Quick Author's Note

I just want to take a moment and say…thank you. Thank you to everyone who favorited, followed and reviewed my story. Your feedback is most appreciated.

Having been a viewer of the One Piece anime for almost all my life, I've wanted to make this story for some time. Throughout the crew's adventure's; I always felt the "humor" in the show (and I use loosely) involving Luffy being beaten, electrocuted, stomped on, yelled at or viciously attacked by his crew felt a little mean-spirited. I know all of it is the Japanese's version of slapstick.

But for me, slapstick comedy works its best through guys like The Three Stooges acting it out. Moe and Larry using crowbars to get Curly out of his sweater, that's hilarious. Nami electrocuting and beating up Luffy, Zoro and Sanji for trading the Mermaid Kingdom's gold to Big Mom for said kingdom's safety, that was rude.

Because of scenes like the aforementioned on, it got me thinking. What if there came a day where the crew went too far towards Luffy in their scolding him? If that happened, I imagined it going two ways.

The first being what you've just read through "It's A Wonderful Life: One Piece Edition." The second being if Luffy suddenly snapped and exhibited the same level of anger he reserves for guys like Arlong or Doffy toward his crew. I'm thankful I went with the former, rather than the latter.

Still, many fans (like me) don't find the "Luffy Abuse" moments quite that funny. Instead, we prefer moments like Momonosuke using his childish innocence to gain Nami's affection or Luffy's cover of Bink's Sake in the Amazon Lily arc (when it comes to the show's humor.) Other viewers have even told me that I tend to view Luffy rather strongly as a hero-type character…and they are right.

While Oda-san, according to some, said Luffy is not really a hero (even Luffy himself said it.) That certainly doesn't stop us fans or the people he saves from viewing himself as such, am I right? To make a long story short; it's true, each one of the Straw Hats relies on the others to help them along the quest to find the One Piece.

But it's also true that if Luffy never decided to become a pirate, let alone was never born; each of the crew's lives would be DRASTICALLY different…am I right or am I wrong?

In any case, thank you for your support and have a good day. As said before, I do not own either One Piece OR It's A Wonderful Life. One Piece is under ownership of Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation. While It's A Wonderful Life is owned by Frank Capra and RKO Radio Pictures.