Chapter 6: The main line chase.

Thomas and Rebecca were quickly puffing down the main line, Thomas was pulling Annie and Clarabel while Rebecca was pulling Gordon's express coaches.

Violet and the ninja turtles were riding inside Thomas's cab, and they were kinda proud of themselves for succeeding at their rescue mission.

Raph: "Few, good thing we made it outta there alive."

Mikey: "I think this calls for a 10-time booyakasha!"

Violet and the other 3 turtles just gave nervous looks to each other, they didn't wanna get too long over enjoyable.

Violet: "Uhhhh, how about just a fist bump?"(extends out her fist)

As Mikey smiled while shrugging his shoulders, he accepted the fist bump.

Meanwhile inside the first express coach that Rebecca was pulling, Elastigirl, Lynn, Turbo, Whiplash, White shadow, and Oscar were all proud to have saved Dash. Elastigirl was kneeling down and hugging him tightly.

Elastigirl: "Oh honey, I was so worried! What were they doing to you."

Dash: "I'm okay mom, they were just forcing me to give them some kind of code for the mega cannon."

Turbo: "Code, why would we be hanging onto a code?"

Whiplash: "Who cares, the only code we have is the one to get rid of all these punks!"

Back inside Thomas's cab, Violet and the turtles were still rather pleased with themselves.

Leo: "Well, looks like we completed that rescue mission fare and square."

But when Mikey looked back peeking his head out of the cab's side door, he grew a little wide-eyed with worry.

Mikey: "Uhh, bro's. I don't mean to interrupt the celebration,(points behind them) but our mission might not be over yet."

As everyone else looked back, they gasped in surprise.

There, speeding down the main line behind them, was Diesel 10 with Tiger claw firmly riding on his roof. Dodge and Splatter were following close behind him on the tracks to his right side with Rahzar and Hardcase riding on top of dodge, they turned out to be traveling on the same track as Rebecca and slightly gaining on her.

Thomas and Rebecca could actually hear them coming, and they started to grow nervous as well.

Rebecca: "Uhh guys, we got company!"

As everyone inside the express coach looked out the coaches windows, they also saw Diesel 10 and the other villains gaining on them. Inside Thomas's cab, Mikey tried thinking of a quick strategy.

Mikey: "Hang on bro's, I'm gonna turn up the heat!"

Mikey went over to Thomas's controls and quickly twisted his speed controlling knob, but it suddenly snapped off after a few seconds.

Mikey: "Uh-oh."

Leo, Donnie, and Raph: "MIKEY!"

Suddenly, they heard rattling noises coming from back over by Annie and Clarabel. Leo and Violet peeked out from Thomas's side door again, and they saw that Annie's coupling was nearly coming loose.

Annie: "Oh, help!"

Violet: "Guys, I'm gonna go and secure Annie's coupling!"

Violet was about to start climbing up to Annie's roof, but Leo stopped her for a minute.

Leo: "Here, use this to readjust the chain."

Violet looked down and saw that Leo was lending her his grappling hook. Violet looked back up at Leo and nodded with a determined grin, then she started climbing up onto Annie's roof while the turtles begged to themselves for her to be careful.

Once Violet was up on the front edge of Annie's roof, she used the rope of Leo's grappling hook to reach it down the right length to hook onto the coupling.

From inside the express coach that Rebecca was pulling, Elastigirl spotted Violet kneeling on the front edge of Annie's roof.

Elastigirl: "What in infinity does that young lady think she's doing!?"

Just then, she heard Leo's voice through some earpiece she was wearing in her ear.

Leo: "it's okay Mrs. Parr, Violet's just readjusting Annie's coupling."

Elastigirl: "Alright, thanks for that."

While Violet was trying to readjust the coupling, she soon got it properly hooked up. But suddenly, she heard the sound of Diesel 10's horn coming from somewhere behind her. As she looked behind herself, she saw Diesel 10 just a few feet behind them.

Tiger claw had jumped off of Diesel 10's roof, and then firmly landed on the back half of Annie's roof. Tiger claw snarled fiercely at Violet, and Violet started growing nervous while standing up to face Tiger claw.

Tiger claw:(growls) "I will end you girl."

With that said, Tiger claw quickly pulled out his laser pistol. Or… least that's what he thought it was.

