(A/N: I just want to state that this chapter I am writing it along with a friend of mine since it has several of his OC characters he made. I'm using them to not only spice up the story, but to make a challenge for Asura as well since there really is no one to challenge him in the Naruto universe. So I hope you enjoy it, and will have my friend write out a character sheet to explain his characters a bit in the author's note in the end.)

As Asura left the village with his two subordinates, the higher ups of Konoha were all demanding answers from Kushina for what had just been told to them. They wanted to understand how Asura was her son as well as the son of Minato, who was the most infamous shinobi of their era, whose record had been literally ripped to shreds by his son since he had single handedly decimated two armies shortly after ending a civil war.

The Clan heads demanded answers to their questions, to which Kushina answered to the best of her ability. Their first question was of course why she would leave her son to die as he had said she had. Kushina explained that Naruto had a genetic deformity that made it so that he was not born with the ability to mold chakra, but in fact had the bare minimum to even live. This caused problems within her clan since he was picked on by others and because of his condition it was the equivalent of being a hemophiliac since his wounds healed so painfully slow. There was no treatment and so when they moved they decided to leave him there as a form of mercy killing since he wouldn't survive if he had gone with them here since there were more problems here than a secluded island country.

Her explanation answered their questions, but it still left a bad taste in their mouths since the Uzumaki clan had always preached about loving ones family, but to hear that they so easily abandoned one of their own only made that image of them crack if not shatter completely. Sure she explained that she had gone back and buried him since he was still an Uzumaki and deserved that, but even that didn't help repair their image of their clan. It was then that she dismissed them all from the meeting so that she could be alone with her thoughts in her own office. She summoned her clan elders to discuss this with them, and as she waited for them to arrive she knew that they wouldn't be please about this in any way, shape, or form. Her clan's plans for the future were going so well, but Naruto, or Asura as he liked to call himself now since he claimed that Naruto was dead and seeing that she literally buried his body she believed it, complicated things to the point that the plans they have been working on for generations were threatened.

"So what is it that is so important that you called us here today," said the only female elder out of the trio of them as they arrived in the Hokage's office.

"Please sit," said Kushina as she took a deep breath and mentally prepared to explain things to them, "I have news about Asura…"

"Oh good," said one of the male elders, interrupting her mid-sentence, "so I take it that he has agreed to the terms of the alliance. With his genetics within the next generation of our shinobi we will be able to speed up our plans by a generation or two."

"Before you continue with that line of thought," said Kushina as she took control of the discussion once more, "I have to stop you and say that the alliance did not happen. In fact the situation is far worse than we could have possibly imagined."

"What," said the three elders in unison since they were surprised that the alliance had failed to go through, "why would he deny us such a thing?!"

"Because he saw through the ploy from the moment he saw the terms of it," growled Kushina since she had spent countless hours with the three clan heads who had offered themselves up to be used to breed new members Asura's clan if he was to accept the terms. They had thought that they could entice him and tried to play on the basic instincts of men to get him to agree. They had been pissed when they had left the meeting since they had gone through hours of preparation to make themselves more appealing to the man who didn't even look in their direction and it had all been for nothing. "But that reason is minor to the real reason that he refused our offer."

"And what possible reason could someone have to refuse the possibility of being allied to the village that our clan is associated with," said the female elder since over the years many people had allied themselves to their village for that specific reason. Their clan was infamously strong and many people wanted them to protect their homes and families. Well all except Wave Country, who to this day refused to do business with them no matter what was offered or said. They owed Asura for freeing their country from the tyrannical hands of Gato, and to make it all the better he had done so out of goodwill instead of being hired to do it like the Konoha shinobi had been. They had even named the bridge 'The Great Asura Bridge' in honor of his selfless act since he had asked for nothing in return.

"Asura is Naruto," said Kushina bluntly since there was no possible way to sugar coat this or explain this in a better way.

"You mean that the boy who was too weak to aid us in our future plans is now the most infamous warrior in all the elemental countries?" asked the other male elder in shock.

"That is exactly what I said yes," said Kushina.

"But how is this possible? He died years ago, and you even buried his body personally so how is Asura Naruto? It could just be someone messing with you in some way!"

"No," said Kushina as she shook her head in disagreement, "since no one else knew we had left him to die when we abandoned our old home. He even repeated the last words that I said to him before we left him, so there is no doubt in my mind that he is Naruto. But how he came back is what puzzles me since I am drawing a blank since as far as I'm aware there is but one jutsu that could bring back the dead, but this is obviously not the Edo Tensei since he is not under the control of another person, and even if he was the jutsu revives the person back the way they were when they died and this was not the way he died. The power he wields is nothing like we have ever faced before in our lives."

"So he is an Uzumaki," said the female elder in thought, "so we do have the legal standing to have him forced back here to face our judgement. We could use this to our advantage and appeal to the Water Daimyo to have him forced back here."

"Have you gone senile?" asked Kushina with an 'are you serious' look on her face, "Because that wouldn't work in any way. The Water Daimyo wouldn't give up a powerful warrior capable of fighting armies himself, and to even think about demanding it would make him laugh before he sent Asura to attack us! Asura has no love in his heart, but pure hatred for our clan and has said so to my daughter with the vow to kill off our clan to its entirety for what we have done to him! Hell, he has even renounced our clan name and simply goes by Asura Namikaze now! So there is no way to force him to bend to our will like you have suggested!"

"There must be a way to control him," growled one of the male elders since this did present a major challenge to them since Asura was fairly powerful and would need to be controlled or eliminated if their clan's plans were to continue on in the future. "For every man has a weakness. We just have to find his and force him to submit."

"You have a good point there," said Kushina as she thought about it as well, "So I will send out some scouts to see if they can dig up anything that could be used against him."

And with that, the elders left the Hokage's office to send out their elite scouts to find such a thing...

However the second the door is heard being shut a shadow in the room ripples before a figure steps out from it as if he was there the entire time.

