Loving Lost

It had been so long, the years had flown by. I do not remember how long I had been sleeping, I rose from my ever deepening sleep when everything had come back to me. I had gone from a miserable decade and slept, and furthermore I could remember why.

That beautiful adventure with Yuri and Alice, was when I had first met Margarete. She was like no one I had ever known, her manner and her demeanour were so different to everyone else.

I had fallen in love with her as soon as I set eyes on her, but for all it was worth, I knew she liked Yuri. I could tell, there's not much point of living for a thousand years and not being able to know. But I did get an impression that she did have feelings for me, in her own charmingly exquisite nature.

I can still remember the words that we initially exchanged, she was halfway though talking when she first noticed me.

Margarete: No, they said hello and went away.

It was then she stopped and realised that I was standing there

Huh? Who's this handsome man?

Yuri: Oh, this guy? He's the master of the castle where I stayed.

Keith: Yes, I'm the one who took care of the moocher here. My name is Keith.

Enchanted, Mademoiselle.

Margarete: I'm Margarete, the moocher's baby sitter. Nice to meet you, Keith.

Ha, it makes me laugh even now. Her wit was so sharp and her voice was so clear, as you can see, I deeply adored her for all that she was. After we had beaten the Meta God I had hoped we would stay together, I had been delighted when she said that she would and my soul was truly happy for the first time in my dead as it were, life.

But as my master had always taught me, things do not last forever and unfortunately in this case it was very true. After a few years of travelling, we came to rest back in my old dwelling, the castle of Bistritz. She stayed there with me for a few years more but I could tell she was getting restless.

During the last month in spring, I was in the rose garden that I loved so much, and she came to me. Her eyes were full of longing yet they were distant. I had been getting that more often then, I knew she was to leave me in those weeks that followed. I had foreseen it was coming, so to ease the situation for her I spoke first.

'I know what you wish, you may go but I will resent the fact that you choose this path.' My heart was crying and my soul screaming. I knew she could tell that but It wasn't hard to deduce, as the emotions enveloped me, the tears came. I hadn't cried since I was mortal, but for me this was too hard. I had never wanted something other than that so much, yet I was losing it, the way I had lost everything else. She came next to me and touched my pale face, gently she kissed my blood tears away.

'Please do not resent destiny, I will love you the way I always have, never forget that, but I must go. My life is waning and I have business to finish, I will be back as soon as it has ended and we will be together again.'

But she had never returned. When she had been with me her voice had changed, her vocabulary had developed, and she had even started dressing differently. It was no major transformation but to me it was noticeable. After that all I could do was sleep, so I did. Waiting and watching the passing images from mortals that drifted around, but as I slept I would have known if she was close, and yet no sign.