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To say Draco caused a sensation when he returned to Hogwarts riding on Harry's back would be quite accurate. A lot of people saw them arrive through the windows of the castle and soon people were pouring out of the school to see them land.

"Don't act too smug about me giving you a ride" said Harry to Draco once they'd touched down and Harry had turned his long neck around to face him, "although if you want to compare notes with Neville go right ahead."

"I will" said Draco, "I promise not to brag about this but I will enjoy it."

"No problem with that" said Harry as he crouched down so Draco could climb down from his back.

The sensation of Draco's arrival on Harry's back was almost immediately overshadowed by the arrival of Bahamut and Daranni who touched down on either side of Harry. Everyone at Hogwarts had been impressed when they first saw Harry in his dragon form but now they realized that compared to his parents he really wasn't that big. Both Bahamut and Daranni towered over their son while looking down at all of the people who had come out to meet them. There was awe on just about every face and some fear on more than a few of them.

Dumbledore came out of the castle and went to the front of the crowd where he bowed briefly to the dragon king and queen.

"King Bahamut, Queen Daranni, welcome back to Hogwarts" said Dumbledore, "Prince Harry, I'm sure all of your friends are glad to see you back."

"Thank you headmaster" said Bahamut, "you know why we are here."

"Indeed I do" said Dumbledore, "we have everything arranged for the Great Hall."

"Good" said Bahamut, "we will begin out here before moving inside. Is everyone here?"

"I believe the staff are taking attendance right now" said Dumbledore.

"We will wait until you are ready" said Bahamut,

"Do you want me to join the other students?" Harry asked his father.

"If you want to" was the reply, "although we might ask you for some help with the presentation later."

"In that case I'll stay with you" said Harry. Bahamut and Daranni both nodded at their son as they both turned to address the Hogwarts student body.

"Hello everyone" said Bahamut, his voice loud enough for everyone to hear him, "it is a pleasure to see all of you. I am Bahamut, king of the good dragons. This is my mate and queen Daranni. And I believe some of you already know our youngest son Harry." That drew some murmurs from the crowd which the three dragons all noted.

"That's right" said Daranni speaking now, "he is our youngest child. Bahamut and I have been mated for thousands of years and we have had many children during that time. Harry is simply our youngest"

"But we aren't here to talk about Harry or our other children" continued Bahamut, "as many of you know Daranni and I were incarnated as the humans James and Lily Potter and we lived normal lives as part of the British Wizarding World. We retained our memories of that time after the one you know as Lord Voldemort killed those mortals forms returning us to our true forms. As a result we went to Hogwarts ourselves and we experienced the same education you are getting now."

"But we have lived for thousands of years" picked up Daranni, "and we have seen many different types of magic over the years. Some of those types have been lost during that time but we remember and our people remember. If you are interested we would like to give you the opportunity to learn some of these older types of magic."

If the students weren't interested before they definitely were now. The opportunity to rediscover forgotten magic was not one to be take lightly.

"We really shouldn't say that it has been lost" said Bahamut, "that would imply that it vanished completely and no one remembers it. But that's rarely true. One thing you all need to understand, but which almost everyone in your world has forgotten, is that Earth is not the only inhabited world out there." Bahamut paused for a moment to let the students absorb this. He looked over at Harry and saw that he wanted to say something and nodded.

"My father is correct" said Harry speaking up now, "there are other worlds out there. We can access many of them directly from Mt. Celestia where we live. I've been to a few of them myself. There are wonders out there beyond imagining and beings who have more power than anyone on Earth right now."

"Once upon a time" Bahamut continued, "it was common for magic users from Earth to travel to other worlds and even other planes of existence. Merlin often did this. Your own four founders were able to do this too. Unfortunately the knowledge of how to travel seems to have faded here for the most part. Your Unspeakables may remember but they keep it to themselves if they do."

"There is one magic user on this world who can still travel" Daranni picked up the thread, "and that is the one you refer to as the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange. His master the Ancient One knew how to travel too but he has since ascended and moved beyond."

"That is but one form of magic that we can help you learn again" said Bahamut, "although that one we'd have to be careful about. Until you know more of what worlds are out there I would not recommend trying to go to any of them."

"There are many other types of magic we can help you learn" said Daranni, "both arcane and divine. For example there's..."

The dragon king and queen spoke at some length about different schools of magic. They explained about arcane magic which was mostly inherent in the magic user and the world around them. This was the kind of magic that Hogwarts taught. In addition to wizards it was also used by bards, sorcerers, and warlocks. They contrasted that with divine magic which involved invoking a deity or other supernatural being to grant the caster power adding that yes, they two were beings that divine magic users invoked and one day Harry would also be one although that day was still far in his future. They explained about the spells that clerics used along with druids, paladins, and rangers. Bahamut added that not all of these types of people lived on Earth nowadays nor were they exclusive to Earth. They were found on most worlds that had magic.

