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Harry woke up around at 7 AM the next morning. After taking a shower and getting dressed he left his room and knocked on Neville's door.

"Neville?" Harry called, "are you awake?" After a moment the door opened and Neville came stumbling out, fully dressed but not fully awake. "I see you are" Harry added, "shall we go down to the common room and hear what Professor Flitwick has to say this morning?" Neville yawned.

"Yeah, why not?" he said as he finished his yawn. The two of them headed for the common room. They saw Hermione already there when they got there although none of their other year mates had shown up yet. After a moment Anthony arrived and joined them.

"You still seem half asleep" Anthony said to Neville.

"Yes" said Neville, "well Voldemort was very restless last night. It took him forever to settle down on the bed."

"You Know Who was on your bed?!" Anthony exclaimed, shocked. Neville turned to Harry.

"You explain" Neville said to Harry.

"Gee, thanks" said Harry.

Over the next 10 to 15 minutes the rest of the first years arrived in the common room. Meanwhile the other years were all heading out to go to breakfast. Finally Professor Flitwick arrived. He stood on a large wooden block so everyone could see him.

"Good morning students" he said to the first years.

"Good morning Professor Flitwick" the first years said back to him.

"I just want to take a few minutes to introduce you all to Ravenclaw house" the professor said. The announcements were basic, just a few words on the house itself and its philosophy as well as his expectations for his students (they were high, as would only be expected for a house of brains) and he also told them all where his office was if they should want to speak to him for any reason. Then he told them all to follow him because – today – he would take them down to breakfast.

"Always make sure you eat breakfast" he finished up in his squeaky voice, "I know you've all heard it said that it's the most important meal of the day. There's a good reason for that. It IS the most important meal of the day. Come along now. Once you're at breakfast I'll hand out your schedules."

The first years followed Professor Flitwick to the Great Hall from Ravenclaw Tower. On the way he pointed out different landmarks the students could look for if they got lost trying to go between their dorms and the Great Hall. It didn't take all that long before they all arrived at breakfast and sat down to eat. Unlike the feast the previous night it was just normal breakfast things being served like toast, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc. While the Ravenclaws were eating Professor Flitwick came up to them all and handed them their class schedules. Every one of the first years got one – except Harry.

"Mr. Potter" said Professor Flitwick, "your schedule will be arriving separately – right about now I believe." At that moment about two hundred owls entered the hall. They were all carrying letters or packages to deliver. It was the normal morning mail delivery and the owls were all flying to different students to make deliveries. One owl flew straight over to Harry and landed in front of him with a letter tied to her leg. It was Hedwig.

"Good morning Hedwig" said Harry as he reached over to untie the letter, "did my parents send you?" Hedwig nodded.

"Good girl" said Harry as he offered her a couple of pieces of bacon which she ate before taking off again and leaving the Great Hall.

"It's amazing" said Harry as he picked up the thick envelope that Hedwig had been carrying, "she seems to know not only when I might want to send a letter but also when someone might want to send one to me."

"Why do you say that?" asked Hermione from her place next to him.

"She was here yesterday evening" said Harry as he began to open the envelope, "she must have gone back home after that. Probably late last night."

"Maybe it was earlier this morning" said Neville from his other side, "you've told me that people who live on Mt. Celestia can come and go as they please and that Hedwig and Raja have that ability too since your dad gave it to them."

"Possibly" said Harry, "done that way it wouldn't take long. Maybe just in the last half hour or so, maybe even less."

Harry pulled out the contents of the envelope. On top was another smaller envelope with a piece of paper wrapped around it. When he removed that piece of paper he saw it was note from his mother which asked him to "please give this letter to Professor Snape with my regards." On the smaller envelope was written the name "Professor Severus Snape."

Harry thought for a moment. His parents had told him about Professor Snape so he had a pretty good idea of what the man looked like. Supposedly he dressed all in black, had greasy looking hair, a bit of a hooked nose, and a perpetual sneer on his face. He turned to look at the staff table. Yes, sitting there near the middle of the table was a man who matched his parents' description of Professor Snape.

"Excuse me a moment" Harry said to the others, "I'll be right back." He got up from his seat and walked toward the staff table where he saw Professor Snape was sitting next to another teacher who was wearing a large turban around his head, Professor Quirrel if Harry remembered correctly from what he had heard one of the prefects say last night. Professor Snape saw Harry coming towards him and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Pardon me" Harry said politely when he reached the table, "Professor Snape?"

"Yes?" said Professor Snape. He looked like he wanted to say more but was restraining himself from doing so.

"How do you do" said Harry, "my name is Harry Potter. My mother asked me to give you this along with her regards." Harry held up the envelope and held it out towards Snape who looked at him for a long moment before leaning over the table and taking it from him with a nod. Harry nodded back and turned away to return to his seat when he suddenly felt a spike of malevolence in his direction. He turned quickly back around to see if he could tell where it came from. None of the teachers were looking at him. Professor Snape was opening the letter Harry had given him. Professor Quirrel was talking to the teacher on his other side so that some of the back of his head was turned towards Harry. This puzzled Harry a lot as it seemed that the malevolent feeling he was getting was coming from – the back of Quirrel's head?

Harry shook his head as if to get a hold of himself. What had just happened was weird and he didn't know what to make of it. Putting it aside for the moment he headed back to his place at the Ravenclaw table and sat down again before pulling out the rest of the contents of his letter.

"Your schedule is very different from mine" said Hermione looking over at his schedule from her own."

"It's different from everyone's" said Harry, "that's why my parents sent it as they're still overseeing my education."

