Rocket, Groot, Animal, Baze, Chirruit, MooRoo and Donna were arriving at Emily Bear's residents, "Here we are." Donna shouted."Bear Residents!"

"Why are we here again, Kiddo?" Rocket asked.

"Tina told me that The Backyard Gang is having a reunion," Donna explained.

"I Am Groot(Is there something else important)" Groot asked.

"That reminds me" Donna recalled.

By the door, they were greeted by Fozzie Bear, "Fozzie" Donna said, "I'm so sorry for what happened to your mother."

"That's okay" Fozzie replied, "She had to go to the great bear cave in the sky sometimes."

"Donna" shouted a familiar voice.

6 old friends came by her side, "Tina, Luci, Michael, Staci, Derek, Kathy, Megan!" Donna shouted as she hugged her old friends, who are now all grown up.

"It's good to see you again." Derek gleefully said.

"I see you got glasses, Derek" Donna replied.

"I've got them since you've left," Derek explained.

"And look at you, Staci." Donna smiled as she held up Staci, "You're getting bigger."

As she was cuddling Staci, she saw something romantic. She looked at Adam and Amy, who were holding hands, "Adam and Amy are-" Donna asked as the others nodded their heads

"I was hoping this would happen." Donna squealed.

"I Am Groot(You sounded like Myra on the night you made it official with Mikey)" Groot giggled.

"This is boring!" Rocket shouted as he headed up to one of the guest rooms.

"What's with him?" Staci asked.

"Rocket is just bummed because we're spending some childish times together," Donna explained.

"Maybe Barney can cheer him up," Staci suggested as she rushed up to him.

"Come one," Donna said, "Let's unpack."

In his room, Rocket was polishing his laser gun, "Mr. Rocket" Staci said, "Wanna play with Barney?"

Rocket got an idea, "I'll play a game of, 'Flush this dumb doll down the toilet'" he growled, "That'll teach him not to steal Kiddo from me."

Staci started to cry. The Backyard Gang quickly rushed up to Staci, "Adam, Meg, you guys comfort Staci," Donna said, "Michael, Luci and I will handle Rocket."

They found Rocket sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper, "That Twerp is not getting her doll back" Rocket shouted.

With all hope lost, they decided to use their imagination. They thought so hard, that it brought Barney to life. He got out of the shower and said, "Towel please"

"Barney!" they shouted

Back in the living room, Animal was looking through the cookie jar when he sniffed Barney, "Dinosaur, Dinosaur!" he shouted.

"That's right Animal," Donna replied, "This is Barney the Dinosaur."

"Remember that song we sang when we first met you, Barney," Amy asked.

"You mean," Donna said.

"Oh Barney is a dinosaur, a dinosaur, a dinosaur

Oh, Barney is a dinosaur, a friend to you and you." Donna sang

"Oh Barney is a dinosaur, a dinosaur, a dinosaur

Oh, Barney is a dinosaur, a friend to you and you." they sang.

"What's that little girl's name?" Barney asked.

"You remember me, Barney," Tina said, "And I remember that moment too."