"In your Great Hall" Bahamut said as the lesson wound down, "we have brought a variety of magic users who use different aspects of magic than what you learn here. They all have their own displays set up for you to see. I would recommend looking at them and seeing what you might like to learn. Don't try to sign up for everything. That's just not possible, especially since you still have all of your regular lessons to learn. You may sign up for no more than two extra sets of lessons and your names will be recorded so you can't go above that. Choose wisely."

"You don't have to choose anything" added Daranni, "it's entirely up to you."

"One more thing" said Bahamut, "Dr. Strange has consented to give a talk on the sorcery he performs in a few weeks. He will not be taking on students at this time but if you can attend his lecture I would urge you to go as it will be very worthwhile."

"That's all we have to say out here" said Daranni, "we're just going to take a few seconds to change." And then the students saw one of the strangest sights they would ever see. Seeing Harry transform back and forth between human and dragon was something they'd all seen before but watching Bahamut and Daranni transform was more impressive because they were so much larger and yet, without a sound, both dragons turned into humans. They didn't turn into James and Lily Potter though, instead they became a distinguished looking older couple who might have passed for Harry's grandparents although they would have been younger grandparents.

"And now" said Bahamut finishing up, "let us go into the Great Hall so you may see what we have to offer."

The whole crowd trooped into the Great Hall and began browsing around the various exhibits. It was as Bahamut and Daranni had said. There were multiple displays set up on each table totaling a large number of offerings. People spent the next couple of hours wandering between the displays, looking them over, talking to the prospective teachers, and so on. Hermione looked like the stereotypical kid in a candy shop. She wanted to learn everything! At the same time she now appreciated why people would be limited to how many subjects they could sign up for. There was just too much to learn all at once.

Bahamut and Daranni stood at one side of the room observing everything. They answered questions when people had them but otherwise they didn't interfere. They'd laid the groundwork, now it was for the students to take it to the next level. Harry mingled with his classmates and also answered questions, and people asked him a lot of questions since he knew a lot of these different forms of magic from having grown up on Mt. Celestia.

After about an hour Professor Snape approached Bahamut and Daranni.

"This is impressive" he said in a low voice.

"Thank you Severus," said Daranni, "perhaps you should learn one of these subjects."

"I might" said Snape. He then directly at them both.

"Thank you for not turning into James and Lily tonight" he said

"Of course not" said Bahamut, "we saw no reason to cause extra drama."

"The mere fact that you considered that shows me that you truly are not James Potter, at least not anymore" said Snape to Bahamut before turning to Daranni, "Lily would also have considered people's feelings. In that way you're still like her. I'm glad you didn't take her form tonight. I don't know what that would have done to me."

"Come here Severus" said Daranni who opened her arms and gave the potions master a hug.

"You have to learn to forgive yourself old friend" she whispered to him, "you couldn't have known that Voldemort would target us when you told him what you'd heard of the prophecy."

"You know about that?" asked Snape pulling back from the embrace, shocked.

"We're gods, Severus" Daranni reminded him, "we know all about it. We also know that you turned against Voldemort and tried to save us when he decided to target us. When push came to shove you tried to do the right thing. That's all that matters in the end."

Snape looked at Daranni and then at Bahamut for a long moment before bowing his head.

"Thank you" he said in a low voice.

Some time later Dumbledore approached the two shape changed dragons.

"I would say that tonight is a success" he said, "all of the students seem quite taken with what your people have to offer."

"Thank you headmaster" said Bahamut, "if it works out perhaps we can make it available to older people too."

"I had the same thought" said Dumbledore, "I'm sure many of the students' parents would be most interested to join in on the lessons. Since they're extracurricular we could probably make that happen – for a fee of course. Your people shouldn't have to work for free nor should you be not be compensated for what you're doing."

"We'll see how it goes with the students for now" said Bahamut, "once it's all up and running we can expand to the parents and other adults who might to learn."

"That would be wonderful" said a new voice. The headmaster and the royal couple turned to see who had spoken. It was a middle-aged man who had a distinguished appearance.

"Barnabas" said Dumbledore, "I didn't realize you would be here tonight."

"Of course I'm here" was the reply, "what's happening here is news." He looked at the other two and held out his hand.

"Barnabas Cuffe" he said, "editor-in-chief of the Daily Prophet. It's an honor to meet the two of you. May I quote what you said to the headmaster?"

"We'll do better than that" said Bahamut, "we'll tell you all about it ourselves if you want."

"Thank you" said Cuffe, "that would be wonderful. Where shall we begin?"

"The beginning's usually a good place" said Daranni with a slight smirk.

"It came about like this..." began Bahamut.

(To Be Continued)

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