Caelan was studying in his dorm room. Professor Drake had given him an assignment to create his a spell card all on his own. He'd been reading about many myths from Greece, but too many of them were too complicated to summon. He continued to think of how to create his own spell card before realizing, "Wait, Professor Drake said I had to create a card, he never said I had to create a Myth card! Maybe I can think of something else new!"

As Caelan walked out of the Myth dormitories, he saw Sarah, who walked up to him and asked, "You stuck on that assignment Professor Drake gave us too?"

Caelan nodded, "Yeah, considering I was able to summon a Sphinx and a Kitsune, you'd think this would be easy. I've been going over some stuff from Greek Mythology, but nothing's really getting my gears going."

Sarah nodded, "I'm having the same problem. I was thinking though, shouldn't we be recruiting wizards for the fight against Malistaire?"

Caelan nodded back, "Well, yeah, but we can't just ignore our studies. Maybe after classes are out?"

Sarah sighed, "Yeah, you're right. I'll see you around." before kissing his cheek and running off.

Caelan blushed as Sarah kissed him, but smiled too. He went to the library to see if there were any books he wanted to check out or just read. He found a book called, "Tales of Wolf Dragonblade." That was Caelan's last name, and opened the book to see if there was relation, and there was a picture of his great-grandfather on the first page. He read, "Wolf Dragonblade was wise beyond his years. He is most well known for creating the Quetzalcoatl card, a powerful Myth spell."

Caelan was shocked that his great-grandfather created a spell during his time at school. If his family could do it, so could he. He headed back to his room and started drawing up ideas for what he could summon, wanting to create something in Myth like his great-grandfather did. He then thought of an old creature from one of his books. Its name had been forgotten for centuries, but he always called it "Rag Doll" because of the way it looked like a human made entirely up of stitched up rags.

Caelan began starting to work on the card, creating the card was easy enough, but creating the creature would take more work. He practiced the spell he'd made to summon the creature, but it wasn't working. He sighed, "This is harder than I thought. But I can't give up, not yet." before going back to practicing.

As day turned to night, Caelan finally went to sleep. The next day, he woke up to see Professor Drake in the Myth common room, waiting for him. He walked up to Caelan and said, "I heard you were up all night working on the assignment I gave you. I like to see such persistence, it reminds me of my youth. I hope you don't burn yourself out though, make sure to eat and sleep, if you focus too much on your work, your body will quit on you."

Caelan nodded, "Thank you professor, I'll make sure to take breaks."

Cyrus smiled, "Good, now, get to work." before leaving

As Cyrus left, Caelan continued his work on the Rag Doll card. Finally, he'd finished it and was ready to show it to Professor Drake. He went out of the dorms and headed to meet with Cyrus. When he got to the Myth school, he noticed Cyrus wasn't there like he normally was. He looked on his desk and saw a note that said, "Out to lunch." and thought, "The professor never leaves the school like this, I guess I'll just have to wait until he gets back." before going back outside.

Sarah saw Caelan and waved to him as she ran over, "Caelan, I've got news, I found more people to help us in the fight against Malistaire!"

Caelan smiled, "That's great Sarah, good job. We should start getting ready for him anyway. I have no idea what he could be up to, but I have a really bad feeling about it."

Sarah nodded, "So do I, I'm worried about this, but I'm going to stand by your side. To the end."

Caelan blushed and said, "Thanks Sarah, that means a lot." before walking with her to train with the other wizards who agreed to help in the fight.