Tiger claw didn't realize this yet, but he actually blasted a miniature water gun. Even though Violet knew it was just water, she put up a force field and blocked it anyway.

Tiger claw: "What the!?"

After Tiger claw got a good look at the water gun, he looked over at Dash who was sticking his head out of 1 of the express coach windows that Rebecca was pulling. Dash was holding up Tiger claws laser pistol, and he looked pretty proud about it.

Dash: "Looking for this?"

Tiger claw:(roars in anger)

Since he couldn't use his laser pistol, he just angrily pulled out his sword and went at Violet.

He slashed his sword at her in a downwards swing, but Violet quickly dodged it. He slashed it at her again, but she dodged that attack too.

But when Tiger claw tried slashing his sword at her vertically, Violet jumped up as high as his chest. When she was still in mid air, she pulled a strong back kick at Tiger claws face sending tumbling across the back half of Clarabel's roof.

As Tiger claw steadily got back up, he looked like he was even angrier. With his sword still held tightly in his right hand, he used his left hand to pull out his ice pistol.

He started shooting spikes of ice near Violet's feet, but Violet took a few frantic backward steps to avoid the spiky ice blasts. Violet was now standing on the very edge of Annie's roof, and she thought she might eventually fall.

Annie: "Careful Violet!"

Violet was starting to grow nervous, she knew she couldn't beat Tiger claw by herself. But suddenly, Leo jumped onto the roof and past Violet. As he rolled across Annie's roof inside his shell, the ice spikes shattered as he rolled right through them. Then Leo jumped up towards Tiger claw, and he pulled a spinning back kick at Tiger claws stomach sending him hurtling off of Clarabel's roof and tumbling across the tracks behind them.

As Leo stood heroically on the back edge of Clarabel's roof, he turned back towards Violet and gave her a wink.

Violet: "Thanks Leo."

Inside Rebecca's coaches, Elastigirl had seen the whole thing and was completely relieved.

Elastigirl: "Oh thank goodness, Leo saved my daughter."

Suddenly, they heard a loud thump coming from on the roof of the coach they were in.

Lynn: "uh oh, sounds like we have a bogey on the roof!"

Lynn was right, Rahzar had jumped onto the roof of the coach and was trying to rip off a big piece of it so he could get inside. Hardcase was right by his side, and he was just as eager as Rahzar.

Hardcase: "That's it Bradford, I wanna tear them apart already!"

Just then, Lynn leaped through a window and onto the roof of the coach with Oscar on her shoulder. They stared firmly at Rahzar and Hardcase, but the 2 crooks had no idea what was going on?"

Rahzar: "What are you punks looking at!?"

Lynn gave Oscar a hand signal to attack, then Oscar quickly ran towards Hardcase and tackled him. After Rahzar watched this happen, he quickly turned back at Lynn and viciously sneered.

Rahzar then charged at Lynn and tried slashing his claws towards her, but Lynn was able to dodge every attack. To finish it up, Lynn pulled a very strong kick at Rahzar's stomach causing him to flail backwards a few steps.

As Rahzar was sickly trying to recover from the kick, he spotted Lynn pulling out a football.

Lynn: "Heads up Wolfy!"

Lynn suddenly throws the football at Rahzar, and it smashes against his nose causing Rahzar to fall onto his back while rubbing his shattered nostril.

Rahzar: "Owwwww, you little twit!"

Rahzar just layed there rubbing his sore nose. But the moment he opened his eyes a little bit, his eyes grew extremely wide with complete shock. Lynn had jumped high in the air, and now she was shooting downwards at Rahzar elbow first.


With that said, Lynn smashed Rahzar causing both of them to crash right through the roof of the express coach.

Meanwhile on the roof of the coach, Oscar was standing still while facing Hardcase with a stern glare.

Hardcase: "Come on lizard boy, show me what ya got!"

With that, Oscar zapped his tongue into Hardcase's forehead. The impact caused him to flail back a couple steps, and Hardcase was now feeling a little dizzy. But after he recovered, he swiftly and quickly dodged every other tongue shot he unleashed. At the right moment, Hardcase then tackled Oscar and sent both of them tumbling down into the whole that Lynn and Rahzar had fallen into.