"Hmm, well well Lord Fear would love to hear this bit of information." The Shadow says with a small chuckle as it melds with the shadows as if he was part of them leaving no trace of a third party being there at all…

Yet while all that was happening, Mithra was walking through the village in search of her father. She sensed that he was or at least was recently here, so she sought him out with joy in her heart that her father was still alive and they could be a family once more without people trying to separate them once more. The last time she had seen him was after Deus was defeated. Asura and her uncle Yasha had freed Mithra from the machine that she had been imprisoned in to harness and extract her power. Before they could formerly reunite after being apart for 12,500 years, Asura and Yasha were interrupted by Vlitra's surprise re-emergence from Gaea, now at the apex of its power.

Despite the Brahmastra weapon being depleted when it was fired upon Asura not too long ago, Asura and Yasha had left with Mithra's blessings to face Vlitra. After Vlitra was slain, Asura had returned to the Karma Fortress to reunite with her. But before they could embrace one another as a family reunited, Olga had appeared behind Mithra and took her hostage. As she was about to kill Mithra, the Golden Spider that had urged Asura to climb out of Naraka multiple times appeared and killed Olga, all the while stating that he cannot allow anything to happen to his "vessel".

The Golden Spider then wove a web around himself and Mithra, and transformed into his true form: Chakravartin. Asura had tried to save Mithra in his Wrath form, but to prevent his destruction; she had sent Asura falling down to Gaea along with Yasha.

While battling with Chakravartin, Asura had broken Mithra free and she urged him to stop from his intent to kill Chakravartin. Mithra had said that if Chakravartin was killed, all Mantra will cease to function. This would render all of Shinkoku's technology and the powers of the demigods useless, including those keeping Asura alive. Asura chose to destroy Chakravartin nonetheless, resigned to his fate and happy to die so long as Mithra can live free from danger. Asura had shared his final words with Mithra and died shortly afterwards, or at least that was what she thought, but years later she had been asleep and then entered into a new time that she was not familiar with. All she knew was that she felt her father's energy and it brought joy to her since she still had a chance to be with family once more.

So now she was here in this village and began to ask around for any sort of information about her father that she could find out. Many people were only able to tell her the rumors they themselves had heard as well as what they had heard from the shinobi since they themselves had never met the man personally so they don't know anything else about him. Yet even though she was just hearing the same things from different people, she did not lose hope since she knew he was alive and well. A few hours into her search he happened to come into contact with the three Uzumaki elders, who at this point had heard that a visitor to their village was looking for Asura himself. At first they had other things on their minds than to investigate why such a person was seeking out the man they were trying to control, but in time their curiosity peaked and they sought her out.

"Excuse me young lady," said the female elder as they walked up to Mithra in a friendly manner, "but we have heard from others that you are seeking Asura. May we inquire as to why you are seeking him out as you are?"

"I am seeking him out since he is my father," said Mithra with a smile since she had a feeling that these elderly people, who were in reality far younger than her seeing that she was a demigod and as such was blessed with eternal youth but she wouldn't say that out loud since it would only lead to confusion, would be able to help her find Asura.

"You are the daughter of Asura," asked the male elder with a raised eyebrow. They had just sent out the elite scouts to try and find anything to blackmail Asura into submission, but to think that the very thing they were looking for was quite literally within their own village astounded them. And they would make use of this gift from the gods to make him submit in the end.

"Yes," said Mithra, "and I have been looking for him for quite a while. Have you by any chance seen him?"

"Why yes we have," said the other male elder with a smile on his face, "he is here for a meeting with our leader. If you follow us, we will lead you right to him." They then began to walk towards their clan home, where once she entered into it, she wouldn't exit it.

Mithra smiled with genuine joy on her face, since she truly believed that her search was coming to an end. But as she smiled in joy, the elders had sinister smiles on their faces and prepared to write out their demands to Asura once his daughter was properly restrained…

And as the clan elders lead her away towards their home for their nefarious plans, none of them were aware of Sakura, who had overheard them talking and knew she had to let Asura know of this since when he did, he was sure to kill the Uzumaki clan from such an action and nothing would please her more than that...

(Near the Fire Country Border)

Asura walked with his group back towards Mist in anger since he had just come face to face with the source of most of his anger. While he could have simply jumped back towards Kiri as he had done so to get here, he had instead opted to walk back to help calm himself down. Plus there was a shop in a town he had stopped in on the way here that had some good sake. He had bought what little they had, but he asked if he could make more and paid for it in advance. Now he walked back towards the town to pick up his order, but as he neared the location he stopped in his tracks since he smelt something he was quite familiar with in his life. It was the smell of smoke from burning buildings as well as charred flesh. He told Mei and Zabuza to head back to the village and headed towards the village himself.

He arrived in the village, and what he saw only infuriated him to no end since the carnage that had befallen the town was inhumane. There were pikes all over the place with severed body parts of all shapes, colors, and sizes skewered onto them. The buildings making up the village were mostly on fire with no one around to put them out so they burned uncontested. There was a large pile of bodies still burning in the center of town, and as Asura walked closer to it he saw that it consisted of nothing but children who had been gathered into one place and burned alive. He saw several woman who were skinned on crosses with their ribs exposed and ripped open so that the stillborn children within were clearly visible still inside of them. Asura looked at all this and screamed out in rage since he would never have wished something like this upon his worst enemy, not even the Uzumaki clan which he wanted dead, but not in such a way as this.

"Enjoying my art?" A deep and dark voice asked which made Asura's spine slightly tingle. Asura turned around to see who had said that, but to his shock there was no one in the area that he could see.

"Where are you?" growled Asura in rage since he wanted to find and inflict massive amounts of pain towards the person who would cause such carnage as he saw before him. "Show yourself!"

