Chapter 1: what's Diesel 10 up to?

One morning in the railyard 30 yards Behind the heroes headquarters, Duck the great western engine was busy shunting trucks in their proper place. Then Thomas the tank engine pulled up beside him.

Thomas: "morning duck, how's the shunting going?"

Duck: "It's great Thomas. since joy and her emotion gang are the new managers of this yard has had plenty of calm and fair rules."

Then Joy, disgust, lori, and luan walked onto the platform of the yard station. They admired duck's work in the yard as Thomas and duck pulled up to the platform side by side.

Disgust: "Wow Duck, How do you do your work so well?"

Duck: "well, There are 2 ways of doing things disgust. The great western way, and the wrong way."

Lori: "Huh, I should make up a line like that for myself."

Then violet and dash walked up onto the platform.

Violet: "Hey guys, hate to interrupt your work celebration but Leo wants us to join the meeting their having up at headquarters."

Thomas: "okay violet, sounds like a plan."

Duck: hmm… I wonder what Leo wants us to chat about.

Joy: "Maybe he and his brothers ran out of pizza again."

Luan: "I could just imagine Mikey saying "You wanna pizza me already!?"

Everyone on the platform including Thomas and duck burst with laughter.

Dash:(wipes away a tear still giggling a little) "he-he, Good one luan!"

Violet: "Beats me, we won't know until we find out. Come on."

Duck: "Right, Let's get going then shall we."

So Thomas and duck reversed towards the mouth of an underground tunnel while everyone else stepped down from the platform towards the base.

Thomas and duck puffed through a long tunnel that was installed with lightning bit-bug lanterns along the roof all the way through. Just as they slowly puffed through a pair of sliding doors, they were in the main computer room where the track they were on cut right through the east side of the room. On the opposite side of Thomas and duck were James, Percy, and Ryan.

The rest of the heroes in the crowd standing in front of the big screen were Margo, Edith, Agnes, Mavis, Dennis, slash, leatherhead, Oscar, the trio (buck, Poppy, and harchi), the ninja turtles, the emotions, the incredibles, and the fast crew. (Turbo and his snail crew)

Leo stood in front of the entire crowd ready to explain his speech.

Leo: "alright,(raises his hand) everybody hear me? Over by the tracks can you hear me?

James: "loud and clear Leo!"

Thomas: "As clear as crystal meth."

Leo: "okay, I've got 3 items on the docking. First, we need to order another lifetime supply of pizza."

Joy: (whispers to violet) "called it."

Leo: "Second, we just reacted a whole week without megatron or any of his army attacking our base."

A bunch of people in the crowd nodded at each other in agreement.

Leo: "third, April was on her weekly patrol and just reported 10 minutes ago….

Leo then presses a button on a little clicker revealing a moving image from April's camera.

It looked to be diesel 10 rolling down the main line carrying some supplies in his claw.

Leo: "...that she spotted diesel 10 carrying some supplies towards the diesel works."

Everyone calmly gasped when they saw the image. Some even started whispering to each other.

Ryan: "I wonder what he's up to today?"

James: "Stuff and nonsense, we've defeated diesel 10 a few times before."

Joy: "I don't know you 2, people like diesel 10 don't always give up that easily."

Thomas: "you're right Joy. No matter how many times Diesel 10 fails, he's still trouble."

Leo: "I need a few volunteers to go out and assist April at spying on diesel 10. Anyone up for the task?"

Violet, joy, Margo, raph, Mavis, and Mikey all stepped forward.

Leo: "Mikey are you sure you won't mess this up?"

Mikey:(offended by Leo's question) "Are you saying I'm still a screw up as usual?!"

Leo: "Kinda, but can you not this time?"

Mikey: "of course not dude."

Leo: "good, now you guys head outside to the Gru mobile."

So Margo, joy, raph, Mikey, violet, and Mavis headed down the tunnel that lead outside.

Dash watched them leave while leaning against Thomas."

Dash: "Aww man, why couldn't I go?"

James: "Well Let's see, maybe it's because you didn't volunteer?"

James and Percy sniggered to each other while dash just groaned.

Dash: "okay you win, but I get to go next time!"

Later, Margo, Joy, raph, Mikey, violet, and Mavis drove up by a long stretch of track to where April was standing and parked the Gru mobile. Then they climbed out 1 by one to say hello to April.

Violet: "Hey April, Leo showed us the image of diesel 10 you had on your camera."

April: "I guess that's why you guys are here."

Mikey: "yep, we've got your back sis."

Margo and violet just rolled their eyes just before they heard a diesels engine purring nearby.

Margo: "Hey guys, I think I hear him coming."

They quickly hid behind a huge bush, then they a gold-brown BR class 42 "warship" with a hydronic claw on his roof roll by. His claw was full of pieces of scrap, he was even singing a made up nursery rhyme to himself.

Diesel 10: "old Mac diesel had a plan, he-he-he-he-he. With a pinch pinch here, and a pinch pinch there, here a pinch, there a pinch- he-he-ha ha ha ha, I crack myself up!"

The group waited until diesel 10 was out of sight, then they walked out of the bushes.

Mikey: "Isn't that song supposed to go "Old Macdonald had a farm?"

Raph: "If so, that guy is already going nuts."

Joy: "What was he doing with all that scrap?"(scratches her head)

Mavis: "only 1 way to find out."

So everyone including April climbed back into the Gru mobile and followed diesel 10 towards wherever he was going.

To be continued.