A/N: Just a little in between ch. for those of you who want some insight on what the Quartet is up to on their own. Enjoy!

Chapter 2.5: Getting Some… Answers?

After getting ready for bed that night Randy consulted the Nomicon, but there was nothing but some odd remark about shadows hiding something other than enemies. Returning to consciousness, Randy sat up, wiping the dribble of drool from his mouth. It was times like this that he wished the Nomicon wasn't so vage… no, that was all the time, actually, but still. How come it couldn't just give him a straight answer? He huffed and got under his covers.


Adrian was sitting on his window sill, the streets of Paris at his back, thinking about where the little kid had gone. Earlier, he had found the place that Jake had described, only to find no child and no answers to who or what that figure was. But was most unsettling, was that the laundromat was mostly in ruins. That very afternoon almost just before the fight with the akuma, he and the trio had walked passed that building on there way to Marinette's bakery for some well wanted beignets. Arrien was sure that there was no way anything like it could of happened to it in the few, short hours since then. Upon examining the site more closely, he discovered traces of a thick black residue of sorts, but didn't touch anything. Realizing there was nothing he could do, he had decided to return home. Now as he pondered on the subject he looked at the clock and became aware of how late it was. Rising from his seated position, he went about getting ready for bed, leaving his thought for another time.


Jake was furiously searching every one of his grampa's bookshelves for the one he needed, but so far to no avail. Groaning he snapped shut the book he was currently leafing through and put it aside on a pile of other books that he found did not have the info he wanted. There was still about five other volumes on the creatures of the magical community to go through. Pulling down the most promising-looking one, and sitting down on the floor again, he opened the thick, and not to mention heavy, book. He sighed, this one will take a while.


Danny couldn't get a hold of Clockwork so instead he called Sam and Tucker, to see what they had to say about it all. After a lengthy explanation on the halfa's part, and seemingly endless questions, it became clear that neither of his best friends had any idea on the subject either. He thanked them anyway and signed off. Then gave vent to a low guttural moan, and plopped face first on to his bed, not bothering to get under the covers. He hoped that he, along with the others, would get answers soon.


Later in the night Randy gave up trying to sleep. He paced around his room, thinking over the day's events and what Nomicon had said. He briefly considered calling Howard, to see what he thought of this, but knowing Howard, he most likely did not. That and the fact that he hated being woken in the middle of the night. He decided he'd talk it over with the other, and hopefully they had some answers, unlike him. Randy then climbed up to his bed, and got back under the blankets, thoughts still swirling. Eventually he fell back asleep.