"But why?" asked Hermione, "does this mean you won't be in any classes with us? Why are you here then?" She had asked THE question that Harry knew would be coming today. He and his parents had talked about what answer he should give. It was true that he could pass his OWL or NEWT exams right now if necessary but both Harry and his parents felt that saying this would come across as both arrogant and bragging, even if it was true. Instead it had been decided that it would be best to say that his education was being tailored specifically towards his projected station in life as a deity and a future ruler of a realm of his own. This answer had the virtue of also being 100 percent true.

"Basically it's a continuation of the education I was already getting from before coming to Hogwarts," said Harry, "as for why I'm here and not at home? There aren't many other kids on Mt. Celestia my age. My parents felt that coming here would give me a chance to make more friends."

"I can understand that" said Terry, "we don't have to all be in the same classes to be friends, right?"

"Right" said Neville with a smile. He already knew all of this stuff but the others didn't need to know that.

"There's one other thing" said Harry, "most of my teachers will be coming here to continue working with me. You'll be able to learn from them too. Remember what Professor Dumbledore said last night about having several new subjects this year? Some more specialized types of magic that Hogwarts doesn't usually teach? Those are the people who are going to be teaching them." Harry looked around the table at his house mates. "All of you should take at least one of those extra subjects. It will be worth it." The other Ravenclaws who had been listening to Harry all looked very interested in doing exactly that.

"What will they be teaching?" asked Hermione.

"You'll find out" said Harry, "like the Headmaster said last night they're still working out the final details. Not all of my teachers will be taking part so I can't say which ones will be available just yet because the final selection of offered subjects may change between now and next week. But like I said it will be worth it."

Hermione looked like she wanted to say something more but at that moment the four first year Gryffindor boys entered the Great Hall and Harry and his friends stopped talking to watch them. None of them looked very happy. Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan both looked a bit tired and a little annoyed. Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy, however, were both glaring at each other and keeping a marked distance between themselves.

"That doesn't look good" said Michael.

"No it doesn't" said Terry, "I wonder what happened?"

"I'll see if I can find out" said Harry. He stood up again and went over to the Gryffindor table where the four boys had sat down.

"Morning Ron" said Harry, "how are you today?"

"You don't want to know" grunted Ron.

"Oh?" said Harry, "is anything wrong?"

"What do you care Potter?" hissed Malfoy, "it's not your business anyway."

Harry took a breath to stop himself from snapping back at Malfoy.

"You're right" he finally said, "it's not. I'm just concerned you guys are okay. Sorry I intruded." He turned around and went back to his table without saying another word.

"Well?" asked Michael.

"Malfoy reminded me that it isn't really my business" said Harry with a sigh, "and I guess he's right. I'm willing to bet that he and Ron aren't getting along. I just hope it doesn't get too bad."

"At least it's not our problem" said Padma, "my sister will probably tell me if something does happens." Harry nodded and went back to finishing his breakfast.

"What's your first class?" Harry asked Neville who checked his schedule.

"Looks like we have Herbology with the Slytherins but not until 10" said Neville.

"Really?" said Harry, "maybe you can say 'hi' to Crabbe and Goyle. They seemed like pretty decent people when we met them yesterday."

"They did" said Hermione, "they're definitely smarter than they appear to be."

"That sounds like a quintessential Slytherin trait" said Padma, "people underestimate you if they think you're stupid."

"What's your schedule like?" Neville asked Harry.

"I have my first lesson at 10 as well" said Harry as he stood up, "since that's more than an hour away I thought I would go flying for bit."

"But first years aren't allowed their own – " Hermione began to say in an almost reflexive manner before she caught herself, "oh, that's right" she finished, "you don't need one. May I come outside and watch you?"

"If you want" said Harry. Hermione got up from the table. So did Neville. The rest of their Ravenclaw year mates decided to follow them. As they headed out of the Great Hall Padma stopped by the Gryffindor table and told her sister what was going on. Parvati got up from her seat to join Padma. Then, out of curiousity, a few of the other Gryffindors also got up to follow.

"Is everybody coming?" Harry asked Neville who was walking next to him.

"I'm the only one here who's seen you in your dragon form" said Neville, "besides you heard what Malfoy said yesterday. He doesn't believe the story about your family. He's probably not the only one."

"He's not" said Harry remembering what his parents had told him last night.

"Well this can put some of that to rest" said Neville.

Once they were outside Harry motioned for the others to stop where they were.

"I need room" was all he said before walking some distance away from them and turning back to look at everyone who had come outside with him. A lot of his year mates were there including Malfoy which made Harry smile to himself. Some of the older students had also wandered outside to see what was going on. Harry turned slightly away from the crowd and changed into his other form.

Almost as one the crowd that had gathered took a step back as a large dragon whose scales were a mix of platinum and silver appeared in front of them in Harry Potter's place. Many eyes got big, several people's jaws dropped open in amazement, a number of others felt touches of fear and a few held out their wands causing the dragon to roll its eyes.

"Relax" said the dragon in a voice that was similar to Harry's but was a bit lower in tone and rougher in sound quality, "I'm still me. I won't hurt any of you." This caused even further amazement to most as Earth dragons were not known to be able to talk.

"Who – what are you?" stuttered Malfoy causing the dragon to look at him in amusement.

"Malfoy, weren't you watching just now?" snapped Neville.

"It's okay Neville" said the dragon, "some disbelief is only to be expected. Malfoy, I'm Harry James Potter, son of King Bahamut and Queen Daranni of Mt. Celestia when they were living mortal lives as James and Lily Potter. Despite what you said on the train we're all quite real. Now excuse me, I came out here to do some flying. See everyone in a bit."

With a roar of joy Harry leaped into the air and began gaining height quickly. As the crowd watched he was soon high up above the castle and circling the area.

"Showoff" muttered a grinning Neville.

(To Be Continued)

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