At the underground alien hospital, Donna was with Mario, "I'm proud of you Mario," Donna said, "For receiving your medical degree. Now you can help out at the alien hospital anytime you want."

Dr. Cook came in with some glowing pills, "What is this?" Donna asked.

"Megavitamins" Dr. Cook explained, "A strong vitamin from the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario thought he could treat the patients by using the pills."

He started using the medicine on a starling with Starling Pox, a Lepidopterran with Mad Lepidopterran Disease, and a Xybrian with a broken arm. Little that they know, is that Wario was there disguised as a doctor. He knew that if he steals the Megavitamins, he'll be rich.

"Dr. Mario" Wario shouted, "There's a Piscciss Volann in need of heart surgery."

Dr. Mario believed the lie and took off. There Wario stole the Megavitamins and ran off.

Mario looked around the hospital to find nothing. He didn't know what was going on, he walked by Nurse Rook, who was giving a Florauna it's daily medicine. "We haven't had heart surgery on a Piscciss Volann in 5 years." Nurse Rook replied.

That when Mario realized that he was tricked. They rushed back to the room to find the medicine gone.

"The Mega Vitamins," Nurse Rook shouted, "They're gone."

"This isn't good," Mario replied.

Dr. Cook and Donna came in to find the Megavitamins missing, "Megavitamins are very exclusive." Dr. Cook explained, "Usually doctors from the Mushroom Kingdom use them for Emergencies. They cost about 1 million dollars to the human world."

"We need to find those vitamins and fast!" Donna replied.

Outside, they saw that everyone in town had the Airborne Clown Virus. Dr. Cook explained that Airborne Clown Virus is a very contagious disease from Planet Clown. "While you and Dr. Andor find a cure for Airborne Clown Virus," Donna said, "Mario and I will capture Wario."

Around town, zombie clowns were throwing pies at each other, being careless, telling offensive jokes, and bouncing on pogo sticks. Applerose Grille, clowns starting jumping in and biting people for no apparent reason. Alice was furious. She told them to leave, but the contagious clowns turned her into one too.

Nurse Rook saw the whole thing in her human form and got worried, "I hope Donna and Mario get those pills back soon." Nurse Rook thought to herself.