"As you wish." It says before a great unsettling aura filled the entire area before its felt across the planet as the skies gradually darken from the oppressive aura to which a spiral of clouds is seen above the town before a pillar of red energy shot down from the sky before landing in front of a burning town hall that was decorated with the corpse of the mutilated mayor to which a great shockwave is felt rippling the fires and demolishing nearby houses in its wake.

Asura was hit by the shockwave, but instead of being blasted backwards as many would expect, he stood his ground and was sent back about ten yards since he had dug his feet into the ground and doing so left two small trenches from it that showed where he was standing in the beginning. Asura stood there and felt something that he truly thought he was incapable of in his lifetime, and that was fear. But he wasn't the only one since others were feeling it all over the world, but they felt it far worse since they were not demigods such as he was. The elite Uzumaki scouts had felt this and hurried towards whatever caused that feeling to affect them with all haste…

The next thing that happened, the pillar of energy shatters completely coating the entire area in a dust cloud to which a large tall figure is seen where the beam was and as the dust cleared his appearance is shown. And this figure appeared to be out of a nightmare itself.

Right there was a large muscular and bulky bearing being wearing an armor that appeared to be carefully crafted as if by a master artist or rather several, an intricate design is on the breastplate in the shape of a Twisted face between a Demon and Dragon with glowing Crimson gems as eyes that bore through the soul of whoever laid eye upon it. His arms are covered in a portion of small spikes while his shoulders have stubs on them that look as if they can bulldoze through an army and continue to go through it without stopping. His leggings sported movable shin guards with a large spike in the middle with it being long to pierce through anyone, however his boots appeared to be heavy duty ones judging by the size, and can practically crush anyone under them while his gauntlets are perfectly crafted without so much as a single flaw with the small stubs on the knuckles. However the only place not covered in armor was his head which was black showing that the being's color was black sporting two crimson black eyes with a deep evil in them while he has 4 sharp teeth poking out of his mouth and two horns protruding his head with no hair in the way of them. However his appearance isn't the scariest thing, but it's what he has on his back that catches the viewer's attention.

On his back was a gigantic heavy sword about half the beings size. If he were to look behind it he would see it looks like a war torn planet with the looks of demons, skulls and all sorts one would see on one side while the other side shows a battlefield to which the blade pulses greatly with a powerful energy that makes one think that the sword could slice the whole planet in half with just a mere swing.

"Well I showed myself." He says with a mocking smile. "You got what you wanted." He says as his power came out in waves of it.

"Just who in the hell are you," asked Asura as he grit his teeth in rage and clenched his hands into fists. This being had made him feel fear for the first time in his life and he hated the feeling all together. He had no idea of who the hell this person was, but he would make sure to avenge the fallen citizens of this town and kill him with his power.

However a cry distracts him before he can even talk to which he has an annoyed look on his face and looks down so that Asura would notice one thing: He is carrying a baby in one of his hands which is crying uncontrollably wanting its mother, while crying from the fact that it felt evil and cried in fear of it.

"Tch, annoying pest." He growls to which he does an action that would make Asura hit his rage to his zenith; he crushes the infant's head in his hand silencing its cries forever as blood drips down onto the ground to which he tossed it to the side as if it was a waste of trash.

Asura saw this and felt his body begin to flare up as his anger reached new heights. To see this monster of a person kill an innocent child in such a manner infuriated beyond belief. His body began to steam up as his skin turned darker as his power began to rise along with his anger.

"Why," said Asura in a demonic sounding voice as he tried to retain control of his person as his rage was slowly building into a state that he would not be able to control. "WHO ARE YOU?!"

The unknown person merely smirked knowing Asura's anger had its reached boiling point...

"My name is Demon Lord Fear." Fear says to which he unfastens his sword and stabs it into the ground causing a small fracture in the middle of the town, which while it could do so much more damage than that, he didn't use enough strength in the stab to cause a gigantic crevice. And besides he only used it if his opponent uses a sword as well, and he knew Asura didn't use one.

"You will pay for what you have done!" shouted Asura as he lost full control of his rage and the energy in his body surged out as well as his body turned scorched black as he entered his Wrath form. He screamed out an ear splitting screech that shattered the windows of buildings in all directions for miles. He bent his legs enough to launch himself towards Fear with a balled up fist charged with massive amounts of Mantra within it in an attempt to kill him right here and now.

To which Fear merely raised his hand and grabs the fist as it was inches away from his face, which the force behind it caused a massive shockwave that created a crater where they are from the force behind it.

"Hmph, the force from that wasn't half bad, but you are gonna have to do more than that to scratch me." He mockingly says as he twists and hurls Asura straight into the Town hall making it collapse onto him.

The Town hall exploded outwards into flaming splinters as Asura charged once more towards Fear, but this time he had two separate Rasengans, one in each hand, each glowing with dark orange energy and thrust them forward in an attempt to damage the demon before him in a manner that his fists were unable to before.

Fear merely smirks to which he dodges both Rasengans flawlessly to which he appears behind Asura. "You call those energy attacks? Here's one!" He yells to which he forms a black orb of energy and fires it point blank which creates a great explosion levelling the remains of the town and uprooting several trees.

Asura was hit with the attack point blank, but his rage overpowered any form of pain he may have felt and in fact only increased it. And the angrier Asura was the more power he had. He put this power into his Rasengan, doing so inflated them like balloons exponentially. But like balloons that were too full of air they blew up in his hands, but instead of blowing up his hands as one would think, the energy blasted forwards in a dome shape that surrounded the area that Fear was standing in Mantra energy that then exploded upwards in a massive pillar the likes that Fear had appeared in, but while Fear's pillar was red, his own was dark orange.

Fear however was unfazed by that. "Hm, smart move." He says, to which he gives a snarl and snaps his boot right into Asura's gut sending him a good distance away and outta what was once a town and straight into a large pond.