On the roof's of Annie and Clarabel, Violet and Leo had been watching the whole thing and started growing worried for their friends.

Leo: "I hope they do their part well enough."

Violet: "I just hope Gordon doesn't freak out by that big hole in the roof of his express coach.(nervously chuckles)"

Just then, they heard Diesel 10's horn again and looked back behind them. Diesel 10 was red with anger and catching up fast, and now he was speeding alongside Clarabel who was feeling more frightened than ever.

Diesel 10: "This is the end of the line for all of ya!(evilly laughs)"

Diesel 10 then raised his claw, and chomped it's spiky jaws together causing a few sparks to fly, Leo and Violet each looked up at Diesel 10's claw with slight shock.

But they soon plucked up courage as Violet cracked her knuckles, and Leo pulled out his katana swords.

Diesel 10 tried to repeatedly clamp his claw down on Violet, but she quickly side-jumped out of the way each time. then tried doing it to Leo, but Leo put all of his strength into blocking it's spiky jaws with his swords.

Leo:(grunts in effort) "Back off claw-full!"

Back inside Rebecca's express coaches, Lynn had kicked Rahzar through the door connecting between the 2 coaches causing the door to be smashed on impact.

When Rahzar got back up, he saw Lynn running full speed at him.

Rahzar:(evilly snickers) "You don't know what's coming to ya kid."

Once Lynn was close enough, he grabbed him by the top of her head with his claws. Then he smashed her against the inside floor, and Lynn just layed there feeling a little too injured to get back up.

Rahzar stood over her with an evil smile on his face.

Rahzar: "I'm gonna enjoy tearing you apart….(raises his right claw above his head)

Rahzar was immediately cut off when a red extending arm with a black fist stretched through the demolished doorway and punched Rahzar directly in the nuts. After Rahzar took the hit, he held his groin in pain while making a loud dog whine.

Rahzar: "Owwwww, my inguen!"

As Rahzar took a look ahead, he saw Elastigirl standing firmly in front of the destroyed doorway rubbing her fist with Whiplash on her right shoulder. Whiplash jumped down from Elastigirl's shoulder, then he turned his backside at Rahzar and activated his shell's jet booster.

Whiplash: "Why don't you call the doctor, because you're about to get a serious case of whiplash!"

So before Rahzar could figure out what was going on, Whiplash shot a huge jet of light purple fire at him sending him crashing through the coaches back wall and tumbling across the tracks behind Rebecca.

Whiplash: "Wooh, who let the dogs out now!? Me, that's who!"

Elastigirl just rolled her eyes after hearing that, and Lynn just groaned while still painfully lying on the floor of the coach.

Oscar was still wrestling with Hardcase, but he managed to kick him off sending him tumbling a few feet away from Oscar. But Hardcase quickly got back onto his beetle-like feet, he wasn't done yet.

Hardcase: "Come on, I'm not finished with you!"

But Oscar just gave Hardcase an angry glare, then he zapped his tongue at him with as much force as he good muster. Hardcase was sent tumbling out through the hole that Rahzar fell through, and he eventually splatted onto Dodges forehead.

Dodge: "Yaaa! Get it off me! get it off me!

Diesel 10: "Quit your panicking, we're still at work!"

When Leo and Violet saw that Diesel 10 had gotten distracted, Leo thought of a plan.

Leo: "Vi, I'm gonna need your help with this!"

After Violet nodded her head in agreement, they both started getting into position. When they saw Diesel 10's claw about to come at them again, Leo gave the signal.

Leo: "Now!"

As Diesel 10's claw started coming at them, Leo and Violet jumped up towards it at the same time. As if it was perfect timing, they both took a huge back kick at his claw at the exact same time causing it to get jammed in an upwards position.(Leo used his left leg, and Violet used her right leg.)

Now that Diesel 10's claw was bent upwards, it's spiky jaws were jammed open and they only moved back and forth a tiny bit while staying open.

Diesel 10: Ahh, pinchy are you okay!?"

Violet: "Uhh, is he really talking to his claw?"

Clarabel: "Yes, Thomas once told us that he heard him do that once before."

Leo: "Whatever, I'll finish this!"

