Some things to note before I begin the story proper. First, always assume all of these drabbles/one-shots are AU, as most characters used aren't dead in the Lucky Star universe. I mean, if I used just Kanata all the time, the story would get stale rather quickly. And I don't want that to be the first thing I do in my long awaited return. Secondly, don't expect this to be sad or sappy. It's all comedy here, folks. And thirdly, don't expect me to keep a constant rhythm of pumping out chapters. That's not my strong point, if my several year hiatus is anything to go by. Anyway, enjoy my first story in years, not that I've improved much, if at all.

"Are you sure this is going to work, mum?" Konata asked. Kanata just giggled.

"Konata-chan, we more or less look like twin sisters. I've always wanted to see if Sou-kun would be able to tell the difference between us."

"I'm telling you right now, mum. If anyone can tell the difference between us, it's dad..."

Konata and Kanata. Mother and daughter. Spirits no longer of this world...

And the biggest pair of practical jokers in heaven. This weeks escapade? Kanata swapping clothes with Konata. Konata would be wearing Kanatas iconic white dress, while Kanata herself would be wearing the full Haruhi cosplay, and hiding nearby. They both hoped it would go better than last weeks prank, which resulted in a rather irritated Kagami forgetting that Konata was a spirit and throwing her textbook at her, making a small hole in her wall as a result. Kagami didn't have any better luck trying to explain the situation to her parents. A lot of her irritation came from exactly a week before where Konata reduced Tsukasa to tears because Konata was fake-haunting her at school. At that point, Konata decided she should leave the Hiiragi twins alone for a few weeks.

"Ok sweetie, it's go time." Kanata said, putting a hand on her daughters shoulder, transporting them to Konatas old bedroom, which hadn't been touched since Konata passed. Everything was where it was left. Piles of manga ranging from a tame rating to more questionable ratings stacked on the bed and In shelves. A game console was hooked up to a TV, although the TV wasn't plugged into power. The same story went for the computer, which also hadn't seen use recently. Soujiro still kept everything clean and tidy. Konata took a nostalgic look around the room, then floated down to where her father was. He was engrossed in writing his latest novel.

"Hehe... perfect..." Konata mumbled, although she was still uncertain that the disguise would work. No-one knew Kanata Izumi better than her husband, after all. She cleared her throat.

"Sou-kun... it's been a while..." Konata said gently. Soujiro jumped and nearly fell off his chair.

"K-Kanata? Geez, don't scare me like that when I'm working. I'm not the youngest anymore, you know." Soujiro ended his sentence with a pout while keeping himself steady. Konata deadpanned.

"You're not old yet either, though. Not a single grey hair in sight."

"I know, but I felt like I aged quite a bit when you died. Same more recently when I lost Konata as well..."

"You still have a good laugh when we come to talk to you though. Konata already misses being around. Seeing her watch over you and Yutaka with that wistful look in her eyes is adorable."

"Speaking of Konata, is she still pulling her pranks?" Last I heard, she gave Kagami and Tsukasa quite the scare. Wish I had seen their faces."

"Well, poor Tsukasa-chan now has a fear of ghosts. Does that answer your question?"

"Oh..." Konata didn't need much of an answer.

Soujiro stared into space for a while, occasionally glancing at who he thought was his deceased wife. She hadn't changed a bit from the time they were dating. She was always short and youthful looking. Not even being on her deathbed changed her appearance much. Soujiro smiled and turned in his chair to face her properly.

"By the way..." Soujiro started.

"Yes, Sou-kun?" Konata tilted her head cutely.

"Did you really think you could fool me by wearing your mothers dress, Konata?" Soujiro started grinning.


"I know what the two of you look like off by heart. Even if you swapped clothes and mimicked her voice, I'm pretty sure Kanata never had a mole on her face. Or a cat-like mouth." Soujiro's grin at the moment could split his face in two as he tried not to burst out laughing. Konata wasn't sharing his mirth though, as now she was the one pouting cutely. Soujiro wasn't done yet, though.

"Oh, and tell Kanata upstairs that I said hi."

"Shut up, dad..."

"I told you that wouldn't work, mum." Konata said, now with an annoyed expression on her face. Konata had decided to leave at that point since her plan failed. She met up with Kanata back in her bedroom.

"I knew it wouldn't work." Kanata smiled and dropped yet another bombshell on poor Konata, whose face was now turning red with slight anger.

"You did!? Why didn't you tell me!?" Konata was now shouting.

"Because I thought it would be cute watching you go to all that trouble trying to imitate me. Also, that dress suits you. Maybe you should wear it more often. Besides... it's been quite a few years since I've worn a school uniform." Kanata finished her teasing with a small twirl in the Haruhi cosplay. A very embarrassed (and a much darker) blush was now fighting Konata's earlier angry blush for dominance.

"Oh my, is that a blush I see, Konata-chan? That's quite rare to see."


Seriously, don't ready any of my stories prior to this one. They're horrible and I might just delete them out of spite. Anyway, that does it for this chapter. Next chapter is... whenever I get an idea, really. Which shouldn't be too difficult considering the variety of Lucky Star characters. The fact that Lucky Star never takes itself seriously also leaves it wide open to wacky ideas, although at this point, truth or dare and spin the bottle stories have been used to death, and I doubt I can top Zokusho's Truth or Dare. See you in the next one!