Asura bounced several times before he called upon the power he took once he killed the three tails and engulfed himself in massive amounts of water that slung him back towards Fear with twice as much force as he was knocked away with. He roared with rage as his fist connected with Fear's face, the power behind it sending out a deafening shockwave that did just that to the group of scouts that were still heading in this direction after feeling all the power surging from this direction. The punch launched him quite some distance.

Unfortunately, even after such a powerful attack, Fear got up from where he was launched and cracks his neck with no signs of injuries on him.

"He can punch, I'll give him that." He mutters to which he uproots and uses a nearby tree and launches it like a bullet, which Asura blocked easily, but he then appears before him and slams both fists into Asura making him cough up spit and a bit of blood before Fear smirks and decides to grab Asura's leg and slams him repeatedly on the ground with such brute force all the trees for miles around shake their leaves off before he throws Asura like a rag doll through several boulders.

Asura felt his body was broken in several manners such as broken ribs and one of his arms and legs was bent in the wrong direction. He simply tore them off and regenerated another set to replace them, the discarded ones melted away as he threw them to the side for some reason, but he wasn't paying much attention to that. He roared out loud as he summoned up all the water in the pond near him and formed a massive dragon out of it and launched it towards Fear. As Fear stood his ground from what was nothing more than a massive quantity of water, it still did its job in distracting him long enough to charge up his fists with enough power to break through Fear's guard and punched him with not only one punch, but several thousand from the Shadow clones he conjured up while he was slightly dazed from the initial punch.

While he had down time in the past, he had learned about clone techniques from various shinobi in his village, and while he was one to face his opponents one on one, it still appealed to him since such a technique could help him somehow in the future if it came to that. He had tried with various forms of clones, and had somehow stumbled on the Shadow clone variation through sheer dumb luck since only a select few from Konoha knew how to use it in the first place since the energy requirements to fully utilize such a thing was not something that many could do. And to make it better, his clones were far stronger than even normal Shadow clones since his were powered by Mantra instead of chakra. And now the technique was coming in handy, since he used it to attack Fear from all directions with massively Mantra charged fists.

Yet in the end, the only thing he had managed to cause was Fear's annoyance to which a great roar from him with dozens of needle like energy kills the clones before Fear blocks the attacks from Asura and proceeds to pummel him relentlessly shattering his bones, breaking his arms and legs before with a vicious yell slams a fist into him with the power of a meteor creating a gigantic shockwave obliterating the forest and sending Asura flying across half the continent. Doing this blasted him into the group of scouts that had gotten near to their location, and the force behind it killed half of them since it was like being hit a bullet that was moving at the speed of sound. The other half looked in shock at the bodies of their comrades and quickly agreed to head back home for now to report this.

Asura was slammed into the side of a volcano, which made it begin the process of eruption from it. Asura fell to his knees as his body began to lose the scorch black coloring from being too weak. While this was a good thing since his Wrath form hurt him as much as it did his opponents, it was still bad since he was so damn weak. And if there was one thing in life Asura hated more than fear itself was being weak.

"I'm surprised you even survived that attack." Fear says coming from a portal he used to get here to which it closes after he steps through it. "You've got some vitality there, I must admit." Fear says with a rather cruel smirk as the volcano rumbles.

"I will never stop until you pay for what you have done," said Asura as he got to his feet weakly and shambled forward. He weakly clenched his hand into a fist and tried to punch Fear in the head, but all he managed to do was lightly tap him on the chest before his legs gave way and he fell to his knees. The volcano rumbled behind him before it erupted in a massive explosion. Large chunks of molten rock began to rain all around them and pelted the ground with fire covered rocks.

"You're pathetic, I've seen and fought gods better than this. They fought to the bitter end and somewhat gained my respect. I have slain trillions of races and destroyed planets, you on the other hand are the worst god I have seen, groveling at my feet and trying to hit me with little to no strength is pathetic. You're not even worth a simple energy blast." Fear sneers as he socks Asura in the jaw dislodging a tooth.


Another hit sends him stumbling back.


Another one sends him off the small cliff and down near the lava

"Pathetic!" He roars upper cutting him, which sends him closer over towards a lava stream.

As he tries to get up, Fear stomps his foot onto Asura's head and pushes it down and holds it in the stream.

"I think after I am done with you I'll destroy this planet. Maybe I'll kill your loved ones slowly, hmph, maybe I can keep you alive and force you to watch as I slowly have them murdered before your very eyes! It would not be the first I've made a god break down from the insanity, I may even have your precious Kaguya broken before I gut her like a worthless animal!" Fear says with a cackle as he presses down harder.

Asura felt as the skin on his face began to melt, but even though it was melting he could still hear what was said. Asura knew that if he couldn't beat this monster, than the world would end up like the village that he had met Fear in the first place. But his body was so weak and his eyes began to close.

"You must continue to fight my son," said a voice that Asura remembered near instantly. He opened his eyes and found himself once more in the realm where he had faced Chakravartin in. He looked behind him and saw his father there once more. But how that was possible he was unsure since his spirit had moved on the last time he had seen him.

"Father," said Asura in surprise to see him once more, "how are you still here?"

"I never left you," said Minato with a smile, "since I placed a bit of my soul within you along with my memories so that I could watch over my son. And I have to say that I am fairly impressed with what you have accomplished. I was only ever able to beat one giant demon and one army. But you killed what I could not and wiped out three different armies. I'm impressed."

"But why are you here now," asked Asura since he was unsure why he was.

"To tell you the words that you need to hear," said Minato with a serious look on his face.

"He is too strong to beat," said Asura through strained teeth with a growl since it hurt his pride to say that.

"So were many things from what I have seen in your memories," said Minato as he patted his son on the shoulder with a kind smile. "Yet you rose to the challenge and beat them all the same. So why is this any different?"

"It's because I had help to gather the necessary Mantra to fight those threats. The people who aided me in those fights are no more so I can't attain such power again and this monster has beaten the most powerful form I am able to obtain by myself."

Minato looked at his son for a minute before he began to laugh hard. Asura growled as his father did so and only grew more pissed as it continued.

