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Bahamut regained consciousness with a sudden start.

"What – ?" he gasped as he stretched out his long neck and looked around. He was in his main sleeping chamber.

"Be careful my liege" said a voice behind him, "you're still disoriented by your sudden return." Bahamut looked behind him. Marroshok the Tail, his bodyguard was standing there with a look of concern on his face.

"Marroshok" said Bahamut greeting the huge gold dragon, "what happened?"

"Your mortal body was killed on Earth" was the answer.

"Which must have sent me back here" said Bahamut as he pondered this.

"Yes" said Marroshok, "we would have liked to have saved you but – "

"No" said Bahamut, "you know that when I choose to incarnate as a mortal you must not interfere." His mind was clearing and his memory was returning quickly. He sat up suddenly and his wings flared out in alarm.

"Daranni!" he exclaimed.

"She's here" said Marroshok, "she was returned not long after you were. She has not yet woken up.

"That's good" said Bahamut, "and our son? Is he here too?"

"No" was the reply, "Kurya says he is still on Earth."

"You all saw the attack?"

"We did" said Marrashok, "your son survived."

"Yes" said Bahamut, "if he hadn't he would be here now. He must be retrieved immediately. Send Kurya to get him and bring him here as quickly as possible."

"It will be done" said Marroshok.

"Thank you" said Bahamut as he got to his feet. If Marroshok was huge Bahamut was massive. The platinum dragon towered over his bodyguard.

"I'm going to see Daranni" said Bahamut, "please alert me as soon as Kurya returns with my son." Marroshok bowed his head and left the chamber. Bahamut centered himself as he also prepared to exit the chamber.

"Harry..." he whispered to himself.

As Bahamut, dragon deity and king of the good dragons, began making his way toward his mate's room his mind ran over everything that happened since he was last in his palace. 21 years had gone by since he had decided to incarnate himself and live a mortal life on the planet Earth. This was something he did from time to time in order to gain a better understanding of mortals and the lives they led. On these occasions his memories would all be stored away behind an impenetrable mental block which in effect meant that when he lived that mortal life he had no knowledge or memories of being anything other than what he appeared to be at the time. After his mortal body died he would return to his palace on Mt. Celestia (the full name of which was "The Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia"), resume his normal form and regain all of his suppressed memories.

The lives he lived as a mortal, and the kinds of mortal beings he chose to become each time were a varied lot. Usually he went alone and his mate, Daranni ruled as his regent during these times. She had been his mate for several millennia by now having been given immortality and raised up to be his queen. This time, however, she had decided to go with him to the Prime Material Plane and he had laid a set of spells to ensure that they would meet and mate as mortals, even though they would not know who the other really was until after the mortal lives they led were over.

For this trip he had incarnated himself as a human wizard on the planet Earth. Born in the Earth year 1960 he grew up under the name 'James Potter' and attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1971 to 1978. He met Daranni on his way there for his first year. She had been incarnated as Lily Evans, younger daughter of the Evans family. Long story short they had finally fallen in love during their last year at Hogwarts, had married right out of school, and their son Harry had been born on July 31st, 1980.

Now, 15 months later, his mortal body was dead at the hands of the dark wizard Voldemort and he had been forcibly returned to his dragon self and his palace. He gritted his teeth as all of his memories settled themselves.

"Voldemort will pay" Bahamut said to himself, "when my regenerative year is up I will hunt him down."

He entered Daranni's chamber and saw her sleeping there. She was a silver dragon and she was almost as big as he was. He lay down next to her and waited for her to wake up. It wasn't a long wait.

"No – !" shrieked Daranni as she suddenly woke up with a jerk.

"Calm yourself my love" said Bahamut next to her, "you're all right."

"Bahamut?" said Daranni as she turned and looked at him, "did something happen? I can't seem to think straight."

"Relax" said Bahamut, "the confusion will pass soon." Daranni did so, lowering her head. It didn't take long before the memories of her life as Lily Potter returned in full force.

"Voldemort" she said to her husband in a low voice, "he killed me, he killed both of us." Bahamut nodded.

"He did" he said. Daranni's head shot up again.

"Harry!" she exclaimed, "where's Harry?"

"Marrashok says he survived the attack" said Bahamut, "I sent Kurya to find him and bring him to us. It should not take long. I hope."

"He survived?" said Daranni, "how?"

"I don't know yet" said Bahamut, "but I intend to find out. And when we are able to return to Earth I will make Voldemort pay."

"I'll help you" said Daranni firmly, "how long do we have to wait?"

"A year" said Bahamut, "if you or I are killed while in mortal form we are sent back here and we have to stay on this plane for at least a year until we can leave again."

"Oh yes" said Daranni, "You told me when you first made me immortal. But this is the first time I've been killed while in a mortal form. I had forgotten."

"We cannot go back as James and Lily" said Bahamut, "those forms are dead. We will go as ourselves and Voldemort will learn why it is a bad idea to cross ones such as us."

Daranni nodded her head in agreement. The two dragons talked for a while as they reoriented themselves back to their true forms. Eventually they fell asleep again lying next to each other.

When Bahamut woke up again he saw Marrashok standing near him.

"My liege" said the gold dragon, "Kurya has returned and she has your son."

"Have her bring him here" said Bahamut. Marrashok bowed and left the chamber. Bahamut nudged Daranni who opened her eyes and gave him a sleepy look.

