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Chapter 1: In Paris...

Ice coated the ground and buildings where scorch marks didn't. Red and black discs were embedded in various trees, alongside deep sword-stroke like gashes. Roaring red fires were alight in many of the bushes that dotted the area. And one of the lamp posts in the park was on its side, damaged and rusted way beyond repair. Dirt, mud and grime was spread over everything everywhere. Suddenly a disgustingly muddy, grimey drop rag was tossed onto the park's walkway.

"Aaaaaaaand… Ninja Slice!" came a cry, as a sword came down upon the filthy rag, cutting it to bits. The Ninja, whose sword had chopped the now tattered cloth, stepped back as a small black butterfly rose from the remains of it. Ladybug, one of Paris' beloved heroes, threw her yo-yo at the winged thing. "Time to de-evilize!" she shouted. After she caught it, she opened it up to reveal a now white butterfly. "Bye-bye, little butterfly" she said as it fluttered out and away.

A little while away, a dirty, muddy monster, that was being held down by a floating, glowing kid and a big, red dragon, transformed into a tall young man in a janitorial uniform. He was the one who owned the rag. "Huh?" he said groggily. The two holding him let go, now that the person was back to normal. A guy in a black cat suit (aka Chat Noir) helped him to his feet. "Its okay, everything is fine" said Chat, "You should head on home now." Nodding, the confused teen wandered off. The five heroes gathered together. All of them were very dirty.

The Ninja was almost completely covered in mud and grime. The dragon had an unidentifiable goop lodged between most of its scales. Chat Noir spat mud out of his mouth. "That could've gone a whole lot cleaner" he said. The floating boy, better known as Danny Phantom, nodded then turned intangible, letting all the grime fall though him onto the ground. Ladybug wiped the slime and dust off her face, smiled and threw a red spatula into the air. "Miraculous ladybugs!" she cried out. The spatula broke apart into millions of shiny ladybugs.

They swept around the battleground, putting out the bush fires, restoring the lamppost and trees that were ruined, along with all of the ice, scorch marks and Ninja discs. All the dirt, mud, dust, slime, goop and grime disappeared as well. Everything was back the way it was before the battle had started. Ladybug and Chat Noir fist bumped. "Pound it" they said together.

Then Ladybug's earrings beeped. Time for her to go. "Thanks for your help guys," she said to the other three, "Couldn't of done it without you. I have to go now, see ya!" She whirled her yo-yo at the nearest building and swung away. They watched her go, before Phantom spoke up. "We should get going too." "Good Idea" said the Ninja. The rest agreed, so they all took off in the same direction.

When they came to an alley that was big enough for the dragon to fit into, they all reverted into their civilian forms. "Claws off" said Chat Noir before changing into Adrien Agreste. Holographing flames appeared over the dragon (the American Dragon to be exact) transferring him back to Jake Long. The Ninja removed his mask, revailing Randy Cunningham. And white rings passed over Danny Phantom transforming him into Danny Fenton.

"That was the absolute cheese!" shouted Randy, still hyped from the fight, as they departed from the alley together. Jake turned to him "Calm down, yo" he said. "What we just did is what you do back at home all the time." "I know! That's what makes it so honkin' bruce!" Danny rolled his now blue eyes, "How can you be excited about this" he said, "I seem to recall that you were the one who almost drowned in mud and the one who got the most dirty because of it. So, how can you possibly be happy after all that just happened?" "And I recall that I was the one who d'sanked the dude" Randy shot back.

"Well…" interjected Adrien, "Really that was my lady who did. She came up with the plan, managed to get the rag away from the guy, and got the akuma, as she usually does. All while you were...? What were you doing again?" The others opened their mouths to remind him of how they helped with the akumatized janitor, but Agreste kept on talking. "Right, Jake caught half the park on fire. Which you," he said pointing at Fenton "did not completely put out, plus you drenched everything in mud when you used that ghost scream of yours on the akuma."

"And not to mention, that you did almost drown. And Danny is right, you got the messiest" he finished, looking at Randy, who crossed his arms but said nothing. Danny looked down. "It's not a scream, it's called a ghost-ly wail" he said, under his breath. But Adrien didn't show if he noticed or not. Jake just looked uncomfortable. This was not how they usually beaved after a victory. "Yo, guys, chillax why don't ya" he said. "What's gotten into you Adrien? Usually you don't highlight our mess-ups, and when you do, you do it jokingly, and I'm not hearing any joke."

Danny looked up at that. "Yeah… what's with that?" the halfa asked. Adrien had the grace to look embarrassed. "I'm sorry" he said, "It's just that it was your first fight with an akuma and I think it could've gone better." "Well… I guess I did get pretty dirty" admitted Randy. "Yeah" Jake said, "I should've paid more attention to where I was blowing fire." "and I could have warned you guys to take cover before I let loose" replied Danny, sheepishly. "And I also messed up, you know" said Adrien. Danny smirked, a familiar gleam in his eyes.

They could tell he was about to crack a pun. But before Fenton could say anything, the air got significantly colder and the sky abruptly became darker though there were no clouds in sight. They all looked up, curious at what was happening. It all went downhill from there.

Danny gasped, like his ghost sense was going off, but instead of seeing a wisp of his breath he fell to his knees, shuddering violently. No one said anything. No one could. The others looked at their ghostly friend, shocked at what just happened.

The sudden darkness vanished as quickly as it had come. The terrible feeling that Danny felt passed and he stood up shakily, still unnerved by the malevolent chills that had racked his entire body. Randy moved forward to steady him. "What the juice just happened?" he said finally. "You okay bro?"

"I…" the trembling halfa said, "I-I don't know. I mean it kind of felt like my ghost sense only… far more intense than before."

Jake, Randy and Adrien glanced at each other, clearly worried for their friend. "So," Jake started. "Now wha-?" The ground started to rumble forcefully, cutting off Jake. The teen heroes stumbled. "WHAT THE JUICE!" Randy cried out, louder this time. Then they heard an erie, echoey shriek. They froze, looking at each other, hoping that one of them would know what this was. The scream came again, this time more clamorous.

Randy recovered first. "Its coming from over there" he said, pointing down the street from them. Then they all ducked into a nearby alley. Randy pulled out his mask and slipped it over his head. "Looks like its Ninja o'clock!" he said as the Ninja suit materialized around him. "Dragon up!" Jake shouted, changing into his dragon form. Adrien nodded at them, letting them go on ahead.

Behind him, he heard Danny give his battlecry, "Goin' ghost!" Turning to him he said "Are you sure you'll be able to fight?" Danny looked determined. "I'm fine" he insisted, "I've fought in worse conditions." Then he flew off after Randy and Jake. "Hey, wait for me!" Adrien called to his friend, before transforming himself. "Plagg, claws out!"