiver while traveling in slipspace. Before this, the vessel would have to wait to exit slipspace portal or exit early to send a message. This has lead to many deaths on the battlefield throughout human history as several war vessels would be dispatched to aid a planet under siege from the enemy only to arrive and be fired upon by the planetary defenses as the enemy gained control of the planet or the planetary government itself turned against the Sol Alliance and fired upon the unexpecting War Vessels.

3000 AD

After 500 years of searching four of the seven Halo rings have been found, disarmed and deconstructed. The last halo ring have yet to be found-


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