Welp, the direction of this chapter changed a fair bit from when I started writing it. I had originally planned a normal nude run with nothing of consequence happening, then I got the idea of heaven having laws and rules that angels must follow. I like to think it turned out MUCH better than my original plan. Enjoy! I do not own anything from Lucky Star.

"You're going to get yourself arrested, Nanako."

Another day in heaven, another mischievous spirits' idea of fun. This time, Nanako was planning a nude run through the school she used to teach in. Yui automatically went into policewoman mode, temporarily forgetting that Nanako was a spirit. Not that Yui could do anything about it as she was also a spirit.

"I'll be fine, Yui. Besides, I did a similar thing 2 months ago, remember?" Nanako glared at Yui for trying to ruin her fun. Yui's scowl only got even more aggressive.

"Yes, you did. You showed up out of nowhere while I was driving and caused an accident, which is the reason why I'M here. The judges didn't like that and gave you a pretty serious infraction. One more toe out of line, and you'll be banned from visiting the living world for 3 months." Indeed, it's not like they could get away with doing anything they wanted because they were no longer living. They too have rules and laws they have to follow. In this case, an act that results in the injury or death of a living being results in a serious infraction. 3 infractions equates to a 1 month ban from the living world. A second ban, which Nanako is VERY close to, is 3 months. The third ban is 6 months. A spirit will be sent to hell and never allowed back into heaven if it happens a fourth time.

"Eh, what's 3 months when I have an eternity, right?"

"Nanako... you ARE aware of what will happen if it keeps happening, right? I don't know about you, but I'd rather still be around to see Konata and Tsukasa get married and start a family." Yui still wasn't impressed.

"Oh yeah, that's a thing... I always wondered why she chose Tsukasa over Kagami, but after hearing the story it made sense. Such a shame though, I always thought of Takara as a kind, accepting young woman. New Years proved me wrong." It was Nanako's turn to glare angrily at Yui, but it wasn't directed at Yui herself.

"Anyway, that was 4 years ago, and I'm getting bored. You'll know where I am if I'm not back in half an hour." With a small laugh and a wink, Nanako disappeared. Yui sighed and walked in the direction of the disciplinary office. She had a feeling she would need to bail her friend out.

Nanako reached the school right as lunch was starting. She felt a twinge of loneliness knowing Konata and co had long since graduated and wouldn't be there, and she wasn't alive long enough to really get to know her new batch of students the following year. She pushed this to the back of her mind and started strutting the halls like she owned the place. She got the desired result as a few students tripped over turning around to look at her. A few of the boys were cutely blushing. Some of the girls were envious of Nanako's assets. It only took 4 minutes before an irate teacher stopped her.

"Excuse me, what is the meaning of this?" The teacher demanded that Nanako answer him.

"Under Angelic Law Rule #11, I'm allowed to wander through open public buildings as long as no trouble is caused. This includes one's old school or university" Nanako knew this wouldn't work, but she tried her luck regardless. It didn't help her cause that the teacher who stopped her was one who she worked with prior to her passing.

"That may be so, Kuroi-sensei, but Angelic Law borrows laws from our own, and states that public nudity is illegal unless in a location exempt from that law, such as a nudist colony or public hot spring. Spirits are NOT exempt from that law." The teacher was already done with the situation and had a special alarm in his hand, which allowed a living person to contact an Angelic Officer when needed. No less than 10 seconds passed when a female officer appeared behind Nanako with a very unhappy look on her face.

"Miss Nanako Kuroi, you have been found in breach of Angelic Law Rule #11. Please accompany me to the Disciplinary Office immediately." With that, both Nanako and the officer disappeared. The teacher placed the alarm back into his pocket and continued his duties.

Sometime later, Yui was standing next to a very tearful Nanako.

"She's unexpectedly cruel..." Nanako wailed.

"Well I'd hate to say I told you so, but..." Yui railed off. Nanako stayed completely silent, and was uselessly trying to rip off the seal placed around her wrist. It was this seal that would prevent Nanako from visiting the living world for 3 months, and could not be removed by anyone besides the Chief Angelic Officer. Chief Angelic Officer Kanata Izumi couldn't help but quietly giggle at Nanako's antics though, and made a note to tell Konata and Tsukasa the story when she had a free day.

Another idea I had. Kanata being the one who governs the law. An idea that got scrapped early on was Yui joining Nanako in the nude run.

If it wasn't obvious already, I'm trying to use each major and minor character at least once.