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Chapter 2: Encountering Questions

Not too long after, the four saw the sky darkening again. "What do you think caused Danny to collapse like that?" commented Jake. Adrien, now in costume, shrugged. "Not sure". "But what if it happens again?" Randy asked, "Phantom could be out for the count." "Don't worry about me," Danny said frantically. Then he pointed, "Worry about that!"

Just ahead of them there was a black-hooded figure, dark cloak billowing in the nonexistent wind, looming above a small, crying boy. Shadows seemed to swirl around the two figures. As the teen heroes got closer, Danny and Jake, thanks to their enhanced senses, could hear whispered words spoken between the kid and the ominous figure. "Make it go away!" the kid said, eyes shut, sounding scared, "Go away!"

The hooded figure crouched down over the whimpering child. "Don't worry," it said in an otherworldly voice, reaching out and bringing the boy closer, "Everything will be fine." The kid did not physically react to being touched, but it did cry out "Leave me alone!" The figure raised a hand over the boy, an eerily, black, fire-like energy, not too different from Danny's ecto-energy, encased it. "Soon, it will all end" the dark figure said.

"NO!" shouted the four teens simultaneously. The figure looked up and hesitated at the sight of the quartet charging toward it. Phantom, first to arrive, plowed into the cloaked figure, making it let go of the child, which Jake scooped up and flew away with. "You fool!" the figure said, as it disentangled itself from the halfa. It's head was shrouded in hood and shadow so he couldn't see it's face. All Danny saw as he looked into the deep hood, were two glowing, pure silver eyes.

The figure seemed to glare at him, it's annoyance practically radiating out of its being. "You do not know what you're getting into," it hissed, now clearly seething. Raising a hand it generated the weird black energy which now coated it once more. The figure then threw the energy at Phantom, who turned intangible, seeing that he was not fast enough to dodge it.

But instead of the fire like energy passing through him, as something normally would, it made contact with him. He was also launched backwards until he smashed into a wall on the opposite side of the street. After that, the fire energy raced all along his body before it dimmed out and allowed pure black ice to immediately, completely, cover him, leaving no trace of the ghost boy.


Chat Noir took a running leap at the figure, swinging at it with his baton. The cloaked figure raised a gloved hand and a blurry, dark something shot out of nowhere and blocked his attack, knocking him back. "Pitiful" the figure sheared, before launching the black fire/energy that it somehow generates at the Ninja, who had thrown a green ball yelling "NINJA ELECTRO-BALL!" whilst.

When the two projectiles collided with each other, the latter broke open from the impact. But for some reason the lightning was redirected back to the Ninja, who tried but failed to dodge, therefore shocking him instead of his target. Randy was immediately rendered unconscious. He toppled to the ground. "Phtt," the figure laughed, "Even more so."


Encased in the odd ice, Danny lay there trying to figure out a way to get out of it. He couldn't phase though it. His ecto blasts had zero effect. And since he was frozen still he was not able to move at all, so kicking and punching was out. It would probably lead to sore hands and feet anyway, he realized. He couldn't understand why he couldn't break free.

"Uhhg!" Phantom exclaimed, frustrated by his predicament. "Why can't I get outa here? I've tried everything…" Well not quite everything. Danny braced himself, took a deep breath, and unleashed a scream that rivaled the one they heard earlier. Cracks quickly formed in the ice. A second later the black ice exploded apart, scattering shards everywhere. He was free!

Regaining his breath, he noticed he did not revert back to his human form, as he usually would have when he used his Wail. Come to think of it, he hadn't reverted the last few time he had used it. "Maybe I'm getting better at this" he said to himself.

He took to the air, only to be knocked down again by Jake, who had come back from depositing the child in a safe place. The two sprawled onto the ground. "Sorry Danny" Jake said, "I was coming to see if I could get you out of that." He gestured to the place where Danny had been held. "How did you get out?" "Ghostly wail" the halfa shrugged. "But your not…" "I know, right!" He said as they turned back to the fight, arriving in time to see Randy get blasted by his own electro-ball.