Leo pulled out 1 of his ninja stars, then he threw it at Diesel 10's left front wheels. The ninja star got jammed in between his wheel systems, and Diesel 10 started slowing down with his left front wheels spitting a few sparks.

Diesel 10: "Grease and oil, curse you pathetic turtle!"

After Leo smirked while watching Diesel 10 slow down, he started getting a call through his T-phone.

Elastigirl: "Leo, we're clear on our side. You doing okay on yours?"

Leo: "Yes Mrs. Parr, we're clear."

Rebecca: "Hold tight everyone!"(blows her whistle)

Thomas:(happily laughs) "See ya Diesel 10, hero squad coming through!"(blows his whistle)

So Leo and Violet jumped back inside Thomas's cab, and Thomas, Rebecca, and the other heroes sped off down the main line back to hero headquarters.

A few seconds after the heroes were gone, Diesel 10 silently stared off into the distance with a grumpy look on his face. Just then, Tiger claw walked up alongside him as he just finished dusting himself off from the fall

Tiger claw: "We'll get them next time Mr. 10,"

Diesel 10: (growls)...Salvage Bradford and Hardcase, we've got what we need for now."

Dodge: "Uhh boss…."

Diesel 10 and Tiger claw turned towards Dodge who just so happened to be rolling up alongside them on the right side of the main line.

Dodge: "I already got Hardcase."

As he was right, Hardcase had gotten splattered on Dodge's forehead with 1 of each his arms and legs twitching a bit. Diesel 10 just rolled his eyes, and Tiger claw went over to help Dodge get Hardcase off of his forehead.

Diesel 10: "This isn't over twinkletoes, just. you. wait."

Back at hero headquarters, Leatherhead, Slash, Lincoln, Lori, Luna, Lola, Lana, Mr. Incredible, Violet, Margo, and Agnes were waiting outside the base.

Agnes:(looks up at Margo) "Do you think they'll be okay?"

Margo: "I'm sure they are, nothing gets in our team's way."

Just then, they heard Thomas and Rebecca's whistles. As a sight for sore eyes, the heroes pulled up to the platform over by the side of the front yard of the base with Rebecca behind Thomas. As Margo, Agnes, and the others went over towards Thomas and Rebecca, everyone else climbed out of Thomas's cab and the coaches that Rebecca was pulling.

When Dash came stepping out of 1 of Rebecca's coaches, Mr. Incredible ran up to check on him.

Mr. Incredible: "Son, you okay!?"

Dash: "I'm fine dad, I've been through worse."

Luna: "Glad you all made it back bro's!"

Leo: "Yep. we managed to save Dash, and everyone we brought came back in 1 piece."

Just then, Gordon came puffing up. But as he stopped over by the coaches that Rebecca was pulling, he noticed the 2 big holes that were made during the main line battle.

Gordon: "Beg pardon everyone, but why are there 2 enormous holes in my coaches!?"

Lynn: "Uhh yeah, (nervous chuckle) there's another one on the inside."

Gordon: "WHAT?!"

Just then, Luna slapped Lynn at the back of the head.

Luna: "Not funny sis!"

Just then, James quickly puffed in and parked at the platform facing towards Thomas.

James: "Hey, where were you guys just now?"

Thomas: "We just got back from rescuing Dash, weren't you there when we discussed how to do it?"

James: "What, another action packed adventure I missed!?(growls in rage)"

Dash, Mikey, Lynn, and Lana all tried to hold back their snickering.

Leo: "Alright guys, we gotta find a way to match our strength with the kind on Diesel 10's army."

Donnie: "Don't forget about finding a way to destroy that mega-

Raph: "We already know that Donnie!"

Lori: "But how, his minions are just too tough."

Lana: "Yeah, who knows what they might do next."

Raph: "All I know is that we gotta act invisible, hard as steel, but make them think we can't do anything. If that's not helpful enough, I don't know what is."

Suddenly, Thomas's face started to slowly brighten with realization after he heard what Raph had said. The 3 topics went through his head 1 more time, invisible, hard as steel, but make them think we can't do anything. After thinking it through clearly enough, Thomas soon got it all connected and started getting an idea.

Thomas: "THAT'S IT!"

The sudden outburst Thomas made caught the attention of James, Gordon, Rebecca, and everyone on the platform who were all confused about what was on Thomas's mind.

To be continued.