"And what, pray tell, is so goddamn funny!?"

"You are unaware of the full extent of the power that was gifted to you."

"And what exactly do you mean by that?" asked Asura in confusion.

"Chakravartin gifted you his power. And while it is not enough to influence an entire galaxy as he was capable of doing, he entrusted you with such power since you were worthy of it and knew you would use it to protect your home."

Asura heard his father say this and mentally scolded himself since he had grown stagnant in his own power since he had not needed to use more than what he had usually used in the past(future). Now here was his father to remind him of the fact that he had power that he had forgotten all about since he didn't use it.

"Now stand up tall Naruto," said Minato with a serious face, "for you are my son! A Namikaze! And we do not submit! We fight until we are unable to because we are dead! So get up and show this demon the might of our clan!"

Outside of his mind, Fear grew tired of holding Asura down and simply kicked him into the lava itself and began to walk away as he opened a portal to teleport away, but he stopped mid step when a massive amount of power blasted the very island they were on into smithereens. Fear looked up and saw Asura floating in the air in his Mantra form. In this state, Asura's rage was at its most focused, harnessing the excess Mantra into power and increasing the size and armor of his arms to hulking, armored proportions.

"Ho? I see my threats of what I was gonna do infuriate you, well whenever you're ready for round 2." Fear says with a smirk while crossing his arms.

Asura quite literally punched at smile off as he moved faster than Fear expected and punched him with enough force to launch him far off into the distance, which caused Fear to growl in anger since this insolent creature just didn't know when to quit and stopped midair before he flew back towards Asura who was flying towards him at breakneck speeds.

Halfway through Fear powers up knowing this battle might be serious.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Fear roars cocking a fist back infused with Demonic Energies. His fist was met by Asura's, which caused Asura's arm to shatter, but it didn't stop him since it regenerated near instantly. They continued like this for a few minutes, with Asura and Fear punching each other's fists and Asura's being destroyed in the process. He went through a few hundred before he grew far more enraged that his attacks weren't working and powered up into his Six armed Mantra form. It was only then that his attacks began to hit Fear since he had six arms while Fear only had the two.

Fear backpedals a bit spitting out a tooth with a glob of blood chasing it. The blood he spit out was a black color that was beyond description.

"His attacks are fierce now that he's entered that form." He mutters looking at the tooth in his hand before crushing it. Fortunately Fear is able to adapt to his opponent's style during battle which has made him rather feared across Dimensions. "Right, time to up my power level and end this, tch I'm never gonna hear the end of this from the Angel Mira." He mutters angrily as he roars, powering up significantly, not enough to destroy the planet but enough to shake it from the pure power. And with that he charges forward and with the knowledge of his attack moves Asura is an open book.

Fear attacked him in a fashion and with such speed that he was unable to counter fully. He tried to block his attacks, but in the end Fear quickly grabbed ahold of his arms and ripped them off painfully. While it was one thing to have an arm shatter, it took longer for him to heal one that had been literally ripped off of him due to various factors such as pain and regenerating the nerves that were deeper in his shoulder area. So here he was without arms for the immediate moment and began to try a head-butt Fear, which he was easily able to dodge.

"Really? Here's a real one!" He says to which he gives a full on Head butt with the force of it sending him straight into the ground that they were now over burying him deeply into it.

"Had enough yet or do you still got enough energy to foolishly fight me Asura?" Fear mocks peering down into the hole where Asura is.

Asura jumped out of the ground and landed on his feet. All the while he glared heavily at Fear who was still floating above him with that sneer on his face.

"I don't know how I will do it," said Asura with all the anger he could manage, "but I will destroy you!"

"Pff as if, all gods say that and they died pathetically in the end, honorably but pathetically." He says vanishing before a fist plants itself in Asura's gut forcing him to bend over in pain with him kneeling on the ground.

Asura finally regenerated his arms all at once before he tried to punch Fear once more, but even though he thought that he had the element of surprise, Fear was expecting this and dodged it like all the others before he roundhouse kicked him back about twenty yards. As he walks over he destroys his arms before picking Asura up by the head with his hand.

"Don't you get it? You're too predictable Asura, you're an open book, and even a Child could easily dodge your moves easily like I have." He mocks as he starts to forcibly punch him in the gut using him as his own personal punching bag.

As he was punched by Fear, he began to smirk since he was in the perfect position to do what he did next. He activated his Mantra core and powered it up until he was in his Mantra Reactor Form. And before Fear could respond accordingly, Asura blasted him with a pure laser of Mantra energy from his chest that launched him far off into the distance with such force that instead of going around the planet due to its gravitational pull was blasted out of orbit and into space itself. Asura followed suit by leaping into space and flying towards where he was floating in space.

"I can feel my Aura not affecting him, seems when he is in that form he's immune to it. Guess I gotta get physical, it's been a while since I was made to go full power in this form." He mutters as with a roar he powers up that even reality itself shimmers from his sheer power with nearby rocks breaking into atoms to which he bursts forward to Asura his strength and speed truly immense.

And in a strange twist of events that shocked Fear for a brief second, Asura did what he had in the beginning of this fight and grabbed his fist before socking him hard against the head.

"Your power over Darkness will not help you here," growled Asura as he charged a Rasengan that was darkened and empowered with the force of a black hole and slammed it into Fear's chest.

At this Fear growls before he decides to tap into one thing that can help, he won't go into THAT form. No, not yet. He hasn't angered him greatly, what he is tapping into is Demonic Multiverse Energies which are a secondary energy he uses. True he uses his main energy but due to this outcome he has been forced to do this, the only time he used these energies was during The Multiversal Wars against Paragon who by dumb sheer luck managed to beat him so long ago.

"Get ready Asura, your about to see me on a whole other level." Fear says as a humongous red aura engulfs him as energies from everywhere cascade onto him with the sounds of screaming and evil laughter being heard as reality itself somewhat distorted around him. Asura got into a defensive stance in preparation for whatever Fear had in store for him.