The cloaked adversary stood between Chat Noir and The Ninja, who were both out cold. Danny and Jake prepared to attack. "I don't have time for this" the figure hissed. It glared (seemingly) at them. "Excuse me" it said it stepped forward, and sunk into its own shadow; vanishing without a trace.

An ecto-ray and a slew of fire blasted the place where the figure was mere seconds ago. "Woah" said Danny, stopping mid-flight. "How'd it do that?" "A better question," responded Jake, "Would be; where'd it go?" They looked around, but could find no sign of their opponent.

Chat Noir stirred, Ninja was still out of it. Phantom and the Am Drag flew over to them. "Huh?" Chat asked. "What happened?" "Basically, you both, and Danny, got your butts handed to you within the first (and only) exchange" said Jake, "Luckily for me, I was busy carrying the kid a safe distance."

"Where exactly did you put him?" Chat Noir inquired. Jake pointed to his right saying, "Down that way, 'bout 4 or 5 blocks, in an alley next to what I think is a laundromat."

Danny was trying to get Randy to wake, to no avail. "Ninja's still out" he said to the others "Well, let's take him home, we're done here anyway and we all got one more day of school tomorrow." said Jake. " 'Cept I'm already finished for the year" Chat interjected, smirking to himself. "Thanks again for helping earlier. I'll go check on the kid we saved. Bye!" Then he jumped to the rooftops, running along 'till he was out of the trio's sight.


Danny and Jake found a hidden spot, de-transformed and unsuited Randy. Danny then pulled out and activated a portable portal device that lead to Norrisville. The whitish-blue coloured vortex opened directly under their feet. They fell, with shouts of surprise, into Randy's room.

Randy, hitting the floor with a 'THUMP', jerked awake as they landed on each other. He saw Jake and Danny on the floor in front of him. "Did we get it?" he asked them, referring to if they had beaten the dark figure. "Nope" Jake said, popping the 'p' and helping Danny to his feet. "Disappeared before we could get close enough."

Randy was disappointed, he threw his hands in the air, "Aww, come on! I almost had him!" "Are you sure it was a guy?" countered Danny. "Wait, you mean I got worsted by a girl?!" a surprised Randy exclaimed. "So, you're admitting that a girl beat you?" the halfa smirked. Cunningham stuttered and huffed, not wanting to say anything but also not wanting to say nothing. The halfa laughed, while Norrisville's Ninja glared at him. Jake interrupted the two, to hopefully stop a fight before it started.

"Hey!" he said, "Regardless of its gender, we should be focusing on what it was." Danny and Randy looked at each other, silently apologizing. Randy then spoke up, "Sooooo… Any thoughts?" "Hmm…" Danny said, scratching the back of his neck, "Could be some sort of ghost? My ghost sense did go off before we ran in to it." "True, and it did have energy rays, kind of like you." "But when the stuff hit me it didn't feel anything like ectoplasm, it felt… I don't know, completely different, but I was intangible and it actually hit me, and knocked me back so… I'm not sure."

Jake, meanwhile, had stopped listening after Danny's comment about his ghost sense, for he trying to remember if… "Earth to Long!" his thoughts were interrupted by Randy waving an arm in his face. "Sorry for spacing out, it's just…" he trailed off in thought, then snapped back, "Just trying to remember if one of G's books had info on this thing." The other two started. "You know what it is?" they asked together.

"No, but one time when I was flipping through one of the many ones on magical creatures, I think there was a hint at creatures like that, though differing somewhat" Jake explained. "I'll give it another go; see if I can find it again." Danny looked to Randy, "Do you think your 'instruction manual' has anything on this?" "Well it's not acting up as it normally would in a situation like this, but I can check tonight" he said.

"And maybe I can try Clockwork, but knowing him, he'll just make me more confused with his vague answers."

"Well then," said the young dragon, "Tomorrow we should meet after school. … In The Clearing?" They all agreed to this, said goodbyes, and traded fist bumps. Danny then went ghost and phased through the roof, headed back to Amity, while Jake exited through the window then transformed and flew off toward New York.