It was another normal day for Caelan Dragonbane. His summer vacation was almost over, and he didn't exactly like that. He never really got into normal school, something about him made other people distance themselves from him. As he got home from the skate park, he picked up the mail from the mailbox. He sorted through the letters, and saw something with his name on it. When he walked into his house, he called out, "Mom, mail's here! I've got some weird letter from a guy called Merle Ambrose. Do you know him?"

Mrs. Dragonbane was washing dishes when her son came in with the mail, but she dropped and broke one of the plates when her son mentioned Merle Ambrose. She took off her dish gloves and walked into the living room saying to her son, "Yes, I know him. He's the headmaster at the school your father and I went to."

Caelan shrugged, "I'd be impressed, but you and dad never talk about your school years."

Mr. Dragonbane's voice could be heard entering the front door, "Honey, I'm home!"

Caelan's mother called him into the living room, "Harold, Caelan got a letter from Ambrose!"

Harold's eyes widened and he smiled, "Well, I was starting to worry! I thought our boy was never going to get his letter!"

Caelan rolled his eyes, "Can anyone tell me what's going on here?"

His mother grabbed a book from the shelf and said, "As I said, Merle Ambrose is the headmaster of the school your father and I went to. However, it's not a normal school. Ambrose is the Headmaster of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Your father and I learned how to be wizards while we were there. And now you'll be going there."

Caelan's eyes widened at his mother's story, and quickly opened the letter and read, "Dear Caelan Dragonbane, it is out pleasure to alert you that you have been accepted into the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Included in this letter is a list of all supplies needed for your first year at Ravenwood. We look forward to seeing you in our inaugural class." As he finished reading, he was speechless and said to his parents, "Magic is real?"

His father nodded, "Magic is real my boy. We best get down to Farwine Street."

The family got into their car and headed out. When they parked, they headed into a small restaurant and went out the back. Mr. Dragonbane tapped a set of bricks in a specific order, and the bricks moved away. After they did all their shopping, they went back home.

A few days later, they were in their living room, and suddenly, a light was glowing from underneath their living room rug. Caelan's father smiled and told his son, "Well, that light means it's time to go son. I hope you have a good time at Ravenwood."

Caelan hugged his parents goodbye and stepped on top of the light, and suddenly, he found himself in an auditorium. He sat down in one of the chairs and listened to a man with a long gray beard. The man spoke, "Welcome students, to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. My name is Merle Ambrose, and I am your Headmaster. Once orientation is complete, you will be looking at the Book of Secrets, which will help decide what school you will be in. There are seven schools, Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Myth, Death, and Balance. You will be assigned to a teacher based on your school."

After the orientation was done, Caelan walked into Ambrose's office to look at the Book of Secrets. Caelan answered the questions truthfully, and the book told him he belongs in Myth. Ambrose smiled and told Caelan, "You'll be in the School of Myth I see. Professor Drake is hard on his students, but he does care about them. You'll be in good hands with him."

Caelan smiled lightly and asked, "Headmaster, do you mind if I ask what schools my parents belonged to?"

Ambrose stroked his beard thinking and said, "Ah, yes, Valarie Crystalsword was a Fire school student, and Harold Dragonbane, he was an Ice student. It's funny how opposites attract. Well, you should be off to the Myth common room. Professor Drake will give you your schedule for your first day."

Caelan nodded and walked back towards the school grounds. He was surprised that the school had it's own little city, with all sorts of shops. When he got to the Myth Common Room, he saw a man in yellow and blue robes standing in the center, with students sitting down in the many chairs. The man said, "You must be Caelan Dragonbane. Another student of Myth. Well, I'll be the one who decides if you're worthy of being a Conjurer. I am Professor Drake. For now, your first day will start with Conjuration class, with me. After that, you'll be heading to Professor Moolina Wu's Theurgy class. Next up is your lunch and study break, then another round of Conjuration class, followed by sparring in the Duel Arena, and a third and final Conjuration class. I dislike teaching the same student more than once a day, but the Headmaster has suggested I train students more than once a day. Curfew is 10PM, and you must be in bed by 12:30AM. The headmaster seems to see something special in you, but I will still be the deciding factor on your worth as a Conjurer. Understood?"

Caelan gulped and said, "Y-Yes Professor Drake."

Professor Drake walked out of the common room, and Caelan made conversation with the other Myth students before going to bed when he got tired. He said to himself, "I'm a student in a magic school now... I hope I can live up to the Headmaster's expectations." before falling to sleep