"Be ready, as I'm about to unleash one of my most powerful attacks, I will admit it's difficult to control it in my base form but I am gradually getting better at it." Fear says as he raises one arm skyward to which a small ball of energy with the outside of it being black and a red middle is seen to which the energy ball enlarges enormously before it's the size of the moon! But the sheer power from it Asura can feel in every part of his being. It looks like that energy ball can destroy a whole planet, and from the angle he was aiming, Asura knew he had to block it somehow or else the planet would be destroyed by it.

"Here it is Asura! My most powerful attack!" Fear bellows as he goes to the other side of the ball pointing it directly at Asura.

"DARK CORE!" He yells as he unleashes the devastating attack towards Asura as the ball goes at breakneck speeds.

Asura used all six of his arms to try and stop the attack, but it only slowed it down a bit. He tried to destroy it but nothing he threw at it worked. It was at this point that Asura knew what he had to do, and he knew that it would hurt like hell when he did it. So while holding the Dark Core with five of his hands to slow it down, he used the energy in the core in his chest to divert towards his free hand to form one last Rasengan with the power to destroy just about anything it was launched at, and as he charged it he grew weaker since most of his energy was going into this attack. He had no idea if it would work or not but if he tried nothing then the world would perish so he needed to do this. Once the attack was fully charged, he slammed it into the Dark Core hard, and saw it sink into it towards the center.

Once within the center of the attack, the attack imploded upon itself. The shockwave of its implosion caused the immediate area's reality to break from the power in their attacks. The force of it sucked in the both of them into what was essentially a black hole that sucked in reality itself. The both of them were suck in and then spit out onto a large mass of rock that was simply floating there along with thousands of others that were exactly the same. Continent sized rocks floating there endlessly. The hole that brought them here closed almost immediately once they had gone through, stranding them here.

"Where the hell are we," asked Asura as he was confused about where they could have possibly ended up in all of this.

"The Void" Fear's voice says as he looks at Asura with a look of anger.

"To think you could destroy my attack, I'm fairly impressed. But by the looks of it you're in a sorry state Asura and can fight no longer." Fear says with a smirk seeing that all his limbs were blown off and by the looks of it wouldn't heal as small bits of his energy clung to the stumps preventing that.

"As long as I live I will continue to fight you," said Asura as he tried to break free from the power blocking his limbs from regenerating.

"Don't try, that energy is difficult to break unless I let it disperse. I must admit you gave me quite a fight. It's too bad it ends here." Fear says looking down at him as he snaps his fingers and his sword surprisingly appears next to him stabbed in the ground. Asura began to channel what power he still had within him to try and break free from the energy hindering his regeneration, but even though he could feel it slowly weakening, it was going so painfully slow and he wouldn't be able to break free from it in time. But while he thought that Fear would finish this with a slash of his sword, the end never came as expected

"Did you know that your daughter Mithra is in that dimension?" Fear says getting his attention. Asura stopped struggling as he heard that and glared at Fear as he did.

"How do you know about my daughter," said Asura as Fear rubbed the tip of his sword over his shoulders near his vulnerable neck.

"Oh please, I've known about you ever since the Multiverse was made. Even though I don't really care about my opponent's history it's always a good edge against them and it gives me the chance to antagonize them and their weakness. I do know you were once Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, and that your own mother and sister abandoned you to die." He says offhandedly.

"Why do you care about who I was in the past? What valid use does it have to you!?"

"It just allows me to show my unlimited knowledge showing you that I can know everything, from your fights, your battles and your love life. It's, uhh what do they say ah yes, "Common Protocol" to know about the ones you're facing to get the edge in battle." Fear says with a smirk.

"How is Mithra even alive?" asked Asura who had thought that he would never again see his daughter, but to hear that she was alive only made it the more perilous that he win and return home to be with her once again. "ANSWER ME!"

"I'm afraid that's knowledge even I don't know, however you may never see her again due to one obstacle you have been trying to pass." Fear says as he walks a small bit away from Asura and turns to face him, his sword tip at his feet giving him a look that says he would crush everything Asura knows.

"And what exactly is that?" growled Asura in anger since he would find whatever this obstacle was and destroy it once and for all it that was what it took to be with his daughter once more.

He smirks before two flat clear crystals appear to the left and right of him. "This crystal on my right will show what they plan to do with her since my Shadow spies caught it all while the one on my left will show what will her current state be in a number of years due to them." Fear says with a vicious smirk as a quick snap of his fingers and the one on the right lights up.

Asura's rage only amplified as he saw what he did in the crystals. He saw her tied up in a locked fortified room crying for him to save her. The crystal then shifted to his former mother and a few older Uzumaki clan members who were all discussing the demands that they would make of him while using his daughter as a bargaining chip since they knew that he cared for her so very deeply. They had a Yamanaka dig through her mind, and while she was strong in her own way, she had never had someone do such a thing to her and was unprepared for it. They learned the history of what Asura had done to save her, and while it scared them out of all the color they had, they also knew that he wouldn't risk her health if he had no idea where she was.

The Crystal on the left thought only pissed him off more since within it he saw his daughter tied down and pregnant with a child that she did not want. And judging by the charts in her room it wasn't the first time they raped her and forced her to bear a child to full term. And if that wasn't bad enough, they used a fairly improved version of the Cage Bird Seal to control and enslave her children. Asura only could see red as he saw that last one and in a moment of pure rage screamed out with such power that caused the massive rock they were on to shatter to the very center itself.

"Shit!" Fear swears as he jumps away dispersing the crystals and landing on another rock to witness the show.

Asura continued to scream out in rage, all the while pulsing with more power as he did until he finally broke free from the power halting his regeneration. His size grew until he became larger than Gaea itself. His skin became grey-colored and he manifested six arms identical in appearance to those of his Mantra form. He roared with power as he punched Fear with a fist that was the size of the moon itself and sent him flying off into the distance.

