You thought it was finished? How wrong you could be.

Chapter 7

The forgotten one

Droplets fell like the light scatter of morning rain, the ink smudged, the pages would crinkle soon, tears were always like that, particularly ones of despair. The book closed, its reader too overcome by grief to stain the codex with crying.

It was old, its spine bound with a fine black leather, given by a loved one that was certain, but what of the owner, must he have perished in such unjust circumstances? The journal was gently put in a strapped bag which hung below the persons waist.

The weak sigh was painfully loud in the echoing halls yet the sound was only a whisper. So many things had been lost, that should have survived with the times, but no. One point to remember was that things do not last forever, he had taught her that, like he had taught her other things. None of that was relevant now, though nothing was anymore.

The girl clung to the charm on a silver chain around her neck, it was a pendant full of his blood and it was meant to be her protection. At one time he had been her protection, however now all she had was the vial.

'Oh, why were you so rash? You should have known that I would change my name, and that I would have escaped, you should have guessed that I would find a way to survive but you were always so fearful of my fatality. Your love for me blinded you, did you not get my warning?'

The blonde haired woman walked slowly out of the building. Her hair was lose, she always had it like this now. Keith had always said it looked radiant down, so she had grown it to just above her waist. She now wore a black velvet coat, but she still wore her boots and her fishnets, her skirt was longer, however the split accounted for the length. Both the skirt and the bustier were a dark purple, and it had been his favourite colour as well as hers.

As she walked through the rose gardens, the grass crunching beneath her every firm step and stride. Memories flashed through her mind and she heard his voice, though it was only in her head.

'Margarete, my darling, remember that destiny is forever coupled with fate. Never agonise over happenings. For if you are lost, I will invariably find you. Where ever you walk or where ever you sleep I will be there to shield you from misfortune.'

'Yes my love, you will always find me because I will always love you.'

She had reached the gate of the grand mansion, she glanced back only once, the shadows covered her once more and then she stole away into the night.

...All was lost for the longing of the broken heart...