"Wake up" said Bahamut, "Kurya is back and she has Harry." Daranni immediately became fully awake.

"She does?" Daranni said, "where is he?"

"They're coming now" said Bahamut sensing the approach of the others. A minute later Marrashok reentered the chamber followed by a young woman carrying a bundle in her arms.

"Kurya" said Bahamut to the woman, "where did you find him?"

"I found him on a doorstep in the town of Little Whinging, Surrey" said the woman. Her full name and title was 'Kurya the Eye.' She was also a gold dragon but since she was Bahamut's chief spy and her duties often required secrecy she was able to change her form at will – a very useful ability for someone like her.

"A doorstep?" roared Daranni, "who would dare – !" Bahamut held up a leg and silenced her.

"Is there any sign of who did this?" Bahamut asked Kurya.

"There was letter" said Kurya holding it up.

"We'll deal with that presently" said the dragon king, "for now please bring our son to us." Kurya did so, bringing the bundle to where both Bahamut and Daranni could look down at the face of a baby boy fast asleep in Kurya's arms. On his forehead was lightning bolt scar. Daranni recoiled a little when she saw it before looking at it more closely.

"That scar" she said, "he did not have that before. I sense very dark magic in it."

"Yes" said Bahamut, "that will be dealt with as soon as we get him settled."

Both dragons bent down to look more closely at the boy.

"He looks so peaceful and cute" said Daranni.

"He does" said Bahamut who then put his snout near the boy who, as if sensing his father, smiled in his sleep.

"Wake up Harry" said Bahamut softly.

Harry opened his eyes sleepily and gazed up directly into Bahamut's eyes.

"Dada!" he gurgled happily.

"He knows you" said Daranni.

"Of course he does" said Bahamut as if it were the most natural thing in creation for a human child to recognize a dragon as its parent. Harry heard Daranni and turned to look at her.

"Mama!" he called, holding his arms out to the female dragon.

"Yes Harry it's me" said Daranni. It was but the work of a moment for Daranni to change herself to the form of Lily Potter. She took Harry from Kurya and held him close.

"Shh child" she said, "mummy's here."

Meanwhile Bahamut turned himself back into James Potter.

"It's too bad we cannot return to Earth this way" he said, "but James and Lily are dead. However we can retain these forms here at home for Harry's sake."

"Yes" said Daranni still fussing over Harry.

"Please give me the letter" Bahamut said to Kurya. She gave it to him and he opened it. A few moments passed while he read it.

"That FOOL!" Bahamut exclaimed when he was done.

"What?" asked Daranni, startled.

"Albus Dumbledore" said Bahamut with clear anger in his voice, "decided in his infinite wisdom to send Harry to be raised by your sister Petunia."

"What?!" said Daranni, "has he finally gone senile? She hates magic. She would never treat Harry right."

"No" agreed Bahamut, "it's a good thing Kurya found him." He turned to Kurya. "You have done well" he said, "you will be rewarded for this."

"Thank you my liege" said Kurya.

"Leave us for now" said Bahamut, "we'll talk tomorrow." Kurya bowed and left the chamber, turning back into a gold dragon as she went.

"So what now?" asked Daranni after Kurya had left.

"We raise Harry, just as good parents should" said Bahamut, "only with our mortal selves dead we will raise him here rather than on Earth."

"He is still mortal" pointed out Daranni.

"Not for long" said Bahamut, "if things had turned out better he would have lived a full mortal life and after his death his real self would be freed and he would have come here to join us. But now, with us all being here instead of on Earth, I see no reason to wait for his death to free his true self. He may have been born human but he will grow up here as the dragon that he really is."

"What about going to Hogwarts?" asked Daranni although she smiled as she said it. Bahamut chuckled.

"Do you really think" he replied, "when you consider everything he'll learn here, that he'll even need to go to Hogwarts?" Daranni nodded.

"Should we tell anyone where Harry is?" she asked. Bahamut considered this for a long moment.

"Maybe Sirius and Remus" he said, "and they will have to keep it secret. But no one else."

"Not even Dumbledore?"

"Especially not Dumbledore" said Bahamut, "he's a good man for the most part, even a great one. He's a powerful wizard whom I have some respect for. But he's also the man who sent Harry to your sister's house – and left him on their doorstep. Who leaves a baby on a doorstep in Britain in November?"

And so it came to pass that Harry Potter was raised in his father's palace on Mt. Celestia. He was raised as both a human and a dragon. As a human he looked just like James Potter had, but with Lily's eyes. In his dragon form he took after both of his parents with his scales being a mix of platinum and silver. He had a happy childhood learning everything his parents and the other residents of his home had to teach him, and also playing and getting up to mischief like any child would. Daranni often said to Bahamut that Harry had inherited the 'James Potter prankster gene.' Bahamut would just smirk at that while calmly replying that he also inherited the 'Lily Potter brain.'

On Earth no one noticed that Harry Potter was missing. Dumbledore never checked to see if he was at the Dursleys. His magical instruments in his office showed that Harry was alive and that was enough for him. And so it went until the Hogwarts letters went out around Harry's eleventh birthday. Only then did Dumbledore discover that Harry was not at the Dursleys – he had never been at the Dursleys.

But that is another story.


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For any non-D&D players Bahamut is the king of the metallic or "good" dragons. Marrashok and Kurya are two of his seven closest councilors. Daranni is an OC I made up so Harry could be a full dragon rather than a half and half.