"Fuck! Felt like Paragon hit me there!" Fear swears rubbing his cheek with a nasty bruise as he looks to the enraged Asura. "Tch! Don't get cocky just cos you're bigger and in a new form!" Fear yells as he charges forward.

Asura wasn't fazed by his charge in the slightest and simply slammed his hands together to try and squash Fear like a bug. Only for Fear to spread his arms out, stopping that from happening but with much difficulty judging by the sweat on his head to which he snarls and kicks Asura's face with a boot, but is shocked to see it didn't even faze him the slightest!

Asura only growled at his attempt and tried to crush him in one hand. Yet he felt that Fear was still alive so he channeled power that was capable of destroying stars as well as planets into his hand to eliminate this demon once and for all.

Suddenly a beam of red light escapes his hand before more red light erupts to which a searing pain scalds Asura's hand as if he was holding a miniature sun in his hand. Asura threw Fear far from him since whatever he was doing he wasn't going to let him do it at point blank range towards him.

As Fear was sent flying a dome of red energy engulfs him before he roars greatly shaking even the void itself. The dome then expanded exponentially, rivalling the size of even a planet, as a cascade of demonic powers pools off Fear in vast quantities to which the skies of the void warp surprisingly showing a red sky with small black dots to which Fear's power skyrockets past the roof to no end, the rocks evaporate as if they were in front of the sun. Searing hot energy hits Asura from the unleashed power as Fear powers up before a great explosion erupts engulfing the Void in a bright red flash with a deafening sound.

Asura held up his hands to protect his eyes from the bright light of the explosion. Yet that meant he wasn't able to cover his ears so he suffered quite a nasty headache before it died down from the healing properties of the Mantra within him. When he had transformed into his most powerful form he had thought that he could kill this demon once and for all, but now that thought had died in his mind once he saw Fear once more.

As the bright light dies down a whole new power level enters and Fear is revealed but more vicious. His armor seems to be cracked in a few places but it has changed. Red lines go throughout his entire armor channeling whatever energy he has, the emblem on his breastplate glows eerily with it opening as if it's roaring at Asura, on his back is two gigantic protrusions in the form of two large Draconic Wing's with fierce fire coming from them while his horns have grown longer with small cracks on them with the same red energy, his knuckles have changed to show small spikes while his boots have a flaming visage to them while there is a surprisingly a mop of hair but it's made of literal fire.

"Get ready Asura, cos this is what happens when I don't hold back, you are the second to view me in my Demonic Form. Pray I don't go to my next form." Fear says with a sneer as a fiery aura surrounds him.

Asura only growled as he heard this and used his power to summon all the scattered rocks that were all over the Void and condensed them into one solid mass before he charged it with Mantra. This heat it up and began to turn it into magma. Once it was at this point he threw it as hard as he could towards Fear.

The second it's thrown, Fear takes a small step before he appears in front of Asura to which the ball explodes as if Fear just blew it up when he came over.

"That your best?" He asks glaring at him with fires dancing in his eyes.

Asura screamed in rage as he summoned up a dozen Shadow Clones of himself that surrounded Fear with their hands and channeled power into them. The formed a massively condensed Rasengan with Fear at the center in hopes that it would destroy him down to the atomic level, so they charged as much power into it as they could to try and end this once and for all.

Unfortunately a mere glance and all the Rasengans instantly blew up taking the clones with them.

"My Turn." He says as he disappears and out of nowhere a foot appeared in Asura's face sending him a good distance away. Asura grew tired of this and quickly fired endless amounts of energy blasts as he punched the air in rapid succession.

Only for Fear to disappear and to which he gives Asura a brutal beat down, his punches are like Comets with each one launching him around like a pinball. He starts to break his arms shattering them like glass as he tosses them away followed by him dodging any last minute fists and catching them before wrenching the offending arm off breaking what bones has, and after that he charges a considerable amount of energy into his fist and thrusts it into Asura making him cough up a good amount of blood to which he is blown through a dozen rocks before landing on the final one leaving nothing but a small crater.

Asura painfully tried to gain his footing back, but before he could do so he felt an immense amount of pain as well as a drastic decrease of power flowing through him. When he looked down he saw that Fear had ripped the Mantra core from his chest and smirked as he held it in his hand.

"Not taking any chances." Fear says as he tosses the core away to which he summons his sword which is glowing brightly. With a simple swipe of his weapon he cut the core in half, thus destroying it.

"I admit you caught me off guard, this time I'm ending it." He says as he raises his sword ready to end his life for good. Asura's size began to shrink like a balloon with a hole in it as he held his bleeding chest. He roared in rage as he as he shrank and knew that Fear was simply waiting for him to return to normal size before he killed him, and with every second his death itched closer.

"Goodbye" He says as the blade sings through the air straight for his head. And as the blade swung towards his neck, Asura closed his eyes as his life flashed before his eyes. All the pain he suffered from the actions of others, the family he had lost twice over due to event out of his control. As his death loomed ever closer, a single tear dropped from his eye since he knew that in death he wouldn't be able to protect his daughter from the visions shown to him and she would suffer from his absence. And while he knew that there was no means to avoid this, he could only hope that he ended in Naraka once more so he could one day save her if she was still even alive.

But his death never came…...

And he opened his eyes to see why that was…

What he sees is the blade mere inches away from his head with a chain wrapped around it that prevented it from moving.

"Wha! Paragon what are you do- UGH!" The sound of Fear is cut off as a dull thump is heard to which the blade falls with its master to the side.

"Honestly, I ask you to sort this out and you go on a massive god battle and slaughter a village, I shoulda sent Mira." A new voice says with it being clear and not rough like Fear's.

Asura just looked at this new figure with wide eyes since he had just beaten the monster he tried beating with all the power he had with a simple chop to the back of the head. How the hell did he do that?!

"Looks like you're still alive. Fear roughed you up, but you are still breathing. Listen I'll answer your questions shortly but for now I must return you." The figure says as a wave of his hand is seen and a portal appears under Asura to whisk him back to the dimension he was in when the fight had first started…

"Speak to you in a bit, good luck with the battle ahead of you." He says as a bright light engulfs Asura's vision, and once it was gone so was he.

Asura reappeared in the space above the planet and was sent rocketing towards the planet at full velocity. It was like Deja Vu to him since this had happened before, but unlike the last time he had some of his power still within him so he used that to protect himself from death as he hit the water and bounced multiple times until he reach solid land. Asura took a minute as he laid there to use some of his limited energy to regenerate two of his arms since he was no longer fighting a strong opponent and so they were not needed at the moment.

Asura felt as his chest was bleeding from the hole in his chest, and he put both of his hands in the wound before he used steam to burn his wound shut by cauterizing it. The process was immensely painful so he screamed in pain from it. Once he was sure that he wasn't going to bleed to death he began to walk further inwards since there was nothing here for him so he needed to head towards the nearest town to see what had happened since he was gone and where the hell he was exactly in the world.

It took about several hours, but he finally saw a massive city in the distance with multiple tall skyscrapers along with airships all over with what appeared to be messages of some sort. He was too far away to see what was on them exactly but he would know in time. As he got closer to the city he passed by massive farmlands and walked down the set paths as he did. He walked by a barn as he did, and what he saw on the side of it made him stop. On the side of the building was a high tech wanted hologram with his picture on it. Below it stated that he was wanted alive with a massive bounty on his person and if seen to report to the nearest Overseer.

Asura had no idea what an Overseer was since, but he knew that he would have to avoid them for the time being if he wanted to get home without problems. But he then saw the symbol for the Uzumaki clan on the bottom corner of the wanted hologram and he growled since it seemed like the Uzumaki clan had gained large amounts of political power if they were in charge of bounties like this. So to hide his identity, he took a few sheets that were hanging on a clothing line to dry and used one to wrap around his wound while he used the other to cover his person. Once he was sure that he was disguised enough he walked further towards the city.

Once there he saw that the airships were showing videos of propaganda stating that the Uzumaki were in charge and always watching the citizens. That all crimes committed would be dealt with swiftly and without mercy. Asura looked at all of this and wondered exactly what year it was since none of this existed in his time, either past or future. So to see such things now made him wonder just what the hell happened?

Asura walked down the crowded streets of this city, and as he did he saw the hopelessness on the faces of the citizens, like they were unhappy with their lives. To see a few people with that sort of look was common, but to see an entire city with it only made this far more confusing. As he walked about all the while keeping his head down to avoid detection since many people just assumed he was a homeless vagrant since they judged him by his clothes. This was lucky for him since they didn't spare him a second glance because of this.

He walked around for several hours before anything happened around him. He saw a child running out of a store with a few cans of food in his hand, but he only got a block away before these white creatures, that the citizens whispered were called Zetsu, appeared and began to attack the boy. Asura grew enraged as he saw that no one was helping this child and decided to bring it upon himself to do so. Asura charged forward and easily dispatched the several Zetsu that had been attacking the boy, and yet instead of the looks of grateful people around him, they all ran away from the area shouting about how an Overseer was coming. The boy he had saved took Asura by the hand and led him further into an alley, where he moved a few boxes next to a dumpster away and showed that there was a hole there that he was signaling to go through. Asura listened to his gestures and entered through it, which the boy followed as he moved the debris back in place to hide the hole away.

Asura followed the boy further into the dark tunnels that they were in, and after around twenty minutes of walking they came into a massive well-lit clearing that housed several dozen makeshift huts built out of scrap. As he walked closer towards this makeshift village, Asura was stopped by several guards, each wielding a sword in their hands.

"Who are you," said the lead guard with a glare on his face towards Asura since he was a stranger to them all.

"Father don't," said the boy as he stood before Asura in an attempt to quell the hostility from the guards.

"Inari get out of the way," said the leader, and as Asura heard that name his eyes widened a bit since he recognized the name. He took a good look at the kid, but while he shared the name of the boy he trained he didn't share the appearance of him so it wasn't the same person.

"Dad, he saved me from a group of Zetsu."

When Inari said that, the guards all lost the color in their faces since this bit of information was very bad news for them.

"Inari step away from this man," said the leader, who was the boy's father as he pulled him away. "Do you understand what your actions have done!? The Overseer of the city will now tear the city apart to find you and you are here! If we are found we will be tortured and our minds altered and enslaved! Just who the hell are you?!"

"My name is Asura Namikaze," said Asura as he pulled his disguise down a bit so that his face was visible. Once the people saw his face, even more color was drained from their faces.

"You need to leave now, traitor!" said the father as he held up his blade to attack Asura.

"What," asked Asura in confusion since he had not betrayed a single person in his life either as Naruto since he was only five when he died, nor as Asura since it was his former comrades that betrayed him. "How am I a traitor?"

"You abandoned us when we needed you the most! And because you did so the fucking Uzumaki clan now rules the world as false gods with an iron fist of a tyrannical rule!"

"How did they gain such power?" asked Asura, but more to himself since he was shocked to hear this.

"Leave now," growled the man, "I will not tell you again."

"I did not abandon you," said Asura as he stood his ground, "I was forced to fight a being of immense power. I had to use more power than I wanted to and doing so ripped time and space that sent us somewhere else. I managed to get back and found myself here out of time. So exactly how long have I been gone?"

"According to what my father Inari said," said the man in thought, "it has been about a hundred years since you just disappeared."

"Your father was my student Inari?"

"Yes. And to the day of his execution he held onto the hope that you would return once more. But you never did and we were forced to fend for ourselves."

"Explain to me everything that has happened since I have been gone."

The man led him to a table to sit down and discuss what had happened in his absence, and what he heard was not a happy tale…

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